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Scope and Contents

The publications start in the 1930s and document the research of faculty and administrators.  The papers cover history, music, science, lectures and convocation speeches.

Detailed List of Contents id84473 1 727007 id261698 1 1 Miles Anderson Address 1978 Scope and Contents

"Three E's for Honors Day"

id261699 1 2 Ruth J. Anderson 1995 Scope and Contents


id261700 1 3 Marvin Berkeley 1973 Scope and Contents

"Learning to Lead and Leading to Live"

id261701 1 4 William Brady 1972, 1973, 1976, 1981, 1982 Scope and Contents

"Synthesi;" "Halogenated Ketens. 36. Reactons of Chloroketenes with Ketene Acetals;" "Halogenaed Ketenes. 34. Cyloaddition of Halogenated Ketenes and Conjugated Trimethylsilyl Enol Ethers;" "Halogenated Ketenes-XXX. Trimethylsilylbromoketene;" "Hologenated Ketenes. 29. Further Studies on Mixed Dimerizations;" "Cycloadditions of Pentamethyleneketene;" "Some Reactions of Chlorotrialkyl-1,3=-cyclobutanediones;" "Halogenated Ketenes. XXVIII. Mixed Dimerizations of Halogenated Ketenes and Nonhalogenated Ketenes;" "Rearrangements of 8-Chloror-8-methylbicyclo {4.2.0]oct-2-en-7-one;" "Rearrangements of a,B-Unsaturated a'-Halocyclobutanones;" "Halogenated Ketenes. XXVII. The Mechanism of te Dehydrohalogenation of a-Halo Acid Halides;" "Halogenated Ketenes. XXV. Cycloadditions with Allenes;" "Dichloromethylenecycloalkanes and Methylenecycloalkanes." "Halogenated Ketenes. XXII. Solvolysis of Alkylhaloketene-Cyclopentadiene Adducts to 2-Alkyltropones"

id261702 1 5 Commencement Addresses id261703 1 5 Jack Scroggs 1970 id261704 1 5 Ed Coomes 1974 Scope and Contents

"Some Major Falacies in 'Higher Education' - A Critique"

id261705 1 5 Clovis Morrison circa 1975 Scope and Contents

"Listen to Your Fathers"

id261706 1 5 Miles Anderson 1976 Scope and Contents

"Was It Worth It"

id261707 1 5 G. L. Seligman, Jr. 1977 Scope and Contents

"Plato, Peter Pan, and Plumbers"

id261708 1 5 L. Robert stevens 1979 id261709 1 5 J. B. Smallwood, Jr. 1981 Scope and Contents

"Our University: A Paean to North Texas"

id261710 1 5 Tom Preston circa 1984 Scope and Contents

"Commencing, Connecting, and Working: Some Irascible Thoughts o Rose Grdens"

id261711 1 5 Howard W Smith, Jr. 1982 id261712 1 5 William P. Latham 1984 Scope and Contents

"A College Education: Is It Worth the Effort?"

id261713 1 5 Arthur J. Gionet 1985 Scope and Contents

"Reflections on the Past, the Present, and the Future"

id261714 1 5 James L. Rogers 1993 id261715 1 5 Bill Moyers 1988 Scope and Contents

"Momories of North Texas"

id261716 1 6 Commencement Address by Judge Watkings 1908 id261717 1 7 Eugene Conley circa 1931 id261718 1 8 Pete Gunter 1966, 1971, 1974, 1978, 1979 Scope and Contents

"Southern Journal of Pholosophy: White head, Bergso, Freud: Suggestions Toward a Theory of Laughter;" Bergson's Relective Anti-Intellectualism;" "Jounal of Value Inquiry: Hartman: Three Criticisms;" "The Big Thicket: A Case Study in Attitudes Toward Environment;" "Journal of the History of Philosophy: Cora Diamond, editor, Wittgenstein's Lectures on the Foundations of Mathematics;" "Arkwork Review: Big Thicket in Trouble;" "Southwestern Journal of Philosophy: Howard Alexander Bursen: Dismantling the Memory Machine;" Southwestern Journal of Philosophy: Bergson, Conceptualism, and Indetermiacy: A Rejoinder to Capek;" "Southwestern Journal of Philosophy: Biological Time and Biological Mechanism: Reflections on the 'New Embryology';" "Southwestern Journal of Philosophy: The Heuristic Force of Creative Evolution;" "Bergson's Theory of Matter and Modern Cosmology"

id261719 1 9 Pete Gunter 1968, 1970-1971, 1976, 1978, 1979 Scope and Contents

"Southern Journal of Philosophy: Review of Normal O. Brown, Life Against Death;" Southern Journal of Philosophy: Review;" "Religious Humanism: Unpublished Letter from Alfred Loisy: World Humanism; Humanism and the CO;" "Association Lecomte Du Nouy: Biological Time and Biological Development;" Book Reviews were published in the "Journal of the History of Philosophy;" Southern Humanities Review;" "Philosophy and Phenomenological Research," and Southwestern Journal of Philosophy."

id261720 1 10 Pete Gunter 1968, 1978 Scope and Contents

"Southern Humanities Review: Philosophy is What?;" "Southern Journal of Philosophy: Bergson's Philosophical Method and its Applications to the Sciences"

id261721 1 11 Pete Gunter 1969, 1978-1981 Scope and Contents

"ADA World: The Big Thicket: A Chonicle of Destruction;" "Big Thicket Bulleti: Why A State Recreation Park?;" "Big Thicket Bulletin: Book Review;" "Big Thicket Bulletin: Big Thicket in Trouble;" "Big Thicket Bulletin: Regulations for Oil Exploration;" "Big Thicket Bulletin: General Management Plan: Two Views;" "Texas Observer: Dialoge: Thanks to Pete Gunter;" "Big Thicket Bulletin: Where is the Big Thicket?;" "Big Thicket Bulletin: The Old Bear Hunters Thicket: Part Two of 'Where is the Big Thicket?';" a clipping "Singer, Philosophy Prof Gets Humanities Grant."

id261722 1 12 Pete Gunter 1967, 1969-1971, 1973, 1975, 1977 Scope and Contents

"Petal Paper: Pete Gunter editor: Rules (Confidential) for the Direction and Improvement of Education;" "Petal Paper: The Last Big Thicket Blues;" "Big Thicket Bulletin: General Management Plan: Two Views;" Big Thicket Bulletin: Regulations for Oil Exploration;" "The Living Wilderness: Among The Books;" "The Living Wilderness: The Big Thicket:" "The Living Wilderness: The Big Thicket - Does IT or Doesn't It?;' "Wildlife Interests in Congress: A Stuffed Bird and the Big Thicket;" "Petal Paper: The Big Thicket: Wilderness on a Death-Bed;" "Petal Paper: Creative Man and Immobile Society;" "Florida Naturalist: The Big Thicket Story;" " Texas Observer: The Big Thicket Gets a Hearing;" "Texas Observer: Yarborough's Final Record" written with Elizabeth Gunter; "Texas Observer: Brags from the Big Thicket Bears Browse Amid the Orchids;" "Bio Science: The Big Thicket and the Bulldozer: One Last Chance;" "Texas Observer: About Those Trout;" "Texas Observer: Bankers Life BLues;" "Texas Observer: Little Thicket Park," "Texas Observer: The Last Big Thicket Blues;" "Texas Observer: What ever Became of the Big Thicket?;" "Southwestern Historical Quartely: Book Review;" "Texas Observer: And There's Still No Thicket Park;" "Texas Observer: Thicket Still Threatened;" "Texas Observer: The Big Thicket, cont'd;" " Southwestern Journal of Philosophy: Book Review;" "Texas Observer: Poison in the Thicket;" "Texas Observer: The Future of an Illusion;" "Texas Observer: Songs of Experience;" "Southwester Philosophical Society Newsletter: Book Review;" "Texas Observer: Battle of the Big Thicket Undercutting Conservation;" "UT Daily Beacon: Gunter Receives 1,500 Grant"

id261723 1 13 Pete Gunter 1967-1971, 1973,1977, 1980, 1981 Scope and Contents

"The Texas Observer: The Last Wilderness;" "Main Curents In odern Thought: The Philosophy of Science: its Functions;" "Texas Observer: The Big Thicket a 'Progress' Report;" "Journal of the History of Ideas: Bergson's Theory of Matter and Modern Cosmology;" "Environmental Action: Big Thicket: Park or Tree FArm?;" "Southern Historical Quarterly: Book Review;" "Endless Chail: The Red River Notes of Lillian Gunter: Rediscovering North Texas Pioneer History;" "Texas Observer: The Future of an Illusion;" "Big Thicket Bulletin: Big Thicket in Trouble;" "County Progress: Texas and Growth: A Sober Perspective;" "National Forum: Book Review;" Contemporary Philosophy: The Logic of Evolution"

id261724 1 14 Pete Gunter 1967-1969, 1971, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1981 Scope and Contents

"The Pine Needle: The Last Wilderness;" "BioScience: Book Review;" "The Personalist: Cartesian Meditation;" "Congressional Record;" "Wildlife Interests in Congress: The Big Thicket is Vanishing;" "Mountain View College: The Wilderness is 'Losing Ground.'" "Texas Architect: The Big Thicket Letdown;" "National Wildlife: Big Thicket, Born Again;" "Dallas Morning News: Book Reviews;" "Dallas Morning News: It's Still Possible to Save Big Thicket for Posterity;" "Academic American Encyclopedia:" entries on multiple academics; "Southwestern Philosophical Society Newsletter: Book Review"

id261725 1 15 Pete Gunter undated Scope and Contents

This folder holds a book jacket for The Big Thicket.

id84474 2 727008 id261726 2 1 Pete Gunter 1981 Scope and Contents

"Philosophy Research Archives: Henri Berson: A Bibliography, 1911-1980" This is a draft of this work.

id261727 2 2 Pete Gunter undated Scope and Contents

"Southern Humanities Review: A Stone for Samuel"

id261728 2 3 Pete Gunter 1972 Scope and Contents

Commencement address: "The Now Generation, Twenty Years from Now"

id261729 2 4 Pete Gunter undated Scope and Contents

"Regents' Faculty Lecture"

id261730 2 5 Edward Johnson 1977, 1980, undated Scope and Contents

"Library Quarterly: Subject-Divisional Organization in American University Libraries, 1939-1974;" "Applying 'Management by Objectivs' To the University Library;" "Journal of Educational Media Science: Goal-Setting in Management;" "The Undergraduate Library and the Subject-Divisional Pla: Problems and Prospects" with Richard D. Hershcopt; "Evaluating the Impact of MRAP on Several Research Libraries: Some Thoughts on Assessment"

id261731 2 6 Terry Jordan 1977 Scope and Contents

"Rice University Studies: The German Element in Texas: An Overview"

id261732 2 7 Robert Judy 1984 Scope and Contents

"Christmas Packages"

id261733 2 8 Tommie Lawhon and Velma Schmidt 1984 Scope and Contents

Field Trips for Children

id261734 2 9 J. M. Linebarger 1978 Scope and Contents

Arthur Sampley: An Introduction ot the Poetry

id261735 2 10 Donald Lyons and Bill Forbes 2004 Scope and Contents

"Southwetern Geographer: A History of Geography at the University of NOrth Texas"

id261736 2 11 Ronald Marcello 1996 Scope and Contents

"Southwestern Historical Quarterly: Reluctance Versus Reality: The esegregation of North Texas State College, 1954-1956"

id261737 2 12 Ronald Marcello circa 1996 Scope and Contents

"Reluctance vs Reality: The Desegregation of North Teas State College, 1954-1956" This is a draft.

id261738 2 13 Roland Marcello 1992 Scope and Contents

"Soutwest Historical Quartrly: Lone star POWS: Texas National Guardsmen and the Building of the Burma-Thailand Railroad, 1942-1944"

id261739 2 14 Ronald Marcello undated Scope and Contents

"Integration of Texas Intercollegiate Athletics: A Peaceful Transition"

id261740 2 15 Ronald Marcello undated Scope and Contents

This folder holds black and white prints of Joe Atkins, Leon King,and A. Haynes.

id261741 2 16 Thomas Preston 1969, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1982, 1984 Scope and Contents

"Texs Studies in Literature and LanguageHistoriography as Art in Eighteenth-Centry England;" "PMLA, Publications of the Modern Language Asociation of America: The Biblical Context of Johnson's Rasselas;" "Eightenth-Cetruy Studies: Homeric Allusion in A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland;" "Disenchanting the Man of Feeling: Mollett's Ferdinand Count Fathom;" "Studis in Philology: The 'Stage Passions' and smollett's Characterization;" "Critique: Studies in Modern Fiction: Christian Folly in the Fiction of J. F. Powers;" "Books adn their Readers in Eighteenth-Century England: Biblical criticism, literature, and the eighteenth-century reader;" "From Typology to Literature: Hermeneutics ad Historical Narrative in Eighteenth-Century England;" "Heroism of Saul: Patterns of Meaning in the Narrative of the Early Kingship;" "Philological Quarterly: Smollett Among the Indians;" "Studies in Philology: The Uses of Adversity: Worldly Detachment and Heavenly Treasure in The Vicar of Wakefield;" "The Dialectic of Art and Philosophy" and two book reviews

id261742 2 17 Carroll Rich 1970, undated Scope and Contents

"The Autopsy of Bonnie and Clyde;" "The Day They Shot Bonnie and Clyde;" "Clyde Barrow's Last Ford"

id261743 2 18 Arthur Sampley 1971 Scope and Contents

This is Dr. Sampley's commencement address.

id261744 2 19 Martin Staples Shockley 1969 Scope and Contents

The paper is a commencement address.

id84475 3 727009 id261745 3 1 L. A. Sharp 1934 Scope and Contents

"Arithmetic: Drill Tablet 2;" "Arithmetic: Drill Tablt 3"

id261746 3 2 L. A. Sharp 1932, 1935 Scope and Contents

"Workbook for Algebra I;" "Mastery of Arithmetic Essentials"

id261747 3 3 Cora Stafford 1947 Scope and Contents

"Art For Living, Book One;" "Art for Living, Book Two"

id262132 3 4 Cora Stafford 1949 Scope and Contents

"Art for Living, Book Four;" "Art for Living, Book Five"

id262133 3 5 Cora Stafford 1949, 1950 Scope and Contents

"Art For Living, Book Six;" "Art for Living, Book Seven"

id262134 3 6 C. E. Shuford 1966 Scope and Contents

The following poems are in this folder: "Harvest," "Rainbow Beyond Black Gulch," "Blackberrying," and "The Answering White."

id262137 3 7 William Tanner 1983 Scope and Contents

"Rehtoric of the Arts: A Symposium in Rhetoric" - William Tanner and Fred Tarpley, editors

id262138 3 8 Frank Vandiver 1980, 1981 Scope and Contents

Address to Faculty Convocation, January 9, 1980 and correspondence to the faculty make up the contents of this folder.

id262139 3 9 G. R. Vela 1969, 1971-1979, 1981 id262140 3 10 William Wilson 1991 Scope and Contents

"Desegregation of the Hamilton Park School, 1955-1975" was published in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.