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Guide to the Milly Pinkerton Brack Papers 1946/2008 University of North Texas Special Collections Overview of the Collection Milly Pinkerton Brack Papers 1946-2008 02/19/U0031 Brack, Milly Pinkerton, 1946-2008 3.00 English University of North Texas Special Collections
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Documents collected by Milly Pinkerton Brack during her time as a student at North Texas State College. The files contain examples of athletic and theater programs, registration information, receipts, campus election flyers, and programs from the church services she attended.
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Milly Pinkerton Brack saved items that reflect campus life and her own activities during the period of 1954-1956. She was an education major and belonged to Future Teachers of America and the Association for Childhood Education.

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Genre/Form of Material: Clippings (information artifacts) Programs (documents) Topical Term: College students North Texas State Teachers College — Alumni and alumnae
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Scope and Contents

The materials in this collection were collected by Milly Pinkerton Brack and reflect her interests and activities while a student at North Texas State College. This collection includes: student election handbills, athletic and theater programs, registration paperwork, a Fine Arts Series bulletin, cards, receipts and publications that reflect student life from 1954-1956.

Detailed List of Contents id22659 1 Milly Pinkerton Brack Papers 1954-1956 642181 Scope and Contents

A collection of material that reflect the interests and activities of an undergraduate student at UNT during the period 1954-1956.

id22660 1 1 Athletic Programs 1954-1956 4 Scope and Contents

Football game programs in which only two have year dates.  One is for 1954 and the other is 1956.

id22661 1 2 "The Birdseye" 1954 1 Scope and Contents

One copy of a newsletter, The Birdseye, for October 17, 1954. This is a publication of the Wesley Foundation, Denton, Texas.

id22662 1 3 Church Programs 1954-1955 5 Scope and Contents

Five programs for the First Presbyterian Church and one from the First Methodist Church, both of Denton, Texas.

id22663 1 4 Clippings 1954-1955 19 Scope and Contents

Clippings on students at other schools, elections at UNT, cheerleaders, local news and other topics of importance to Milly Pinkerton Brack.

id22664 1 5 Degree Plan 1956 2 Scope and Contents

Envelope and a degree application card for Milly Pinkerton Brack.

id22665 1 6 Denton, Texas Material undated 3 Scope and Contents

Match book for Brewers Restaurant, student discount coupon for the Texas Theater for  the movie "Romeo and Juliet," and Bates Fabrics card.

id22666 1 7 Election Material undated 20 Scope and Contents

Advertisements for candidates in elections on the UNT campus.  The positions being sought included: offices in the United Students of North Texas, cheerleaders, relay queens, and the women's forum.

id22667 1 8 Fine Arts Festival Bulletin 1955 1 Scope and Contents

The program booklet that describes the lectures, performances, and activities that would make up the Fine Arts Festival in 1955.

id22668 1 9 Registration and Student Teacher Information Papers 1955 7 Scope and Contents

This collection of materials contains receipts for registration, a card for an appointment for a chest x-ray, directions for registration, and instructions for senior student teachers.

id22669 1 10 Religious Material 1955 1 Scope and Contents

A program for "Religious Emphasis Week."

id22670 1 11 Schedule of Classes 1955 1 Scope and Contents

A "Schedule of Classes" for the summer of 1955.

id22671 1 12 School Material 1954-1955 18 Scope and Contents

Papers and cards that reflect student life in the mid-1950s.  Included are: student activity cards, a football schedule, an appointment card for a yearbook photo, card and envelope from florists, product packaging from the Student Trading Post, a permission card to leave the campus, library book request cards, a calendar page, a card to the parents informing them of the dates their daughter was off campus and when she returned.

id22672 1 13 Sorority 1954-1955 4 Scope and Contents

Cards for "Big-Little Sister Adoption" ceremonies, appointment card and an invitation from the Panhellenic Council.

id22673 1 14 Theatrical Programs 1955 8 Scope and Contents

Programs for musical and theatrical performances with one ticket stub.

id77963 2 Milly Pinkerton Brack Papers 1946-2008 642182 id77964 2 1 Correspondence 2008-2011 Scope and Contents

Correspondence from Milly Pinkerton Brack to UNT Archives.

id77965 2 2 Envelope 2008-2011 Scope and Contents

Envelope containg correspondence between Milly Pinkerton Brack and UNT Archives.

id77966 2 3 Mail Box #/ Phone # 1954 Scope and Contents

Slip containing the mail box number, phone number, dorm, and school ranking of Milly Pinkerton Brack.

id77970 2 3 1 Mail Box #/ Phone # 1954 Scope and Contents

Slip containing the mail box number and phone number at Marquis dorm.  Junior status is marked on the slip as well.

id77971 2 3 2 North Texas Box # undated Scope and Contents

Slip containing a mail box number belonging to Milly Pinkerton Brack.

id77967 2 4 Program for NTS choir and tickets undated Scope and Contents

Program for NTS choir performance and two ticket stubs.

id77972 2 4 1 Program for NTS choir 1946 or 1947 Scope and Contents

Program from NTS choir performance in either 1946 or 1947. Milly Pinkerton Brack writes in her correspondence to UNT Archives that seeing the choir was what made her want to come to North Texas State.

id77973 2 4 2 Ticket Stub undated id77974 2 4 3 Ticket Stub, NTSU Coliseum undated
id77968 2 5 Student Trading Post Items undated id77988 2 5 1 North Texas State Trading Post Item undated Scope and Contents

Wrapping for loose leaf notebook paper with writing on the back.

id77989 2 5 2 Receipt undated Scope and Contents

Receipt from the North Texas State College Student Trading Post.

id77969 2 6 Yucca Beauty Election Ballot undated Scope and Contents

Ballot for Yucca Beauty Election, unmarked.

id161529 3 Milly Pinkerton Brack Papers 1954-1955 642183 id161533 3 1 The Campus Chat, NO. 65 1955 August 19 id161534 3 2 Tip-Off 1954-1956 Scope and Contents

"A book designed to give students a helping hand at North Texas, from freshman orientation through senior graduation, published by United Students of North Texas State College.”

id161535 3 3 Empty Envelope 1955 January 29 Scope and Contents

North Texas State College, Office of the Dean of Women envelope addressed to Milly Pinkerton with "receipts" written in red pencil on the back.

id161536 3 4 Announcement and Card Order Receipt undated id161537 3 5 Receipts 1954-1955 id161538 3 6 Schedule of Courses undated Scope and Contents

This is a list containing the schedule of Milly Marilyn Pinkerton's courses and other relevant North Texas information.  On the back of this list are instructions for registration as well as a note in cursive of what she lacks in her schedule.

id161539 3 7 Statement of Earnings and Deductions 1955 Scope and Contents

These receipts come from North Texas State College

id161577 3 8 Instructions to Clerks and Work Schedule undated id161578 3 9 "Vote for..." Yucca Beauty Name Cards undated Scope and Contents

One name card is for Deloise Hooten and two are for Jan Duke.

id161579 3 10 Empty Stamp Books 1955 Scope and Contents

There are 11 empty three cent stamp booklets in this folder.

id161580 3 11 Subscription to The Dallas Morning News Receipts 1954-1955 id161581 3 12 News Clipping undated Scope and Contents

The news clipping is titled "256 Graduate Candidates File for Degrees At NTSC."

id161582 3 13 Post Office Box Rent Receipts 1954-1955 id161583 3 14 Receipts 1954-1955 Scope and Contents

These receipts come from the NTSC The Student Trading Post and from Voertman's at North Texas.

id161584 3 15 Proof of Pictures 1954 Scope and Contents

A small paper form from Cunningham Studio that states "You Cannot See Proofs or Get Finished Pictures Without This Card."

id161585 3 16 Analysis of Degree Plan undated Scope and Contents

This is an Elementary Education Majors Work-Sheet for Analysis of Degree Plan for Millie Pinkerton.

id161586 3 17 Envelope undated Scope and Contents

An empty Linwood Roberson Florist envelope addressed to Milly Pinkerton at Marquis Hall.

id161587 3 18 NTSC Receipts 1954-1955 id161592 3 19 Observation School - Journal 1954 Scope and Contents

Journal entries written by Milly while at the Observation School with Mrs. Neely's fourth grade class. Dates range from October 18th to November 24th. It also appears to be graded with red pencil.

id161594 3 20 Fall Semester Student Identification Card 1955 id193543 3 21 Papers and Publications 1954-1955 Scope and Contents

This folder contains the following items: a postcard, vacination record, Women's Forum meeting, "Big-Little Sister: Adoption Ceremony," and the "Panhellenic Rush Book."