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Guide to the Keith Johnson Collection 1960/2014 Music Library Overview of the Collection Keith Johnson Collection 1960-2014 06/137 Johnson, Keith, 1942- 2.00 English French German Music Library Biographical Information:

Keith Johnson (1942-2020) was a retired Regents Professor of trumpet in the UNT College of Music. A native of Center, Texas, Johnson earned his bachelor's degree at UNT, and a master's degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior to joining the faculty at UNT, he served on the faculty of the University of Northern Iowa. Johnson's book The Art of Trumpet Playing sold widely and is held by over 400 libraries.

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Scope and Contents

The collection consists of two boxes of personal papers from the career of Keith Johnson, including writings, correspondence, performance programs, and teaching materials.

Detailed List of Contents id257578 1 723250 Scope and Contents

Folders 1-16 were supplied to group loose materials. Folders 17 and up came with the donation.

id257579 1 1 Concert and recital programs 1961 March - 2014 April Scope and Contents

Undated programs in back of folder.

id257580 1 2 Writings id257581 1 3 Teaching materials id257582 1 4 Correspondence 1969-2009 id257583 1 5 Photos id257584 1 6 Academic transcripts id257585 1 7 Publicity materials id257586 1 8 Reviews of The Art of Trumpet Playing id257587 1 9 Newspaper clippings id257588 1 10 Getzen Gazette 1975-1978, 1994 Scope and Contents

Includes issues with writings by Johnson. Folder contains December 1975, August 1977, September 1978, and Winter/Spring 1994.

id257589 1 11 Iowa Bandmaster 1969-1975 Scope and Contents

Includes issues with writings by or about Johnson. Folder contains September and December 1969, Spring 1971, Summer and Winter 1972, Summer 1974, and Summer 1975.

id257590 1 12 ITG Newsletter 1978 May; 1978 October Scope and Contents

International Trumpet Guild. Folder contains Volume 4, number 3 (May 1978) and Volume 5, number 1 (October 1978).

id257591 1 13 Monette magazine 1990 Summer; 1991 Summer Scope and Contents

Summer 1990 issue includes article "Keith Johnson on Monette Mouthpieces." Summer 1991 issue encloses price list as of March, 1991.

id257592 1 14 UNT publications 2002, 2006 Scope and Contents

Spring 2002 issue of Counterpoint. Spring 2002 and Fall 2006 issues of The North Texan.

id257593 1 15 Various materials Scope and Contents

Includes spiral-bound score of Sam Melnick's "Zephyrus: The West Wind" in honor of Keith Johnson, and Bud Herseth lesson notes by Tim Kent.

id257594 1 16 Faculty Annual Update Information 2007 id257595 1 17 Update 2011 Scope and Contents

Includes summaries of activities at the University of North Texas, and job placement of former students.

id257596 1 18 Update 2010 id257597 1 19 "How to Practice," notebook Scope and Contents

Handwritten notes including several days' activities and list of people met.

id257598 1 20 "KJ - CV" Scope and Contents

CVs, evaluations, activity reports, teaching philosophy statements.

id257599 1 21 Jacobs interview Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published interview with Arnold Jacobs by Bill Russo

id257600 1 22 This Bud's For You Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published article by Jim Doherty

id257601 1 23 Crisafulli - Interview Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published interview with Frank Crisafulli in The Instrumentalist, Volume 32, number 3, October 1977.

id257602 1 24 Mouthpiece - nomenclature Scope and Contents

Two double-sided copies.

id257603 1 25 Mouthpiece - how to choose Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published article "How to Choose a Brass Instrument Mouthpiece" by Vincent Bach, in The Instrumentalist, January 1972.

id257604 1 26 Tools - Articulation Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published article "Artikulationsarten - die 'Bogenstriche des Trompeters'," by Timofej Doksidser, in an unidentified issue of Brass Bulletin. The article appears with parallel translations in French, German, and English.

id257605 1 27 Tools - Caruso Method Scope and Contents

Photocopy of "Caruso Method: Long Setting And Its Advantages."

id257606 1 28 Tools - Dexterity Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published article "Dexterity" by Christopher Leuba, in WW-BP, May-June, 1978.

id257607 1 29 Tools - Improvisation Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published article "Improvisation Through Guided Self-Study" by Robert E. Henry. April 1993, unidentified publication.

id257608 1 30 Tools - Pedal Tones Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published article "Trumpet Pedal Tones: The Key To An Expanded Range" by Martin Berinbaum, in The Instrumentalist, March 1979.

id257609 1 31 Breathing - Kevin Kelly Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published article "The Dynamics of Breathing," by Arnold Jacobs and David Cugell, M.D., in The Instrumentalist, December 1983. Also in folder: "A Good Sound," by Louis Maggio.

id257610 1 32 Breathing - Hansen Scope and Contents

"Breathing Exercises," by Jon E. Hansen.

id257611 1 33 Breathing - Hallberg Scope and Contents

"Breathing Exercises," by G. Hallberg.

id257612 1 34 Lesson Notes - Jacobs Scope and Contents

Photocopy of five typed pages.

id257613 1 35 Lesson Notes - Crisafulli Scope and Contents

Two photocopies of single typed page.

id257614 1 36 Articles - Jacobs, Wind and Song Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published article "Wind and Song," by Arnold Jacobs, in The Instrumentalist, November 1991.

id257615 1 37 Dental - Lieberman and Jones Scope and Contents

Stapled packet of photocopies of multiple articles related to dental issues in trumpet playing.

id257616 1 38 Articles - CSO - Sound Scope and Contents

Photocopy of published article "The Evolution of the Chicago Symphony Brass Sound: A roundtable discussion with Adolph Herseth, Arnold Jacobs, and Philip Farkas, moderated by Harvey Philips," in the Instrumentalist (issue not identified).

id257617 1 39 Articles - Arnold Jacobs, Roger Bobo Scope and Contents

Photocopy of "Arnold Jacobs (Chicago, December 3, 1979): Interview with Roger Bobo," in Brass Bulletin 33 and 34, 1981. Parallel translations in French, German, and English.

id257618 1 40 Lecture - Essential Skills for Young Brass Players 1992 Scope and Contents

Multiple copies and overhead projector transparency.

id257619 1 41 Clinic Outlines - 1. Warmup; 2. Mouthpiece; 3. Breathing; 4. Reading Lists
id257620 2 723251 id257621 2 Binder: John Haynie photo album Scope and Contents

White binder

id257622 2 Binder 2001 Scope and Contents

Large, green University of North Texas binder. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, performance programs, and correspondence. Two compact discs enclosed: G.F. Handel: Israel in Egypt, conducted by Graeme Jenkins; Hark! A Thrilling Voice Is Calling - Christmas at the Church of the Incarnation, Dallas (Pro Organo CD 7135).

id257623 2 Envelope Scope and Contents

"Quals - as of March 4, 2014."

id257624 2 Binder 1991-2007 Scope and Contents

Burgundy binder. Scrapbook of newspapers, correspondence, UNT publications, and loose photos.

id257625 2 Binder 1992-2011 Scope and Contents

Many loose materials. Newspapers, correspondence, compact disc, "Franz Merrill funeral."

id257626 2 Binder 2010-2011 Scope and Contents

Includes Johnson's faculty evaluation materials.