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Oral History Association Records, 1966 - present | Manuscripts

By Perri Hamilton

Collection Overview

Title: Oral History Association Records, 1966 - presentAdd to your cart.
ID: 01/HM.12
Primary Creator: Oral History Association (1966 - Present)
Extent: 202.0 Boxes
Arrangement: The papers are divided up by the individual names of the creators of the papers.
Date Acquired: 00/00/1977. More info below under Accruals.
Languages: English

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The papers in the Oral History Association Records reflect the work of individual members, often office holders in the organization.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Records of the Oral History Association from the individual members or office holders in that organization make up this collection.  The papers give details of the activities of the Oral History Association, charting its growth, activities, and the advances in the field.

Biographical Note

The Oral History Association was founded in 1966 to advance, collect and interpret oral history.  The OHA encourages best practices to guide those interested in conducting oral histories. The organization also recognizes achievments in the field with awards for oral history publications, non print media productions, teaching, and projects.

[Information for the Oral History Association comes from their web site,]

Administrative Information

Repository: Manuscripts
Accruals: 1977-022, 1978-017, 1978-018, 1978-019, 1978-020, 1979-024, 1979-025, 1979-026, 1980-020, 1980-021, 1980-022, 1980-023, 1980-024, 1980-025, 1980-026, 1980-027, 1980-036, 1981-024, 1981-025, 1981-026, 1981-027, 1981-028, 1981-029,  1982-011, 1982-016, 1982-017, 1982-018, 1982-019, 1981-020, 1982-33-28, 1983-01-02, 1983-15, 1984-02, 1984-04, 1985-14, 1985-33-34, 1985-49, 1986-01, 1986-03, 1986-07, 1986-22, 1986-35, 2016-092.
Access Restrictions: Selected items in this collection are restricted.  Please contact the UNT Archives for more information.
Use Restrictions: Reproduction and publication of materials in this collection are subject to the policies of the UNT Archives and Rare Books department. Copyright restrictions may apply.
Physical Access Note: This collection is stored off-site and requires a minimum of 24 hour notice prior to use.
Acquisition Source: Ronald Marcello, Rita Benmayor
Acquisition Method: Gift
Other Note: For future accruals, request Box 194.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

Series 1Add to your cart.
Box 1: Gould Colman, 1958-1975Add to your cart.
Goals and Guidelines Correspondence: Annual Meetings (1/5/1970 – 11/6/1972); Council Meetings (11/11/1970 – 6/12/1972); Publications (11/23/1970 – 11/20/1972); Site Selection (2/20/1970 – 10/27/1972); Miscellaneous (1/3/1968 – 9/29/1972) Council Meeting Minutes (11/13/1970 – 10/10/1971) Financial Records (11/10/1970 – 5/20/1972) Publications: Newsletter (1967-1971, 1974-1977); Bibliography (1971-1975); Oral History Directory (1971); Proceedings (1966, 1970, 1971); Oral History Review (1973-1975) Miscellaneous Material (1958-1971) Photographs (1966) Publicity Poster (1972) Gould Colman: Correspondence A-W (1968-1970)
Barcode: 620251
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 2: Gould Colman, 1968-1976Add to your cart.
Gould Colman: Minutes, Financial Documents, Printed Materials, Council Memos (12/10/1968 – 8/4/1969) Third Colloquium – Opening Session, Panels, Papers, Speeches, Group Discussions, Transcriptions Newsletter: Correspondence (11/12/1974 – 2/9/1976)
Barcode: 620252
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 3: Newsletter, 1976-1977Add to your cart.
Newsletter: Correspondence (2/10/1976 – 6/2/1977)
Barcode: 620253
Box 4: Newsletter, 1975-1978Add to your cart.
Newsletter: Correspondence (6/3/1977 – 4/1978) Newsletter: Undated Correspondence , Materials and Copy Drafts for Quarterly Issues (1975 – Winter 1976)
Barcode: 620254
Box 5: Newsletter, 1976-1978Add to your cart.
Newsletter: Copy Drafts (Winter 1976 - Summer 1978)
Barcode: 620255
Box 6: Newsletter, Alice Hoffman, 1974-1978Add to your cart.
Newsletter: Copy Drafts (Summer 1978 – Winter 1978), Microfiche (Vol. 1-8) Oral History Review (1978) Alice Hoffman: Presidential File – Correspondence (10/21/1974 – 9/5/1977, undated); Miscellaneous Materials; President/ex officio – Correspondence (8/23/1976 – 12/9/1976); Goals and Guidelines Committee – Correspondence (9/12/1975 – 8/24/1976); Preamble, Appendix; Nominating Committee – Correspondence (10/30/1975 – 9/1/1976); Oral History as Interpretative Device Committee; Correspondence (11/11/1975 – 8/27/1976), Report, Questionnaires; Evaluating Oral History Committee – Correspondence (11/2/1975 – 11/2/1977), Memorandum; Oral History Association Archives – Correspondence (3/3/1975 – 2/18/1977), Miscellaneous Materials; Council Meetings – Letters; Publications File – Correspondence (12/17/1974 – 2/2/1977) ; Other Materials
Barcode: 620256
Box 7: Alice Hoffman, 1974-1977Add to your cart.
Alice Hoffman: Newsletter – Correspondence (4/2/1976 – 6/15/1977), Miscellaneous Materials; Oral History Association Review – Correspondence (5/6/1976 – 8/16/1976), Style Sheet, Council Report; Constitution Revisions and Mail Ballot – Correspondence (11/11/1975 – 8/30/1976, undated), Memoranda, Notes, Recommendations; Regional Workshop and Oral History as Teaching Device Committee – Correspondence (4/10/1975 – 8/24/1976), Notes, Reports, Newsletters; Oral History Association Workshop Program; Workshop 1976 – Correspondence (10/29/1975 – 10/1/1976), Memoranda, Articles, Manual, Directory; Mid-Winter Meeting, San Antonio – Letter, Agenda; Detroit Trip – Correspondence (4/8/0977 – 10/26/1977), Fee Material, Notes, Articles, Brochures, Maps; Colloquium 1976 – Correspondence (9/17/1974 – 11/18/1976), Accommodations Material, Notes, Articles, Schedules, Brochures; California Workshop – Correspondence (1/26/1976 – 1/14/1977), Memoranda, Receipts, Reports, Minutes, Constitutional Revisions
Barcode: 620257
Box 8: Alice Hoffman, Knox Mellon, R.R. Bowker Company, Microfilming Corporation of America, Samuel B. Hand, Bernie Galm, Charles Crawford, 1974-1977Add to your cart.
Alice Hoffman: California Workshop – Preamble, Notes, Articles; Canadian Oral History Association; Workshop Colloquium – Schorr Article, Brochure, Canadian Oral History Association Journal; Colloquium Evaluations – Letters (9/1976), Notes, Evaluation Forms; Colloquium Sites – Correspondence (10/8/1974 – 11/17/1977), Memoranda, Reuther Library Oral History Program; Colloquium Sites – Conference Data, Miscellaneous Notes, Hotel and Motel Brochures; Miscellaneous Materials – Announcements, Oral History publications, Oral History Review 1977 Knox Mellon R.R. Bowker Company Microfilming Corporation of America Samuel B. Hand Bernie Galm Charles Crawford
Barcode: 620258
Box 9: John Stewart, John Wickman, Wasserman Bibliography, Thomas Charlton, 1971-1978Add to your cart.
John Stewart John Wickman Wasserman Bibliography Publications Committee: Correspondence (2/8/1971 – 5/31/1972), Report, Topics Workshop Plans: Correspondence (10/5/1976 – 11/7/1977), Memoranda, Agreements, Programs, Request, Articles, Brochures, Newsletters Miscellaneous Correspondence (10/1/1974 – 7/24/1975) 6th Colloquium: Letter, Tape Transcriptions Proceedings of National Colloquiums: 1-6 (Microfiche) Ronald E. Marcello: Correspondence on Early Period of Oral History Association Establishment (9/30/1966 – 3/9/1978) Thomas L. Charlton: Correspondence (12/5/1973 – 6/27/1975)
Barcode: 620259
Box 10: Thomas Charlton, 1975-1978Add to your cart.
Thomas L. Charlton: Correspondence (6/30-1975 – 9/29/1975, undated); Program Committee Materials Reel to Reel Tapes: Tenth National Colloquium at Ashevill, North Carolina (10/24/1975 – 10/26/1975); Eleventh National Colloquium at Quebec, Canada (9/10/1976 – 9/12/1976); Workshop and Twelfth National Colloquium at San Diego, California (10/20/1977 – 10/23/1977) Cassette Tapes: Workshop and Thirteenth National Colloquium at Savannah, Georgia (10/19/1978 – 10/22/1978). Notes from Carlotta Mellon (1973-1974); Colloquiums – Correspondence Relative to Ninth Colloquium (1973-1974); Vitae for Colloquium; Newsletter – Summer 1978 (Layout, Copy and Source Material); Material for Fall 1978, Parts 1-3
Barcode: 620260
Box 11: Thomas Charlton, 1975-1979Add to your cart.
Thomas L. Charlton: Newsletter – Material for Fall 1978, Parts 4-6; Project File (1976 – 1979); Business and Correspondence – Minutes, 10th Colloquium (1975), Council Meeting (1976), Correspondence (1975-1977). Financial Records – Mailing Cost (1975-1978); Bills and Receipts, Photography (1976-1978), Salaries (1976-1978), Subscriptions (1977-1978); General Expenses, Receipts and Budget Comparisons (1975-1978). Miscellaneous – Printer Instructions; Deadline Dates, Correspondence. Project File Correspondence (10/20/1978 – 5/30/1979)
Barcode: 620261
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 12: Thomas Charlton, 1979Add to your cart.
Thomas L. Charlton: Project File Correspondence (6/1/1979 – 12/13/1979); Spring 1979 Newsletter – Layout, Copy and Source Material; Summer 1979 Newsletter – Layout, Copy and Source Material
Barcode: 620262
Box 13: Thomas Charlton, 1979-1980Add to your cart.
Thomas L. Charlton: Fall 1979 Newsletter – Layout, Copy and Source Material; Winter 1979 Newsletter – Layout, Copy and Source Material; Winter 1980 Newsletter – Layout, Copy and Source Material
Barcode: 620263
Box 14: William W. Moss, 1976-1979Add to your cart.
William W. Moss: OHA Business – Constitution, Bylaws, and Guidelines; Correspondence (1976-1979); Council Meetings – San Diego, California (1977), Savannah (1978); Financial Statements (1976-1978). OHA Colloquiums – Hawaii Site, Membership Survey (1979); Local Arrangements, Forms, Rates, Services, and Other Information (1979)
Barcode: 620264
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 15: Willam W. Moss, 1978-1979Add to your cart.
William W. Moss: Planned Material for Colloquium and Workshop (1979); Publicity; Release for Participants; Savannah Colloquium (1978); Site Selection Materials
Barcode: 620265
Box 16: Willam W. Moss, 1978-1979Add to your cart.
William W. Moss: OHA Colloquiums – Site Selection Materials. OHA Committees – Awards Committee; Committee on Legal Agreements and Copyright; Committee on Serial and Incidental Publications; National Workshop Grant Committee; Nominating Committee. OHA Conferences – Hawaii (1979); Wingspread Evaluation Conference, Correspondence (1978-1979); NEH Grant Application; Miscellaneous (1979); Conference File (1979). OHA Directory – Proposals (1978-1979).
Barcode: 620266
Box 17: Willam W. Moss, 1978-1979Add to your cart.
William W. Moss: OHA Membership – Membership and Recruitment (1978-1979); Advertising, Membership Summaries. OHA Miscellaneous – National/Regional Relations; Oral History Column in AASLH History; Oral History Middle Atlantic Region (OHMAR); SAA Committee on Oral History. OHA Projects – Evaluation/Advisors Project; General Projects File; Oral History of OHA; Oral History Training Courses (1978 Questionnaire and Responses; University of Alabama, “Hermeneutics” Project Proposal. OHA Publications – Oral History Review, Oral History Newsletter. OHA Workshops – Correspondence Relating to Workshop Tapes
Barcode: 620267
Box 18: Alice Hoffman, Ronald Marcello, 1967-1980Add to your cart.
Alice Hoffman: OHA Business – Correspondence (1967-1979); OHA Council Correspondence and Financial Reports (1969-1974). OHA Executives: Secretary – Minutes, Correspondence and Notes (1968-1975); Vice President – Correspondence (1974-1975). OHA Publications – OHA Newsletter, Microfiche (1975-1978); Oral History Review, Microfiche (1973-1979) Ronald Marcello: OHA Business – Correspondence, Crawford-Wyatt (1972-1980); Miscellaneous Correspondence (1969-1975)
Barcode: 620268
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 19: Ronald Marcello, 1970-1979Add to your cart.
Ronald Marcello: OHA Business – Council Correspondence (1970-1973); Financial Statements, Bills (1975-1976), General Telephone (1975-1979), NTSU Educational Foundation (1974-1977); Legal Agreements. OHA Colloquiums – Site Selection Correspondence, General (1971-1976); Conventions Unlimited Correspondence (1978); Site Selection Materials; California-Stanford Sierra Camp. OHA Committees – Awards Committee; Committee to Study the Use of Oral History as a Teaching Tool; Constitutional Revision Committee; Oral History as an Interpretive Device Committee; Publications Committee. OHA Directory – 1979 Directory (Layout and Cost); Correspondence (1977-1978). OHA Executives – Secretary, Information on Office. OHA Membership – Mail Ballot; Membership Applications (1973-1977); New Members. OHA Miscellaneous – Black Oral History; ERIC Clearinghouse on Information Resources; Former Members of Congress. OHA Projects – Training Survey (1978). OHA Public Relations and Information – Correspondence (1970-1973). OHA Publications – OHA Newsletter, Correspondence (1974-1975).
Barcode: 620269
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 20: Richard Sweterlitsch, 1973-1980Add to your cart.
Richard Sweterlitsch: OHA Business – Bylaws, Constitution, and Guidelines; Correspondence – Miscellaneous (1974); OHA Council Minutes (1973-1976); Financial Records – Bank Statements and Check Stubs, Bills and Receipts, Quarterly Reports (1976-1980). OHA Colloquiums – 11th Annual Colloquium Packet (1977). OHA Membership – Directory (1978) with Supplemental Information. OHA Publications – Bibliography Proposal (1978), Listings (1978), and Miscellaneous Publications (not OHA). Oral History Review – Copyright Registration (1976-1980) and Copyright Information; Correspondence – General with Articles (1973-1980).
Barcode: 620270
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 21: Richard Sweterlitsch, 1975-1979Add to your cart.
Richard Sweterlitsch: Oral History Review – Correspondence – Sam Hand (1975-1977), Sandy Ives (1977-1979), Ronald Marcello (1976-1980); Rejected Articles (1975-1979). Oral History Review 1976 – Galley Proofs; Colloquium Reports; Contributors’ Correspondence and Articles (Eustis, Hall, Hoffman, McComb, Reeves, Rundell); Contributors’ Correspondence and Articles (International – Campbell, Browne, Meyer, Lance).
Barcode: 620271
Box 22: Richard Sweterlitsch, 1975-1977Add to your cart.
Richard Sweterlitsch: Oral History Review 1976 – Correspondence – Leo La Clare; Council Minutes; Editorial Board – Correspondence and Memos (1975-1976); Financial Statement; Miscellaneous Contents; Photographs, Review Section – Book Reviews. Oral History Review 1977 – Draft Copy; Proof Copy; Colloquium Reports – Correspondence, Reports, and Packet (11th Annual, 1976); Contributors’ Correspondence and Articles (Brown, Fox).
Barcode: 620272
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 23: Richard Sweterlitsch, 1976-1977Add to your cart.
Richard Sweterlitsch: Oral History Review 1977 – Contributor’s Correspondence and Articles (Ostry, Schnapper, Soapes, Wyatt); Correspondence – Alice Hoffman (1976-1977), Regarding Cover (1977); Editorial Board – Correspondence (1976-1977), Correspondence with Maclyn Burg (1976-1977), Materials for Montebello Meeting; Council Minutes; Council Reports; Photographs – Cover, Colloquium; Rejections – Correspondence and Articles (Cardoso, Crawford, Gravel, Montagne, Romney, Thompson, Wigoder, Yahnke).
Barcode: 620273
Box 24: Richard Sweterlitsch, 1976-1979Add to your cart.
Richard Sweterlitsch: Oral History Review 1977 – Review Section – Correspondence and Book Reviews (1976-1977). Oral History Review 1978 – Draft Copy, Galley Proofs, Colloquium Reports (12th Annual, 1977); Contributors’ Correspondence and Articles (Aleinikoff, Hackman, Moore, Morrissey, Neuenschwander, Sitton). Oral History Review 1979 – Contributors’ Correspondence and Articles (Joyner, Meltzer, Mintz, Rapport).
Barcode: 620274
Box 25: Richard Sweterlitsch, 1979-1980Add to your cart.
Richard Sweterlitsch: Oral History Review 1979 – Council Reports; Photographs, Rejections (Goodwyn Article); Review Section – Book Reviews. Oral History Review 1980 – Draft Copy (Frontal Material); Contributors’ Correspondence and Articles (Danielson, Douglas, Morrissey, Otto, Page, Terrill, Hirsch); Correspondence, Ronald Marcello (1980); Council Minutes.
Barcode: 620275
Box 26: Richard Sweterlitsch, Enid Douglass, 1966-1980Add to your cart.
Richard Sweterlitsch: Oral History Review 1980 – Council Reports; Obituary for Louis M. Starr; Rejections – Correspondence and Articles (Eustis, Scarpaci); Wingspread Conference Report; Review Section – Book Reviews. Cassette Tapes: 13th National Colloquium, Savannah, Georgia (10/20/1978 – 10/22/1978). Reel to Reel Tapes: Workshop and 14th National Colloquium, East Lansing, Michigan (10/25/1979 – 10/28/1979). Cassette Tapes: 12th National Colloquium, San Diego, California (10/21/1977 – 10/23/1977); Workshop, Savannah, Georgia (10/19/1978 – 10/20/1978) Enid Douglass: OHA Colloquiums – 1st National Colloquium Transcript of Proceedings: Mink, J.V. – “Decision for Oral History” (Evening, 9/25/1966); Panel – “Definitions of Oral History” (Morning, 9/26/1966); Nevins, Allan – “The Uses of Oral History” (Afternoon, 9/26/1966); Shores, Louis – “Directions for Oral History” (Evening, 9/26/1966); Morning Session (9/27/1966), Part 1 and Part 2; Afternoon Session (9/27/1966); Evening Session (9/27/1966); Morning Session (9/28/1966). Miscellaneous – Articles; Colloquium Packet; Lists, Forms, Local Arrangements, and Program.
Barcode: 620276
Box 27: Enid Douglass, 1966-1976Add to your cart.
Enid Douglass: OHA Colloquiums – 1st National Colloquium Published Proceedings: Oral History at Arrowhead; Copyright Registration; Correspondence Relating to Published Proceedings (10/21/1966 – 1/20/1967); Draft Copy – Pages 1-96, 97-226, 1-86, 87-226, 67-96; Speaker Releases for Published Proceedings and Vitae; Correspondence – General (1975-1976).
Barcode: 620277
Box 28: Enid Douglass, John Wickman, 1972-1977Add to your cart.
Enid Douglass: Correspondence – General (1976 – 1977). OHA Colloquiums – Correspondence (1976 – 1977); Local Arrangements (1977); Program Committee (1976): Colloquium Evaluations, Correspondence, Programs, Reports, and Suggestions; Program Committee (1977): Correspondence, Programs, Reports; 1977 Panel Correspondence: Art (1976 – 1977), Film History (1977), Foundations (1976 – 1977), “Have Tape Recorder, Will Travel” (1976 – 1977), Hawaii (1977), Latin America (1977), Memory (1977), Science and Technology (1976 – 1977), Social History (1976 – 1977), “Tale of Two Cities” (1976 – 1977), Wind-Water-Earthquake (1977), Women’s History (1976 – 1977). John Wickman: Correspondence, General (1972-1975).
Barcode: 620278
Box 29: John Wickman, 1972-1975Add to your cart.
John Wickman: Correspondence, General (1972-1975). OHA Business: OHA Council – Meetings (West Point, NY – 1973; New Orleans, LA – 1974); Memos to Council from President (1972-1973); Minutes (1972-1973). Financial Records – Bills Paid (1973-1974); Billing Forms – Colloquium Participants (Unused); 1973 Colloquium (Participant Registration and Billing; Speaker Expenses). Financial Statements – Balance Due OHA (1973-1974).
Barcode: 620279
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 30: John Wickman, James Mink, Samuel B. Hand, 1966-1980Add to your cart.
John Wickman: OHA Business – Financial Statements – Bank Statements and Deposit Slips (1973-1974); Temporary Checks (Unused). James Mink: OHA Colloquiums – 1st National Colloquium (Lake Arrowhead, 1966) – Articles (Drafts, Mimeographed Copies); Correspondence, General (1966); Correspondence (Copies, 1966-1967) Requested from Columbia, 1/30/1979; Correspondence, Response to Non-applicants (1966); Financial Records, Fees Paid (1966); Miscellaneous Materials; Participants, Applications and Correspondence, Cancellations, Potential Participants (1966). Samuel Hand: OHA Business – Correspondence, General (1973-1980); Individual (Sam Proctor, 1973-1980; Ronald Marcello, 1974-1978).
Barcode: 620280
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 31: Samuel B. Hand, 1972-1979Add to your cart.
Samuel Hand: OHA Colloquiums – Participant List, West Point, NY (1973). OHA Publications – Bibliography on Oral History (Cover Design); OH Review (Financial Records, 1973-1976; Potential Source Materials, 1976-1979); OH Review, 1973 – Contributors’ Correspondence, Articles, and Vitae (Brown – Sargent, 1972-1973); OH Review 1973 – Draft Copy; Membership/Subscription List; Photographs; Printer’s Dummy (Bound Blank); Rejected Articles (1973), General and Individual (Eller – Wilkie).
Barcode: 620281
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 32: Samuel B. Hand, Alice Hoffman, 1973-1974Add to your cart.
Samuel Hand: OHA Publications – Oral History Review, 1974 – Contributors’ Correspondence, Articles and Vitae (Burg – Sullivan, 1973-1974). Alice Hoffman: Oral History Program Material: University of Akron; University of Alabama; Alice Lloyd College; Appalachian Oral History Project; Atlanta Public Library; Bancroft Library; Baylor University; University of British Columbia.
Barcode: 620282
Box 33: Alice Hoffman, undatedAdd to your cart.
Alice Hoffman:  Oral History Program Material: University of British Columbia; California State University at Fullerton; University of California at Berkeley; University of California at Los Angeles; Canadian Oral History Association; Claremont Graduate School; University of Colorado; Columbia University; Greenwich, Conn.; East Tennessee  University; University of Florida; Ford Foundation; Forest History Society; General Motors Corp.; George C. Marshall Research Library; Goddard Graduate School; University of Hawaii; Kentucky Oral History; La Peninsula Historical Association; Marine Corps Oral History; Maryland Historical Society; Memphis State University; University of Michigan; Minnesota Historical Society; University of Minnesota; Museo Nacional de Antropologia; NASA; Nebraska State Historical Society; University of Prince Edward Island; Provincial Archives of Victoria, British Columbia; Sangamon State University; Texas State Historical Society; UTA; Western North American Studies.
Barcode: 620283
Box 34: Oscar O. Winther and Martin Ridge, 1966-1973Add to your cart.
Oscar O. Winther and Martin Ridge: OHA Colloquiums – Willa Baum, Gould Colman, Amelia Fry, Samuel B. Hand, Alice Hoffman, David R. Larson, Knox Mellon, James V. Mink, Charles T. Morrissey, Peter D. Olch, Forrest C. Pogue Correspondence; Arrowhead First Colloquium (1966); 2nd National Colloquium, Arden House; 3rd Colloquium, Airlie House Correspondence; Asilomar February Meeting; Asilomar 5th Colloquium; 6th Colloquium; Indiana University (1971); West Point (1973); Colloquium Sites. Constitution and Bylaws; Executive Council Meeting (1971).
Barcode: 620284
Box 35: Oscar O. Winther and Martin Ridge, Ronald Marcello, 1969-1972Add to your cart.
Oscar O. Winther and Martin Ridge: Goals and Guidelines, Membership, Minutes (1969-1971), Nominating Committee (1972), Publications from Meetings and Conventions, Purposes of Oral History Association, Inc., Travel Expenses (1970). Ron Marcello: American Historical Association, American Studies Association, Bowker Company, Coal Miners Research Association, Columbia University, Committees.
Barcode: 620285
Box 36: Ronald Marcello, undatedAdd to your cart.
Ron Marcello: Film Documentary, International Communication Agency, Murray State University, National Endowment for the Humanities, Presidential – Enid Douglass, Receipts, Suid vs Newsweek.
Barcode: 620286
Box 37: Enid Douglass, undatedAdd to your cart.
Enid Douglass: Anthology; Business Meeting – Durango, Colorado; Committees; Business Meeting – East Lansing; Correspondence, General; Correspondence, Baum – Whistler; Council Meeting – Durango, Colorado; Goals and Guidelines; History Association; Memos, President to Council Members; Microfilming Corporation of America; Mid Winter Council Meeting – New Orleans, Louisiana.
Barcode: 620287
Box 38: Enid Douglass, Thomas Charlton, 1977-1981Add to your cart.
Enid Douglass: National Archives, Admiral Freeman; NEH; Newsletter Column; Newsletter Correspondence; Official Letters from President; Regional Oral History Associations; Relations with Other Professional Organizations; Review Article; Review, Correspondence, and Notes; Suid Lawsuit; Tamarron Site; Wingspread Conference; 1980 Workshop. Thomas Charlton: Correspondence – Business and Newsletter (1977 – 1981).
Barcode: 620288
Box 39: Thomas Charlton, 1973-1980Add to your cart.
Thomas Charlton: Correspondence – Letters (1973 – 1978); Minutes (1978 – 1981); Financial Documents (1979 – 1980); Printed Material – General, Newsletter Copy (Spring 1980). Newsletter Copy (Spring, Summer, Fall 1980).
Barcode: 620289
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 40: Thomas Charlton, 1980-1981Add to your cart.
Thomas Charlton: Newsletter Copy (Fall 1980; Spring, Summer, Fall 1981).
Barcode: 620290
Box 41: Thomas Charlton, John Neuenschwander, 1979-1982, undatedAdd to your cart.
Thomas Charlton: Newsletter Copy (Fall, Winter 1981; Winter 1982). John Neuenschwander: OH Review (1982); OH Review – Book Reviews (1979); OH Review – Reviewers; OH Review – Book Reviews (1980); OH Review – Book Reviews (undated).
Barcode: 620291
Box 42: John Neuenschwander, 1981-1982Add to your cart.
John Neuenschwander: OH Review – Book Reviews (undated); OH Review – Reviews Received; OH Review – Reviews Not Received; Agenda; Colloquium (1981 – 1982); Long Range Planning Committee; MCA Directory; Mail Ballot Questions; Membership Brochure; Nominating Committee; OHA Newsletter (1981 – 1982); Oral History of OHA; Publications Committee (1981); Regional Organization; Workshop (1982).
Barcode: 620292
Box 43: Peter Olch, 1968-1972Add to your cart.
Peter Olch: Correspondence (10/24/1968 – 3/23/1972); Minutes; Financial Documents; Publications; Executive Council; Public Relations; Current Business. 4th Colloquium – “Basic Problems in OH Programs;” “Can Film Complement Oral History Interviews?;” Cancelled Speakers and Rejected Papers; Civil Rights and Black History; “Individual Program Reports;” Inquiries; “A Lawyer Looks at Oral History;” “Oral History as a Teaching Device;” “Oral History in the Washington Environs;” Plenary Session Speakers; Post-Conference Correspondence; Press Releases; Programs.
Barcode: 620293
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 44: Peter Olch, 1967-1982Add to your cart.
Peter Olch: 5th Colloquium – Literary Productions; Planning; Programs; Site Committee Correspondence. OHA Newsletter (1967 – 1974, 1976 – 1982). Report on the Survey of Oral History Programs. Survey of Oral History Programs.
Barcode: 620294
Box 45: Ronald Marcello, 1967-1974Add to your cart.
Survey of Oral History Programs. Ron Marcello: 2nd National Colloquium (1967) – Correspondence, Minutes, Literary Production; 3rd National Colloquium (1968) – Correspondence, Proceedings, Literary Productions, Printed Material; 5th National Colloquium (1970) – Correspondence, Proceedings, Financial Documents, Printed Material; 6th National Colloquium (1971) – Printed Material; 7th National Colloquium (1972) – Correspondence; 8th National Colloquium (1973) – Correspondence, Diaries, Printed Material; 9th National Colloquium (1974) – Correspondence, Proceedings, Printed Material; 10th National Colloquium (1975) – Correspondence, Financial Documents, Printed Material, Photographic Material.
Barcode: 620295
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 46: Ronald Marcello, 1967-1981Add to your cart.
Ron Marcello: 11th National Colloquium (1976) – Correspondence, Proceedings, Financial Documents, Printed Material, Photographic Material; 12th National Colloquium (1977) – Correspondence, Proceedings, Diaries, Printed Material; 13th National Colloquium (1978) – Correspondence, Proceedings, Financial Documents, Printed Material, Photographic Material; 17th National Colloquium (1982) – Printed Material; Presidential File (1980) – Correspondence, Printed Material; Presidential File (1981) – Correspondence, Proceedings, Financial Documents, Printed Material; Council Meetings (1967 – 1972) – Minutes.
Barcode: 620296
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 47: Ronald Marcello, Donald A. Ritchie, 1973-1981Add to your cart.
Ron Marcello: Council Meetings (1973 – 1981) – Minutes. Donald A. Ritchie: 1979 Colloquium – Correspondence. 1981 Colloquium – Correspondence, Programs Presented, Programs Not Presented, Equipment and Release Forms. General Correspondence. Literary Productions.
Barcode: 620297
Box 48: Ronald Marcello, 1970-1980Add to your cart.
Ron Marcello: 7th Colloquium –Correspondence (12/1/1970 – 3/6/1973), Planning Documents, Rosters. 14th Colloquium – Correspondence (8/22/1979 – 7/7/1980, undated), Bills and Receipts, Planning Documents. 15th Colloquium – Correspondence (11/10/1978 – 12/5/1980, undated), Bills and Receipts, Budgets, Planning Documents, Speeches, Publications, Printed Material, Photographs.
Barcode: 620298
Box 49: Ronald Marcello, 1979-1983Add to your cart.
Ron Marcello: 16th Colloquium – Correspondence (1/18/1979 – 12/10/1981, undated), Bills and Receipts, Budgets, Planning Documents, Rosters, Printed Materials. 17th Colloquium – Correspondence (4/7/1981 – 10/6/1983, undated), Receipts and Bills, Planning Documents, Speech, Reports, Printed Material. Newsletter – Correspondence (7/16/1973 – 1/12/1983), Bills and Receipts, Printed Material.
Barcode: 620299
Box 50: Ronald Marcello, James Mink, 1970-1982Add to your cart.
Ron Marcello: Review – Correspondence (4/6/1973 – 11/30/1982, undated), Bills and Receipts, Publications, Tapes. James V. Mink: Correspondence – Asilomar Executive Council Meeting (2/19/1970); 5th National Colloquium – Morning Group Sessions, Black Studies, Afternoon Group Sessions, Equipment Displays, Local Arrangements, Site and Registration, Speakers, Final Program; Ron Marcello, James Mink, National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections Committee, President, 6th Plenary Session, Suggestions for Future Colloquiums. Literary Production – OHA Newsletter (1970 – 1972).
Barcode: 620300
Box 51: James Mink, Thomas Charlton, 1972-1982Add to your cart.
James V. Mink: Literary Production – OHA Newsletter (1972 – 1975), Miscellaneous, Photographs, Audio-Tape, Clippings. Thomas Charlton: Correspondence (1979 – 1982). Literary Production – OHA Newsletter (Spring 1982, parts 1-2).
Barcode: 620301
Box 52: Thomas Charlton, 1982Add to your cart.
Thomas Charlton: Literary Production – OHA Newsletter (Spring 1982, parts 3-4; Spring, Summer, Fall 1982).
Barcode: 620302
Box 53: Thomas Charlton, Samuel B. Hand, Richard Sweterlitsch, 1978-1983, undatedAdd to your cart.
Thomas Charlton: Literary Production – OHA Newsletter (Fall 1982 – Winter 1983). Samuel B. Hand: Correspondence (6/7/1978 – 5/5/1978, undated). Richard Sweterlitsch: Correspondence (8/12/1976 – 9/28/1978, undated); Correspondence, Financial Documents, Literary Productions, Printed Material, Photographs.
Barcode: 620303
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 54: Martha Ross, Thomas Charlton, 1977-1981Add to your cart.
Martha Ross: Mission Development, Executive Secretary Search, Committee Activities, Finances/Statistics. Thomas Charlton: General Correspondence, 1977-1981.
Barcode: 620304
Box 55: Thomas Charlton, 1972-1985Add to your cart.
Thomas Charlton: General Correspondence, 1981 – 1985; Diaries, Minutes, Proceedings (1972); Financial Documents (Fall 1978 – Summer 1982): Newsletter Postage, Printing; Annual Report. Newsletter Production (Winter 1983 – Spring 1983).
Barcode: 620305
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 56: Thomas Charlton, 1981-1985Add to your cart.
Thomas Charlton: Newsletter Production (Summer 1983 – Fall 1983); Newsletter Omitted Material (1981); Newsletter Production (Winter 1984 – Spring 1985).
Barcode: 620306
Box 57: Thomas Charlton, Martha Ross, 1984-1985Add to your cart.
Thomas Charlton: Newsletter Production (Summer 1985 – Fall 1985). Martha Ross: Annual Meeting (1984 – 1985).
Barcode: 620307
Box 58: Martha Ross, Richard Sweterlitsch, 1978-1986Add to your cart.
Martha Ross: Annual Meeting (1985-1986); Pensacola Meetings; Midwinter Meeting (1985). Richard Sweterlitsch: OH Review 1979 – Draft Copy; Galley Proofs; Proof Copy; Colloquium Presentations and Reports (13th Annual, 1978); Contributors’ Correspondence and Articles (Dearing, Frisch, Humez).
Barcode: 620308
Box 59: Richard Sweterlitsch, John Wickman, 1970-1978Add to your cart.
Richard Sweterlitsch: OH Review 1978 – Correspondence: Elizabeth B. Mason (1976-1977), Samuel Proctor (1976-1978); Council Mintues; Photographs, Prospectus (1978); Rejections – Correspondence and Articles (Halpern, Lance, Riegel, Suid, Swent); Review Section – Book Reviews. John Wickman: OHA Committees – Nominating Committee (Correspondence, 1972-1973); 1973 Program Committee (Correspondence, 1972-1973); Site Committee (Correspondence, 1972-1973). OHA Executives – Vice President, President Elect (Correspondence, 1971-1972). OHA Membership – Correspondence (1972-1973). OHA Miscellaneous – Oral History Column in AASLH History News; Robert’s Rules of Order (1970); Sample of OHA Mailings.
Barcode: 620309
Box 60: John Wickman, Bernard Galm, 1972-1980Add to your cart.
John Wickman: OHA Projects – Correspondence on Various Programs (1972-1973). OHA Public Relations – Correspondence (1972-1973); Clippings. OHA Publications – Correspondence (1972-1973, OHA Newsletter). Bernard Galm: OHA Committees – OHA Publications Committee (Correspondence, 1977-1980). OHA Publications – OHA Newsletter – Articles Submitted, Not Printed (1972-1975); Correspondence, General (1972-1975); Photographs; OHA Newsletter – Vol. VI, Nos. 2-4, Summer-Winter 1972.
Barcode: 620310
Box 61: Bernard Galm, 1973-1980Add to your cart.
Bernard Galm: OHA Publications – OHA Newsletter – Vol. VII, NOs. 1-4, Spring-Winter 1973;  Vol. VIII, Nos. 1-4, Spring-Winter 1974; Vol. IX, Nos. 1-2, Spring-Summer 1975. OHA Publications – Miscellaneous Publication Issues – OHA Directory (1979-1980); Oral History Evaluation Guidelines (1980); OH Review (1979).
Barcode: 620311
Box 62: James Mink, Samuel B. Hand, 1966-1975Add to your cart.
James V. Mink: OHA Colloquiums – 1st National Colloquium (Lake Arrowhead, 1966) – Participant Address and Vitae Files (Index Cards, 1966). OHA Publications – OHA Newsletter – Correspondence (1968-1972). Samuel B. Hand: OHA Publications – OH Review, 1974 – Draft Copy; Photographs; Outline of Potential Contents; Rejected Articles (Holway-Travis); OH Review 1975 – Contributors’ Correspondence, Articles (Austin-Starr, 1974-1975).
Barcode: 620312
Box 63: Samuel B. Hand, 1974-1975Add to your cart.
Samuel B. Hand: OHA Publications – OH Review 1975 – Contributors’ Correspondence, Articles, and Vitae (Austin-Starr, 1974-1975); Draft Copy; OHA Council Report; Outline of Potential Contents; Rejected Article (Sargent).
Barcode: 620313
Box 64: Ronald Marcello, 1968-1984Add to your cart.
UCLA Institute on Oral History Librarianship: Event Materials, Notes, Letters (1968) OHA 5th National Colloquium: Pre-event correspondence, Program, Schedule, Newsletter, Brochures, Travel info, List of Registrants (1970) OHA 3rd National Colloquium: Event materials (1968) OHA 6th National Colloquium: Workshop prep (1971) OHA 7th National Colloquium: Introductory Workshop Program, Event Program, Letters, List of Registrants (1972) Council Meeting Agendas, Secretary Correspondence (1973-77) OHA Secretarial appointment and retirement papers (1973-84) OHA 8th National Colloquium Workshop: Correspondence and Notes (1973) OHA 10th National Colloquium: Correspondence and Session notes (1975) OHA Newsletters with photographs (1975-79) OHA 11th National Colloquium: Schedule, Correspondence and report (1976) Financial Records: Vendor ID Number, Deposit slips and Bank statements (1975-76) OHA Goals and Guidelines: Edits (1975) Annual Member Dues  (1980) Bibliography on Oral History: Correspondence relating to publishing (1974-79) Council Meeting Minutes and Agendas 1970-80) Oral History Directory (1981) Senate Historical Office: Senate History Publication (1981) Idaho Oral History Center: Newletter and Brochure (1979-81)
Barcode: 620314
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 65: Ronald Marcello, 1977-1985Add to your cart.
Collection of OHA Archives: Letters and partial inventory of files collected (1977-81) American Library Association: Correspondence, Yearbook articles and Constitution (1977-83) Telephone: Bills and Records (1980-85) Financial: Certificate of Deposit (1980 &82) Codified Council Resolutions: Revised (1982) OHA Grant Proposal to NEH: Summer Institute in Oral History (1982) Receipts (1980-85) 1983 Annual Meeting: Roster, Program/Schedule, Correspondence, Receipts, Travel Plans, Expense Reports and Participant Biographies (1983) Presidential File: Elizabeth Mason (1982-83) Publication of Membership Directory: Correspondence and Bills (1983)
Barcode: 620315
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 66: Ron Marcello, 1984-1985Add to your cart.
Microfilming Corp. America: Letters and Royalties (1972-83) Membership Survey: Correspondence (1983)  NTSU Computing Records: Oral History Collection (1975-83) 1984 Annual Meeting: R. Marcello, Research Paper and correspondence (1984) Pennsylvania Oral History Newsletter (1979-84) Montana Oral History Association Newsletter (1982-84) Southwest Oral History Association Newsletter (1984-85) Graphic Design: Correspondence, Contract, Proposal (1983-85) Indiana Roundtable: The Recorder (1977-84)  New England Oral History Association: Newsletter, Membership List, Correspondence, Meeting Schedules (1977-85) Northwest Oral History Association: Newsletter (1983-84) Financial Documents: Receipts (1978-85) Hawaii Oral History Recorder: Newsletter (1985) Presidential File-Cullom Davis: Correspondence, Receipts and Expense Account (1983-84) OHA Executive Secretary Appointment: Correspondence (1974-85)
Barcode: 620316
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 67: Ron Marcello, 1982-1985Add to your cart.
1984 OHA Conference: Pre-meeting correspondence, contracts, schedules, receipts, expense accounts and financial report  (1983-84) Presidential File-Martha Ross: correspondence, receipts and expense reports. (1984-85) 1985 OHA Conference: correspondence, receipts, expense reports, reimbursement notes, hotel records, registration list, schedule and brochures (1984-85) Nominating Committee: correspondence (1975-85)
Barcode: 620317
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 68: Ron Marcello, 1976-1987Add to your cart.
Texas Oral History Association: roster, event materials, 1986 Texas Sesquicentennial meeting, newletters, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, brochures and correspondence (1982-85) OHA Mailing Labels: requests, correspondence and receipts (1975-85) Michigan Oral History Council: newletters and mailers (1982-85) Mid-Atlantic Oral History Association: newletters, meeting brochures and membership directory (1976-85) Pennsylvania State University: Oral History Interview Listing (1985) Council meeting minutes (1982-85) OHA Annual Meeting 1987: Personal notes and paper, schedule and correspondence (1987) Executive Secretary Search Process (1987) OHA Membership Statistics (1986-87) Counicil Minutes (1987-89) Michigan Oral History Council: newsletter (1987-88) 1987 Annual Meeting: program evaluations, financial statement and correspondence
Barcode: 620318
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 69: Ron Marcello, 1988-1989Add to your cart.
Fieldwork in Oral History: Publosher's agreement (1988), Annual Meeting: attendance and financial report, budget, program committee report (1988), Officers (1987-88), Pamphlet Series: correspondence and planning (1988-89), Presidential correspondence (1988-89) Annual Meeting: pamphlets, agenda, reports (1989), Comminucations with various historical societies (1987-89), Evaluation Guidelines: revision process (1988-89)
Barcode: 620319
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 70: Ron Marcello, 1988-1990Add to your cart.
1989 Meeting arrangements: program, workshop, local arrangements (1989), Committee on Endowments: correspondence (1988-89), Membership Committee: correspondence and reports (1988-89), Nominating Committee: correspondence and proposals (1988-89), Committee on Publications: correspondence, reports (1988-89) Secretary's files (1987-90) Budgets (1988-90) Minutes and council documents (1989-90) Annual Meeting: program and budget (1990)
Barcode: 620320
Box 71: Ron Marcello, 1990-1998Add to your cart.
Muliculturality Committee: reports, surveys, evaluations, correspondence (1988-89) State and Regional Committee: reports and correspondence (1988-89) Teaching Committee: correspondence and project reports (1988-89) International Committee: correspondence and reports (1988-89) 1991 Annual Meeting: planning correspondence, brochures, program, contracts, registration list (1989-91) Nominating Committee: correspondence and election results (1990) 1992 Annual Meeting: site selection info and contracts (1988) 1993 Annual Meeting: program, registration list, brochure, site selection and planning (1989-93) 1994 Annual Meeting: site selection reports (1988) 1997 Annual Meeting: program and correspondence (1996-97) Endowment Committee: correspondence and reports (1994-98) OHMAR 25th Anniversary (2001)
Barcode: 620321
Box 72: Ron Marcello, variousAdd to your cart.
1986 Annual Meeting: program (1986) "A Directory of Oral History Tapes of Librarians in the United States and Canada" (pub. ALA 1986) "The Oral History Review" (pub. 1979) American Historical Association: directory of affiliated societies (1984-85) Texas Oral History Association: yearbook (1988); and membership directory (1992-93) 1989 Annual Meeting: program (1989) UNT Associates of Oral History: brochure; Texas Oral History Association newsletter (1987-95) Oral History Mid-Atlantic Region newletter (1986-89) Michigan Oral History Council newletter (1986-89) Oral History Recorder (1986-92) New England Association of Oral History newletter (1986-90) Southwest Oral History Association newsletter (1988)
Barcode: 620322
Box 73: Thomas Charlton, variousAdd to your cart.
Tapes (Reel-to-Reel): --7th National Colloquium, Austin (1972): November 10, 1972 -Tape 1--Joseph Romney and William Weinberg, "Legal Problems in Oral History"--Alex Haley "Black History, Oral History, and Geneology" -Tape 2--Willa K. Baum, "Transcribing, Editing and Indexing"--Gary L. Shumway, "Cataloging, Servicing and Using the Collection"--Thomas L. Charlton, "Establishing an O.H. Program"--Bob Lumpkin, "Your Equipment"--Joseph Romney and William Weinberg, "Local Problems in O.H."--Interview: Alex Haley - 4 copies  -  November 11, 1972: "Financial Support for Oral History Projects: A Round Table Discussion of Foundations, Government Agencies, and Other Sources of Funding" - Moderator: Elizabeth Calciano, Panel: Charles Morrissey, Mary Ellen Glass, Pendleton Woods and Willa K. Baum--November 12, 1972: Tape 1--Lyle Brown and Eugenia Meyer, "Oral History and Latin American Studies"--Lawrence Goodwin and Ann Allen Shockley, "Oral History and Black Studies"--Mary Patrick  (untitled)--Tape 2--John Wickman, "What is the Future of the OHA"--10th Annual Oral History Colloquium: October 25, 1975 Merle Miller October 26, 1975 Truman Eustis III "Oral History: Court, Decisions and Current Legislature"--September 12,1976 Speech: Daniel Schorr "A Journalist Looks at Oral History"--Tapes (Cassette):1971 OH Colloquium: "Securing Sensitive Personal Information by Interviews" "Oral History Defined" "Transcribing and Editing"--"Oral History Harry McPherson #3 con't, Dec. 19, '68, by T.H. Baker"
Barcode: 620323
Box 74: Thomas Charlton, undated, 1970-1992Add to your cart.
OHA Newletter: picture files and partial index of names and subjects (undated), mailing list and postage receipts (1971-92) publication agreement, correspondence, and contracts (1977-89) surveys and marketing pertaining to newletter (1978-80) expenditures (1982-83) policy statement (1983) news and articles for newsletter (undated) 1982 Annual Meeting: local arrangements, correspondence, accomodations, press releases, media appearances, equipment requests (1981-82)
Barcode: 620324
Box 75: Thomas Charlton, 1981-1986Add to your cart.
OHA Newsletter: distribution list, budgets, receipts, typesetting and layout, financial reports, spring 1984 and 1985 issues: articles and planning (1981-86) Personal Correspondence (1984) Council and Publications committee; correspondence (1983-86) Publications Committee Correspondence (1981-86)
Barcode: 620325
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 76: Thomas Charlton, 1985-1988Add to your cart.
OHA Newsletter articles and content (Fall 1980 Issue), Committee on Endowments: correspondence and meeting notes (1987), Publications Committee: reports, surveys and correspondence (1986-87), Fall 1985 Newletter Issue: content and articles (1985), 1987 Annual Meeting: site selection (1984), Personal Correspondence: Jackie Jeffrey (1987-88), Newsletter budget (1987), Newsletter, original material and correspondence: Winter 1987, Spring 1988, Fall 1988 (1987-88), Executive Secretary Position Move: correspondence and proposals (1987-88), Publications Committee: correspondence and reports (1988)
Barcode: 620326
Box 77: Thomas Charlton, 1988-1989Add to your cart.
Newsletter: budget and receipts (1988), OHA correspondence (1988-90), Publications Committee: correspondence and reports (1988-89), Endowment Committee: proposal, correspondence and reports (1987-89), Newsletter Content (Spring and Fall 1989), Newletter Budget (1989)
Barcode: 620327
Box 78: Thomas Charlton, 1989-1991Add to your cart.
Newsletter: content and original material (Summer 1989, Winter 1989, Spring 1990, Summer 1990, Fall 1990, Winter 1990, Spring 1991), correspondence (1989-91), and budget (1990). Colloquium 1991: site selection and local planning (1988-91) 1989 Meeting: program committee correspondence (1987-89), Publications Committee: correspondence and proposals (1990-91)
Barcode: 620328
Box 79: Thomas Charlton, 1990-1991Add to your cart.
Presidential Correspondence (1990-91), 1991 Annual Meeting: planning, agenda, exhibits, local arrangements planning (1989-91), Assorted newsletters (1988), Various Articles (1988-91), Summer Institute of OH: correspondence (1991), Newsletter budget (1991), OHA 'call for papers' (1991), OHA Teaching Committee: correspondence, reports, proposals (1990-91), Membership Committee: correspondence and reports (1990-91), OHA media notices (1980)
Barcode: 620329
Box 80: Thomas Charlton, 1991-1992Add to your cart.
OHA correspondence (1991-92), 1992 Mid-Winter Council Meeting: minutes, correspondence and reports (1992), Teaching Committee Liason: correspondence (1992), 1992 Annual Meeting: proposals, reports, correspondence, planning, budget, program (1991-92), National Video Conference: planning, contracts, correspondence, announcements (1992) Newletter budget (1992)
Barcode: 620330
Box 81: Thomas Charlton, 1991-1994Add to your cart.
National Video-conference: Program and brochures (1992), Newletter: correspondence (1989-92), OHA correspondence and committee reports  (1992-93), OHA Membership: renewals, new members, address changes, registration, cancellations (1993-94), 1994 Annual Meeting: site selection (1994)
Barcode: 620331
Box 82: Thomas Charlton, 1994Add to your cart.
OHA Membership: renewals, change of address (1994), Newsletter: miscellaneous documents, articles, book notices, etc. (mid 1980s)
Barcode: 620332
Box 83: Thomas Charlton, undatedAdd to your cart.
Newsletter materials, unorganized: articles, event listings, news, etc.
Barcode: 620333
Box 84: Columbia University, 1970-1973Add to your cart.
Reel-to-Reel Tapes: 1) OHA Colloquium - 2nd Plenary Session - Nov. 14, 1970 - "Black Studies" - Vivien J. Brown, Paul Bullock and Clarence M. Simmons 2) Niemmer/Mink 3) "Western Sense of Community" - Robert Hine / "California's Communes: Oral History and Mystery" 4) "OHA" 5) Thursday afternoon session - reel one 6) OHA Session (panel) at APA - Apr. 21, 1973 7) OHA Business Meeting - Oct. 1970 8) "Subject Oriented Programs" - Gould P. Colman - Nov. 15, 1970 9) copy of "Legal and Ethical Considerations in OH" - Mark Owens - Nov. 15, 1979 10) Motions from Council Meeting - Feb. 1973 11) "Student Activism" - Gould Colman / "Black Liberation" - Janis Garmon ----- 6 more vaguely titled or untitled tapes. FILE: "Listing of Reel-to-Reel Tapes - First through Ninth Colloquiums"
Barcode: 620383
Box 85: Columbia University, 1971-1973Add to your cart.
14 Reel-to-Reel Tapes from the 6th, 7th, and 8th Annual OHA Colloquia: 1) "The Use of Interviews in the Classroom" - Thomas Carlton, Leon Fink, Carlotta, Mellon, John Neueschwander, and Stephan Trimble. (8th Annual Col., 1973) 2) Business Meeting 3) Thursday Night Session 4) Saturday Morning Session 5) Thursday Afternoon Session 6) Business Meeting (Nov. 16, 1970) 7) Plenary Session 1 - Mink, Baum, Schralien (Nov. 13, 1970) / Plenary Session 5 - T. Harry Williams (Nov. 15, 1970) 8) Friday Morning and Afternoon 9) Room - 2 - 120 - John Stewart 10) Room 2 - 120  - P.M. 11) Thursday Night Session 12) "The Use of Oral History in Dramatic Audiovisual Productions" - William Weaver, Pendleton Woods (Nov. 2, 1973) 13) Plenary Session 6 - Shumway, Custer, Starr, and Lewis (Nov. 16, 1970) 14) "Insitutional History" - Nathan (Nov. 11, 1970)
Barcode: 620384
Box 86: Columbia University, 1967-1970Add to your cart.
Reel-to-Reel Tapes: "Monday evening - 2nd Nat'l OH Colloquium, Nov. 20, 1967"--"Sunday afternoon and evening - 2nd Nat'l OH Colloquium, Nov. 19, 1967"--"Saturday afternoon and evening - 2nd Nat'l OH Colloquium, Nov. 18, 1967"--"Session on Interviews and Training - 2nd Nat'l OH Colloquium, Nov. 18, 1967"--"Friday, Nov. 22, 1968"--"Saturday, Nov. 23, 1968"--"Monday afternoon - 2nd Nat'l OH Colloquium, Nov. 20,1967"--"Saturday, Nov. 23, 1968"--"Feb. 24, 1968"--"Tuesday morning - 2nd Nat'l OH Colloquium, Nov 21, 1967"--"Executive Council, OHA - Feb. 24, 1968, 2nd session"--"OH Sat. Nov. 23rd, 11 AM, group discussions"--"Techniques, Standards"--"Morning Session - Sep. 28, 1966"--"S. Hand - Nov. 15, 1970"
Barcode: 620385
Box 87: Columbia University, 1970-1974Add to your cart.
Reel-to-Reel Tapes: (File #2a) "Conducting Interviews During or Immediately After Important Historical Events - Joseph Cash, Irene Cortinovis, Stephen Ward - Nov. 2, 1973 - OHA 8th Colloquium"--(File #3) "Allan Meckler, Ann Travis - Nov. 2,1973 - OHA 8th Colloquium"--(File #4) "Oral History, Psychology and Biographical Research - Saul Benison, John Garraty, Joseph Lash, Frank Vandiver - Nov. 3, 1973 - OH 8th Colloquium"--(File #5) "The Role of Interviews in Documenting White House Decisions - Dan Fenn Jr., Joe B. Frantz (moderator), Henry Graff, James Hagerty, Richard Kirkendall, Robert Weaver - Nov. 2, 1973 - OHA 8th Colloquium"--(File #6) " Taped Interviews and Social History - Arthur Hansen (discussion leader) - Nov. 3, 1973 - OH 8th Colloquium"--(File #8) "Taped Interviews and Economic History - Jeffery Safford (discussion leader) - Nov. 3, 1973 - OH 8th Colloquium"--(File #9) "Taped Interviews and Institutional History - Ronald Grele (discussion leader) - Nov. 3, 1973 - OH 8th Colloquium"--(File #10a) "Interviews and the Documentation of Vietnam Combat Operations - Peter Arnett, James Collins, Oscar Fitzgerald, Ward Just, Forrest Pogue, Benis Frank, Robert Zimmerman - Nov. 3, 1973 - OH 8th Colloquium"--(File #10b) "Interviews and the Documentation of Vietman Combat Operations - Peter Arnett, James Collins, Oscar Fitzgerald, Ward Just, Forrest Pogue, Benis Frank, Robert Zimmerman - Nov. 3, 1973 - OH 8th Colloquium"--(File #11) "Oral History Programs Outside the United States - Maclyn P. Burg, Leo LaClare, David Lance, John E. Wickman - Nov 4, 1973 - OH 8th Colloquium"--"Interviews and Other Sources in the Study of Political Campaigns - Larry, Hackman, Betty McKeever Key, John Bartlow Martin, Herbert Parmet, Charles Guggenheim - Nov. 4, 1973 - OH 8th Colloquium"--"Ninth OHA Colloquium - Sep. 13, 1974 - Jackson Lake Lodge, Wyoming - Alden Whitman, NY Times Obituary"--"Ninth OHA Colloquium - Sep. 14, 1974 - Jackson Lake Lodge, Wyoming - Robert Menninger"--"Regional and State History Session - W> Moore - Nov. 15, 1970"
Barcode: 620386
Box 88: Columbia University, 1968-1970Add to your cart.
Reel-to-Reel Tapes: "Side 1: 000-1700 - 'D' group - Morning, Nov. 8, 1969 / 1700-End - 'D' group - Afternoon, Nov. 8, 1969. Side 2: 000-1720 - 'D' group Nov. 9, 1969"--"Federal Room: Side 1: 000-1729 - Night, Nov. 7, 1969 / 1729-End - Morning Nov. 8,1969. Side 2: 000-1935 - 'D' group (11 am, Robischon) / 1935-End - Federal-Aft. Nov. 8,1969 (2pm, Cohen)"--"Meadow Room, Tape #2. 000-1800 - Morning, Nov. 9, 1969"--"Federal Room Tape #3: 000-1827 - Night, Nov. 9, 1969"--Federal Room Tape #2: Side 1: 000-1826 - Main Meet Night Nov. 8, 1969 / 1826-End - Morning, Nov. 9, 1969. Side 2: 000-1500 - 'D' group Nov. 9, 1969 / 1500-End - Aft. Nov. 9, 1969"--"Speech before Movie - Nov. 8, 1969"--"Meadow Room: Side 1: 000-1841 - morning, Nov. 8, 1969  ____ and Technology, group session 1841-End - Basic Problems in Oral History. afternoon, Nov. 8, 1969"--"Oral History Sunday, Nov. 24: 8pm, Video: Taping Notable U.S. Historians, Joe B. Frantz / Some Thoughts on the Oral History Movement, James Rhodes"--"Saturday Nov. 23rd: 2pm, How Long Does Tape Last?, Wilbur Jenson / 8pm Some Personal Meditations on OH, William Manchester"--"Nov. 24, 1968: Oral History in the Liberal Arts and State Colleges, Know Mellon (chairman)"--"OHA session: Inside Oral History Offices, Elizabeth Mason (chairman), w/ Willa Baum"--"Elizabeth K. Bauer, Moses Rischin - Contributions of a Group to the Wider Society - Nov. 15, 1970"--"Bruce Stane - Sunday morning - Nov. 15, 1970"--"Insitutional History, Nathan - Sunday P.M. Nov. 15, 1970"
Barcode: 620387
Box 89: Columbia University, 1966-1967Add to your cart.
Steering Committee,  Louis M. Starr, chairman of Subcommittee on Arrangements: correspondence (1967) Membership Roster (1967) Steering Comm. - Peter D. Olch M.D., liason for Bio-medical OH Programs: correspondence (1966-1967) 1st National Colloquium: receipts, correspondence, program, bios (1967) Requests for info on 1st National Colloquium. (1966-67) 2nd Colloquium: membership roster, program, reservations (A-M and O-Z) (1967) OHA Constitution and by-laws: Steering Committee Correspondence (1967) Steering Committee: Victor H. Witten M.D., correspondence (1966-67) Oral History Survey: survey and correspondence (1966-67) OHA Constitution and Bylaws - drafts (1966-1967) OHA Steering Comm. Correspondence of James Mink (chairman) (1966-1967)
Barcode: 620388
Box 90: Columbia University, 1966-1969Add to your cart.
OHA Business Correspondence: newsletter subscription and membership inquiries (1967-68) OHA Steering Committee - Subcommittee on Goals and Guidlelines - Gould P. Colman, chairman: correspondence and drafts of documents (1966-68) OHA Documents: proposed constitution, first election ballot, certificate of incorporation (1967-68) Business Meetings: agendas, minutes (1966-68) OHA Press Releases (1966-68) Orders for OH Proceedings, Newsletter and Bibliography of Oral History (1967-68) OH Conference-Steering Committee - Public Relations - OH Newsletter Editor Elwood R. Maunder: correspondence (1966-68) OH Conference-Steering Committee - Subcommittee National Union Bibliography Chairman, Philip Mason: correspondence (1966-68) OH Conference-Steering Committee - Member at large, Rep. Nat. Arch. and Pres. Libs., Phillip C. Brooks: correspondence (1966-68) OHA First Newsletter (1967) List of Plenary Sessions, Sunday Nov. 19 (undated) Unedited Transcript Federal Room-Individual Program Reports, Regional and Special Projects - E.W. Robischon, moderator, with Floyd A. O'Neill, Mrs. Francis S. Key, William J. Weaver, Harold J. Jonas, Charles R. Berry, Harry Jeffrey, and Louis Starr (Saturday, Nov. 8, 1969) Unedited Transcript: Studio Room-Institutional Projects, Warren Albert, Moderator, with Richard B. Clement, Chester M. Lewis, Paige E. Mulhollan, Dennis O'Brien, Elizabeth Mason, Jerry D. Bidle, Merl Reed, Waddy W. Moore, Clifford D. Owsley, Norman T. London, Carroll Hart, Jean C. Jones, Evelyn Asrael, Gary Shumway, Richard Clement, Norman T. London, and Mrs. E. J. Dryer (Saturday, Nov. 8, 1969) 4th National Colloquium: program (1969) Group discussion: "OH as a Teaching Device" William Weaver and William Cutler (Sunday Nov. 9, 1969) Group discussion: "Studies on the Accuracy of Oral Interviews" David Musto, Saul Benison (Sunday, Nov. 9, 1969) Group discussion: "Science and Technology" Peter D. Olch (Saturday, Nov. 8, 1969)  "Where to Now?" Gould P. Colman - President OHA (Friday Nov. 7, 1969) Group discussion: " OH in the Wash. Environs" Dr. Forrest C. Pogue, moderator, with Abe Bortz, Eugene M. Emme, Benis M. Frank, Uta C. Merzbach, and John F. Stewart (Friday Nov. 7, 1969) "Welcome to Airlie House" - Forrest C. Pogue (Saturday Nov. 8, 1969) "A Working Reporter (and unlicensed practitioner) Looks at OH" - Elie Abel (Saturday, Nov. 8, 1969) Group discussion: "Insitutional Projects" Warren Albert, moderator (Saturday, Nov. 8, 1969) Group discussions: "Regional and Special Projects" E.W. Robischon, moderator (Saturday, Nov. 8, 1969)
Barcode: 620389
Box 91: Columbia University, 1968-1973Add to your cart.
4th Colloquium: "A Field Study of Traditional African History" by David W. Cohen. Introduction by Forrest C. Pogue (Saturday Nov. 8, 1969) "Basic Problems in Oral History" Louis Starr (1969) "Press Relations and Publicity Problems of Oral History Programs" Charles W. Crawford, chairman, with Charles T. Morrisey and William R. Wyatt. (Saturday, Nov. 8, 1969) "Can Film Complement OH Interviews?" by Sarah E. Diamant, introduction by Gould P. Colman (Saturday, Nov. 8, 1969) Group discussion: "Studies on the Accuracy of Oral Interviews" David F. Musto and Saul Benison (1969) Group discussion: " Oral History as a Teaching Device" William Cutler, Chairman (1969) Group discussion: "Basic Problems in Oral History" Lila Johnson, chairman (1969) Speaker: "A Lawyer Looks at OH" H. Mason Welch (1969) Speaker: "Ventures in OH" Barbara Tuchman (1969) Speaker: "A Critic Looks at Oral History" Nathan Reingold (1969) Speaker: " A Little Less than History" Frank Mankiewicz (1969) 6th Colloquium (Bloomington, Indiana) 1971: Programs, workshop materials, correspondence (1970-71) OHA Membership: List by region, list by name, "new" member lists (1971) 7th Colloquium (Austin, TX) 1972: program, workshop, fliers, correspondence (1971-72) Amelia Fry: correspondence (1971-72) Minutes: Council Meeting (Nov. 10, 1972) Goals and Guidelines: proposed and final drafts (1968) Counicil Meeting April 1972: agenda and proposed program for 7th Colloquium (1972) Minutes: Council Meeting (Feb. 2, 1973)
Barcode: 620390
Box 92: Columbia University, 1967-1971Add to your cart.
2nd-6th Colloquium brochures (1967-71) Columbia documents: Arden House mailing list, arranged by state (undated) Other unidentified mailing list (undated) "The Literature of Oral History" by Donald J. Schippers (undated) Transcripts, 2nd National Colloquium: Unedited: Saturday Afternoon, Nov. 18, 1967; Saturday Evening, Nov. 18, 1967 (Alfred A. Knopf, "A Contributor Reviews His Memoir"); Sunday, Nov. 19, 1967 (Business Meeting, adopting constitution and by-laws); Sunday Evening, Nov. 19, 1967 (Louis M. Starr, financial matters); Monday Morning, Nov. 20, 1967 (complete transcript); Monday Morning, Nov. 20, 1967 (partial); Monday Afternoon, Nov. 20, 1967 (part 1, "Reports of Group Meetings" chairman, James Mink); Monday Afternoon, Nov. 20 , 1967 (part 2, "Goals and Guidelines" chairman, Gould Colman); Monday Evening, Nov. 20, 1967 (full transcript, Philip A. Crowl and Forrest Pogue); Tuesday Morning, Nov. 21, 1967 (Business Meeting) Edited: Saturday Afternoon, Nov. 18, 1967 (part 1); Saturday Afternoon, Nov. 18, 1967 (part 2); Saturday Afternoon, Nov. 18, 1967 (part 3); Saturday Evening, Nov. 18, 1967 (Alfred A. Knopf, "A Contributor Reviews His Memoir"); Monday Morning, Nov. 20, 1967 (partial, "Oral History and the Law of Libel" by E. Douglas Hamilton); Monday Afternoon, Nov. 20, 1967 (part 1, "Reports of Group Meetings" chairman, James Mink); Monday Evening, Nov. 20, 1967 (partial transcript, Forrest Pogue); Tuesday Morning, Nov. 21, 1967 ("In Sum: Impressions of a Librarian and Memoirist" by Luther H. Evans)
Barcode: 620391
Box 93: Jan Barnhart, 1979-1994Add to your cart.
Relations with OH groups: England OH Society; Australian OHA; New Zealand OHA; Kentucky OH Commission; Texas OHA; Montana OHA; OHA of Minnesota; Southwest OHA; International OH. (undated and various) Local Arrangements Committee: final report (1984) Committee: oral history of OHA (1975-1983) Committee: long range planning (1981-1984) Education Pamphlet: correspondence (1985-1989) Oral History and the Law: correspondence and reviews (1985-1986) Sample Letters/Forms/Invoices (1986-1988) Microfilm Project (1986-1988) OH Recorder (1987-1988) Grants/Fellowships (1988)  Bank Deposit Ledger (1989- June 1993) Council Meeting Minutes: (Oct. 11-16, 1988--Baltimore, MD), (Feb. 23-25, 1989--Los Angeles, CA) (Oct. 17-22, 1989--Galveston, TX), (Feb. 16-17, 1990--Cambridge, MA) Fieldwork Guide: correspondence (1990) Editor Queries/Applications (1990) State and Regional Committee: correspondence, surveys, reports (1985-1994)
Barcode: 620392
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 94: Jan Barnhart, 1990-1993Add to your cart.
Northwest OHA newsletters (1987-1994) New England Association for OH newsletters (1985-1990) Site Selection for 1996 meeting (1990-1993) Loews Hotels information (1991) Pamphlet Series: correspondence and budget (1986-91) Conducting an OH session(1988) Council Meeting Minutes: (Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 1991--Salt Lake City, UT), (Oct. 8-11, 1991--Snowbird, UT), (Feb. 21-22, 1992--Cleveland, OH), (Oct. 13-14, 1992--Cleveland, OH--duplicated) Executive Secretary's Files: budget (1989-1991) OHA in Ohio newsletters (1991-1992) OHA Annual Report and Membership Directory (1992) Ballot (1992) West Indies OPReP newsletter (1992) Canadian OHA newsletter (1992) Information Access Company: correspondence and newletter (1992) Invoices (1990-1993)
Barcode: 620393
Box 95: Jan Barnhart, 1992-1993Add to your cart.
Southwest OHA: miscellaneous files and correspondence (1993-1994) OHA Outgoing Correspondence (1992) Directory Changes (1993) Council Expenses (1993) Deposits (November 1993) OH Release Agreement (sample) (undated) OHA Resolutions (Nov. 7, 1993) Operating Budget (1993) Editors Contract "Revised OH and the Law" (1993) Council Meeting Minutes (Mar. 19-20, 1993--Birmingham, AL [2 copies]) (Nov. 2-7, 1993--Birmingham, AL) Election Ballot (1993) Membership Committee (1993-1994) OHA Budget (1993) Deposits (Dec. 1993) Correspondence Files: C. Vasquez, Kim L. Smith, A. Ritchie, Broussard, "To Council", Ebsco, Faxon, J. Blatti, Barnhart (1993-1994) Site selection reports (1989-1994) Annual Meeting: payment receipts, committee reports, hotel info, expenses, exhibits, and final report (1993)
Barcode: 620394
Box 96: Jan Barnhart, 1993Add to your cart.
Advertising (undated) Deposits (Oct. 1993) Postage: receipts (1993) Subscriptions (1992-1993) Out of Pocket Expenses (1993) Deposits (Jul-Sep 1993) Wells Fargo Statements and Checks (1993-1994) Annual Meeting: agenda, book exhibitors, expense reports, Russian visitors, evaluations, resolutions, registration cards (1993) Michigan OH Council newsletter (1986-1994) Hawaii Center for OH (1993) Journal of American History (Sep. 1993) Executive Secretary Transistion: correspondence (1993-1994) Maryland Historical Trust newsletter (1993) Executive Secretary Proposal (1993) OHA logo (1993) Newsletter Publication Schedule Forms (1993) OHA Inquiry and Text Reply Form (1993) Society of Women Geographers (1993) UT El Paso, Institute of OH (1993)
Barcode: 620395
Box 97: Jan Barnhart, 1993-1994Add to your cart.
Modern Litho Print Co.--Newsletter (1993) Annual Meeting Registration (1993) Virgin Islands OHA (1993) OH Review (1993-1994) Payments Made (1993) Income Monies (1993) Publication Invoices (1993) Invoices (1993) Fidelity Investments (1993) Disbursements (1993) National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History: letters and mailers (1993-1994) Southeast OHA (1993) Annual Meeting: council expenses (1993) SOHA Annual Meeting: travel info, correspondence (1993) Filled Publication Orders (1993) OHA: returns (1994) Telephone Charges (1993) Address Changes (1993) OHA Membership (1993) New Members (1993) OH Cataloging (1993) Oral Historians (1993) Collection Guides (1993) Supplies (1993) Equipment (1993) Pamphlets/Marketing (1993) Income and Expenditure ledgers (1993-1994)
Barcode: 620396
Box 98: Jan Barnhart, 1993-1994Add to your cart.
Classroom Pamphlet Receipts (1993) Oral History in Community Research Receipts (1993) Oral HIstory and the Law: manuscript revision and receipts (1993) Newsletter: correspondence, photos, editor search, contract, miscellaneous (1993-1994) UMI Electronic (1992-1993) Eric Clearinghouse (1993) Ebsco: correspondence (1993) Association Listings (1993) Committees: general info and correspondence (1993) Endowment and Fundraising (1993-1994) Awards Committee and Programs (1993-1994) Organizational Liasons (1994) NEH Meeting (1994) SOHA (1994) OHMAR (1994) American History Association (1994) Annual Meeting Registration P-Z (1994) Annual Meeting: warehouse sale, hotel, silent auction, stats, nametags (1994) Deposits and deposit slips (1994)
Barcode: 620397
Box 99: Jan Barnhart, 1994Add to your cart.
Annual Meeting: equipment requests, housing inquiries, evaluations, overall planning, tote bags, security, entertainment, receipts, presidential reception, meals, tours, organization chart, speakers, workshops, council expenses, officers list, refunds, exhibits, book exhibits, sponsors, exhibit receipts paid/not paid, registration A-J (1994)
Barcode: 620398
Box 100: Jan Barnhart, 1994Add to your cart.
Blackwell North American Inc.: correspondence (1993-1994) Annual Meeting: registration B-D and K-O, program information, meal ticket listings, nametags, general registration, miscellaneous correspondence (1994) Membership directory (1994)
Barcode: 620399
Box 101: Jan Barnhart, 1994Add to your cart.
Annual Meeting: Registration E-Z, returned and no-show registration packets (1994) Endowment Money: documents and correspondence (1993-1994) Miscellaneous receipts and documents (1993-1995) Deposits: January-September (1994)
Barcode: 620400
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 102: Jan Barnhart, 1994Add to your cart.
Reimbursements (1994) UNM to Baylor Transition: correspondence, agreements and receipts (1994-1995) Budget (1994) Ebsco Correspondence (1994) Advertisement (1994) Deposits: October-December (1994) National History Day corespondence planning (1994) Financial Reports (1994) Insurance (1994) Mailing List Requests (1994) Mastercard/Visa (1994) Membership: directory, April renewals, deleted records, June renewals, June new members, July renewals, September renewals, October renewals, address changes, November renewals, December renewals (1994) Annual Report and Membership Directory (1994)
Barcode: 620401
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 103: Jan Barnhart, 1994Add to your cart.
Oral History and the Law: contract (1994) OH Evaluation Guidelines (1994) Membership Brochure (1994) Site Selection: report and agreement (1994) Secretarial duties and stationery orders (1994) Lower Hudson Conference newsletter (1994) Committees: correspondence, listing, International (1994) Newsletter receipts (1994) Newsletter, Spring (1994) Council: Minutes, Feb. 18-19--Albuquerque (draft and final), officers, mid-winter meeting materials (1994) Ballot (1994) Publications Inquiries (1994) Committee on Teaching (1994) Answered Correspondence (1993-1994) OH Review: correspondence (1994) Correspondence with Dale Treleven (1994) Membership: renewals--April, checks and receipts--December (1994)
Barcode: 620402
Box 104: Jan Barnhart, 1994-1995Add to your cart.
Multiculturality Committee: reports and correspondence (1994) Publications Committee: reports and correspondence (1994) Site Selection Committee: reports and correspondence (1994) Membership Committee: reports and correspondence (1994) Ichan Tecolotl (1994) Nominating Committee: reports and correspondence (1994) OHA Banking--New Mexico (1994) OHA Transition (secretariat) (1993-1994) OHA brochure receipts (1994) OHA Endowments (1994) Becca Sharpless: faxes and correspondence (1994) Outgoing faxes (1994-1995) Annual Meeting: Secretary's Reports--(expenditures, income, deposits), business meeting minutes, council meeting minutes, awards (1994) Officers List (1994) OHA CD: Sunwest Bank (1994-1995) Program Committee--1995 Annual Meeting (1994-1995) University of Nevada-Reno, OH Program Newsletter (1994) Texas (Lubbock) OH Program Notes (1994) South Carolina Dept. of Archives (1994)
Barcode: 620403
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 105: Jan Barnhart, 1990-1993Add to your cart.
American Historical Association: Directory of Affiliated Societies (1991-1992) New Members: applications and receipts (1990-1993) Miscellaneous memos and requests for membership info (1992) Bank Statements (1993) Mailers and brochures (1990-1993) Purchase Orders and Receipts (1990-1993) Many bits of paper: notes and receipts and such (1990-1993)
Barcode: 620404
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 106: Louis Starr, 1966-1968Add to your cart.
Bibliographies, Articles, Inventories, Catalogues (undated) Arden House: Miscellaneous (1966-1967) Arden House: regrets (1967) Arden House: rosters - 2nd National Colloquium (1967) Arden House: waiting list correspondence (1967) Arden House Speakers: correspondence (1967) "Basic Problems in OH" - Louis M. Starr, Enid H. Douglass, Alice M. Hoffman (1967) Goals and Guidelines: correspondence (1967-1968) Arden House: finances, deposits and refunds (1967-1970) Permissions--for transcripts, correspondence (1967-1968) Arden House: mailing list info, educational directory, correspondence (1967) Transcript--Nov. 20, 1967 (James Mink, Gould P. Colman, Dean Albertson, Forrest Pogue, etc--Goals and Guidelines (1967) 2nd Colloquium Mailing (1967-1968)
Barcode: 620405
Box 107: Louis Starr, 1968-1970Add to your cart.
3rd Colloquium: background and correspondence (1967-1968) 3rd Colloquium event folder: agenda, roster, brochures (1968)  3rd Colloquium: correspondence, program (1968) Bibliographies of Oral History: correspondence and lists (1967-1982) Lincoln, Nebraska--executive meeting: transcript, correspondence (1968) 4th Colloquium, Arlie: registrants, materials, correspondence, brochures (1969) 5th Colloquium: registration materials, correspondence, registrants, agenda, brochures (1970)
Barcode: 620406
Box 108: Louis Starr, 1971-1973Add to your cart.
OH Research Project Directory: correspondence, lists, surveys (1970-71) 6th Colloquium and Workshop (Bloomington): planning, correspondence, program ideas (1971) Society of American Archivists: correspondence and cooperation with OHA (1970-79) 7th Colloquium (Austin): registrants, program, brochures, correspondence (1972) 8th Colloquium (West Point): correspondence, brochures, program (1973)
Barcode: 620407
Box 109: Louis Starr, 1974-1977Add to your cart.
National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections: correspondence and directions for inclusion of OH transcripts (1970-74) 9th Colloquium (Jackson Hole, WY): program, brochures, schedule, flight reservations, activity flyers, workshop information, correspondence, speaker arrangements (1974) "Requests forwarded to Ron Marcello" (1975-76) 10th Colloquium (Asheville, NC): correspondence, planning, schedule, registrants, brochures (1975) 11th Colloquium (Montreal): brochures, correspondence, schedule, registrants, workshop schedule, airline info, planning, activity brochures (1976) OHA documents: proposed Goals and Guidelines, Mail Ballot proposal, "OH in the US-A Directory", proposed constitutional changes, stationary (1975-76) OHA Proceedings: correspondence (1968-76) 12th Colloquium (San Diego): correspondence, planning, mid-winter meeting minutes, registrants (1977)
Barcode: 620408
Box 110: Louis Starr, 1977-1980Add to your cart.
12th Colloquium (San Diego): council meeting minutes, registration materials, activity brochures, schedule, late registrants, correspondence, workshop schedule, reservation materials, registrants (1977) OHA Ex-President's Club: correspondence (1978) OHA correspondence and miscellaneous files (1978-80) Wingspread Conference (evaluation of OH programs and materials): conference packet, schedule, conference goals, task force reports, guidelines, (2 files, 1979) 13th Colloquium (Savannah, GA): registrants, program, evaluations, program changes, registration materials (1978) Treasurer: correspondence, records (1968-78)
Barcode: 620409
Box 111: Louis Starr, 1977-1979Add to your cart.
Publications Committee: correspondence, reports, possible publications (1968-77) Publications: manuscripts for review (File #1, 1975-79--File #2, 1973-75) Miscellaneous File: correspondence, contact sheets (12th and 13th Colloquium photos), 1968 colloquium transcripts, theatre OH collections (1968-75)
Barcode: 620410
Box 112: Louis Starr, 1975-1981Add to your cart.
15th Colloquium (Tamarron): registrants, brochures, activities, correspondence (1980) Oscar Winther Transcribing Award: proposal and related correspondence (1976-79) OHA Miscellaneous files: council meeting minutes (Feb. 1979), agenda, mid-winter council meeting (Feb. 1979), council and officer correspondence, council meeting minute (Oct. 1978), proposed faculty and schedule for 1979 workshop and colloquium,expense report forms, NEH grant proposal (OH Education and Outreach), OH bibliography publishing plan (1978-83) 16th Colloquium (Burlington, VT): workshop roster, schedule, registrants, registration form, correspondence, speakers and chairpersons, activity brochures (2 files, 1981) Correspondence File: Secretary (1968-81) OHA Newsletter: correspondence (1967-81) OH Review: correspondence and proposals (1980-81) OH Program Directory: microfilm sample entries, address listings, correspondence (1979-81)
Barcode: 620411
Box 113: Louis Starr, 1968-1982Add to your cart.
Administrative Correspondence: Willa Baum, Gould Colman, Waddy Moore, and more (1968-77) "President" File: correspondence, misc. articles and directory of OH programs outside U.S. (1968-81) NEH Planning Grant (correspondence, proposal drafts, surveys and questionnaires (1981) Nominating Committee: correspondence, reports (1968-81) Membership: inquiries, correspondence, brochure drafts, directories (1968-82)
Barcode: 620412
Box 114: Louis Starr, 1982-1984Add to your cart.
17th Colloquium (San Antonio): planning correspondence, roster, participants, registration form, workshop faculty list, brochure (1982) OHA 1982: correspondence, council meeting minutes (February 5-7,1982), council meeting minutes (September 23-27, 1981), roster--1981 workshop/colloquium, OHA newsletter policy statement, "Life History and Innovation" by James Bennett, officer list--1981-82, 17th Colloquium site selection materials (San Antonio) (1981-82) OHA Council Correspondence (1982-83) 18th Colloquium (Seattle): roster, program participants, program changes (1983) 17th Colloquium (San Antonio): program participants, correspondence, council meeting minutes (April 26, 1982), newsletter totals and reports (1982), OH Review Policy Statement (1982-83) 18th Colloquium: addendum to roster, flyer (1983) Council Correspondence: agenda for Seattle meeting, report on proposed pamphlet series, publications committee report, newsletter report, newsletters (1982-83), OH review report, council meeting minutes (February3-5, 1983), "Farming Families: The Farm Needs Everyone" by Gould Colman and Sarah Elbert, council meeting minutes (September 18-23, 1984), membership survey--1983 (1982-83) Council Meeting--Pensacola, 1984: correspondence, agenda, publications committee report, graphic design proposal, council meeting minutes (September 27-October 2, 1983), revised constitution and by-laws, "Guidelines for Nomination", 1984 Colloquium schedule (1983-84) Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports (1983-84)
Barcode: 620413
Box 115: Louis Starr, 1985-1988Add to your cart.
19th Colloquium (Lexington, KY): program materials, schedule, survey, brochures, registrants, council meeting minutes, correspondence on publications (1984) 25th Colloquium (Snowbird, UT): program materials, registrants, program participants, schedule, brochure (1991) Planning correspondence for Pensacola meeting (1984) OHA Correspondence: planning, awards, program committees, publication proposals, committees, etc. (1986-87) Membership Committee: correspondence about appointments (1987-88) October 1987 Council Meeting: agenda, committee reports, colloquium planning and registrants, council correspondence (1987) OHA Correspondence: nominating committee and publications (1989-90) Goals and Guidelines: revision correspondence (1987-88) OHA Budget (1987-88) Committee Reports (1987-88) Various correspondence (1987-88 2 files) Baltimore Program: proposals, schedule, session details, program committee report and correspondence (1987-88) Council: business and correspondence (1988) Baltimore Meeting: program correspondence, schedule changes,hotel correspondence (1987-88) Executive Secretary Search Committee Correspondence (1987-88)
Barcode: 620414
Box 116: Louis Starr, 1988-1990Add to your cart.
Committees: publications committee correspondence and budgets, international committee correspondence (1987-88) Site Selection (1989-92) Publications Committee: correspondence (1987-88) 1987 Meeting: brochures, handouts,program list (1987) OHA Council Decisions (Feb. 1988) Mid-Winter Council Meeting (Baltimore, MD): agenda, correspondence, reports, financial statements, minutes from October 1987, committee correspondence (1988) Institute of International Education: foreign study grant (1988) Miscellaneous correpsondence, 1987 Meeting finances, 1989 meeting planning (1987) OHA Endowment: correspondence, committee communication (1988) Miscellaneous correspondence (1988) Miscellaneous 1988-89 Officers, council meeting agenda Feb. 1989, council and officer correspondence, council minutes Oct. 1988, goals and guidelines, membership committee report, program committee report (1987-89) 1989 Meeting: nominees for council and nominating committee 84-88, OHA newsletter spring 1989, registration list--Galveston meeting, goals and guidelines, meeting exhibitors (1988-89) Galveston Meeting: planning correspondence, brochures, proposed sessions, video history committee, committees correspondence and reports, proposed meeting speakers (1989) OHA 1989: Galveston meeting planning correspondence, council and officer correspondence, pamphlet series guidelines, council and meeting decisions--Feb. 1989, Oct. 1988--annual meeting attendance and financial report (1989) International Committee: correspondence and report (1988-89) Mid-winter Council Meeting--Feb. 1989 (L.A.): agenda, membership, committee reports, financial statements, budget, Galveston meeting proposed program, nominating committee--1988-89, site selection for 1993 (1989) Miscellaneous Correspondence 89-91: council and officer correspondence, reports (1989-91) Miscellaneous Copies (1998)
Barcode: 620415
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Box 117: Louis Starr, variousAdd to your cart.
Colloquium/Workshop Brochures and Schedules: Lincoln, NE-1968, Pacific Grove, CA-1970, West Point, NY-1973, Jackson Hole, WY-1974, Asheville, NC-1975, Coronado, CA-1977, Durango, CO-1980, San Antonio, TX-1982, Seattle, WA-1983, Lexington, KY-1984, Galveston, TX-1989 (1968-89) Oral History Review: (1974, 1976) Bibliography on OH (1971) OH in the U.S. Directory (1971) OH 1993 Meeting Registration (1993) OH 1993 Meeting (Birmingham): correspondence, flyers, papers,notes, exhibitor materials (1993) OH 1992 Meeting (Cleveland): papers, notes, program participants, registrants (1992) 1994 Meeting (Albuquerque): papers and programs (1994) 1995 Meeting (Milwaukee): program, brochures, evaluation, registrants, maps, flyers (1995) 1998 Meeting (Buffalo): planning notes, workshop planning, funding for workshop, program schedule, correspondence, program committee materials--past program info (1997-98) 1997 Meeting (New Orleans): flyers, handouts and program changes (1997) 1998 Meeting (Buffalo): travel instructions, brochures, flyers, schedule, maps, activities (1998)
Barcode: 620416
Box 118: Louis Starr, variousAdd to your cart.
OHA Newsletters: Summer '72, Winter '77, Summer '78, Fall '78 Spring '80, Spring '83 (2), Winter '83, Summer '85, Spring, '87  (1972-87) Miscellaneous news and flyers (1970s) 2nd Colloquium (Arden House): roster, gen. info (1967) Transcript: Society of American Archivists Symposium (1969) Info on OH Publications: microform listings--Columbia, info on various collections (undated) Proceedings of Colloquiums 1-6 (1966-1971) Papers presented at 1st and 2nd Colloquiums (1966-1967) Bibliography of OH (1967) OHA Membership Directories (1978 and 1979) 1991 Meeting Site Bid (from Salt Lake City (1988) 1997 Colloquium program (1997) Wingspread Welcome Packet (1979)
Barcode: 620417
Box 119: Rebecca Sharpless, 1983-1994/1995Add to your cart.
OH of OHA: program outline, correspondence, report, paper (1983-1993) OHA 5 Year Plan (1986-1991) Untitled Author's Contract for OHA (1988) Advertising Solicitation Contract (1990) Newsletter Contracts and correspondence (1986-1999--2 files) Tax Exemption Forms (1992-1993) 1994 Council Meeting (Oct. 25-27):agenda, minutes, president's report, correspondence (1994-1995) Awards from Assorted Historical Societies (1990s) OH Awards: correspondence and applications, juror forms, juror correspondence (1994--4 files) 1994 Meeting: report, expenditures, correspondence (1994) Endowment Committee: correspondence and report (1994-1995) Membership Committee: correspondence and report (1994-1995) Committee on Multiculturality: correspondence and report (1994-1995) Ad-hoc Site Selection Committee: correspondence and report (1994-1995) Ad-hoc Committee on Presidential Responsibility: correspondence and report (1994-1995) Nominating Procedure: guidelines and memo (1994-1995) Nominating Committee: correspondence and report (1994-1995) Oral History Review: correspondence and memos (1994-1995) OHA Budget (1994-1995) Publications Committee: correspondence and report (1994-1995) Scholarship Committee: correspondence and recommendations (1994-1995)
Barcode: 620418
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 120: Rebecca Sharpless, 1994/1995-1995Add to your cart.
OHA Awards: correspondence, reports, development plans, requests for award information, committee report, certificates (3 files--1994-1995) Council: correspondence, minutes drafts, reports (1994-1995) Ad-Hoc Membership Committee Report (1995) International Committee: report and correspondence (1994-1995) State and Regional Committee: report and correspondence (1994-1995) OHA Vendor Registration (1994-1995) 1995 Annual Meeting Evaluations (1995) OHA Deposits (1995) Annual Meeting Budget (1995) OHA Constitutional Amendment: correpondence and proposal (1995) OHA Endowment: outright gifts (1995) BUE Credit Union Account: reports, deposits and receipts (1994-1995) NationsBank: statements, correspondence (1994-1995) Miscellaneous Correspondence (1994-1995)
Barcode: 620419
Box 121: Rebecca Sharpless, 1995Add to your cart.
OHA Income: deposit forms and slips (1995) OHA Expenses: checks, correspondence, receipts (1995) Travel Receipts (1995) Council Expenses: receipts (1995) Fall Council Meeting Expenses: receipts (1995) Endowment: correspondence (1995) Fiscal Transfers (1995) Long Distance Charge Receipts (1995) Miscellaneous Expense receipts (1995) Moving Expenses (1995) OHA Postage Receipts (1995) OHA Newsletter Expenses: receipts (1995) OHA Printing Expenses: receipts (1995) OHA refunds and reimbursements (1995) OH Review Expenses: receipts (1995) Publications expenses (1995) Supplies (1995) Annual Meeting Expenses: general, regstration, tours, refunds/reimbursements, speakers (1995) Mid-Winter Council Meeting: secretary's report, notes, minutes, agenda, correspondence (1995) October Council Meeting: minutes, secretary's report, president's report (1995) OHA Awards/ Publicity and Promotion: mailing labels (organizations, newsletters, journals, museums), requests for awards information, directory of library association newsletter and journal editors, ALA affiliates list (1995)
Barcode: 620420
Box 122: Rebecca Sharpless, 1995Add to your cart.
Non-Print OH Award: guidelines, juror expenses and receipts, finalists and winners (3 files, 1995) Milwaukee Meeting: food and catering, agenda and correspondence (1995) Milwaukee Meeting: planning timeline, funding, registration, exhibits, speakers, program planning, local arrangements, photos of awards ceremony and meeting, site selection, advertisement, program, silent auction, hotel info--Pfister, travel info, thank you letters, book sales, hotel contract (17 files, 1994-1995) OHA Liability Policy (1995)
Barcode: 620421
Box 123: Rebecca Sharpless, 1995Add to your cart.
Non-Print Award: copies of correspondence, submission withdrawals, jury sheets, list of applicants, ineligible submissions, correspondence, submissions, award presentation speeches, finalists, more correspondence (6 files, 1995) Membership Renewal Drive (1995) Education Committee: correspondence and report (1995) OH of OHA: correspondence (1995) Ad-hoc committee on Investments: roster (1995) Publicity for Milwaukee Meeting (1995) OAH Magazine of History--OH Issue (1995)
Barcode: 620422
Box 124: Rebecca Sharpless, 1995-1996Add to your cart.
OHA Liasons with other organizations: correpondence (1995) OAH: newsletter about OHA, correspondence (1995) Ad Hoc Award Committee: correspondence, report, memos (1994-1995) Education Committee: report and correspondence (1995-1996) Endowment Committee: report and correspondence (1995-1996) Ad Hoc Scholarhips Committee: report and correspondence (2 files,1995-1996) Nominating Committee: report and correspondence (1995-1996) Multiculturality Committee: report and correspondence (1995-1996) Publications Committee: report and correspondence (1995-1996) Ad Hoc Membership Development Committee: report and correspondence (1995-1996) State and Regional Committee: report and correspondence (1995-1996) Membership Committee: report and correspondence (1995-1996) International Committee: report and correspondence (1995-1996) OH Anthology Reprint: correspondence and permissions (1996) Federation of State Humanities Councils: annual conference committee correspondence (1996) American Council of Learned Societies: OHA poss. membership info and correspondence (1996) Annual Meeting (Philadelphia): correspondence, finances and in-progress report (1996) OHA Awards: correspondence, jurors, winners (1995-1996)
Barcode: 620423
Box 125: Rebecca Sharpless, 1996Add to your cart.
OH Review Readers Survey: results and correspondence (1996) Awards: committee correspondence, winner announcements, nomination invitations (1995-1996) Miscellaneous Correspondence--Rebecca Sharpless, Executive Secretary (1996) OHA Credit Card Search (1996) OHA Expenses: 1996 annual meeting and planning (1995) Midwinter Minutes (1996) Midwinter Meeting: correspondence, planning, agenda, president's report, standing committee list, membership statistics (1996) October Council Meeting: minutes and president's report (1996) Annual Meeting (Philadelphia): hotel contract and correspondence, registration forms and correspondence, local arrangements correspondence and planning, exhibits, teacher's workshop, funding and budget (1996)
Barcode: 620424
Box 126: Rebecca Sharpless, 1996Add to your cart.
Awards: correspondence, guidelines, committtee, timeline (1993-1996) Bauer A/V Inc.: services for Philadelphia meeting, correspondence and contracts (1996)  Annual Meeting (Philadelphia): scholarship applications and awards, workshop schedule and correspondence, speakers, expenses (refunds, registration, speakers, tours), budget, tours, silent auction (10 files, 1996) OHA Tax Documents/budget and correspondence (1979-1990) Contracts: pamphlet series royalty agreements drafts and past versions (1987-1988) Awards: award letters, results, committee correspondence (1996) Membership Committee: non-renewals (1996) Nominating Committee: correspondence, election time frame, nominees (1996-1997)
Barcode: 620425
Box 127: Rebecca Sharpless, 1996Add to your cart.
1996 Annual Meeting (Philadelphia): final report, local arrangements, Holiday Inn (contracts), catering, income (5 files, 1995-1996) OHA Budget Printouts (1996) BUE Credit Union: correspondence and statements (1996) NationsBank: statements (1996) OHA Endowment: outright gifts (1996) OHA Income: deposit breakdown (1996) Expenses: advertising, 1997 annual meeting, awards, committee, council--mid-winter, council--fall meeting, fiscal transfers, long distance, misc., newsletter, pamphlets, postage, printing, publications publicity, presidential expenses, refunds, OH Review, supplies, --receipts and correspondence (18 files, 1996)
Barcode: 620426
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 128: Rebecca Sharpless, 1996-1998Add to your cart.
Annual Meeting Expenses: reimbursement checks, order forms, etc. (1996) Membership Brochure: Spanish translation (1997) Alta Mira Press: poss. publication of OHR, correspondence (1997) American Historical Association: workshops and correspondence (1997) OAH Breakfast--San Francisco (April 1997) OAH session proposal (1997) U of California Press: publication of OH Review (1997) Blackwell International: poss. publication of OH Review (1997) Awards: correspondence/planning (1997) Membership Survey Results (1997) Midwinter and Fall Minutes (1997) 1998 Site Selection: correspondence, planning (1995-1996) UC Press Correspondence (1998)
Barcode: 620427
Box 129: Rebecca Sharpless; Anne Ritchie, 1998-2001,  1991-1994Add to your cart.
UC Press Proposed Dues Increase: correspondence, budget and discussion (1998) Midwinter Council Meeting Minutes (1998) Council Meeting Fall: agenda, president's report (1998) National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History: OHA's member dues, correspondence (1998) National History Day: report, correspondence (1998) OAH Session Proposal Correspondence (1998) OAH Reception: receipts and correspondence (1998) Arizona State-workshop: planning correspondence (1998) AHA session: correspondence (1999) SIte Selection for 2001: correspondence (1998) Begin Anne Ritchie's File Collection: OHA Council: correspondence and memos (1991-1992) Executive Secretary Search: correspondence (1991-1993) Midwinter Council Meeting: correspondence, agenda, reports,  (1992) Council Fall Annual Meeting: agenda, minutes, committee reports, presidents report, financial statement (1992) Council Correspondence (1993) Midwinter Council Meeting: minutes, correspondence, agenda, budget, president's report (1993) Council Fall Annual Meeting: agenda, minutes, committee reports, presidents report (1993) National History Day: correspondence (1993-1995) Council Correspondence (1994) Midwinter Council Meeting: minutes, correspondence, agenda, committee reports, budget, president's report (1994)
Barcode: 620428
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Box 130: Anne Ritchie, 1994-1996Add to your cart.
Council Annual Meeting: agenda, secretary contract, president's report, membership report, financial statements, committee reports, annual meeting planning, minutes (1994) Council: correspondence, materials, committees, financial statements, "duties of officers", international membership (1995) Midwinter Meeting: agenda, secretary's report, previous meeting minutes, financial statements, presidents' report, committee reports, budget, correspondence (1995) Council Annual Meeting: agenda, president's report, secretary's report, membership info, "duties of officers", financial statements, committee reports, annual meeting planning (1995) Site Selection Committee: correspondence, timeline, reports (1994-1995) NEH: OH Guidelines Distribution, workshop info (1995) Council Quarterly Reports: (January 1995-December 1996) OHA Liasons: ALA, OAH, AHA, etc. (1995-1996) 1996 Annual Meeting Program: committee timeline, workshop info, correspondence, institutional invitations (1994-1996)
Barcode: 620429
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Box 131: Anne Ritchie, 1996Add to your cart.
1996 Annual Meeting: final reports and thank you letters (1997) Annual Meeting (Philadelphia): registration packet, program, handouts/ brochures, local arrangements committee correspondence (1996) Annual Meeting Local Arrangements: publicity, sponsorship, correspondence (2 files--1996) OHA Publications--Anthology, Baum and Dunaway: correspondence (1996) Site Selection for 1996: correspondence and reports (1993) 1996 Annual Meeting: president's final reports (1996-1997) National Park Service: proposed liason (1996) OHA Awards: correspondence, winners, presentation, criteria (1996) Evaluation Guidelines (1996) International Publishing Project: correspondence (1996) State and Regional Committee: appointments, correspondence and report (1992-1996) Publications--Pamphlets: proposals and correspondence (1996) Publications Committee: marketing plan, correspondence (1993-1996) Nominating Committee: time frame, nominee suggestions, considerations, nominees, correspondence (1991-1996) Membership Development Committee: appointments, renewal questionnaire, correspondence, committee purpose statement, committee members (1994-1996)
Barcode: 620430
Box 132: Anne Ritchie, 1996-1998Add to your cart.
OHA Council: correspondence (2 files--Jan-Aug 1996 and Sep-Dec 1996) Midwinter Council Meeting: agenda, executive secretary's report, previous meeting minutes, financial reports, membership statistics, president's report, committee lists, workshop report, liason reports, committee reports, editors' reports, correspondence (1996) Council Annual Meeting: agenda, financial reports, president's report, committee reports (1996) Presidential Correspondence (1997) 1996 Meeting--Local Arrangements: correspondence (1994-1996) Multiculturality Committee: correspondence and report (1995-1996) Membership Committee: correpondence (1996) International Committee: correspondence, report (1993-1996) Publications Committee---Review: publication proposal (Alta Mira Press), correspondence, surveys (1996)
Barcode: 620431
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Box 133: Anne Ritchie; Alice Hoffman, 1996-1998; 1988-1991Add to your cart.
Long Range Planning Committee: correspondence, report and council's response, articles (1996-1998) Awards Committee: correspondence, committee members (1994-1996) Education Committee: committee members, correspondence (1995-1996) Endowment Committee: committee members, correspondence, report (1990-1996) Scholarship Committee: committee members, correspondence, timeline, policies (1996) 1998 Annual Meeting--Silent Auction: report (1998) Site Selection for 1998 Meeting: correspondence, reports (1995-1998) Begin Alice Hoffman's Files: Baylor University--Memory and History Symposium: papers, schedule, correspondence, "Reliability and Validity in OH: The Case for Archival Memory" by Alice and Howard Hoffman, brochures (1988) OHMAR: board manual, publications, (1974-1992)
Barcode: 620432
Box 134: Alice Hoffman, 1991-1993Add to your cart.
1991 Annual Meeting (Snowbird): program participants, travel info, registration list, program changes, OHA constitution,  (2 files--1991) 1992 Annual Meeting (Cleveland): program participants, program changes, pre-registration, correspondence, brochures, program materials, panel details (1992) OHMAR: OHA Liason correspondence, board meeting minutes, OHMAR Constitution, newsletters, misc. board materials (1992-1997) OH International Committee: correspondence, brochure (1992) OHMAR Nominating Committee: homestead centennial brochure, OHMAR board, correspondence, memos, constitution revisions ( 1992) Presentation Materials--Alice and Howard Hoffman-- WWII (1993) Misc. OH society materials: OHMAR (Board Meeting Minutes June 1993, workshop mission statement, misc. brochures) TOHA (Membership directory '92-'93, calendar '94, bylaws) Michigan OHC (Newsletter '93, board roster '92) SOHA (correspondence, membership directory '91-'92, newsletters '88-'89) (1988-1994) OHMAR Liason: more miscellaneous OH society documents (correspondence, directories, surveys, etc.) (1994-1995) OHMAR board minutes (June 1995) OH Mtgs: OHA correspondence and brochure, OHMAR newsletter (1993) OHA Meeting Participants (1994) Miscellaneous: OHMAR board minutes '94, TOHA newsletter, OHMAR correspondence, OHMAR newsletter (1994) OHA/OHMAR Liason: correspondence, OHMAR policies, SOHA newsletters, OHMAR board minutes, TOHA yearbook, Michigan OHA newsletters (1991-1996) OHA: book award, state and regional committee materials, correspondence, OHMAR newsletters (1994-1995) OHA-OHMAR-SOHA: SOHA mailing list and newsletters, OHMAR board minutes, miscellaneous correspondence (1992-1994)
Barcode: 620433
Box 135: Alice Hoffman, 1993-1999, variousAdd to your cart.
OHMAR: conference registration 1996, correspondence, board minutes, workshop programs and planning (1995-1996) OHA: correspondence, state and regional committee, election candidates, newsletters, conference registration, award announcements (1993-1995) "First Thursday Girls Club": correspondence and corrections (1996) Miscellaneous OH papers and interviews, OH Meeting booklet '96, miscellaneous correspondence, receipts (1996) OHA brochures, call for papers, '96 meeting invitees, correspondence (1996) Frydale OH Project (1996) OHMAR: board correspondence, board minutes, newsletter (1995-1997) OHMAR workshops, lists, correspondence, applications, notes, Wilson College workshop (1995-1996) OH Review: correspondence, articles (1997-1998) OHMAR workshops: programs, planning, correspondence, guidelines (1995-1997) OHMAR: board contact info, correspondence, newsletter (1998) Chadds Ford OH Lecture: planning, announcement (1997-1999) Various Brochures on OH (undated) OHA 1987 Meeting Packet (1987) SOHA: meeting info, correspondence, mailing list (1993) OHA Talk Materials: papers, anthologies, notes (1996) Baylor Institute for OH: papers, brochures (1988)
Barcode: 620434
Box 136: Tom Roshalt, 1985-1986Add to your cart.
OH Panels: correspondence (1985-1986) Program Participants: workshops, biographical sketches (1986) Workshops: correspondence (1985-1986) Papers: correspondence (1985-1986)
Barcode: 620435
Box 137: Tom Roshalt, 1986Add to your cart.
Ideas: correspondence and articles (1985) Paper and Presentation Proposals (1986) Equipment Needs of program participants (1986) Printed Program (1986) Peet: correspondence w/ Stephen Peet (1985-1986) Publicity: correspondence, publications, press releases (1985-1986) Major Speakers: correspondence, flyers, newspaper articles (1985-1986) Mondavi: correspondence w/ Robert Mondavi (1986) Annual Meeting Planning: Saturday activities, correspondence, brochures (1986) OHA Meeting--Offsite Session: correspondence and planning (1986) Watts Towers Arts Center: correspondence, photos, brochures (1986) Media Session--Annual Meeting: correspondence, notes, planning (1986) Proposals: blank response sheets (1986) Call for Papers: master, copies, correspondence (1986) Nomination Committee: correspondence (1986) OHA Council Correspondence (1985-1986) UCLA Expenses for OHA: expense ledger, correspondence, notes (1986)
Barcode: 620436
Box 138: Tom Roshalt; Joel Gardner, 1986-1987; 1967-1981Add to your cart.
Hand Corr: Samuel Hand Correspondence (1985-1986) James V. Mink Award: correspondence, descriptions (1986) Program Committee for 1986: correspondence and planning (1985-1986) Funding: California Council for the Humanities grant application and denial, correspondence (1986) Local Arrangements Committee: members, correspondence (1985-1986) Inquiries: correspondence (1985-1986) OHA Meeting Insurance: notes, correspondence, certificate (1986) Films: list of productions, correspondence, notes, articles, brochures (1986) Annual Meeting--South Central Los Angeles offsite session C: correspondence, planning, brochures, schedules, invoices, papers, resumes, insurance info, evaluations, panel participants (1986) OHA History--OH of OHA: correspondence, business meeting minutes, council meeting minutes 1968-1974, council reports 1975-1979 (1968-1979) OHA '87: correspondence (1987) OHA 1979: colloquium pre-registrants, brochures, reports, bibliographiy, OH interview techniques, recording techniques, colloquium schedule, programs, workshop faculty, workshop guidelines, correspondence (1979) OHA Newsletters (1980-1983) OHA 1981: correspondence, workshop planning, brochures, equipment info for workshop, colloquium participants, equipment seminar handout (1981)
Barcode: 620437
Box 139: Joel Gardner, 1982-1992Add to your cart.
1982 Colloquium: roster, brochures, correspondence, workshop participants, council meeting agenda, workshop schedule, colloquium schedule (1982) Pamphlet Series: correspondece, committee reports, possible leaflets, proposals, prospectus, royalty agreement (1983-1985) 1983 Colloquium--Art of Editing: papers, panel info, correspondence, response sheets (1983) Membership Committee: correspondence, notices to non-renewing members, address labels, notes, reports (1982-1983) OHA regional and state liason: correspondence, newsletter-fall 1978 (1978-1983) Site Selection: correspondence, committee report, committee addresses (1982-1983) Oral History and the Law: revision process (1984) Pamphlet #1--OH and the Law: outline, draft, correspondence (1984-1985) Cataloging in Publication: manual, correspondence (1985) OHA Independent historians: correspondence (1990) OHA Endowment: correspondence, notes (1990) OHA Paper Proposals: correspondence, papers, brochures, notes (1989-1990) 1991 Meeting: brochures, registrants, correspondence, registration info, "OH and the Law Revisited", program participants (1990-1991) OHA General: correspondence, council minutes, articles, Canadian OHA newsletter, committee reports (1991-1992) OHA Endowment: correspondence, notes (1991) 1992 Meeting: brochure, registrants, participant bios, notes, papers (1992)
Barcode: 620438
Box 140: Joel Gardner; Marion Bell/Rose Diaz, 1993-1997, various; 1994Add to your cart.
1993 Conference: expense reports, brochures, program participants, correspondence, papers, panel materials, evaluation, call for papers, registrants, schedule (1993) Endowment: correspondence, committee discussion, council communication, fundraising mailer, committee report, OHA budgets (1992-1994) 1994 Meeting: announcement, call for papers, program (1993-1994) 1992 Meeting: registrants, program participants, handouts/flyers (1992) 1983 Meeting: workshop roster, program, participant bios (1983) Site selection correspondence for 1996 Meeting (1993) 1990 Meeting: schedule, brochures, fundraising info (1990) Salem State: local history courses, notes, OH programs, correspondence (1984-1985) OHA correspondence (1997) Program Committee Packet #1: Bibliography of paper/panel/roundtable/workshop proposals for 1994 conference (1994) Program Committee Packet #2: 1994 Meeting program, correspondence (1994) NMEH Mini-Grant: correspondence (1994) OHA funding Requests (1994) A/V Requests (1994) Untitled: registration/accomodation help, miscellaneous correspondence (2 folders--1994) Papers, Panels and Workshops: (Bibliography in "Program Committee #1 File) Paper--Allen--"Speaking the Word", Paper--Andrews--"Rethinking Patriotism and Opposition politics", Paper--Brown & Valk--"Behind the Veil", Panel--(Barr, Broussard, Easton, Searles)--"Back in the West", Paper--Bahr--"From Mission to Metropolis", Paper--Brown--"The Working Class & Environmental Issues", Paper--Booth--"OH Methodology, Radical Animal Rights & the Post Modern Privilegeny of Partail Perspective", Paper--Brooks--"Long, Long Time Ago", Panel (Allen Bogart)--"Giving the Community a Voice: OH in the Museum", Panel--Jeff Brown--"Cultural and Economic Change in the 20th Century Southwest", Panel--(Bahn)--"ROHO: 40 Years of Collecting OH for Scholars", Panel--(Burbank, Burns, Douglas, seney)--"California State Government OH Program", Paper--Carlton--"Mutual Gains Collective Bargaining @YSA", Panel--(Skotnes, Clark,"Beyond Race, Class, Gender-Revisited", Paper--Cuadraz--"It was a Blood Bath", Paper--Cranfield--"Australian Archives 1960-1994", Paper--Casaus--""OH Artistic Communication", Panel--(Curry)--"Silver Rights", Workshop--Pam Duran--"Intro to Video Production", Paper--Diaz--"Issues in Documenting Latin American Women", Paper--Danovitch--"Fighting Prejudices", Paper--D'Araugo--"Listening to the Military", Paper--Eichstaedt--"Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service in WWII", Paper--Embry and Shook--"Auto Racing, Mining and BLMN", Panel--(Fogerly)--"Enriching the Sources, Documenting Other Views", Paper--Falk--"Southeast Asian American Women", Paper--Friedman--"Endangered Species: OH for Artists at Risk", Panel--Frenzi--"OH Records the Role of Women in U.S. Foreign Relations", Workshop--(S. Berger Gluck, K. Harper Wilson)--"Creative Transcribing", Paper--Geifman--"The Popular Perception of Democracy", Paper--Gefell--"Planning for an International OH Project", Roundtable--Gluck--"Regionalism, Ethnocentrism & the History of Contemporary Feminism", Paper--Grim--"Diversity in Black Rural Communities", Panel--Gugliotta--"University Archives" (1993-1994)
Barcode: 620439
Box 141: Marion Bell/Rose Diaz, 1994Add to your cart.
Papers/Panels/Workshops/Roundtables continued: Paper--Hirsch & Hirsch--"Disability In Family", Paper--Hickey--"And Then What Happened, Grandpa?", Panel--Hicke--"Legal History", Paper--Hickey--"Keeper of Culture", Panel--(Hughes, Chall, Rockafeller)--"We Were Here and Successful Before Hilary Found Us...", Paper--Isoardi--"The Struggle Against Racial Segregation...", Paper--G.W.Johnson--"In Search of the Software Industry", Paper--M.A.Johnson--"The Signares", Paper--Jonas--"Religion in Rural Life", Panel--Jardee--"OH Transcription/Technical", Paper--Kahn--"Jewish Community of San Francisco", Panel--(K'Meyer, Rindge)--"Documenting Southern NM Art in Words and Pictures", Paper--Kain--"Growing up in Kennecott", Paper--Karlstrom--"Interviewing Artist", Roundtable--K'Meyer--"OH in the Secondary Classroom", Chair: Lowery--"African American Experiences", Paper==Lente--"The Razored Cross", Chair: Lane--"Labor Urbanization &1960s", Paper--Leydesdorff--"We Lived with Dignity: Jewish Proletarian of Amsterdam 1900-1940", Panel--Lamadred--"Speaking the Last Refuge", Paper--L'Acqua (1994) Program Committee: correspondence and planning (1993-1994) General Correspondence OHA (4 files, 1994) Program Changes (1994) Local Arrangements (1993-1994)
Barcode: 620440
Box 142: Marion Bell/Rose Diaz, 1994Add to your cart.
Papers/Panels/Workshops/Roundtables continued: Panel--Lage--"Environmental History", Panel--(Hunner, Lee, Fischer)--"Adolescent Cultures in Post War America", Panel--(Morris, Gabrielle)--"Publication", Paper--Montenegro--"Oral and Written Documents", Paper--Molero--"Luchando for Subrevivir", Paper--Milich--"Muslim & Christian Centarian Women in Montenegro Yugoslavian Villages", Roundtable--Morrison--"Managing the Flood", Paper--Novak--"Origin and Preservation of Therapist's A/V Recorded Interviews", Roundtable--Neuenschwander--"Once the Decision is Made", Workshop--Neuesnchwander--"The Law and OH", Paper--Oberlander--"No fish, no flesh", Panel--Primm--"OH of the Ozarks", Paper--Helfman--"Sun Rising in an Eastern Sky", Paper--Pipe--"Women in Grass Roots Organizing (League of Women Voters)", Panel--(Quinlan, Mills, Moorhus)--"Women in Journalism", Paper--Quinn--"The One-Room School Experience 1900-1993", Panel--Rogers--"Clothesline: And Examination of Incest, Art and Survival Discourse", Panel--Sadoffs--Multiculturalism as seen in a Small Southern Town", Paper--Smith--"The Politics of Identity", Paper--Strohman--"July 16th 1945, Trinity Test", Paper--Stamp--"Occupational Folklife of Tugboat Workers in Portsmouth, NH", Paper--Savas--"Are Some Students More Oral than Others?", Paper--Swent--"Environmental or Business History", Workshop--(Seeger, Etter-Lewis, Alvarez)--"Challenging the Images of American Culture", Panel--(Treleven, Wilkeson)--"132,000 Pages of Political Surveillance in 38 Years", Paper--Troester--"Audience and OH", Roundtable--Terreo--"Government Agencies and Hired Gun Contractors", Paper--Terry--"How Does an Anglo Protestant Eastern get Involved in NM?", Paper--Tobol--"Law Students, the Civil Rights Movement, & the Law Student's Civil Rights Research Council", Paper--Thompson--"Families and Transmission between Generations", Panel--(Vasquez, Trujillo, Reade, Duran)--"Merging Image and Sound in OH", Panel--Dunaway--"OH and Media: A Decade of Research and Productions", Paper--Worcman--"Multimedia History of the Sao Paulo Team", Paper--Waserman--"OH in Israel", Paper--Welch--"WWII Naval Pilots", Panel--(Wood, Scott)--"The Family in the Fifties", Paper--Waldrip--"Tell Them It's Ugly", Panel--Yow--"A Close Look at the OH Document" (1994) Welcome Letters (1994) Meeting Workshops: correspondence, descriptions, articles (1994) Vendors (1994) Sponsors (2 files 1994) SOHA: memos (1994) Southwest Hispanic Research Institute: correspondence, program manager position (1993-1994) Drops and Corrections (1994) Program Final Draft (1994) Program corrections (1994) Miscellaneous: paper proposals, correspondence, conference material (1994) Declined Paper Proposal (1994) Program Brochure Material: correspondence and drafts (1994)
Barcode: 620441
Box 143: Dale Trelevan, 1993-1995Add to your cart.
Council Meetings: minutes, agendas, correspondence, meeting registration (1993-1994) 1994 Meeting: correspondence, budgets, papers, program, committees, thank you letters (1993-1995) Midwinter Council Meeting 1995: agenda, correspondence, minutes (1995-1996) OHA Liability Insurance: correspondence (1995) Committee Appointments: correspondence, committee lists (1995) Endowment Fund Donors: correspondence, thank you notes (1995) International Committee: correspondence (1995-1996) Ad-Hoc Investments: correspondence (1995) Membership Committee: correspondence (1995) Site Selection: correspondence (1995) ALA: handouts, correspondence, liason materials (1995) NCC: correspondence, reports, liason (1995) OHA Thank-Yous (1995) Local Arrangements committee: correspondence (1995) OHA Program Committee: correspondence (1995)
Barcode: 620442
Box 144: Dale Trelevan, 1995Add to your cart.
OHA Budget: correspondence, preliminary budget (1995) Pfister Contract: hotel contract, correspondence (1991-1995) Call for Proposals: 1995 OHA call for papers, correspondence (1995) Proposals for 1995 (1994-1995) PR/Marketing: correspondence (1995) Donors: correspondence (1995) Support for Participants: correspondence (1995) Program and Local Arrangements Final Reports and Correspondence (1995-1996) Recording: correspondence (1995) Local Arrangements/Program Committees: program schedule/timeline, commitee members contact info, correspondence (1994-1996) Printed Program: correspondence, sample (1995) Registration: correspondence (1995) Exhibits/Exhibitors: correspondence (1995) Films: Uprising of '34 screenings (1995) Workshops: correspondence (1995) Round Table: correspondence (1995) Thursday Dinner: planning correspondence (1995) Studs Terkel Tribute: correspondence, agenda (1995) Featured Presenters: correspondence (1995) Silent Auction: correspondence (1995) Presidential Reception: correspondence (1995) Saturday Tours: correspondence (1995)
Barcode: 620443
Box 145: Dale Trelevan, 1996Add to your cart.
OHA Liasons: correspondence (1996) Ad Hoc Membership Development: correspondence and survey (1995-1996) Executive Secretary's Report: meeting agenda, correspondence, financial statements, reports (1994-1996) Committee on Multiculturality: report, correspondence (1995-1996) Nominating Committee: correspondence, report, timeline (1994-1996) Publications Committee: correspondence, report, inventory (1994-1996) Philadelphia Meeting: correspondence, reports, flyers, brochures (1996-1997) State and Regional Committee: correspondence, report (1994-1996) AHA: correspondence, AHA officers (1994-1996) OHA Breakfast (at OAH): correspondence, speeches, speaker info (1994-1996) NEH: correspondence, liason material, notes, articles,resolutions (1994-1996) Newsletter/Review: correspondence (1996)
Barcode: 620444
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 146: Dale Trelevan, 1996-1998Add to your cart.
Executive Secretary: correspondence, job description, agreements with host institution (Baylor), audit proposal, financial reports, minutes (1995-1996) President's Report: correspondence and reports (1995-1996) Council Restructuring: correspondence, committee draft reports (1994-1996) Education Committee: reports, correspondence,proposals (1994-1996) Endowment Committee: correspondence, reports, financial statements (1994-1996) New Orleans 1997 site selection: correspondence, call for papers (1995) Buffalo 1998 site selection: memos, correspondence (1996)
Barcode: 620445
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 147: Ava Stevenson, variousAdd to your cart.
Oral History Review: 1975, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1987 Spring, 1987 Fall, 1989 Fall, 1990 Spring (2 copies), 1990 Fall, 1991, 1992, 1993 Spring, 1995 Summer, 1995 Winter, 1996 Winter, 1999 Winter/Spring, 1999 Summer/Fall.  Brochures, Membership Directories and Annual Reports: 1997, 1998, 2000
Barcode: 620446
Box 148: Alva Stevenson, 1986Add to your cart.
Printed Program: council materials, correspondence, registration form, conference info, notes/drafts (1986) Registration Packet: maps, brochures, schedule (1986) Registration Packet: notes, schedule, brochures, handouts (1985) Miscellaneous Meeting Correspondence (1983-1989) Meeting Packet: registrants, correspondence, handouts, evaluation (1990) 1986 Meeting Final Report: correspondence, reports, program committee (1986) Program Info Addressees: notes, correspondence (1989) Program Commitee for 1991 Meeting: correspondence, proposals, planning, papers (1989-1991)
Barcode: 620447
Box 149: Alva Stevenson; William Moss; Richard Smith, 1986; 1981; variousAdd to your cart.
Alva Stevenson: OHA Program for 1986 Meeting. Multiple copies and drafts, additions, deletions and changes (1986) William Moss--1981 Meeting: correspondence, council info, planning, program, registration (1979-1981) Correspondence received by Executive Secretary Richard C. Smith: membership and info requests-- also receipts, shipping slips, check stubs, etc. (1992-1993)
Barcode: 620448
Box 150: Enid Douglass; Bernard Galm; Ronald Grele; Betty Key; Margo Knight; Martha Ross; Elly Shodell, variousAdd to your cart.
Bernard Galm: photos and negatives (undated--'70s?--12 files) Ronald Grele: OH of OHA: correspondence (1982-1985) OHA Summer Institute: correspondence and planning (1982-1983) Betty Key: History News Correspondence (1970-1978) Margo Knight: 1983 Colloquium: correspondence (1982-1983) Martha Ross: State and Regional Liason correspondence (1983-1992) Elly Shodell: Publications Committee Files. Pamphlet Series: correspondence, statements (1989) Education Pamphlet: planning and correspondence (1986-1988) Community OH Pamphlet: correspondence and planning, sections drafts (1990) Equipment and Media Uses in OH Pamphlet: correspondence and proposals (1988-1989) Institutional OH Pamphlet: correspondence and discussion, brochures (1990) Grantsmanship Pamphlet idea: correspondence (1988) Folklore and Material Culture in OH : correspondence and statements (1987) Audio Tape Care and Preservation: pamphlet proposal and denial, correspondence, article ideas, outline (1987-1988)
Barcode: 620449
Box 151: Elly Shodell; Lila Goff; Tim Ericson; Dale Treleven, 1984-1996Add to your cart.
Pamphlet Ideas (2 files): OHMAR Conference Handbook (1985) Archivists and OH (1988-1989) Publications Committee: reports, correspondence, notes, budget (5 files--1984-1993) OHA Nominating Committee: correspondence to/from Lila Goff and 1996 ballot (2 files--1994-1996) Correspondence to/from Dale Treleven (1994-1995)
Barcode: 620450
Box 152: Tim Ericson; John Wickman, 1994-1995, various; 1970-1973Add to your cart.
1994 & 1995 Colloquia: Marketing: correspondence (1994-1995) Local Arrangements Committee: correspondence, timeline, committee members, meeting agenda, minutes, notes (1994-1995) Exhibits: correspondence, exhibitors (1993-1995) Audio/Visual: equipment needs, brochures, correspondence, receipts (1995) Program Committee: report to council, correspondence (1995) Budget: preliminary budget, updated versions (1995) Final Reports from: the local arrangements committee, the conference chair, and a financial report (1995) Fundraising: correspondence, brochures, articles (1995) Income: receipts and checks, brochure, correspondence (1995) Conference Logo (1995) Meeting Schedule/Script: agenda, session listings (by number and alphabetically by speaker), detailed schedule and script, program (1995) Midwest Express: convention services agreement (1995) Packets: handouts, flyers, brochures, notes (1995) Pfister Hotel: notes, correspondence, brochures, booking contract, equipment lists, menus (1994-1995) Presidential Reception: Pabst Theater information, brochure, budget and correspondence (1995) Program: working copy, revised copy, finished product (1995) Program Committee: contact info, call for proposals, program, proposals (1994-1995) Publicity, articles, announcements, correspondence (1995) Silent Auction: bid sheets, correspondence (1995) Timeline: timeline, budget, equipment, exhibits, hotel, printing, mailers, publicity, registration, special events, sponsors, tours, transportation (2 copies--1994-1995) Tours: prospective tour lists (1995) West Point Meeting 1973: Colloquium Schedule: workshop faculty, program (drafts and final) (1973) Colloquium Correspondence and Planning (1973) Room Reservations: fee schedule, workshop, room lists and roommate assignments, workshop schedule (1973) Local Arrangements: correspondence, registrants, local fun, brochures, program (1973)
Barcode: 620451
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 153: John Wickman; OHA General, 1970-1973; variousAdd to your cart.
1973 Colloquium: sample packet with program/schedule (1973) Colloquium Correspondence (1973-1974) Site Selection for 1973: promotional materials--West Point and vicinity (1971-1972) 1974 Colloquium Correspondence (1972-1973) 1975 Colloquium Correspondence (1973) Site Selection Materials (1971-1973) OHA Colloquium Photos (undated) OHA Records Retention Policy (undated) Releases for recording of Colloquium (1979) OHA Receipt Books (1968-1970) OHA Photos (undated) Snowbird Annual Meeting Photos (1991) Meeting brochures/schedules (2 files, 1967-1997) Pensacola Announcement Flyer (undated) Assorted annual meeting schedules, newsletters (1983-1985) Programs (1995 and 1999)
Barcode: 620452
Box 154: OHA General, 1972-1992Add to your cart.
Oral History Reviews 1973, 1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 (1973-1981) The Sound Historian (journal of the Texas OHA) Fall 1994 v. 2 (1994) Pamphlets and Bibliographies: OH Collection on the Performing Arts by SMU (1984) OH at Columbia: American Craftspeople Projects and Interviews (1987-1992) Space Astronomy OH Project by National Air and Space Museum - Smithsonian Institution (1981) Comprehensive Bibliography of Holdings by Mississippi OH Program at University of Southern Mississippi (1982) The South Dakota Experience: An OH Collection of its People by the South Dakota OH Project- Pierre and Vermillion (Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 5. 1972-1976)
Barcode: 620453
Box 155: OHA General, variousAdd to your cart.
OHA Newsletters--Vol.1 No.1 through Vol. 34 No. 1 (1967-2000) TOHA Newsletters--Vol. 12 No. 2 through Vol. 15 No. 2 (1996-2000) OHA Nominating Committee: candidates, correspondence, committee members, nominees, voting results, election process (3 files--1991-1994)
Barcode: 620454
Box 156: OHA General, variousAdd to your cart.
Oral History Reviews (1986, 1987 no. 2, 1989 no. 1) American Jewish Memoirs: Oral Documentation by the Alexander Silberman International Scholarship Foundation in Comtemporary Jewry (1980) Connecticut Workers and a Half Century of Technological Change, 1930-1980 by the Center for OH at University of Connecticut (1983) OH Program by the University of New Mexico (1993) A Guide to the Collection 1970-1985 by Baylor University Institute for OH (1985) Programa de Historia Oral (1981) Marine Corps OH Collection Catalog (1979) U.S. Air Force OH Catalog of Selected Interviews (1975) OH Project of University of Nevada-Reno, Library (1979) Guide to the OH Collection of Texas A&M University (1981) Directory of Illinois OH Resources (1981) Cumulative Index 1980-81 of Illinois General Assembly OH Program (1982) OH Collection on Women in Medicine by Medical College of Pennsylvania (1978) Louisiana OH Collections: A Directory (1980) OH In Maryland: A Directory (1981) Oral History Summaries: a Guide to the Collection by Midwest China OH and Archives Collection (1983) WWI Memoirs: A Cataolgue of OH Interviews from the Jackson Purchase region of Kentucky (1984) Local and OH in Lincoln Nebraska: A Bibliography (1983) Catalogue of OH by OH Program of the Oklahoma Historical Society (1984)
Barcode: 620455
Box 157: OHA General, 1968-1993Add to your cart.
Bibliographies on OH: 1971 and 1975 (1971-1975) Constitution: content, amendments, drafts, correspondence, original constitution (multiple copies), 2nd, 3rd and 4th revisions, copy orders, bylaw revisions, more copies (2 files---1968-1982) Directories: 1971 OH Program Directory, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1993 Membership Directories and Annual Reports (1971-1993)  Incorporation: tax exemption papers, correspondence, certificate of incorporation (1967-1971)  IRS: tax papers, government correspondence (1974-1987) Oral History Reviews: 1983, Spring 1987 and Winter 1993 (1983-1993)
Barcode: 620456
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 158: OHA General, 1966-1967Add to your cart.
Reel-to-Reel Tapes: Objectives and Standards, Impressions of the Colloquium--Zenna Sevaries; Tues. Sept. 27: Interviewing Techniques Using the Tape Recorder--Charles T. Morrisey, Dr. Albert W. Kundelin; Wed. Sept. 28: Final Session--James T. Mink and Sheldon T. Selznick: stories-- videotapes of older psychiatrists; Mon. Sept. 26: Directions for OH--Louis Shores; OH and the Law--E Douglas Hamilton--Nov. 1967; Financing--Louis Starr; OHA tape #4; Objectives and Standards and Implementation--Elizabeth Dixon and Gould Colman ---and discussions; First National Colloquium on OH, Sept. 25-28, 1966: Announcements--James V. Mink, Conference Center Manager--Evelyn Eggeman, Welcome--Everett T. Moore, The Decision for OH--James V. Mink; Mon. Sept. 26, 1966: Definitions of OH--Elizabeth Dixon, Phillip Brooks, Wayland Hand, Louis Starr; Mon. Sept. 26, 1966: 2:00 pm Definitions of OH-- Allan Nevins (talk not completed)---3 copies; Organizing Meeting of OHA
Barcode: 620457
Box 159: OHA General, variousAdd to your cart.
Reel-to-Reel Tapes: OHA Business Meeting, Nov. 23rd, 1968; "Workshop #2"; OHA "Tapes 1-3" 7/27/1979; Al Santoli, 10/9/1982, San Antonio, TX; Ronald Marcello, 11/12/1983 @ Baylor University; James Bennett, 10/8/1982, San Antonio, TX (1968-1982) Oral History Reviews (1982,1984) Taped interviews by Bernard Galm: James Mink--3 tapes (9/18/79-10/3/79) and Elizabeth Dixon (10/10/79)
Barcode: 620458
Box 160: OHA General, variousAdd to your cart.
Compact Discs
Barcode: 620459
Box 161: OHA General, variousAdd to your cart.
North Texas State Teachers College Yucca Yearbooks 1941 and 1942-- belonged to Jewel Taylor.
Barcode: 620460
Box 162: Art Hansen, 1982-1985Add to your cart.
Jim Bennett: correspondence and article with revisions (1983) Glen Jeansonne: correspondence, CV, publications, article with revisions (1983) Carole Nichols and Joyce Pendery: correspondence, article with revisions, CVs (1982-1983) Rick Onderdonk: correspondence, article with revisions (1981-1983) John F. Sutherland: correspondence, newsletters, article with revisions, CV and footnotes (1982-1984) Wayne Anderson: correspondence, article with revisions (1983) Theodora Kroeber-Quinn: correspondence, article and revisions (1982-1983) Shirley Stephenson: bibliography, revisions, correspondence (1982-1983) Book Reviews: completed and orginals, correspondence (1983) Book Review Correspondence: correspondence, OHMAR newsletter, OH Review bibliographic citations (1983) Book Reviews: drafts with comments, correspondence (1983) Book Reviews: copies of reviews (1983) Book Reviews: page proofs (1983) Book Reviews: copies with comments (1983) OH Review full text (1983) Barbara Allen: correspondence, article drafts (1983-1985) Wayne Anderson: correspondence, article drafts (1984-1985) Albert Broussard: correspondence, CV, paper drafts (1985) Dave Dunaway: correspondence, commentary with revisions (1984-1985) Joel Gardner: correspondence, commentary revisions and drafts (1983-1985) Alphine Jefferson: correspondence, CV, drafts, revisions (1982-1985) William Lang and Laurie Mercier: correspondence, article drafts and revisions (1983-1985) John Laub: correspondence, article drafts, notes and revisions (1982-1985) Charles Morrisey: correspondence, article drafts, revisions, notes (1984-1985)
Barcode: 620461
Box 163: Art Hansen, 1980-1987Add to your cart.
Shirley Stephenson: bibliography drafts (1982-1983) Dale Treleven: correspondence, commentary drafts and revisions (1984-1985) Book Reviews 1984: correspondence, review drafts and revisions, print previews (2 files---1984-1985) Ready for Typesetting: 1983 Review, preliminary pages and table of contents (1983) 1986 Book Reviews: correspondence (1987) 1986 OH Review: printers invoice, correspondence (1986-1987) Akemi Kikumura: correspondence, article drafts and revisions (1984-1987) Linda Shopes: correspondence article drafts and revisions (1983-1987) Joseph Wilson: correspondence, article/paper print-outs, drafts, revisions, notes (1984-1987) David Henige: correspondence, commentary drafts, revisions (1985-1987) Waddy Moore: correspondence, paper drafts and revisions (1986-1987) Shirley Stephenson: correspondence, drafts (1985-1987) Wayne Anderson--dissertations update: master copy, proof copy, drafts, correspondence (1986) Jo Blatti: correspondence, drafts (1986-1987) Richard Candida Smith: correspondence, review essay drafts, proofs (1987) Lila Johnson Goff: correspondence, articles, reviews (1986-1987) Rejected Manuscripts: E. Frederick Anderson: correspondence, evaluation sheets, paper copies (1979-1981) Gerald Anderson: correspondence paper and revision, evaluation (1981) Terry Anderson: correspondence, article (1982) Lisa Bardwell: correspondence and article (1980) Gerald R. Baum: correspondence, article (1981) Roger Davis: correspondence and article (1986) Amelia Fry: correspondence and paper (1982-1983) Dennis L. Gaffin: correspondence, evaluations and paper (1983-1984) Harry Goldman: correspondence (1980-1981) Michel R. Granger: correspondence, evaluation, paper (1984-1985) Jacquelyn Dowd Hall: correspondence, papers, evaluations (1982) Wendell P. Holbrook: correspondence, evaluation, paper (1980) Joelle Julliard: correspondence (1985) Emma Kowalenko: correspondence, article (1985-1986) Luke S. K. Kwong: correspondence and paper (1982) Marie Lehnert: correspondence, paper, complaint (1981-1983) James Morrison: correspondence, paper, evaluations (2 files, 2 papers--1981-1982) Consuelo Orovio: correspondence, papers, evaluation (1984-1985) Joseph Palmer: correspondence, paper (1983) Milton Plesur: correspondence and paper (1980) Jack Ridley: correspondence, paper (1983-1984) Vicki Ruiz: correspondence, paper (1984) Margaret Wilson: correspondence, paper (1985) Robert E. Weir: correspondence, paper (1985) Eugene Thomas: correspondence, paper (1983) Dale Stirling: correspondence, paper (1984) Shirley Stephenson: correspondence, papers, evaluations (1982-1983) Bruce Stave: correspondence, paper, publication in "Hartford, The City and the Region: Past, Present and Future," evaluations (1976-1980) John Spivak: correspondence, CV, paper (1981)  Book Reviews 1983: 12 copies of print ready reviews (1982-1983) Communications 1986: 12 copies of communications section of Review (1986) "Finding Oral Histories" 1986: 10 copies (1986) "Quien Quiere Usted Que Sea Bueno": 11 copies (1986) "Six Generations Here: A Family Remembers/Oral History on Exhibition": 9 copies (1986) "Oral History Dissertations and Masters Theses Update": 11 copies (1986) "Selected Bibliography 1984-1985: 12 copies (1986)
Barcode: 620462
Box 164: Art Hansen, 1980-1986Add to your cart.
OH Review: book reviews, corrected copies (1985-1986) Title Page and Table of Contents- copies (1986) Akemi Kikamura--"Family Life Histories- A Collaborative Venture"- copies (1986) "Developing a Critical Dialogue About Oral History" -copies (1986) Wilson: "The Afro-American Labor Leadership Oral/Video History Series" -copies (1986) Correspondence and Review drafts (1984-1986) Henige: "Where Seldom is Heard a Discouraging Word: Method in OH" -copies (1986) Moore: "The Wingspread Criteria and the Arkansas Nurses Project" -copies (1986) Title Page and Table of Contents -copies (1985) "Oral History and Social Conflict: Belfast in the 1930s" -copies (1985) "Organizational Experience" -copies (1985) "Values and Sport: The Development of New England Skiing, 1870-1940" -copies (1985) "Oral History and the Environmental Controversy: The Minnesota Powerline Project" -copies (1985)  "Oral History and Geriatric Mental Health: Distortions of Testimony Produced by Psychopathology" -copies (1985) "Selected Bibliography 1983-84" -copies (1985) "OH Dissertations and Masters Theses 1985 Update" -copies (1985) Media Review: "Toward a Complex Sense of Reality" -copies (1985) "Literary Impressionism" -copies (1985) "Justice and Japanese Americans' -copies (1985) "Foxfire Comes of Age" -copies (1985) Book Reviews -copies (1985) OH Review 1981: Roger David Abrahams: correspondence, article and drafts (1980-1981) Buckendorf/Knight: correspondence, article, drafts (1980-1981) David Courtwright: correspondence, article (1980-1981) Richard Jensen: correspondence, article and drafts (1980-1981) Knox Mellon: correspondence, article (1980-1981) Gary Okhiro: correspondence, article (1980-1981) Retyped Book Reviews: copies (1981) Mid-Winter Council Meeting Minutes (1981) John Oriji: correspondence, article, notes (1980-1981) Rik Whitaker: correspondence, article (1980-1982) Book Reviews: originals, copies (1981) Book Reviews: copies with corrections (1981) Council Minutes: in-progress copy (1981) Oral History Review 1982: Susan Emily Allen: correspondence, article, drafts (1981-1983) Michael V. Angrosino: correspondence, article, drafts (1981-1982)
Barcode: 620463
Box 165: Art Hansen, 1979-1986Add to your cart.
Betty McKeever Key: correspondence, article (1981-1982) Donald and Lorna Miller: correspondence, article, drafts (1981-1982) Donald Miller: correspondence, article (1981-1982) Gayle Olson: correspondence, article, drafts (1981-1982) George C. Wright: correspondence, article drafts (1981-1982) Henry Stenberg: correspondence, article drafts (1981-1982) Wayne Anderson: correspondence, bibliography drafts (1981-1982) Book Reviews 1982: correspondence, drafts, print-outs (1980-1982) Book Reviews 1982: list of reviewed books, correspondence, final drafts (1982) Minutes 1982: council reports printout, correspondence, drafts of minutes (1981-1982) "A" Miscellaneous: correspondence (1982-1984) Application Forms: copyright registration, ISSN application, periodical directory (1981) Article Evaluation Forms: blank forms (1980s) "B" Miscellaneous: correspondence (1982-1984) Willa Baum: correspondence (1979-1982) Book Reviews: correspondence, brochures, book notices (1979-1985) "C" Miscellaneous: correspondence (1982-1983) Anne Campbell: correspondence (1983-1986) Tom Charlton: correspondence(1980-1985) Citation Formats for Oral Memoirs (undated) "D" Miscellaneous: correspondence (1981-1984) Enid Douglass: correspondence (1980) "E" Miscellaneous: correspondence, brochures (1982-1984) Editorial Board: correspondence (1982) Susan Emily Allen: correspondence, brochure (1983) Wayne Anderson: correspondence (1980-1985) Pamela Henson: correspondence (1980-1983) Alice Hoffman: correspondence (1980-1982) Edward D. Ives: correspondence (1980-1981) William Moss: correspondence (1980-1984) Gary Okihiro: correspondence (1980-1987) Quintard Taylor: correspondence (1985-1987) Expenses: correspondence, expense reoprt (1982) "F" Miscellaneous: correspondence (1981) Michael Frisch: correspondence (1987) John Fox: correspondence (1980-1986) "G" Miscellaneous: correspondence, brochure (1981-1983) Bernie Galm: correspondence (1980) Lyn Goldfarb: correspondence, flyers/brochures (1982-1983) Ron Grele: correspondence, article drafts (1978-1983) "H" Miscellaneous: correspondence (1980-1983)  Sam Hand: correspondence (1980-1981) Idaho OH Center Newsletters: correspondence, newsletters (1980-1982) Indexing Services: correspondence (1981-1986) Institutional Support (CSUF): correspondence (1979-1981) "J" Miscellaneous: correspondence (1982-1983) "K" Miscellaneous: correspondence (1983-1984) "L" Miscellaneous: correspondence, brochure (1981-1982) "M" Miscellaneous: correspondence (1981-1987) Betty Mason: correspondence (1981-1983) Margaret L. S. Miller: correspondence (1980-1984) Ron Marcello: correspondence, financial statements (1980-1987)  OHA Minutes: correspondence, annual meeting minutes, minutes drafts (1980-1985) Montana OHA Newsletters (1984) "N" Miscellaneous: correspondence, project report (Ethnic Studies OH Project Eval. Report) (1979-1984) New England OHA Newsletters: newsletters, brochures (1980-1986) Northwest OHA Newsletter (1984) 'O" Misc: correspondence (1981-1983) OH Review and Article Guidelines (undated)
Barcode: 620464
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Box 166: Art Hansen, 1977-1986Add to your cart.
OHMAR Newsletter (1977-1986) "OHR" and "Proceedings": analysis sheets (1967-1982) P Miscellaneous: correspondence (1980-1981) Past Issues: 1980 Review table of contents (1980) Production Information: receipts (typesetting, manufacturing), correspondence (1981-1987) Potential Articles: correspondence, brochures, proposals (1979-1986) Q Miscellaneous R Miscellaneous: correspondence, proposals, grant application (1984-1987) Don Ritchie: correspondence, (1981-1984) Rejected Articles: notes, correspondence, drafts, evaluations (1978-1980) Review Copy List: list of journals that receive the Review, notes (1978) S Miscellaneous: correspondence (1981-1982) San Diego State University Center for Regional History newsletter (1984) Linda Shopes: correspondence (1981-1986) Sales Tax Problem: correspondence (1982) OHA Newsletter (1967-1987) Dick Sweterlitsch: correspondence (1976-1985) Style Sheet (1976) Suggestions to Reviewers (undated) T Miscellaneous: correspondence (1983) W Miscellaneous: correspondence (1981-1983) Z Miscellaneous: correspondence (1981-1982) Publications Committee: correspondence, notes, policy statement, "History News" from American Association for State and Local History (1981-1987) Printed previews for 1983 Review: Title Page and Table of Contents, "Human Values in Oral History" by Bennett, "Of Mills and Memories" by Sutherland, "Pro Bono Publico" by Nichols and Pendery, "Piaget and Oral History" by Onderdonk, "The Case of Gerald L.K. Smith" by Jeansonne, "Retrospective on Oral History" by Kroeber-Quinn, Selected Bibliography 1980-1982 by Stephenson (8 files, 1983) Printed previews for 1984 Review: Title Page and Table of Contents, "Re-creating the Past" by Allen, "Oral History and the Problems of Nomenclature" by Morrissey, "Talking about Crime" by Laub, "Duke Oral History Program" by Jefferson, "Black San Francisco" by Broussard, "Getting it Down Right" by Lang and Mercier, "Oral Historians: Masters of or Slaves to Technology?" by Treleven, "Oral History and Video" by Gardner, "Transcription: Shadow or Reality?" by Dunaway, Selected Bibliography 1983-1984 by Stephenson, "Dissertations and Theses" by Anderson, Book Reviews (13 files, 1984) Printed previews for 1982 Review: Title Page and Table of Contents, "Campus Cop Talk" by Olson, "Resisting the Editorial" by Allen, "Armenian Survivors" by Miller and Miller, "Black Past in Kentucky" by Wright, "Personal Narratives and Cultural Complexity" by Angrosino, Selected Bibliography1977-1981 by Stenberg (7 files, 1982)
Barcode: 620465
Box 167: Art Hansen, 1982-1987Add to your cart.
Printed previews for 1982 Review (continued from box 166): Oral History Dissertations 1977-1981 by Anderson, "Publishing Oral History" by Key, "Communications" by Hohnhart, OHA Council Reports by Marcello (4 files, 1982) Printed previews for 1981 Review: Title Page and Table of Contents, "Story and History" by Abrahams, "Oral History, Quantification and the New Social History" by Jensen, "Oral History and the Writing of Ethnic History" by Okihiro, "Memories from the Street" by Courtright et al., "Oral History, Public History, and Historic Preservation" by Mellon, "The Ngwa-Igbo Clan" by Oriji, "Why Not Try Videotaping Oral History?" by Whitaker (8 files, 1981) 1986 Oral History Review: Masters (1983-1986) Printed previews for 1987 Review: "Both a Borrower and a Lender Be: Ethnography, Oral History, and Grounded Theory" by Ingersoll and Ingersoll, "Beginning Where We Are: Feminist Methodology in Oral History" by Anderson, Armitage, Jack and Wittner, "Oral History in the Study of Discrimination and Cultural Repression" by Wyatt, "Oral History, Masks, and Protocol in the Jazz Community" by Daniels, "Memory, Struggle, and Power: On Interviewing Political Activists" by Rogers, "Speech and Counterspeech: Language-in-use in Oral History Fieldwork" by McMahan, "Transcript Handling: An Ethnographic Strategy" by Agar, Front and Back Matter (8 files, 1987)
Barcode: 620466
Box 168: Art Hansen, 1982-1987Add to your cart.
Printed previews for 1982 Review (2 files 1982) Published Council Reports (1982) Printed previews for 1987 Review: "Oral History as Ethnographic encounter" by di Leonardo, "Field Recording Oral History" by Dunaway, "The Two-Sentence Format as an Interviewing Technique in Oral History Fieldwork" by Morrissey, "Expanding Information Sets by means of 'Existential' Interviewing" by McGuire, "The Patron-Client Relationship in Interviewing: An Anthropological View" by Kenny (5 files, 1987) Victoria Wyatt: correspondence, resume, article drafts for "Oral History in the Study of Discrimination and Cultural Repression" (1987) Susan Emily Allen (McGuire): correspondence, article drafts for "Expanding Information Sets by means of 'Existential' Interviewing" (1986-1987) Susan Armitage et al.: correspondence, article drafts, revisions for "Beginning Where We Are: Feminist Methodology in Oral History" (1986-1987) David Dunaway: correspondence, article drafts for "Field Recording Oral History" (1986-1987) Fern and Jay Ingersoll: correspondence, article drafts for "Both a Borrower and a Lender Be: Ethnography, Oral History, and Grounded Theory" (1986-1987)
Barcode: 620467
Box 169: Art Hansen, 1986-1987Add to your cart.
Kim Lacy Rogers: correspondence, article drafts, panel correspondence (1986-1987) Charles Morrissey: correspondence, article drafts (1986-1987) Michael Agar: correspondence and article drafts for "The Two-Sentence Format as an Interviewing Technique in Oral History Fieldwork" (1986-1987) Douglas Daniels: correspondence, drafts for "Oral History, Masks, and Protocol in the Jazz Community" (1986-1987) Micaela di Leonardo: correspondence, drafts and evaluations for/of "Oral History as Ethnographic Encounter" (1986-1987) Michael Kenny: correspondence and drafts for "The Patron-Client Relationship in Interviewing: An Anthropological View" (1986-1987) Eva McMahan: correspondence, drafts of "Speech and Counterspeech: Language-in-use in Oral History Fieldwork" (1986-1987) Papers Sessions (for 1986 Annual Meeting): correspondence, papers, meeting info, biographies (1985-1986) Program Material: program, roster, program committee report outline, evaluations, notes, correspondence, final report (1985-1986) Featured Speakers: biographical forms, correspondence (1985-1986) Local Arrangements: correspondence, thank you notes, publicity, receipts (1986)
Barcode: 620468
Box 170: Art Hansen, 1981-1986Add to your cart.
The Oral History Review 1981 print preview (1981 OH Review Masters (1981 and 1982) Correspondence with Sam Hand (1985-1986) Tours: correspondence, notes, brochures (1986) Rejected Proposals: correspondence (1986) Call for Papers: correspondence, announcements (1985) Panels Sessions: committee report, program participant info sheet, biographies, notes, correspondence (1986) Workshop Sessions: correspondence, papers (1985-1986) Media Sessions: correspondence, notes (1986) Program Committee Correspondence (1985-1986) Oral History Review 1985 (2 copies)
Barcode: 620469
Box 171: Art Hansen; Anne Campbell, 1981-1986Add to your cart.
E. John B. Allen: correspondence, article ("Values and Sport: The Development of New England Skiing 1870-1940"), notes (1981-1985) Wayne Anderson: correspondence, Oral History Dissertations and Masters Theses 1985 (1985) Jo Blatti: correspondence, article drafts "Toward a Complex Sense of Reality" (1984-1985) James E. Fogerty: correspondence, article drafts for "Oral History and Environmental Controversy: The Minnesota Powerline Project" (1985) George Mehaffy: correspondence, article "Foxfire Comes of Age" (1985) Bill Moss: correspondence, article "Writers Disguised as Oral Historians" (1985) Ronnie Munck and Bill Rolston: correspondence, article "Oral History and Social Conflict: Belfast in the 1930s" (1984-1986) Gary Okhiro: correspondence, article "Justice and Japanese Americans" (1985) Kim Lacy Rogers: correspondence and article "Organizational Experience and Personal Narrative: Stories of New Orleans' Civil Rights Leadership" (1985) T.L. Brink: correspondence, article "Oral History and Geriatric Mental Health: Distortions of Testimony Produced by Psychopathology" (1985) Shirley Stephenson: correspondence and Selected Bibliography 1983-1984 (1985) Book Reviews 1985: correspondence, reviews, drafts (1985) Begin Anne Campbell's Files: 1986 Annual Meeting: Avis and Delta: travel information, correspondence, arrangements (1986) Exhibits: receipts, correspondence, insurance, registration, floor plan, reservations (1986) Evaluations: procedures, summary, sample (1986) Final Reports: Program Committee, Local Arrangements Committee (2 binders, 1986) General: correspondence, brochures, receipts, maps, committees, program printing (1985-1986) Invoices: correspondence, invoices, receipts (1986) Queen Mary: receipts, registration, food invoices, deposits, coffee breaks, correspondence, contract, menus/catering, brochures (1984-1986) Registration: packets, exhibitors, meal lists, roster, receipts, bills (1985-1986) Program (6 copies (1986) Secretarial Correspondence (1985-1986) Nominating Committee: sample ballots, resumes (1986) 1985 Annual Meeting Follow-up: correspondence, evaluation info, receipts, registration (1984-1986)
Barcode: 620470
Box 172: Anne Campbell, 1975-1986Add to your cart.
Anne Campbell: Council meeting minutes (1985-87), Financial documents (1986-87), Membership inquiries and cancellations (1986-87), New members and member renewals (1985-86), Receipts for "Oral History and the Law" by John Neuenschwander (1986), Membership committee correspondence and minutes (1981-85), Committee on Regional Oral History Organizations directory, correspondence, policies and flyers (1980-85), Committee on Site Selection correspondence (1977-1986),  Ronald Marcello, correspondence (1985), Newsletter correspondence and policies (1976-85), Oral History Review financial documents, copyright and correspondence (1973-85), Committee on publications reports, correspondence and policies (1976-84), Financial documents, bank statements, checkbooks (1984-86), ballots, 1987 election.
Barcode: 620471
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Box 173: Anne Campbell, 1982-1985Add to your cart.
Budget and financial documents (1970-86), Expense reports (1985), International Journal of Oral History, brochures and correspondence (1980-81), Edward D. Jones and Co. investing account statements (1982-85), Membership list (1985), Membership statistics (1977-87), National Humanities Alliance membership communications (1982-85), Publication Invoices (1985), Phone Bills (1985-86), Council correspondence (1982-85), 1984 Annual Meeting planning, budget, registration packets, arrangements, hotel details, schedule, exhibitors, activity planning, evaluations, final reports, follow-up and thank you letters (1983-84), OHA Nominating Committee correspondence (1983-85).
Barcode: 620472
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 174: Anne Campbell; Richard Candida Smith, 1985-1988Add to your cart.
Membership-Address Change: correspondence, notes, address forms (1985-1987) OHA Telephone: correspondence, bills, notes, numbers (1985-1988) OHA Postage: account statements, bills, correspondence, notes, bulk mailing requests (1986-1988) Invoices Paid: Invoices, correspondence, receipts, expense reports (1985-1987) Used Checks (1985-1987) Financial Statements (1985-1987)  1985 Ballots (1985) Begin Richard Candida Smith's files: Correspondence (1989) Correspondence (1988) Correspondence (1990) Correspondence (1991) Correspondence (1993) Correspondence (1992) 5 1/4 inch floppy discs: OHA files, nominees, council decisions, site selection, conference materials, agendas, minutes, miscellaneous storage (1983-1988 and undated) Bank Statements (1991) Savings Account Bank Statements (1990) Dues Restructuring: correspondence, statistics (1991) Council Meeting 1989: agenda, correspondence, site selection report, committee reports (1989) Untitled: membership statistics, dues info, committee reports (1990) OHA Midwinter Meeting: correspondence, constitution, agenda, notes, proposed changes (1991) Miscellaneous Correspondence (1987) Endowment Fund: correspondence (1987-1988) Life Members: correspondence (1986) Budgets: correspondence, budgets (1988-1990) Review: correspondence (1986-1989) Evaluation Guidelines: guidelines, correspondence (1986-1987) Membership Directory: correspondence (1986-1987) Advertising: correspondence, brochures, contract (1983-1987) Council: correspondence, nominees, officer list (1966-1983) Evaluation Guidleines and Revisions (undated) Chronicle of Higher Education (January 24, 1990) Financial Statements: reports and correspondence (1970-1986) Membership Statistics (1977-1987)
Barcode: 620473
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Box 175: Richard Candida Smith, (1985-1992)Add to your cart.
Executive Secretary Search: correspondence, job description, applications (1985-1987) Disbursements/Receipts: receipts, expense reports, correspondence (1988) Disbursements/Receipts: receipts, invoices, correspondence (1989) Council Expenses: reports, correspondence, invoices (1990) Council Espenses: reports, correspondence, invoices (1989) Council Expenses: reimbursement, reports, invoices, correspondence (1991) Disbursements: notes, expenses, invoices, receipts, correspondence (1992) Couincil Expenses: expense reports, receipts, phone bills, airline tickets (1992) OHA Meeting (Galveston): correspondence, CVs, advertisements, panel proposals (1988-1989) Disbursements/Receipts: invoices, receipts, correspondence, expense reports (1990) Disbursements: correspondence, invoice, receipts, expense reports (1991) OHA Checking Account Statements (1990) Check Stubs (1990-1992) OHA Checking Account: registers and statements (1988) Paid Invoices (1990) Birdwhitell: meeting attendees, registration form, notes, headcount for sessions, advertisements, OHA directory, invoices, receipts (1991) Midwinter: correspondence (1991-1992) Cleveland Hotel Contract: invoices, receipts, notes, budget, correspondence (1992) National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History (1986-1990) Annual Meeting 1991: receipts, invoices, notes, correspondence, contracts, menus, exhibitors, brochures, schedule, airline info (1990-1991) Local Arrangements Committee: correspondence (1990-1991) Salt Lake City bid for OHA 1991 Colloquium (1988) Annual Meeting 1991: correspondence, evaluations (1989-1991) Annual Meeting 1989: correspondence, donations, registrants, notes, payments, paid expenses, receipts, local arrangements (1987-1989)
Barcode: 620474
Box 176: Richard Candida Smith, 1987-1991Add to your cart.
Belvedere Hotel Services (fusion, T.V. Travel, inc.): correspondence, receipts, bills, brochures (1987-1988) Receipts/Checks and hotel: correspondence, planning, OHA directory, program participants, exhibitors, receipts, invoices, schedules (1988) Travel, 1988 Meeting: correspondence, ticket report (1988) Annual Meeting 1988: correspondence, notes, registration, grant contract (1988) 1988 Council Correspondence: correspondence, committee reports (1988) Conference Registration/Master Lists/Convention Bureau: correspondence, brochures, invoice, services directory (1988) Belvedere Hotel: notes, booking sheets, catering menu (1988) Correspondence (1988) Correspondence- Pending (1988) Paid invoices and correspondence (1989) OHA Mission Development Exercise: how-tos, standards, practices (1985) Annual Meeting: exhibit payments (1988) American Library Association: correspondence (1987-1989) Foundation for the Preservation of Sound Recordings: correspondence (1981-1984) Modern Language Association: correspondence (1987) National Council for the Social Studies: correspondence (1986) Organization of American Historians: correspondence (1987-1990) Popular Culture/American Culture Associations: liason report (1987) Society of American Archivists: correspondence (1978-1986) Oral History Pubs: OH of Johnson and Kennedy administrations--brochures (undated) American Historical Association: correspondence, directory of affiliated societies, newsletter (1987-1991) American Association of University Professors: correspondence (1986) American Association for State and Local History: spring 1988 catalogue, correspondence, spring summer 1989 catalogue,brochures (2 files: 1986-1989) Notepads of Income and Expenditures: memberships, publications, bank records, etc. (5 notepads--1989-1990) 1990 Annual Meeting: correspondence, reservations, receipts, invoices, program committee responsibilities, travel arrangements (1987-1990) Savings Account Statements: statements and correspondence (1988-1990) 1992 Annual Meeting: correspondence, site selection, hotel brochures (1988-1992) Publications - Claims: receipts, invoices, correspondence, claims (1985-1987) Bank Statements (1992) Reservation forms and Registration list/fees for 1989 meeting (1988-1989) 1989 Conference Materials (1989) Receipts from Meeting: t-shirt purchases, meals, membership (1989) Publications/Advertising: correspondence, pricing, contracts (1989) Publications Committee: newsletter expenses, correspondence, pamphlet series, directory (1989) Publications/Advertising: invoices, correspondence, contracts, receipts (1989) Conference Book Service: correspondence, report (1987) Vendors-Paid Invoices-Exhibits: correspondence, receipts (1988) "For Tommy": correspondence, committee and council correspondence, committee reports (1987-1988) Correspondence Reviewed (1989) Correspondence Received (1988)
Barcode: 620475
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Box 177: Richard Smith; Mary Quinlan, 1987-1992Add to your cart.
Address Changes: correspondence, renewals, new addresses, returned mail, invoices (1988) Miscellaneous/Supplies: checks, invoices, receipts (1988) Expenses: correspondence, receipts, invoices, reports (1988) Committees: reports, correspondence (1988) Council: correspondence, committee reports, requests, summations (1988-1989) Council Meeting: agenda, ballot results, schedule (1988) Vendors/Sales: notes, correspondence, articles, t-shirt printing info, a/v services (1988) Pamphlet Series-Background: correspondence, reports, receipts, drafts (1984-1985) Annual Meeting Flyers (1992) Publication Orders-Payment Received: correspondence, receipts, invoices (1986-1987) National Coordinating Committee: correspondence, reports, fact sheets (1985-1987) Internal Correspondence (1985-1987) Correspondence (1987) Anthology-Background: correspondence, contract (1980-1984) Oral History Review: correspondence (1988) Mailing Labels--Sales and Samples: correspondence, orders, invoices, receipts (1986-1988) Annual Meeting Registration: registration log, payment records, registration forms, correspondence, pre-registrants, on-site registrants (1987) Annual Meeting--General: correspondence, announcements, bills (1987) Annual Meeting--Airline and Hotel: brochures, menu, info (1987) Annual Meeting--Evaluations: correspondence, notes, evaluations (1987-1988) OHA Membership Directories (1985-1992) Pamphlet Series 1-4: OH and the Law, OH in the Secondary School Classroom, OH Evaluation Guidelines, Using OH in Community History Projects (1985-1992) Miscellaneous Brochures (1988-1991) OH in the US directory (1971) Bank Statements (1989) Calls for Papers, Program Notes, Speaker info, correspondence (undated) OHA Newsletter--Current Issue: articles, brochures (1992) Photos for Newsletter (1992) Article Drafts for Newsletter (1992) Newsletter Materials: correspondence, articles, copies, photos (1991-1992)
Barcode: 620476
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Box 178: Mary Kay Quinlan, 1977-1992Add to your cart.
OHA Newsletter: correspondence, brochure, copies (1989-1991) For Spring/Summer Issues: correspondence, papers, reports (1991) Newsletters and photos for newsletters (1988-1992) Newsletter materials and correspondence (1992) OHA Newsletter-Book Articles: correspondence, articles (1991-1992) OHA Newsletters 1977-1992--Extra Copies.
Barcode: 620477
Box 179: Mary Kay Quinlan; Lila Goff, 1986-1991Add to your cart.
OHA Newsletter Copies (1967-1976) OH Review (1978-1980, 1992) Program Committee Report (1984) City of Cambridge Mayoral proclamation (1990) Membership Committee: report and correspondence (1988-1990) Multiculturality Committee: reports and correspondence (1989-1991) Nominating Committees: members, reports, correspondence (1989-1991) Publications Committee: correspondence, reports (1989-1991) Sites Committees: correspondence (1989-1990) State and Regional: reports and correspondence (1989-1991) Teaching Committee: handouts, correspondence (1989-1990) Other OH Organizations: newsletters, journals (1987-1990) International Conference--Essen, Germany: correspondence, tour info, conference materials (1990) Organization of American Historians: correspondence, paper (1988-1990) Newsletter: copies and correspondence (1988-1991) National History Day: correspondence, brochures (1989-1991) SOHA Meeting: correspondence, expenses, receipts, speech, newsletter, brochure (1989-1990) Cambridge--Local Ararngements: correspondence (1988-1991) Snowbird, Utah: correspondence, flters, brochure (1991) Cambridge--Program: correspondence, papers, schedules, brochures (1989-1991) Long Beach Proposals not used: correspondence, proposals, newsletters (1985-1986) Evaluations of Long Beach Conference: correspondence, evaluations and procedures (1986) Program drafts and correspondence (1987) Evaluations (1987) Rejected Proposals: correspondence, articles, proposals (1987) Program Ideas to Pursue: correspondence, newsletters, articles (1987) Local Arrangements: possible events, planning, correspondence, schedules, brochures (1984-1987) Miscellaneous: roster, correspondence, announcements (1986-1987) Programs: brochures, schedule, conference materials (1987) Local Arrangements: correspondence, announcements, schedule, papers (1987) Program Files--Panels, Workshops and Papers: Files include correspondence, speaker resumes, paper summaries and content: 1--Memories: Bernhart, Frisch, Esses, de Graaf; 2--Works in Progress: Hand, Findlay, Wood; 3--Material Culture: Morgan, Korsmo-Kennon, Kozma; 4--Workshop-The Student Movement of the 1960s: Grele, Blatti; 5--Issues/Medicine: Olch, Cronenwett, Roland, Hardy, Spidle; 6--Women, Agriculture: Treleven, Gordon, Grubbs, Kanten, Morford; 7--Classroom Resource: Lewin. Cooperman, Katz, Wirtschafter; 8--Workshop-Archives and Library Management: Myers, Stielow, Wilson; 9--Medical Education: Morrissey, Proctor, Smoot, Crawford, Lowenstein; 10--Cornell Farm Family Project: Starr, Colman, Elbert, Michels, Cleary; 11--Western Canada: Lochead, Gebhard, Spacht; 12--Workshop on Minnesota Public Radio: Mould, Friend; 13--Workshop on Introduction to OH: Baum, Ives; 14--Popular Culture: Ryant, Straw, Rumble, Garrison, Dunaway; 15--College Classroom: Ledbetter, Ellis, Buckley, Wolkerstorfer; 16--Cultural Adaptation: Kahn, Berman, Kopf, Avruch, Hansen; 17--Workshop on Producing the Best Soundtrack: Herr, Mould, Treleven; 18--American Indians: Hoover, Croce, Allery, Goulet; 19-- Shoah: Walkowitz, Revaen, Skotness; 20--Subjectivity: Trimble, Blatz, Trettin, Wiley; 21--Workshop on Improving Access: Johnson, Allen, Johnson, Johnson; 22--Federal Job Creation: Pechey Finnigan, Zeisel; 23--Interviewing/Interaction: Rogers, Hinding, Modell, Garcia-Pinto, Hart; 24--Business: Green, Birley, John, Adkins; 25--Workshop on Television Production: Charlton, Birdwhistle, Davis; 26--Public Places: Shodell, Murray, Hardy, Potter; 27--Experimental: Henson, Ross, DeVorkin, Larson, Taylor; 28--Current History: Knight, Kline, Frank, Meier; 29-- Workshop on Planning and Implementing: Smith, Comeault; 30--Church/State: Jeffrey, Stricklin, Bradley, Evans; 31--CCC in NE Minnesota: Nelson, Drake, Sersha, Sommer; 32--Retrospection: Grey, Osterud, Hampsten, Kohl, Jones; 33--Alaska Public Radio: O'Neill, Schneider; 34--Roundatble: Smith, Blatz; 35--Education Survey: Lanman, Mehaffy; 36--Roundtable on Publications: Frisch; Other files: Ken Burns Speaking Engagement, correspondence (1986-1987) Leuchtenburg: correspondence, expenses (1985-1987) Proposals not used: correspondence (1987) Laurie Mercier: correspondence, workshop list (1987) Anne Ritchie: correspondence (1985-1987) Carl Ryant-International Communication: correspondence and articles (1986) Miscellaneous: correspondence, notes, articles (1987-1988)
Barcode: 620478
Box 180: Lila Goff; Thomas Charlton, 1975-1991Add to your cart.
Program Committee Meetings: correspondence, session lists, articles, proposals (1985-1987) Miscellaneous Correspondence (1989-1991) Council: correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, agendas, expense reports, attendance and financial report, council decisions (1989) Flyers for Fundraisers: correspondence, flyers, address list (1990) Council: correspondence, reports, financial info, articles, calendar, council decisions (1990) Council: correspondence, minutes, agendas, reports, resolutions, operating fund, financial statements, budget proposals (1991) Evaluation Guidelines/Principles and Standards/Goals and Guidelines: correspondence, drafts, revisions (1988-1991) Constitution and Bylaws: correspondence and drafts (1991) National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History: updates, correspondence, reports (1989-1991) Endowment Committee: committee report, stats, correspondence (1989-1991) International Committee: correspondence, reports (1989-1991) Liasons: reports, correspondence, list of liasons (1990-1991) OHA Newsletter Spring 1987: correspondence, articles, copies (1987) OHA Newsletter Summer 1987: copies, correspondence, articles (1987) OHA Newsletter Correspondece (1985) OHA Newsletter Correspondence (1984) OHA Newsletter Correspondence (1983) OHA Newsletter Winter 1986: articles, correspondence, announcements (1986) OHA Newsletter Correspondence (1986) Photos from OHA Newsletter files (1975-1985) OHA Newsletter Expenditures and Budget: receipts, notes (1983-1985)
Barcode: 620479
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 181: Thomas Charlton, 1986-1991Add to your cart.
Newsletter Expenditures: receipts, invoices, budget info (1981-1982) OHA Newsletter Articles: articles and correspondence (Fall 1986) News: correspondence, announcements, newsletters, ads (1986) OHA Newsletter Spring 1986: correspondence, newsletter drafts, articles, photos (1986) OHA Meeting Blank Evaluations (1990) Program Committee: correspondence (1991) Presidential Correspondence (1990-1991) Workshops and Sessions: Community OH--Buckendorf; Curanderas--Gomez, Salazar y Tafaya, Tafaya-Barranza, Stockel; Immigration--Sandis and Davis, Tenhula, Gifun; OH as Hired Gun--Morrisey, Yow, Ryant, Fox; Women in Life-Stage Transitions--Myers, Christen, Oliver; Technological Change in Rural Ethnic Communities--Bush, Braum, Grim; Doris Duke--Bernstein, O'Neill, Thompson, Proctor; A Shared Authority--Ritchie, Hansen, McMahan, Rogers, Frisch; Women's Roundtable--Patai, Armitage, Etter-Lewis, Minister; OH and the Law--Neuschwander; Racing Against the Clock--Fogerty, Kwan, Kipp, Okakok; The Promised Lang?--Staab, Hecht, Friedland, Lewin, Kahn; Psychiatry, Psychology and OH--Browder, Friedman, Novak, Russell; Utah and WWII--Goldberg, Embry, Powell; Collecting, Processing and Cataloging--Orton, Irving, Reeves; Global Conflict--Ilyashov, Menton, Ament, Morrison, Christman; Health, Disability--Hughes, Williams, Hirsch, Schuchman; New Mexican Hispanic Women--Rivera, Lopez, Sharpless, Ponce, Flores; OH Process as Method and Cure Among the Politically Invisible--Ghazarian, Varjabedian, Miller, Wong, Miyashiro; Basic Interviewing--W.Moore; Radio Workshop--Lewis, Smith; Texas Blacks in Community Leadership--Marcello, Byrd, Wilson, Harrison; OH in Native American Communities--Albero, Patterson, Labs; Accessing OH--Smith, Treleven, King, Abramson; OH and the Fine Arts--Ritchie, Perlis, Ellis; Social Mobility in Capitalist Societies--Murphy, Thorp, Thompson, Andrews; Insider/Outsider--Benmayor, Foster, Gluck, Diaz; Expanding Political Dialogues--Stave, Gerson, Schenken, Sherman; OH Goes Public--Stowe, Lowe, Sommer, Walden; Community Studies--Miggins, Warren, Wintz, Bashore, Crawford, MacKay; Down Under--Baldridge, Bunbury, Jamieson; Teacher's Workshop; Analog to Digital--Schneider, Smith, Grahek, Bruemmer; Selling an OH Program--Storey, Earley, Gardner, Baum, Lowery; Rural Perspectives--Hall, Wright, Tamurn, Phillips, Osterud; OH Fieldwork in the Great American West--Austin, Terreo, Morton-Keithley, Boswell, Lobdell; Before Desert Storm--Schofield, Steinberg, Patai; Alaska's Japanese Poineers--Kikamura, Inouye, Hoshiko, Heshiki; Women, Work and Creativity--Adams, Null, Pal, Baldridge, Hardison;Working, Organizing--Barrett, Mellinger, Lane, Cardoso, DeBlasio. Other files: Irina Sherbakova: correspondence and CV (1991) Equipment Request Forms: filled out forms (1991) Rankings from Program Committee (1991) OHA Program Rejections (1991) OHA Midwinter Council/Snowbird: agenda, correspondence (1991) "Take to Salt Lake": schedule, directory (1991) Meeting Evaluations (1991) Program Participant Addresses (1991) Salt Lake Evaluations (1991) Annual Meeting Correspondence (1991) OHA Council Mid-Winter Meeting (1991) Association Liason Files: Organization of American Historians, American Historical Association, American Library Association, American Political Science Association, American Studies Association, Modern Language Association, Music Library Association, National Council on Public History, National Council on Social Studies, National History Day, Pop Culture/ American Culture, Society of American Archivists, Society of Architechtural Historians, Society of Historians in the Federal Government, Southern Historical Association, Western History Association, White House Conference on Library and Information Services (1991)
Barcode: 620480
Box 182: Thomas Charlton; Donald A. Ritchie, 1972-1992Add to your cart.
OHA Breakfast Meeting--Louisville: correspondence (1991) OH in Ohio Annual Conference--University of Cincinnati: correspondence (1991) 1996 OHA Site--Region 2: correspondence (1991) OHA Past Presidents' Questionnaire: copies, correspondence (1972-1988) Evaluations from Cambridge Meeting: evaluations, correspondence (1989-1990) North Texas State Archives: Thomas Charlton correspondence (1991) OHA Dues Study: correspondence, dues restructuring info (1991) OHA Council Minutes: correspondence, budget, minutes (1991) OHA Council Agenda: correspondence, agenda (1991) OHA Constitution and Bylaws: copies, correspondence (1991) Membership Committee: correspondence, proposals (1991) OHA Multiculturality Committee: correspondence, notes, committee roster (1990-1991) OHA International Committee: report, correspondence (1990-1991) OHA State and Regional Committee: correspondence, reports, notes, (1991) Endowments Committee: correspondence (1991) Nominating Committee: report, correspondence (1990-1991) Publications Committee: correspondence, report (1991-1999) Nominating Committee: correspondence, report (1989-1991) Liason's Responsibility: correspondence (1991) National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History: correspondence, liason materials and reports (1991) American Association for State and Local History: liason documents, correspondence (1991) OHA Co-sponsors: meeting correspondence (1991) Snowbird Annual Conference: correspondence, attendees, brochures, publicity, notes, meeting agendas (1990-1991) Snowbird Tours/Saturday Activities: correspondence, participants (1991) Delta Agreement - Salt Lake City: airline schedules, correspondence (1990-1991) Snowbird Budget (1990) Snowbird Scholarship: correspondence and announcements (1991) Speakers/Plenary Sessions: correspondence (1991) Snowbird Flyer: correspondence, copies (1991) Program Committee: correspondence (1989-1991) Snowbird Printed Program: correspondence, program (1990-1991) Teacher's Workshop with Barry Lanman: correspondence (1990) Salt Lake City Off-Site Activities: correspondence, brochures, lists of activities (1991) Catering/Food for Snowbird: attendees, meal plans, menus (1991) Snowbird Contract Annual Meeting: catering, contract, information on accomodations (1989-1991) OHA Awards: correspondence (1979-1987) Site Selection Committee: reports, correspondence, evaluations (1986-1992) General Files: correspondence, reports (1986-1987) State and Regional Committee: correspondence, surveys, reports, meeting agendas (1987-1988) St. Paul Meeting: program materials, correspondence, planning, roster, brochures (1985-1987) Publications Committee: correspondence (1987-1988) Membership Committee: correspondence, surveys, report (1986-1987)
Barcode: 620481
Box 183: Donald A. Ritchie, 1982-1986Add to your cart.
Teaching Committee: contests, correspondence, reports, proposals, budget (1986-1987) International Committee: correspondence, reports (1986-1988) General Files: correspondence (1986-1988) OHA Endowment Committee: correspondence, proposals, reports (1987-1988) Finances/Budget: financial statements, correspondence (1982-1984) National Endowment for the Humanities: mailers (1982) Pamphlet Series: correspondence, brochures (1984) State/Regional Committee: correspondence (1984) Committee on Teaching: members, correspondence (1984-1985) Program Committee: correspondence (1983) OHA Symbol: correspondence, contract draft (1984) General Correspondence: correspondence, program info (1984) Printed Program: correspondence, participant biographies, program changes (1984) Papers: correspondence, proposed sessions (1982-1984) Panels/Roundtables: correspondence (1983-1984) Media: correspondence, articles (1983-1984) Workshops: correspondence, workshop faculty (1982-1984) Hotel: correspondence, brochure (1983-1984) Sponsorships: correspondence (1984) Publicity: correspondence, conference announcement (1983-1984) Local Arrangements and Program Committees: correspondence, exhibitor fee list (1984) Evaluation: blank evaluations, correspondence (1984) Liason: correspondence, notes (1984) Memberhsip Data--Committee and Ideas: correspondence, proposal, report (1984) Meeting Sites: correspondence (1984) 100th Congress Proceedings and Debates folder (empty) Nominating Committee: procedures, correspondence 1981-1984) Regional Affairs: correspondence (1982-1984) OHA Publications: reports, correspondence (1982-1984) Micropublication: correspondence and brochures (1973-1984) General Correspondence (1982-1984) OH of OHA: correspondence (1982) Long Range Plan: correspondence, organization, report (1982-1984) NEH: application, information, report, notes (1982) General Files: council correspondence, reports, council members (1981-1983) Council Files: correspondence, report, roster (1983-1984) Council Files: correspondence and reports (1984-1985) Council Files: correspondence, reports (1985-1986) Publications Committee: correspondence, budget information (1982-1986) Miscellaneous Correspondence (1982-1984)
Barcode: 620482
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 184: Donald A. Ritchie; Andor Skotnes, 1988-1989Add to your cart.
OHA Principles and Standards Committee: evaluation guidelines, correspondence, articles (1989-1990) OHA Evaluation Guidelines Committee: newsletter, correspondence, notes (1988-1989) OHA Baltimore Conference: correspondence, call for papers, advertising (1987) Belvedere Hotel: contract, info, menu (1986-1988) Workshops: correspondence, basic descriptions (1988) Flyers Distributed: copies, notes, correspondence (1988) Paper refusals (1988) Regular Panels: correspondence, brief descriptions (1988) Call for Papers: flyer copies (1987) Speaker Backgrounds: Mintz, Reagon CVs (1987) Plenary Speakers: CVs, correspondence, bios (1987) Detailed Program Committee Report Book (1984) Historical Exhibits:  correspondence, information (1988) Evaluations: blank and filled out (1988) Applied Oral History: panels, correspondence (1988) OHA Site Committee 1988: correspondence (1986) OHA Conference "to pursue": correspondence and requests for papers (1988) OHA Conference--Current Program Committee: correspondence, call for papers(1987-1988) Meeting Flyers: copies (1988) Conference Summary by Program Committee: evaluations,summary, responses (1988-1989) Conference Sum-up and Follow-up: notes, evaluations, summaries (1988-1889) Planning Committee Correspondence (1988) Program Final Proof (1988) Program Participant Registration Sheets (1988) Friday Night Shows and Films (1988) Conference Inquiries: correspondence (1988) Floppy Disc: correspondence, forms, reports, program committee OHA conference (1988) 1988 Conference Planning Committee Files: Paper--Adler and Glen, Panel--Allen, Panel--Benmayor, Workshop--Blatz, Paper--Blumer,  Paper--Bradley, Paper--Brestensky, Paper--Broaddus, Paper/Present--Josh Brown, Paper--Brudner, Panel--Buhle, Paper--Burgos,  Paper--Caudle, Paper--Caughron, Paper--Cohen, Paper--Cornelison, Panel--Delano, Paper--de Wildt, Paper--Donahue, Paper--Dov Noy, Panel--Dunaway, Workshop--Dunning, Paper--Edwin, Paper--Egelholt, Paper--Embry, Paper--Eynon, Paper--Faseke, Paper--Feldman-Bianco, Paper--Feng, Paper--Gardner, Paper--Geordakis, Panel/Roundtable--Gluck, Paper/Present--Hall, Paper--Hansen, Workshop--Hardy, Panel--Harrison, Paper--Harter, Workshop--Henson, Panel--Hill, Paper--Hodgkin, Paper--Hodgson, Paper--Homrighaus, Paper--Hoover, Paper--Ikens, Paper--Jefferson, Paper--Kelley, Paper--Key, Paper--Kiang, Paper--Kuhn, Paper--Lane, Workshop--Lanman, Panel--Lanman, Workshop--Le Bien, Paper--London, Paper--Lubarsky, Panel-- Macmahan, Paper--Maryanow, Paper--McCallum, Workshop--Mould, Workshop-- Nethercott, Paper--Nishimoto, Panel/Session--OHMAR, Paper--Owsley, Workshop--Palmer, Paper--Pipe, Paper--Pollach, Paper--Portelli, Paper--Potts, Paper--Pina, Paper--Raphael, Panel--Rogers, Panels/Roundtable, Paper--Ryan, Panel--Salay, Paper--Sharpless, Panel--Shodell, Panel--Shopes, Paper/Present--Sills, Panel--Silvera, Paper--Simonsen, Paper--Smith, Paper--Spence, Paper-Stielow, Paper--Straw, Panel--Trotter/UCLA, Paper--Turner, Paper--Westerman, Paper--Wright, Paper--Zeiligo (1988)
Barcode: 620483
Box 185: Alice M. Hoffman, 1966-1986Add to your cart.
OHA Correspondence (1980-1986) OHA Evaluation Committee: workshops, articles, correspondence (1979-1980) Article "The Evaluation of Testimonies" Miscellaneous correspondence (1969-1982) OHA Goals and Guidelines: correspondence, articles (1980) OHA Newsletter (1972-1986) OHA Publications in Print: lists/prices (1970-1980) OH Profile (1978) Evaluation Guidelines--Wingspread: printed guidelines, copies, correspondence (1979) OH Review Editorial Board: correspondence (1982) Teaching Techniques in OH: correspondence, contents, text (1975) 1985 Conference: correspondence, conference materials (1985) 1984 Meeting: correspondence, attendees, program notes, schedule (1984) Duplistickers: membership survey, correspondence (1983) 1982 Colloquium: correspondence, brochures (1982) 1981 OHA Colloquium: correspondence, council agenda (1981) 1980 Colloquium: mailing roster, brochures, correspondence, proposals (1980) 1970 Colloquium: correspondence, newsletter, brochure, papers, schedule, participants (1987-1979) General Correspondence (1979) 1978 Colloquium: correspondence, publicity, program information, registrants, program (1978) General Correspondence (1978) OHA Nominating Committee: workshop brochure, correspondence (1978) 1977 Colloquium: registrants, correspondence, brochure, council agenda, schedule (1977) 1976 Colloquium: correpondence, brochures, program materials, canadian archival information, registrants (1976) 1975 Colloquium:  orrespondence, brochure, photos, program report, workshop schedule (1975) 1974 Colloquium: registrants, correspondence, brochure, council agenda, schedule (1974) 1973 Colloquium: workshop schedule, program, correspondence (1973) 1972 Colloquium: workshop program, correspondence (1972) 1971 Colloquium: correspondence, program brochure, registrants (1971) 1970 Colloquium: brochure, correspondence, meal info ,workshop program (1970) 1969 Colloquium: correspondence, brochure, schedule (1968-1969) 1968 Colloquium: correspondence (1968-1969) OHA Correspondence (1977-1979) Miscellaneous OH Materials: articles, papers, correspondence, brochures (1966-1968) OHA Constitution and Bylaws/Goals and Guidelines: copies (1969) Finance Committee: correspondence (1973) Journal Articles (1965-1968) Oral History News Clippings (1970-1976) Oral History Paper: correspondence, paper on OH in graduate studies (1968) Bryn Mawr College: correspondence, project materials (1978-1979) California State University: correspondence (1980) Santa Cruz, California--Regional OH Project: project description (1968) George Eastman House: press release (1977) Columbia University: new projects publication (1985) Cornell Archives: correspondence, Cornell newsletter (1966-1971) France OHA: correspondence (1975) Georgia OH article (1980) Germany OH: correspondence, paper (1977-1978) Southern Labor Archives (Georgia): correspondence (1973-1977) Great Britain: list of Oral History centers in Britain and Ireland, correspondence (1973-1975) LBJ Library: correspondence, collection summary (1985) University of Michigan: correspondence, brochure (1981-1982) NY Times OH: catalogs, correspondence, information (1974-1976) University of North Carolina: correspondence (1975) Ohio OH Society: publications, correspondence, paper (1978-1979)
Barcode: 620484
Box 186: Alice Hoffman; Miscellaneous; Member Surveys; John Neuenschwander, 1972-1983Add to your cart.
OHMAR: newsletters, correspondence, membership directory (1976-1986) OHMAR Nominating Committee: correspondence, nominees (1982) OHMAR Annual Meeting: correspondence, planning, registration info (1983) Ontario, Canada: Bulletin of the multi-cultural history society of ontario (1977) Pennsylvania OH Newsletter (1976) Public Archives. Canada: research method materials (1971) Roosevelt University: correspondence, papers (1972) New England Association of Oral History: annual meeting brochure, correspondence, newsletter (1976-1985) Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library: correspondence, newsletter, publications (1977-1980) Pennsylvania and New Jersey OH Projects: correspondence, conference proceedings, newsletters (1968-1976) Presidential Libraries: correspondence (1972) Temple University Libraries: urban archives notes, correspondence (1976) North Texas State University: oral history collection information (undated) University of Texas El Paso: newsletter, brochure (1978) Texas Labor Archives: correspondence, collections decription (1971-1974) Texas State Historical Survey: correspondence (1971) Utah State Historical Society: articles, correspondence (1969) University of Wales: correspondence (1972) Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives: newsletter, correspondence (1979-1986) West Virginia University: correspondence and collections information (1975-1979) Wilmington, Delaware: brochures, correspondence (1969) State Historical Society of Wisconsin: correspondence (1974) Yale: Oral History of American Music (undated) OHA Miscellaneous Reports (1990) Miscellaneous OH newsletters/poster (1968, 1972) 1984 Annual Meeting--Local Arrangements Committee Final Report (1985) Council Minutes (1981) U.S. Brig Niagra: publicity correspondence (1991) 1971 OHA Membership Survey: correspondence and completed questionnaires (1971--5 files) Council and OH Review correspondence (1979-1980) OHA Miscellaneous: papers, correspondence, brochures, financial statements, evaluation reports, council minutes, evaluation guidelines (1979) OHA Correspondence (1977-1979--3 files)
Barcode: 620485
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 187: Jerry Handfield; Albert Lyons; James Hammack; Dale Treleven, 1977-1989Add to your cart.
Savannah: correspondence, financial statements, registrants, etc. (1978) 1978 Workshop: participants, correspondence, goals and guidelines, brochures, council minutes, workshop schedule (1977-1978) Evaluation Guidelines: correspondence, copies (1979) 1976 Workshop Committee: correspondence (1975) Correspondence--O.H. Symposium at Wingspread: correspondence (1973) Miscellaneous Correspondence: financial documents, letters (1981-1982) OHA Nominating Committee: correspondence (1981-1982) 1980 Nominating Committee: correspondence, telephone communication, nomination candidates (1980) Nominating Committee Correspondence (1982-1983) OHA Documents: bylaws, constitution, policies, elections (1980s) OHA Publications: correspondence, membership directories, bibliography (1967-1983) Conference Attendance (1970-1971) OHA Newsletter (1967-1987) Long Beach Meeting: correspondence, map, brochures, schedule (1986) Miscellaneous: correspondence (1985-1986) Campbell-Ritchie Correspondence (1986-1987) Nominations: considerations, correspondence, newsletter (1985-1987) Queen Mary: correspondence, local arrangements, brochure (1985-1986) Long Beach Conference Program (1986) Regional Newsletters (1986-1987) Evaluation: blank, totals (1986) Liasons: correspondence (1986) State and Regional: correspondence, newsletters (1986) Wilkinson v. FBI: correspondence (1986) NCC: correspondence, newsletter (1985-1987) "Foreign" Participants: travel information, correspondence (1986) Budgets and Membership: due assessment, correspondence (1985) Teaching: correspondence, committee report (1986-1987) Publications: correspondence (1983-1984) Logos: correspondence (1985) Executive Secretary Search: correspondence (1984) Membership Committee: correspondence (1986) Council: correspondence, minutes, agendas (1986) Committees Correspondence and reports: publications, endowments, internatoinal, general (1986-1987) Site Selection: correspondence (1985-1987)
Barcode: 620486
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 188: James Hammack; Dale Treleven; Waddy Moore; Laurie Mercier, 1975-1978Add to your cart.
MCA/Meckler: correspondence, directories (1986) Meeting Evaluations (1985) OHA Evaluators: correspondence and questionnaires (1977-1978) Evaluator's Questionnaire (1979) Evaluator's Responses: correspondence, responses (1977) Evaluation Committee Correspondence (1977-1978) List of Evaluators (1977) Evaluation Inquiries (1977) Miscellaneous: revision of constitution and bylaws, review of dues structure, library and information services (2 files--1989-1991) Treleven Files: correspondence, council documents, notes (1987-1991) 1985 Council Resolutions: correspondence (1985) Program Committee Report (1984) Presidential Correspondence (1978) OHA Constitution and Bylaws (1977-1978) Local Arrangements: correspondence (1978) Archival Policy: correspondence (1977) Membership: notes (1977) Constitution Revisions (1977) Oral History Training Questionnaire (1977) OHA Review Column: drafts (1977) Council correspondence and documents (1974-1977) Presidential Correspondence (1977-1978) Nominating Committee: correspondence, ballot (1978) Workshop Grant Committee: correspondence (1978) OH Review: correspondence (1979) Newsletter: correspondence and report (1978) Copyright and Legal Agreement: correspondence (1978) OHA Minutes: correspondence, minutes (1976-1977) 13th Colloquium: Savannah Inn information, correspondence, brochures, event planning (2 files--1978) San Diego Tapes: evaluation committee correspondence (1978) 13th Workshop: correspondence (1978) OHA Membership Committee: correspondence (1976) OH of OHA: correspondence (1978) Presidential File: OHA documents, council agenda, correspondence, committee reports (1975-1976) OH Column in AASLH History News (undated) Advertising: correspondence, specs (1977) Awards Committee: correspondence (1978) Old Workshop Committee: correspondence (1978) Ethnic Studies Center: correspondence (1978) Liason Committee Regional OH: correspondence (1978) OHA Financial Statement Membership: correspondence, budget (1978)
Barcode: 620487
Restriction: Financial Data
Box 189: Laurie Mercier; Hugh AhmannAdd to your cart.
Copyright Law: correspondence (1978) Site Selection: correspondence (1978) Pensacola Meeting: correspondence, program participants (1985-1986) Miscellaneous Correspondence (1984-1990)
Barcode: 620488
Box 190: Financial/Tax, 1976-1984Add to your cart.
Financial: bank statements, checks (1976 -1984) OHA Income Tax Information (1975) IRS documents: receipts, bank statements, payment records (10 files--1975-1984)
Barcode: 620493
Box Restricted: Financial data
Box 194Add to your cart.
Barcode: 702893
Folder 1: "Bibliography on Oral History" Correspondence, 1975-05-28-1997-08-26Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Oral History Association Newsletters (1 of 2), 1967-06-1980Add to your cart.
Folder 3: Oral History Association Newsletters (2 of 2), 1980-1997Add to your cart.
Series 4: AdditionalAdd to your cart.
Box 3: Audio and Video TapesAdd to your cart.
Includes audio recording, video recording, and slides.
Item 1: First National Oral History Colloquium, Morning Session, September 28, 1966Add to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 2: Friday Morning and Afternoon, Side 1: Willa Baum, Transcribing Editing, Shumway – Side 2: CTM "overlap session", Legal Problems and Oral History. W 22½ minutesAdd to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 3: Friday Night Dinner Speech, HaleyAdd to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 4: Friday Night Speech (Dinner) – Haley, Master Part 1Add to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 5: Friday Night Dinner Speech – Haley, Master Part 2Add to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 6: John Howard Griffin's Speech to CCTE Convention Original Tape, Fort Worth, March 15, 1969Add to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 7: Oral History Conference, Snowbulletin, Tape by Roberta NullAdd to your cart.
VHS tape
Item 8: Reel One of Robert Penn Warren InterviewAdd to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 9: Reel Two of Robert Penn Warren InterviewAdd to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 10: Saturday Afternoon: Panel on Financial Support for OH, Sunday Morning: $ Lyle Brown StartsAdd to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 11: Sex Institute: Securing Sensitive Personal Information by InterviewersAdd to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 12: Sunday Morning: Indian StudiesAdd to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Item 13: UntitledAdd to your cart.
Reel to reel tape
Box 4: ManuscriptsAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Oral History Comes of Age: The Tenth National Colloquium of the Oral History Association, Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina, October 24-26, 1975Add to your cart.
Folder 2: History Shared Through Memory: Fast Foward to Canada, The Eleventh National Colloquium of the Oral History Association, Chateau Montebello, Quebec Province, Canada, September 10-12, 1976Add to your cart.
Folder 3: National Workshop On Oral History, Hotel del Coronada, Coronada, California, October 20-21, 1977Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Other Voices Other Rooms: Cross-Cultural and Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Oral History, The Thirteenth National Colloquium of the Oral History Association, Savannah Inn, Savannah, Georgia, October 19-22, 1978Add to your cart.
Folder 5: The Sixteenth National Colloquium of the Oral History Association, Radisson Burlington Hotel, Burlington, Vermont, September 25-27, 1981Add to your cart.
Folder 6: The Seventeenth National Colloquium of the Oral History Association, Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas, October 8-10, 1982Add to your cart.
Folder 7: Oral History Association Speech Invitational Brochure, 1983Add to your cart.
Folder 8: Mission Development Exercise, Washington, DC, March 6-7, 1985Add to your cart.
Folder 9: Sound Historian, Journal of the Texas Oral History Association, 2007Add to your cart.
Series 5: SlidesAdd to your cart.
Box 193: Slides, 1966Add to your cart.
The slides were orginally in boxes with the number 1722. Slides from the Owsley Family Collection, Rosenzweig Texglass, and Texas County Records Project are also in this box.
Barcode: 708132
Slides: 9

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