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Guide to the Arthur McCullough Sampley Papers 1934/1973 University Archives Overview of the Collection Arthur McCullough Sampley Papers 1934-1973 02/17/UG.1 Sampley, Arthur McCullough, 1903-1975 14.00 English University Archives The papers of Arthur McCullough Sampley, an English professor, director of libraries and the Department of Library Service, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and vice president for Academic Affairs. He also served as a Poet Laureate of Texas. The materials in this collection are from his personal papers. Biographical Information:

English professor and poet at North Texas State University, Director of the Libraries and Department of Library Service from 1944 – 1953, and later Vice President for Academic Affairs. Served as Poet Laureate of Texas (1951-1953).

Administrative History:

Arthur McCullough Sampley (1903 - 1975) was a native of Leander, Texas.  He earned a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor of philosophy degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. His bachelor of science degree in library science was from Columbia University. Before coming to UNT, he taught at the University of Texas, Austin (1923-1931), Louisiana state Normal College (1930-1931), and Sul Ross State College (1931-1935). Dr. Sampley and Eva Joy Sampley were married in 1930.  She died in 1954. Dr. Sampley joined the UNT English Department as a faculty member in 1935.  He also served as the director of libraries and the Department of Library Service (1944-1953), dean of the School of Arts and Sciences (1953), and vice president for Academic Affairs (1953-1959). He was named a distinguished professor of English in 1953, University Professor of Poetry, and professor emeritus (1974), and director of librarians emeritus(1975).  He was appointed Poet Laureate of Texas by the Texas legislature.  A title he would hold from 1951 to 1953. Dr. Sampley published three books of poetry.  A book of his favorite poems, Selected Poems, 1937-1971, won the Voertman Poetry award in 1972. Dr. Sampley retired in 1972.  Dr Sampley died in 1975.

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Separated Materials:

Selected Poems 1937-1971

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The Smedley Family Papers were donated with the papers of Arthur McCullough Sampley and apparently were family members.

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Scope and Contents

Papers concerning his career as English professor and poet at North Texas State University including articles, biographies, book reviews, clippings, correspondence, essays, lectures, letters, manuscripts, memorabilia, memorial, notes, novels, outline, photographs, poems, publications, scrapbooks, short stories and a speech.

Detailed List of Contents id42 450 706092 id50 450 1 Scope and Contents

Correspondence, biographies, professional record form, publications, lectures, letter

id43 451 706093 id51 451 1 Scope and Contents

Scrapbooks of clippings

id44 452 706094 id52 452 1 Scope and Contents

Scrapbook of clippings, Campus Chat, manuscripts for stories and poems, essays.

id45 453 706095 id46 454 706096 id47 455 706097 id48 456 706098 id49 1573 706099 id129333 1573a Oversize 706391 Scope and Contents

NOTE: This box contains the Charles B. Moore and Claude D. White Collection as well as the Arthur McCoullough Sampley Papers. This box is housed in the Special Collections Department in the Willis Library and it is shelved in flat storage (oversize) under the Collection Number HM.40.

id187758 452A Oversize Material 708121 Scope and Contents

This item is housed in a box that has oversize material from multiple collections.

id187759 452A 1 Scrapbook of Clippings 1972/03 - 1975/01
id193580 11 Manuscripts 703226 id193581 11 1 Poetry undated Scope and Contents

A xerox copy of a handwritten poem with the picture of a woman.

id193582 11 2 Poetry undated id193583 11 3 Prose and Poetry 1946-1951, undated id193584 11 4 Publication 1954 Scope and Contents

"A Book of the Year, 1954" a publication of the Poetry Society of Texas.

id205370 12 Manuscripts 702949 id205371 12 1 Entries in Literature Contests Undated Scope and Contents

The papers include handwriten documents as well as entries in the following contests: Christopher Morley Memorial Award, Gustav Davidson Memorial Award, William Marion Reedy Memorial Award, Arthur Davison Ficke Memorial Award, Old South Prize, The December Contest of the Poetry Society of America. and the May Contest of the Poetry Society of America.

id205372 12 2 Entries in Literature Contests undated Scope and Contents

The papers contain poetry and prose. Some documents are typewritten and some hand-written.

id205373 12 3 "Six Against Chaos: The Poetry of Auden, Eliot, Frost, Robinson, Stevens, and Yeats" undated id205374 12 4 "Six Against Chaos" (2) undated id205375 12 5 "Six Against Chaos" (3) undated id205376 12 6 "Dreamer's Leave: A Comedy" undated Scope and Contents

This document is a play.

id205377 12 7 Clippings 1971, undated id205378 12 8 "The Last Walk" undated id205379 12 9 Publications 1928, 1934, 1936, 1938, undated Scope and Contents

A collection of publications that have poems by Dr. Sampley, discuss his work, or concern literature.

id205380 12 10 Publications 1937, 1948, 1959 id205381 12 10 1 "Hamlets All" by Arthur M. Sampley 1937 id205382 12 10 2 "Our Heritage" by Julia Smith and Arthur M. Sampley 1959 id205383 12 10 3 Avesta Spring 1948 id205384 12 11 Poetry Society of America Bulletin 1973, 1974, 1975 Scope and Contents

The Bulletins were all published in January.

id205385 12 12 Commencement Program 1971/08/14
id225331 13 Publications 702985 id225332 13 1 The Alcalde 1923-05 id225333 13 2 The Version of the Bible Ued by Peele in the Composition of David and Bethsabe 1928 Scope and Contents

This study was written by Arthur M. Sampley.

id225334 13 3 Printed Material id225335 13 3 1 Sixteenth Century Imitation of Romeo and Juliet by Arthur M. Sampley 1929 id225336 13 3 2 On Shakespeare's Changes of His Source Material in Romeo and Juliet by Robert Adger Law 1929 id225337 13 3 3 Two Notes on Shakespearian Parallels by Robert Adger Law 1929 id225338 13 4 The Text of Peele's David and Bethsabe by Arthur M. Sampley 1931 id225339 13 5 The Shakespeare Association Bulletin 1935-07 Scope and Contents

Arthur M. Sampley's contribution to this publication is "The Death of Falstaff."

id225340 13 6 Publications of the Modern Language Association of America 1936-09 Scope and Contents

"Plaot Structure in Peele's Plays as a Test of Authorship" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225341 13 7 Publications id225342 13 7 1 Wings: A Quarterly of Verse Spring 1937 Scope and Contents

"Fragments of Eternity" by Arthur McCullough Sampley

id225343 13 7 2 Hamlets All by Arthur M. Sampley 1937-01
id225344 13 8 Publications id225345 13 8 1 Upward Autumn 1938 Scope and Contents

"For The Next Armageddon" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225346 13 8 2 Studies in Philology 1933-07 Scope and Contents

"Verbal Test" for Peele's Plays" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225347 13 8 3 Wings: A Quarterly of Verse Spring 1938 Scope and Contents

"Strange Audience" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225348 13 9 Notebook 1938 Scope and Contents

The notebook contains a handwritten history of the Sampley family.

id225444 13 10 Publications id225445 13 10 1 The Shakespeare Association Bulletin 1940-01 Scope and Contents

This is the annual bibliography of Shakesperiana for 1939.

id225446 13 10 2 Kaleidograph 1941-03 Scope and Contents

"To a Bridegroom" was Arthur Sampley's contribution to this publication.

id225447 13 11 Kaleidograph 1942-07 Scope and Contents

A short biography of Arthur Sampley with a photograph introduces Dr. Sampley as a judge for the publication for the next quarter.

id225448 13 12 Publications id225449 13 12 1 Kaleidograph 1943-07 id225450 13 12 2 Wings: A Quarterly of Verse Autumn 1943 id225452 13 12 3 Kaleidograph September 1943 Scope and Contents

"The Mirror in the Flames" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225453 13 12 4 Kaleidograph 1943-10
id225454 13 13 Notebook: Family History 1944 Scope and Contents

A handwritten account of Aurthur Sampley's family.

id225455 13 14 Publications id225456 13 14 1 Kaleidograph 1945-01 Scope and Contents

"The Stranger" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225457 13 14 2 Kaleidograph 1945-05 Scope and Contents

A biographical statement on Dr. Sampley was published after he won the Quarterly Award for the poem "The Stranger."

id225458 13 14 3 Kaleidograph 1945-06
id225459 13 15 Publications id225460 13 15 1 Kaeidograph 1946-02 Scope and Contents

"Aged Ninteen" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225461 13 15 2 News Notes: Bulletin of the Texas Library Association 1946-07 Scope and Contents

"Accomplishments and Benefits Realized by the North Texas Regional Libraries Program" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225462 13 15 3 Prairie Schooner Winter 1946 Scope and Contents

"Ponce De Leon Among the Cactus" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225463 13 16 Publications id225464 13 16 1 Kaleidograph 1947-01 Scope and Contents

"No Friend" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225465 13 16 2 News Notes: Bulletin of the Texas Library Association 1947-10 Scope and Contents

"Progress at North Texas State College Library" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225466 13 16 3 The University of Kansas City Review Summer 1947 Scope and Contents

"Land Like a Woman" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225467 13 17 Publications 1948-05 id225468 13 17 1 Kaleidograph 1948-05 Scope and Contents

"For an Anniversary" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225469 13 17 2 Voices: A Quarterly of Poetry Winter 1948 Scope and Contents

"Farewell to Circe" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225470 13 18 Publications id225471 13 18 1 Quicksilver 1949-03 Scope and Contents

"Silver Weding Valentine" by Arthur Sampley

id225472 13 18 2 Kaleidograph 1949-03 Scope and Contents

"Casa Grande: Big Bend National Park" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225479 13 18 3 Kaleidograph 1949-12 Scope and Contents

"The Brand" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225480 13 19 Publications id225481 13 19 1 Kaleidograph 1950-01 id225482 13 19 2 Voices: A Journal of Poetry Spring 1950 Scope and Contents

"No Harvest" and "Airport on a Rainy Night" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225483 13 19 3 Texas Library Journal 1950-03 Scope and Contents

Arthur Sampley address the Journal's readers on the "President's Page." This volume also has a page noting the death of Pearl Carden McCracken (1862-1948).

id225484 13 19 4 Texas Library Journal 1950-06 Scope and Contents

Arthus Sampley address the reader on the "President's Page."

id225485 13 19 5 Kaleidograph 1950-09 Scope and Contents

"To Measure Time" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225486 13 19 6 Quicksilver Winter 1950 Scope and Contents

"The Intruders" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225487 13 19 7 Texas Library Journal 1950-12
id225488 13 20 Publications id225489 13 20 1 Voices: A Journal of Poestry 1951-04 Scope and Contents

"Two Autumns," "Wind in the Wheat," and "Near Meeting" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225490 13 20 2 Kaleidograph 1951-06 Scope and Contents

"In the Laboratory" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225491 13 20 3 Quicksilver Autumn 1951 Scope and Contents

There is a book review of Arthur M. Sampley's Furrow with Blackbirds.

id225492 13 20 4 Texas Library Journal 1951-09 id225493 13 20 5 Kaleidograph 1951-11 Scope and Contents

Furrow with Blackbirds by Arthur M. Sampley is reviewed in this issue.

id225494 13 21 Publications id225495 13 21 1 Kaleidograph 1952-04 Scope and Contents

"Country Cemetery" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225496 13 21 2 Wings: A Quarterly of Verse Winter 1952 Scope and Contents

Furrow With Blackbirds by Arthur M. Sampley is reviewed in this journal.

id225497 13 22 Publications id225498 13 22 1 Voices: A Journal of Poetry 1953-January-April Scope and Contents

Arthur M. Sampley published three poems: "swift Survival," Seed on the Stone," and Telemachus in Washinton."

id225499 13 22 2 Sul Ross State College Bulletin 1953-06-01 Scope and Contents

"The Poetry of the Southwest" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225500 13 22 3 Kaleidograph 1953-06 id225501 13 22 4 Wings: A Quarterly of Verse Autumn 1953 Scope and Contents

"Open The Outer Door" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225502 13 23 Wings: A Quarterly of Verse Winter 1954 id225503 13 24 Publications id225504 13 24 1 Kaleidograph 1955-April-June Scope and Contents

"In The Hospital" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225505 13 24 2 Voices: A Journal of Poetry 1956-September - December Scope and Contents

"Marginalia" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225506 13 25 Publications id225507 13 25 1 Program 1957-03-05 Scope and Contents

"The Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra, Guy Fraser Harrison, Music Director and Conductor Presents The Denton Civic Boy Choir, George Bragg, Director" This is the prograpm that documents the world premiere of "The Heritage" by Julia Smith and Arthur M. Sampley.

id225508 13 25 2 Kaleidograph 1958-January - March Scope and Contents

"Eurydice" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225509 13 26 Southwest Review Summer 1959 Scope and Contents

A page from the Southwest Review "Big Bend Vistas" by Arthur M. Sampley. The poems are: "South Rim Revisited" and "Ghost Town."

id225510 13 27 Southwest Review Summer 1961 Scope and Contents

Pages from the Southwest Review. One page had "Camp in the Desert" by Arthur M. Sampley.

id225511 13 28 Publications id225512 13 29 Publications id225513 13 29 1 Voices: A Journal of Poetry 1962-May-August id225514 13 29 2 Hawk And Whip-Poor-Will:Poems of Man and Nature Spring 1963 Scope and Contents

"What the Bird Said" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225515 13 30 Publications id225516 13 30 1 Voices: A Journal of Poetry 1964-January-April Scope and Contents

Arthur M. Sampley published two poems in this journal. The poems are: "Late Snow" and "Daredevil."

id225517 13 30 2 Southwest Review Autumn 1964 Scope and Contents

"Sunset Rock" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225518 13 31 Virginia Quarterly Review Summer 1965 Scope and Contents

"The Epilogue Spoken by a Tape Recorder" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225519 13 32 Publications id225520 13 32 1 "The Tensions of Robert Frost" By Arthur M. Sampley Autumn 1966 Scope and Contents

This paper was reprinted from The South Atlantic Quarterly.

id225521 13 32 2 The South Atlantic Quarterly Autumn 1966 Scope and Contents

"The Tensions of Robert Frost" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225522 13 33 Southern Humanities Review Spring 1967 Scope and Contents

Poems by Arthur M. Sampley in this publication are: "Oedipus Amoung the Academes," "Squirrel in a Sapling," and "In Flight."

id225523 13 34 Publications id225524 13 34 1 The South Atlantic Quarterly Autumn 1968 Scope and Contents

"The Woman Who Wasn't There: Lacuna in T. S. Eliot" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225525 13 34 2 Southern Humanities Review Winter 1968 Scope and Contents

"History at Midfield" a poem by Arthur M. Sampley

id225526 13 35 The Christian Century 1969-07-02 Scope and Contents

"On the Damascus Highway" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225527 14 Publications 702986 id225528 14 1 Southern Humanities Review Fall 1970 Scope and Contents

"Class in Keats" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225529 14 2 The South Atlantic Quarterly Summer 1971 Scope and Contents

"The Myth and the Quest: The Stature of Robert Frost" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225534 14 3 Publications id225535 14 3 1 Iowa State Liquor Store Winter 1971 Scope and Contents

"The Patchwork Quilt as Pall" and "End of the Play" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225536 14 3 2 Southren Humanities Review Winter 1971 Scope and Contents

"Three Circles" and "On Quixote Emeritus" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225530 14 4 Publications id225531 14 4 1 Poet Lore Spring 1972 Scope and Contents

A review by William E. Bard of Arthur Sampley's Selected Poems 1937-1971.

id225532 14 4 2 The Lyric Summer 1972 Scope and Contents

"Mind as Hound" and "A Sexagenarian Love Song" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225537 14 5 Southern Humanities Review Spring 1973 Scope and Contents

"The Great Hiatus," "Crossfire of Memory," and "Retirement" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225541 14 6 The Cristian Century 1973-09-19 Scope and Contents

"The Catechism" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225538 14 7 Southern Humanities Review Winter 1975 Scope and Contents

"The Cures of God," "Act Two In One," and "White Night" by Arthur M. Sampley

id225539 14 8 "James Bowie, Big Dealer" by J. Frank Dobie 1957 Scope and Contents

This was reprinted from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.

id225540 14 9 Commencement Program 1971-08-14 Scope and Contents

Dr. Sampley delivered the address to the graduate of North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas) in August 1971.

id225542 14 10 Our Heritage 1959 Scope and Contents

"Our Heritage: For Festival Ocasions," music by Julia Smith and poem by Arthur M. Sampley

id225543 14 11 Publications id225544 14 12 Publications id225545 14 12 1 "One Road" undated id225546 14 12 2 " 'Verbal Tests' For Peele's Plays" by Arthur M. Sampley undated id225547 14 13 Test Fall 1967 id225548 14 14 Act Two Thousand undated id225549 14 15 "The Gift Outright" by Robert Frost undated Scope and Contents

This is a presentation copy of the poem printed by Holt, Rinehart and Winston to commemorate Robert Frost's reading this poem at the inauguration of John F. Kennedy.