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Collections and papers that concern the administration, staff, committees, and activities of the UNT Libraries.
A collection of artifacts that were donated with rare publications or manuscript material.  The artifacts are made of a variety of material: metal, ceramic, cloth, or wood.  The processing of these items is an ongoing project.

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The collection contains directories of the University of North Texas Libraries; Fact Books for the 1980s and 1990s; Reports on surveys of faculty, students, graduating students, alumni, and on the issue of student retention; strategic plans; and issues the OCLC Newsletter  in 1999.

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Records that reflect the activities and changes in the University of North Texas Libraries between 1966 and 1980.  The files contain reports, budget information, the start of the process to move to an online catalog, and a look at public service issues and activities.

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Velma Cathey joined the library at the University of North Texas in 1950.  Her papers primarily reflect her work in the 1960s and 1970s. The papers focus on her work as a documents librarian. There are finding aids she used to explain the documents collection to students, notes for presentations to library groups, and information on the growth of the library and the documents department.

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The Damron Dennis Papers contain committee meeting minutes, handouts, and memos from her work on North Texas State University (NTSU, currently the University of North Texas) library committees dealing with government documents, the placement of shelves in the brand new Willis Library, the development of new collection development policies, and the setting up of the Special Collections areas of archives and rare books. Her collection also includes documents dealing with library administrative duties, such as photocopies of all library forms in use in 1972, memos about staff awards, and details about the open house for the brand new Willis Library.

2.00 boxes/containers

The materials encompass research conducted by Dr. Terry Jordan and relate to the book written by Linda Lavender and Cirrus Bonneau. The collection consists of photographic material (negatives and prints), diagrams, measurements, lists, research material, and budget information. The first box contains negatives of the Texas log cabins that were used in the production of an exhibit and book with the title "Dog Trots and Mud Cats." The second box in this collection contains materials used in the preparation of a traveling exhibit on the log cabins of Texas. The third, fourth, and fifth boxes contain materials relevant to the "Dog Trots and Mud Cats: the Texas Log House" exhibit.

5.00 boxes/containers

The Louise Evans Papers document the years from 1967 to 1981 during a time of change and growth for the library.  It contains minutes and memos for the Executive Committee setting forth policies for the library.  In addition, it gives insight into the ordering process for library materials and dealing with the State Board of Control for the State of Texas for the purchasing of property, including books and library furniture and supplies.  During the 1960s a great effort was put forth in designing the perfect library to service the growing university into the 1970s and beyond which were implemented in the opening of Willis Library.  This collection documents the extensive research into designing the ideal workspace for the Technical Services area and the purchasing of furniture and equipment.  There is also planning and documents for the planning for the second and third phases of Willis Library (which never happened).  In addition, there are plans for the remodeling of the old library, which became the Sci Tech Library and eventually  Eagle Commons Library.

The second part of the collection deals with Louise Evans' professional activities outside North Texas State University including the Interuniversity Council of the North Texas Area.  This included different institutions throughout the years, but included Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas Baptist, Texas Christian University(TCU), and Texas Woman's University (TWU).  Universities in the North Texas area banded together to share materials, rather than each university trying to purchase the same expensive resource.  Louise Evans also belonged to the Texas Library Association (TLA) and the Texas Council of State University Libraries.

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This collection includes meeting records that illuminate the inner workings of the Friends of the Libraries Executive Board as well as documentation on a multitude of special events and activities that the organization hosted and associated themselves with.

The Executive Board Materials contain archives of meetings by date including; minutes, member contact lists, meeting agendas, financial and curator reports as well as copies of the Board’s constitutions and correspondence. Additionally, several iterations of the brochures given to prospective members and information regarding the Rare Books department and Music Library are included within this series.

The bulk of the material contained in the Events and Activities series focuses on the annual Spring Banquets hosted as fundraising opportunities for the Friends of the Libraries. These folders contain financial invoices, guest speaker information, correspondence, and occasionally photographs of pertinent people. The remainder of the series is comprised of chapbook photos/information, various event invitations, articles, newspaper clippings, certificates, and poetry broadsheets featured at the 1986 Governor’s Sesquicentennial Conference on the Literary Arts.

The final series is solely focused on the newsletter published by the Friends of the Libraries titled “Books and Friends.” Available in this collection are volumes 1-24, numbers 1 and 2.

6.00 boxes/containers

This collection primarily concerns Ms. Galloway's time in the Library Director's office, either as Assistant or Interim Director. It includes goals and objectives for each department, equipment requests, organizational charts, plans for reorganization and remodeling, staff development, plans for the Historical Collection, disaster planning, and research and updates on computers and computer databases.

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This collection is comprised paper documents which include office files and desk copies of University publications for Dr. Edward Johnson's years of service as the Director of the University's libraries,1979 - 1987. Some of Dr. Johnson's papers dealing with the Director's Office can be found in the Margaret Galloway Records. Material includes correspondence, reports, surveys, publications, schedules, studies, meeting minutes, library association documentation, assessments, documentation regarding the library's technical progression, staff development, etc.

12.00 boxes/containers

The Melody Specht Kelly Collection contains 20 boxes of state, institutional, and library-related documents such as memos, e-mails, correspondence, research articles, drafts of proposals, meeting agendas, institutional publications, committee reports, newspapers, and artifacts. The collection ranges from years 1974-2009.

22.00 boxes/containers

This collection contains a variety of publications from the UNT Libraries such as newsletters, interlibrary correspondence documents, scrapbooks, photographic materials, flyers and invitations for specific events, other documents, surveys and publications that reflect the work of the the library administrative office.

79.00 boxes/containers

2.00 boxes/containers

This collection contains materials that address topics such as the administrative facets of the Media Library and Willis Library, the creation and renovation of the Sarah T. Hughes Reading Room, library blueprints spanning several renovation projects, various foundations, memorials dedicated to individuals who played significant roles in the UNT libraries, grant information, and documentation of several events, lectures, and conferences. Additionally, meeting minutes and plans of several influential university committees, councils, and task forces are included in the second portion of the collection.

10.00 boxes/containers

This collection is comprised of one box of committee documents of the UNT Libraries Personnel Affairs Committee records for the years 2000 - 2005.

3.00 boxes/containers

The materials documetn collections, donors, exhibits, and the opening of the Sarah T. Hughes Reading Room form 1996. The materials include clippings, posters, and artifacts.

11.00 boxes/containers

The memorandums cover the years 1955-1987 and concern library materials, computer uses, microforms, interlibrary loans, files, publications,  as well as other issues.

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The following chapbooks are included in the Trilobite Press Collection:

The Contemporary Poets Reading Series, signed and numbered:

Adams, Cyd, Labor That a Man Takes, 1995; Balcarcel, Rebecca, Ferry Crossing, 2002; Behlen, Charles, Texas Weather, 1999; Behlen, Charles, The Voices under the Floor,1989; Berecka, Alan, Each man has one life, 2004; Bond, Bruce, National Blood,1996; Cairns, Scott, Disciplinary Treatises, 1993; Caldwell, Beverly, Life Sentences, 2001; Davidson, Chad, Tourist Guide to the Forgotten City, 2003; Elizabeth, Martha, Basics of the Dance, 1990; Fairchild, B.H, C & W Machine Works,1983; Goldbarth, Albert, Collection, 1984; Hyland, Peter B., Elegy to the Idea of a Child, 2009; Kaplan, Sara, Moon Talk, 2010; Linebarger, J.M., The Worcester Poems, 1991; Long, Julian, High Wire Man, 1998; McCarthy, William, Past Sins, 2006; McDonald, Walter,Splitting Wood for the Winter, 1988; McPherson, Sandra, Responsibility for Blue, 1985; Mares, E.A., There are Four Wounds, Miguel, 1994; Marks, Corey, Fire and Tulips: three poems, 2008; Mitchell, Giles, Love among the Mad, 1991; Myers, Jack, Coming to the Surface, 1984; Nye, Naomi Shihab, Invisible, 1987; Palmer, Leslie, A Red Sox Flag, 1983; Poch, John, In Defense of the Fall, 2000; Raffel, Burton, Grice: Poems of Grousing, 1985; Rattan, Cleatus, Funerals for Sparrows: poems, 2007; Rodgers, Del Marie, To the Earth, 1982; Rogers, Pattiann, The Only Holy Window, 1984; Russ, Lisa, Blind Boy on Skates,1986; Sale, Richard B., Curing Susto, 1997; Whitehead, James, Actual Size, 1985.

The Short Fiction Writer Series, signed and numbered : Heynen, Jim, Why Would a Woman Pour Boiling Water On Her Head? 2001; Leath, Helen,…before I Wake. 1999; Martin, Lee, Love Field,1998; Rodman, Barbara, Flying Saucer, 1997; Scroggins, Daryl, The Entropy of Hunters, 2005; Scroggins, Daryl, Oracle, 2000.

60.00 boxes/containers

The papers contain information on the the staff Development Committee, the Library Guide for the Electronic Business Library, the start of the Aviation Logistics program, and the program for the opening of the Business Leadership Building.

1.00 boxes/containers

The collection includes research pertaining to Dr. Webb's dissertation on library education; a survey of college and university libraries including pamphlets and brochures from various libraries; Willis Library construction materials; committee materials; bid invitations; bulletins; cards; correspondence; handbooks; notes; publications; records; photostat negatives; reports; and specifications. Some of David Webb's papers dealing with the Director's Office can be found in the Margaret Galloway Records.

63.00 boxes/containers

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