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Guide to the Maudell Baker Collection 1921/2019 Music Library Overview of the Collection Maudell Baker Collection 1921-2019 06/141 Baker, Maudell Gentry, 1913-2019 2.00 English Music Library Biographical Information:

Maudell Gentry Baker was born on August 25, 1913, in Henrietta, Texas, where the family lived on a farm. As a pianist, she earned the first Bachelor of Music degree offered at what is now the University of North Texas, graduating in 1934. A Denton Record-Chronicle article from May 30, 1934 noted that "The degree was authorized five years ago, but the requirements for it were so rigid that not until this spring were they fully completed by a student." While at North Texas, she studied piano with Mary Anderson and performed with Floyd "'Fessor" Graham and pianist Mrs. W.R. Vivrett Jr., among others, and she was elected to the Kappa Delta Pi honor society. After graduating, she taught in the Fort Worth school district and later lived in Nocona and in Paris, Texas, but spent much of her life in Gainesville, Texas after marrying Hank Baker. She continued teaching piano and organ, authored instructional materials for teaching music to very young children, and played piano for the Grand Avenue Baptist Church and the Gainesville State School. She was also an avid painter, painting scenes from nature and ranch life in Texas in watercolor and oil, and teaching lessons. Maudell Baker died in Gainesville, Texas on June 28, 2019 at the age of 105.

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Scope and Contents

The collection consists of two boxes of materials related to Maudell Baker's life and career.

Detailed List of Contents id264709 1 705154 id269160 1 1 Hand-painted illustrations for music education id269161 1 2 Shoebox with felt letters and notes. id269162 1 3 Cushioned mailer containing separately framed Bachelor of Music degree and recital program 1934 id269163 1 4 The Leila Fletcher Piano Course, Book Two 1991 Scope and Contents

Buffalo, New York: Montgomery Music Inc.

id269164 1 5 Music instructional notebook Scope and Contents

"Mozart Music Book" brand, lableled for Piano II for Virginia Johnson, Frances Vick, and Beverly Frailey. Contains handwritten excerpts and arrangements for instruction by Maudell Gentry.

id269165 1 6 Index card with mnemonics for remembering treble and bass clef notation Scope and Contents

Treble: Every Good Boy Does Fine; Face Bass: Great Big Dogs Fight Animals; All Cows Eat Grass.

id269166 1 7 Ring-bound course pack Scope and Contents

College-level instruction and pedagogy materials. Detached page in Box 2, Folder 22.

id269167 1 8 Organ compositions by Maudell Baker Scope and Contents

Plastic comb-bound manuscript. Includes Offertory by Marlene Baker.

id269168 1 9 Large hand-drawn grand staff Scope and Contents

Black ballpoint ink.

id269169 1 10 Beginning piano book for young students Scope and Contents

Illustrations in pencil.

id269170 1 11 Rhythmic exercises Scope and Contents

Pages numbered beginning with 47, but out of order.

id269171 1 12 Rhythmic exercises Scope and Contents

Pages numbered 20, 21, and 1 through 69.

id269172 1 13 Packet of music worksheets Scope and Contents

Photocopies of manuscript. First page numbered 55A.

id269173 1 14 The Three Year Old Scope and Contents

A Course of Study for Bible School, Sunday School, Nursery School by Marie Tyson and Maudell Baker. Foreword by Phillip T. Card, Educational Director, First Baptist Church, Ardmore, Oklahoma.

id269174 1 15 Words to spell on music lines Scope and Contents

Single typed sheet of short words that can be spelled using only A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

id269175 1 16 Frederic Chopin: Works for the Pianoforte - Impromptus Scope and Contents

Revised and fingered by Rafael Joseffy. New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1915. Inscribed "Maudell Gentry '33 + '34," likely used on degree recital. Taped together with Anton Rubenstein, Kamenoi Ostrow, Portrait in F# (New York: G. Schirmer, 1936).

id269246 1 17 Franz Liszt: Hungarian Fantasy, two pianos, four hands Scope and Contents

Edited and revised by Rafael Joseffy. New York: G. Schirmer, 1909. Inscribed "Maudell Gentry '33," and likely used on degree recital.

id269247 1 18 Rhythmic exercises Scope and Contents

First page is numbered 23.

id269248 1 19 Looseleaf exercises and worksheets id269249 1 20 Music notebook Scope and Contents

"Masterpiece Series" brand, labeled for Maudell Gentry, NTSTC (North Texas State Teachers College). Last page includes metronome markings and dates. Includes various keyboard excercises, including stretching excercises by Isador Philipp.

id269250 1 21 Piano exercises for young students Scope and Contents

Pages numbered, but out of order.

id269251 1 22 Homework pages - prepared Scope and Contents

Labeled on back of folder. Tab is labeled "123."

id269252 1 23 Littlest Theory Scope and Contents

"Original." Hand-illustrated with color.

id269253 1 24 Music flash cards Scope and Contents

Bound by two rings.

id269254 1 25 Ranch Styles: Five Western Oil Prints and Envelopes by Maudell Baker, Western Artist Scope and Contents

Set of small prints of Baker's oil paintings of western and ranch scenes, packaged for sale.

id264710 2 705109 id269138 2 1 Wedding music Scope and Contents

Black binder, spine reinforced with duct tape. Contents include "Music for Tonight" by Don Gillis, "Wedding Prayer" by Fern Glasgow Dunlap (medium voice; New York: G. Schirmer, 1947, plate number 41378, photocopies of other wedding music for piano and organ.

id269139 2 2 Christmas music Scope and Contents

Narrow green binder, primarily containing manuscripts and photocopies of Christmas songs, with original sheet music for Gesu Bambino (Pietro A. Yon, arranged by Bernice Frost), Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (simplified), I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, and Up on the Housetop.

id269140 2 3 Beginner Book supplement (to loan) Scope and Contents

Ring-bound copy of beginner's piano book for young children.

id269141 2 4 Look What's Growing In My Garden Scope and Contents

Early piano book for children. Printed illustrations painted by hand.

id269142 2 5 Percy Goetschius: The Homophonic Forms of Musical Composition 1926 Scope and Contents

New York: G. Schirmer, Inc. Inscribed "Maudell Gentry '33 + '34."

id269143 2 6 Eulogy given by Alan Raines, one of Maudell Baker's former students, at her funeral 2019 Scope and Contents

Explanatory note attached, presumably by Maudell Baker's brother.

id269144 2 7 The Littlest Beginner Scope and Contents

Ring-bound, hand-illustrated piano instruction book for very young beginning piano students.

id269145 2 8 Binder of piano music Scope and Contents

Assorted photocopies of manuscripts and printed music, arranged from very basic to early-intermediate. Teal binder.

id269146 2 9 Binder of religious music Scope and Contents

Easy piano arrangements, photocopied from manuscripts. "Up on the Housetop" and additional instructional piece included at end. White binder with "to give out" label under plastic cover.

id269147 2 10 Theory Two Scope and Contents

Ring-bound booklet of copies of manuscript; introduction suggests activities with a felt fabric board with movable notes. Includes copy of article "Some Whys, Hows, and Whats of Preschool Piano" by Ann Collins (The American Music Teacher, April/May, 1985, pages 13-14), with handwritten comment "This is it."

id269148 2 11 Manila folder of music manuscripts Scope and Contents

Melodies and arrangements of popular, folk, and patriotic songs.

id269149 2 12 George A. Wedge: Ear-Training and Sight Singing 1921 Scope and Contents

New York: G. Schirmer, Inc. Inscribed "Maudell Gentry T.C. [Teachers College] 1931." Back endpage includes illustration in pencil by Bill Ardis.

id269150 2 13 Percy Goestschius: The Theory and Practice of Tone-Relations 1927 Scope and Contents

New York: G. Schirmer, Inc.

id269151 2 14 Hymns Scope and Contents

Manila folder of manuscript arrangements of hymns, notated in pencil.

id269152 2 15 Christmas songs Scope and Contents

Manila folder with photocopies of music manuscripts. Front of folder says "Popular level 1 1/2 - 2."

id269153 2 16 Music manuscripts Scope and Contents

Manila folder of assorted music manuscripts. Includes set of quotations by Milton, Shakespeare, Seneca, Tennyson, and others.

id269154 2 17 Assorted printed music Scope and Contents

Manila folder; pages within reinforced on construction paper. Arranged from instructional pieces labeled as Grades 2 through 3, with works by Chopin, Mendelssohn, Franck, and Vladimir Padwa, among others, at the end of the folder.

id269155 2 18 "My copies of Christmas" Scope and Contents

Enclosed in separated sides of a manila folder. Manuscripts and copies of printed music.

id269156 2 19 Peter Cottontail 1950 Scope and Contents

Published sheet music with illustrated cover. New York: Hill and Range Songs. Word and music by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins.

id269157 2 20 Book of short piano pieces for young beginners Scope and Contents

Copies of manuscripts in hand-illustrated cover.

id269158 2 21 Three photos and business card Scope and Contents

3"x5" color photos depict  Maudell Baker and young students. One is dated May 3, 2009. Business card is for the Heritage Brass Band of Mesquite, Texas.

id269159 2 22 Detached page Scope and Contents

Brittle page from a 2-ring biner listing prominent pianists, organists, and composers: Wagner, Weber, Wieck, Weidig, Widor, J. Williams, and von Wilm.