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Detailed List of Contents id63548 1 200185 id188243 1 1 Italian Front 1943 id188244 1 2 Italian Front 1944 id188245 1 3 The Axis and The Allies in Europe 1943-1945 Scope and Contents

Articles detailing the movements of the Axis powers (mostly Germany) within Europe. Articles detailing the movements of the Allies (mostly US and Britain) within Europe.

id188246 1 4 Western Front No. 1 1938-1944 Scope and Contents

Articles relating to the Western Front during World War II.

id188247 1 5 Western Front No. 3 1944-1945 Scope and Contents

Articles relating to the Western Front during World War II.

id63549 2 200187 id187950 2 1 War in the Pacific 1941-1944 Scope and Contents

1944-01-01 - 1944-06-01, 1945-05-07

id187951 2 2 War in the Pacific 1941-1944 Scope and Contents

Hemingway-Study of Chinese Conflict, Rickenbacker Flight, Fighting Against the Japanese, Douglas MacArthur

id187983 2 3 War in the Pacific 1945 Scope and Contents

1945-05-07 - 1945-08-31

id187999 2 4 War in the Pacific 1944-1945 Scope and Contents

Stilwell, Burma, China, New Dehli, India

id188055 2 5 End of the War and Japan's Surrender 1945 Scope and Contents

War with China, Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings, Japanese Surrender

id63550 3 200188 id188104 3 1 Labor During WWII 1943-1944 Scope and Contents

Strikes, Labor Unions, Employers, Employment, Unemployment

id188108 3 2 Trials for War Crimes 1945-1946 Scope and Contents

Trials of Japanese War Criminals, Reconstruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

id188109 3 3 Non-War: Articles about DFW and Houston 1943-1947 Scope and Contents

Dallas, Houston, Denton, Small Cities, Small Towns, Water SUpply and River Improvements, Tax and Expenditures, In Memoriam, Parks and Recreation, Miscellaneous

id188110 3 4 Non-War: Texas Education Volume I, "General Education" 1944-1948 Scope and Contents

January 1944 - January 1948

id188112 3 5 Public Health, Army-Navy, Business 1943-1944 Scope and Contents

Veterans Health, Women's Health, Venereal Diseases, Penicillin Radar, Prisoners of War, Working Women, War in Europe, War in Pacific, Construction of Planes and Ships Farm Machinery Production, Postwar production, War Profiteering, War Bonds

id188113 3 6 Non-War: Texas Education Volume II, "Higher Education" 1944-1948 Scope and Contents

July 1944 - January 1948

id63551 4 200189 id188114 4 1 War in Europe: Russia Vol. 2 1944-1945 Scope and Contents

Russia Vol. 2

id188115 4 2 Balkan Campaign 1943-1947 Scope and Contents

Bulgaria, Greece, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Miscellaneous, Hungary, Macedonia

id188116 4 3 Information on China 1944-1946 Scope and Contents

General Information, U.S. and China, Russia and China, LoLog Bennet, Chinese Civil War, Marshal and Peace

id188117 4 4 Information on Asian Countries 1946-1947 Scope and Contents

Indo-China: Kind of Siam killed Java: British occupation of Java, Holy War in Java Malaya: Industrial Freedom, Restoration of Destroyed Burma Korea: Americans to stay in South Korea, Conflict brewing in Korea

id188118 4 5 Elections 1944-1948 Scope and Contents

National Elections, Texas elections

id63552 5 200190 id188214 5 1 Miscellaneous Military Newspapers and Pamphelts 1945 id188215 5 2 Various Dallas Morning News Publications 1941-1943 Scope and Contents

Berlin Diary Germany's Text for an Armistice with France A Series of articles writtnen by Eve Curie on a trip to Egypt, Syria, Russia, China, Burma, and the Philippines McLoughlin, Eric "Reds Sentenced" Lindley, Ernest "Nazi Output" Rauschning, Dr. Herman "Attack From NOrth Eastern China Called Essential to gain initiative"

id188216 5 3 Rationing and Politics 1942-1944 id188217 5 4 Peace Plans and Postwar Plans 1944 Scope and Contents

Articles detailing peace plans, negotiations, and talks. Also includes articles about post war planes for families in the United States

id188218 5 5 Russian Campaign 1943-1944 Scope and Contents

Articles about the Russian Campaign during the war.

id188219 5 6 Russia 1945-1947 Scope and Contents

Articles relating to Russia and the Soviet Union during and after the war.

id63553 6 200191 id188220 6 1 Texas, Volume V 1944-1947 Scope and Contents

I. Politics II. Medicine III. Military Forces and History IV. Religion V. Transportation March 1944-1947

id188221 6 2 The Near East 1946-1947 Scope and Contents

Articles related to: Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Low Countries, Norway, Poland, Hungary, and Miscellaneous topics.

id188222 6 3 Texas, Volume III Industrial Texas 1943-1948 Scope and Contents

I. Agriculture II.Forestry III. Livestock III. Industry IV. Labor May 1943 - January 1948

id188223 6 4 Western Front No. 2 Scope and Contents

Articles relating to the Western Front during World War II.

id63554 7 200192 id188225 7 1 England and India 1944-1947 Scope and Contents

Articles pertaining to England and India during and after World War II. Also articles pertaining to British rule over India.

id188224 7 2 Germany in War and Peace No. 2 1944-1948 Scope and Contents

This scrapbook contains mostly articles pertaining to the trials of war criminals after the war, particularly German war criminals. There are also articles about protests in Hamburg and the American presence in Germany after the war.

id188226 7 3 France and Spain 1944-1947 Scope and Contents

Articles pertaining to France and Spain during and after the war.

id188227 7 4 Europe At the End of the War 1945-1947 Scope and Contents

Articles pertaining to Austria, the Catholic Church, Europe and Unbra, Czeckoslovakia, and Italy at the end of and after the war.