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Guide to the Gene Hall Collection 1944/1993 Music Library Overview of the Collection Gene Hall Collection 1944-1993 06/041 Hall, Gene (Morris Eugene), 1913-1993 16.00 English Music Library Biographical Information:

Gene Hall was born on June 12, 1913 in Whitewright, Texas. He started playing the C-melody saxophone in his youth before switching to alto saxophone. He studied music at what is now the University of North Texas between economic hardships and stints with traveling bands, ultimately playing with Floyd "'Fessor" Graham's stage band and completing a master's thesis that provided the foundation for the jazz studies program at UNT. In the mid-1940s, Hall worked as staff arranger for Fort Worth radio station WBAP, and his manuscript arrangements are found in the UNT Music Library's WFAA-WBAP collection. He returned to North Texas as director of the Laboratory Dance Band (where the Lab Bands got their name) in 1947, and led the program to significant growth, with television and contest appearances. Hall departed North Texas for Michigan State University in 1959, later serving on the music faculty of the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, California, and of Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. He served as the first president of the National Association of Jazz Educators, and received their Hall of Fame award in 1981. Hall died in Denton, Texas on March 4, 1993.

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Scope and Contents

The collection consists of sixteen boxes of papers, correspondence, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, and music for jazz ensembles of various sizes, as well as one piece of realia.

Detailed List of Contents id30931 Papers id30933 1 697649 id30934 1 1 Curriculum Vita Scope and Contents

Three copies.

id33700 1 2 Transcript of "Gene Hall Tape - 1966"; transcript, "Gene Hall's Comments to Leon Breeden 2/2/76 from [Stephen F. Austin] University" id30935 1 3 Oral history interview: notes and preliminary research id30936 1 4 Photocopies of materials in conjunction with oral history interview Scope and Contents

Includes adjudication forms from Michigan State University T.V. Orchestra's appearances at Notre Dame Collegiate Jazz Festival under Hall, correspondence, and papers related to other jazz education events and organizations.

id30937 1 5 Oral history transcripts Scope and Contents

Two stapled sets of papers, corresponding to sides of a tape.

id30938 1 6 Oral history: post-interview name verification 1991 April 24 Scope and Contents

Verifies identities and spellings of names mentioned in oral history interview. Correspondence between UNT Music Library and History Department.

id30939 1 7 Collection inventory 1991 April 24 Scope and Contents

Includes two copies of "Gene Hall Gift" document.

id30940 1 8 Nick LaRocca cover letter to Gene Hall 1957 September id30941 1 9 Copies of newspaper clippings and correspondence sent to Gene Hall from Nick LaRocca Scope and Contents

Annotated in pencil and ink by LaRocca.

id30942 1 10 Envelope from Nick LaRocca 1957 Scope and Contents

Contained contents of Folders 7 and 8. Postmarked October 1, 1957.

id33702 1 11 Brochure for "new course": The organization and development of the high school stage band Scope and Contents

Original and photocopy.

id33697 1 12 Copy of letter from Bob Rogers id33703 1 13 Hall's name tag, "past president," and "hall of fame" ribbons from 1993 meeting of the International Association of Jazz Educators in San Antonio 1993 January id33705 1 14 Selmer ad featuring Gene Hall; business card id33706 1 15 Letter from president of College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA 1975 April 16 id33704 1 16 Photocopy of guest list 1948 May 8 Scope and Contents

Two sets of paper of different sizes -- unclear if they are for the same event.

id33698 1 17 Jazz Educators Journal 1993 Spring Scope and Contents

Pages 38-40: "Gene Hall: In His Own Words," by Michael Cogswell. Magazine and typed copy of article in file.

id33699 1 18 Memorial tributes and related documents Scope and Contents

Includes biography of Hall and seating list for event in his honor, letters of tribute or condolence (arranged in alphabetical order), obituaries, and funeral and concert programs.

id33707 1 19 "The Guitar in the Stage Band," by Dr. M. E. Hall 1965 June 15 Scope and Contents

In the Stage Band Directors' Newsletter, "a service of Down Beat magazine for music educators."

id33701 1 20 Set of photocopies, encyclopedia entries on music by Gene Hall 1955-1967 Scope and Contents

Two sets of copies.

id30943 1 21 Stage Band Techniques, by Dr. M.E. (Gene) Hall 1965 Scope and Contents

Conductor / teacher's manual. San Antonio: Southern Music Company. 2 copies.

id30944 1 22 Stage Band Techniques, by Dr. M.E. (Gene) Hall 1965 Scope and Contents

Part books for C, B-flat, E-flat, bass clef instruments, piano, guitar, drums.

id30945 1 23 B. Miller, dissertation 1979 Scope and Contents

Ph.D., Michigan State University.

id30946 1 24 Scores for 3-horn band arrangements - "Red book" Scope and Contents

Found with other items in this box. Standard jazz and popular tunes, some marked for revision. See also: Series 2, Boxes 2 and 3.

id32136 1 25 Concert and event programs Scope and Contents

Includes 1951 Jazz Frolic, 1957 and 1959 Laboratory Dance Band concerts, 1987 Homecoming Dance/Concert.

id33120 1 26 Gene Hall, dissertation: "The development of North Texas State College, 1890-1949" 1954 Scope and Contents

Doctor of Education, New York University.

id33121 1 27 Textbook: Showalter's New Harmony and Composition, Part I, by A.J. Showalter 1896 Scope and Contents

Published by the A.J. Showalter Co., Dalton, GA, and the Showalter-Patton Co., Dallas, TX.

id35134 1 University of North Texas Oral History Collection Number 840: Interview with Gene Hall 1991 February 9, 14, 18, 19 Scope and Contents

Interview conducted by Michael Cogswell and Ronald E. Marcello.

id33709 1 Cassette tape: "Gene Hall Service," First Baptist Church, Denton TX Scope and Contents

Wayne Blankenship, Th. D., presiding.

id30947 2 707142 Scope and Contents

Oversized materials found with items in Box 1.

id30948 2 Oversized copies of newspaper clippings from Nick LaRocca Scope and Contents

See also: Box 1, Folders 7, 8, 9.

id30949 2 Don Gillis: Bronc Bust Scope and Contents

Fourth movement of Gillis' Cowtown Suite. Ozalid copy of manuscript score.

id32135 2 3 Photos id32177 2 3 Gene Hall at American College Jazz Festival 1972 September 3.5 x 5 inches, black and white. id32179 2 3 Gene Hall with two others at American College Jazz Festival, Kennedy Center 1972 September 3.5 x 5 inches, black and white. id32180 2 3 Gene Hall directing first Lab Band (Laboratory Dance Band) 1948 8 x 10 inches, black and white. id32182 2 3 Gene Hall on alto saxophone with Lab Band at Jazz Frolic 1952 8 x 10 inches, black and white. id32183 2 3 Overhead photo of Hall and band Physical Description

8 x 10 inches, black and white.

id32184 2 3 Vocal quintet with band Physical Description

8 x 10 inches, black and white.

id32185 2 3 Gene Hall on clarinet with Dixieland group circa 1951 8 x 10 inches, black and white. id32186 2 3 Male vocalist with Hall and band 8 x 10 inches, black and white. id32187 2 3 Pat McCracken, Hall, and band 8 x 10 inches, black and white. id32188 2 3 Jazz Frolic, Leon Breeden on clarinet 8 x 10 inches, black and white. id32189 2 3 Gene Hall, Matt Betton, John Roberts at National Association for Jazz Education conference in Kansas City 1981 8 x 10 inches, color. Scope and Contents

Includes trophy described in Series 3.

id32200 2 3 Gene Hall with Leon McAuliffe and Darrell Holt 1981 June 18 8 x 10 inches, color. id32221 2 3 Gene Hall speaking to a group of students 5.5 x 4.75 inches, black and white id32222 2 3 Gene Hall speaking to a group of students, with Leon Breeden and Stan Kenton sitting behind him 5.5 x 4.75 inches, black and white. Scope and Contents

Appears to be same event as Item 13.

id32239 2 3 Portrait of Gene Hall 5 x 7 inches, black and white. id32290 2 3 Copy of photo: Aces of Collegeland band directed by Floyd Graham 9 x 6.25 inches, black and white.
id33119 2 4 Master's thesis: "The development of a curriculum for the teaching of dance music at a college level" 1944 August Scope and Contents

Master of Arts.

id33548 3 707185 id32137 3 1 Newspaper clippings id33549 3 2 Denton Record-Chronicle feature "Steppin Out" Scope and Contents

Includes "A Tribute to Gene Hall." One laminated cover and two full copies.

id33550 3 3 Scrapbook: "Gene Hall on the Ball" Scope and Contents

Primarily newspaper clippings, with some photos.

id33708 3 4 Envelope, "family memorabilia" Scope and Contents

Only document found inside was an invitation to the 1987 NTSU Alumni AwardsDinner.

id13650 Band books id25647 1 "Two-Horn Book" 697650 Scope and Contents

Six volumes of parts for jazz standards, arranged by instrument for a band consisting of two horns and a rhythm section.

id25649 2 "Three-Horn Book" 697651 Scope and Contents

8 volumes of jazz standards, arranged by instrument, for an ensemble consisting of three horns and a rhythm section. This box contains books for different combinations of horns: "alto (tenor)," "tenor (alto)," "tenor (trombone)," "trombone (tenor), and trumpet.

id33618 3 "Three-Horn Book," continued; lead sheets 697652 Scope and Contents

Rhythm section books for three-horn ensemble, and separate set of lead sheets for B-flat (two books) and bass clef instruments.

id33619 4 Lead sheets for C and E-flat instruments; "Tenor Band Book," alto, alto (tenor), tenor, trombone (tenor) 697653 id33620 5 "Tenor Band Book," piano, bass drums; "Big" books: alto 1, 2, tenor 1 697654 id33621 6 "Big" books: tenor 2, trumpets 1, 5, trombone 697655 id33622 7 "Big" books: piano, bass, drums 697656 id165849 8 "5-horn books" 697657 id33623 9 Stock arrangements 697659 id33624 9 1 Inventory of titles id33625 9 2 Saxophone 1 (alto 1) id33626 9 3 Saxophone 2 (tenor 1) id33627 9 4 Saxophone 3 (alto 2) id33628 9 5 Saxophone 4 (tenor 2) id33629 9 6 Saxophone 5 (baritone) id33630 9 7 Trumpet 1 id33631 9 8 Trumpet 2 id33655 9 9 Trumpet 3 id33656 9 10 Trombone 1 id33657 9 11 Trombone 2 id33658 9 12 Trombone 3 id33679 9 13 Violins id33680 10 Stock arrangements 697658 id33682 10 1 Piano id33683 10 3 Bass id33684 10 4 Drums
id32138 Realia id33695 Trophy, National Association of Jazz Educators Hall of Fame 1981 January id196120 January 2018 accrual id196122 1 707242 id196123 1 Lab Band 1949-51-53 1949 May 20; 1950; 1953 Scope and Contents

North Texas Lab Band 1949: Flamingo, Danny Boy, Begin the Beguine, Talk of the Town - We'll Be Together Again, Embraceable You, Blue Skies - Theme, Where or When. Lab Band 1950: Laura, Swanee River, P.S. I Love You, Ain't Misbehavin', Streets of Laredo, Four of a Kind, And the Angels Sing, Yesterdays, Tea for Two, Tiger Rag. Lab Band 1953: Stompin at the Savoy (trumpet solo, Gene Murray, tenor saxophone solo, Phil Manning), Moonglow.

id196124 1 Lab Band 1953-1951-1954 1953;1951;1954 Scope and Contents

Lab Band 1953: Oh, Lady Be Good (Gene Murray, arranger), Elevation (Frank Todd), Oh, Lady Be Good, Stompin' at the Savoy (Phil Manning), Serene Moods (Rocky Hampton, arranger), I Cover the Waterfront, She's Funny That Way (Dan Alexander), Yesterdays (Phil Manning), Blue Moon Mambo, Harping on a Harp (Pat McCracken), Slaughter on 10th Avenue. 1951: She's Funny That Way ("Harold Grogan?"), Poinciana ("Leslie Repace?"). 1954: Skullduggery, Extemporaneously Speaking.

id196125 1 Lab Band 1954? 1954 Scope and Contents

No other information on container.

id196126 1 Denton Jazz Festival with Jimmy Giuffre 1956 April 17 Scope and Contents

7.5 IPS dual track copy from masters. Spine label says 1957.

id196127 1 1957 Jazz - Reel 1, Big Band 1957 April 16 id196128 1 1957 Jazz - Reel 2 - Small Band and Guests 1957 April 16 Scope and Contents

Toddlin', Poinciana, Woodchopper's Ball - Frank Todd, Euel Box, Marshall Head, Aldon Graham, Paul Guerrero. I Found a New Baby - Harvey Anderson, Tommy Loy (french horn), Paul Guerrero, Bob Rober. (Program also lists Jerry Harmon, Ralph Pittman, George Mosse).

id196129 1 Dr. M.E. Hall and the Chain Gang - Arthur Godfrey Show 1957 September 30 Scope and Contents

3-inch reel

id196130 1 1958 Denton Concert 1958 Scope and Contents

Name of Conrad Baska on reverse side.

id196131 1 Jazz Concert - Vol. I Lab Band A, Lab Band B 1959 Scope and Contents

Recorded in Denton, 1959 Jazz Festival. Lab Band A: Pedestrian, A Foggy Day, Nobody's Heart. Lab Band B: Three Dee, Opus III, Pequod.

id196132 1 Volume II - Denton 1959 Jazz Concert Scope and Contents

Combos: Euel Box: Mood Indigo, Carioca. Lanny Steele: The Nearness of You, Says My Heart. Jody Lyons: Jeepers Creepers, For All We Know.

id196133 1 Jazz Concert - 1959 - Volume III - Lab Band A 1959 Scope and Contents

I'm Beginning to See the Light (Jody Lyons), Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Vino for Doris, Too Marvelous for Words, Relaxin' (part).

id196134 1 1959 Lab Band with Buddy De Franco 1959 March 7 Scope and Contents

Lab Band: Easy to Love, A Foggy Day, Too Marvelous For Words, Nobody's Heart, Gower Street, Hey There. Lab Band with Buddy DeFranco: Heat Wave, Can't Help Lovin' That Man, Almost Like Being in Love, The Gulf Coast, The Great Lakes, Stardust ("other side of tape), Stompin' At the Savoy, Now's The Time.

id196135 1 Denton Jazz Festival 1959 Scope and Contents

Side 1: Lab A: The Pedestrian, A Foggy Day, Gil Not Bill, Nobody's Heart. Lab B: Three Dee, Opus III. Lanny Steele: The Nearness of You. Side 2, Lab B: Pequod. Lanny Steele: Says My Heart. Lab A: There Will Never Be Another You, Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Vino for Doris, Too Marvelous for Words, Hey There, Jeepers Creepers (Jody Lyons).

id196136 1 Stan Kenton Camp, 1960 - Final Performance 1960 August 19 Scope and Contents

Sam Donahue, John La Porta (listed twice), North Texas State College Band.

id196137 1 Michigan State University Band 1962 December 5-inch reel. id196138 1 Folkways Jazz, Volume I; II - The South; The Blues Scope and Contents

Tape dub.

id196139 1 Folkways Jazz, Volume II; IV; V - The Blues; Jazz Singers; Chicago No. 1 Scope and Contents

Tape dub.

id196140 1 Folkways Jazz, Volume V; VI - Chicago No. 1 and 2 Scope and Contents

Tape dub.

id196141 1 Folkways Jazz, Volume VIII; IX - Big Bands Before 1935; Piano Scope and Contents

Tape dub.

id196142 1 Folkways Jazz, Volume IX; X - Piano; Boogie Woogie - Jump - Kansas City Scope and Contents

Tape dub.

id196143 1 Red Callender - The Lowest Scope and Contents

Tape dub of Metro Jazz E 1007.

id196144 1 Ornette Coleman - The Shape of Jazz to Come Scope and Contents

Tape Dub

id196145 1 Carl Haas, March 15 Scope and Contents

No other information on container.

id196146 1 No information on container.
id196345 2 707243 id196346 2 10-piece band - alto saxophone 1 id196347 2 10-piece band - tenor saxophone 1 id196348 2 10-piece band - tenor saxophone 2 id196349 2 10-piece band - baritone saxophone id196350 2 10-piece band - trumpet 1 id196351 2 10-piece band - trumpet 2 id196352 2 10-piece band - trombone id196353 2 10-piece band - piano id196354 2 10-piece band - bass id196355 2 10-piece band - drums id196356 2 Alto saxophone 2 parts for 5-saxophone sections id196357 2 3-horn band - alto saxophone id196358 2 3-horn band - tenor/alto saxophone id196359 2 3-horn band - alto/tenor saxophone id196360 2 3-horn band - trumpet id196361 2 3-horn band - trombone id196362 2 3-horn band - chord/lead id196363 2 3-horn band - chord/lead id196364 2 Published 2-horn charts id196365 2 Published 2-horn arrangements id196366 2 Tenor - trombone id196367 2 Set of parts beginning with "I Walk the Line" id196368 2 Set of parts beginning with "Artistry in Rhythm" id196369 2 Vocal music id196370 2 Combo orks [orchestrations] id196371 2 Chord/lead Scope and Contents

Also labeled for 3-horn band.

id196372 2 Chord/lead Scope and Contents

Also labeled for 3-horn band.

id196373 3 707244 id196374 3 1 Jake's Method: The Trumpet Method of Don Jacoby Scope and Contents

Photocopy. Denton, TX: Jockobotz Publishers.

id196375 3 2 Conn Method Scope and Contents

For guitar. Unbound pages in envelope.

id196376 3 3 The Sweetest 1992 May 23 Scope and Contents

Manuscript score in pencil for three unidentified instruments, trombone, and rhythm. Name of Red Boyd at top of page.

id196377 3 Black portfolio Scope and Contents

Gene Hall speeches; notes for lecture on the Swing Era.

id196378 3 Yellow binder Scope and Contents

Photocopies of published piano-vocal scores; blank guitar chord grids.

id196379 3 Blue binder: The C. G. Conn Method of Teacher Guided Self-Instruction for the Guitar, Levels 1 and 2 id196380 3 Black binder: The Professional Arranger Composer: Methods and Techniques for the Present Day Music Writer Scope and Contents

Inscribed to Alvin by Russ Garcia.

id196381 3 Red binder: Country Music Scope and Contents

Binder has logo of College of the Desert Roadrunners. Contents are alphabetical set of information on country musicians taken from magazines and other sources.

id196382 3 Red binder: Country Music Articles / Trivia Scope and Contents

Spine label.

id196383 3 Blue binder: The History of Country Music Scope and Contents

Organized in reference to tapes numbered 1-13.

id196384 3 Gray binder: Dick Hyman's Professional Chord Changes and Substitutions for 100 Tunes Every Musician Should Know id196385 3 Gray binder: Fake Book Scope and Contents

Some manuscript pages.

id196386 3 Gray binder: Two-horn Book, B-flat id196387 3 Gray binder: Two-horn Book, E-flat id196388 3 Gray binder: Two-horn Book, C id196389 3 Black binder: Two-horn Book, C id196390 3 Black binder: Two-horn Book, C id196391 3 Black binder: Two-horn Book, C id196392 3 Two blue binders Scope and Contents

Christmas music.