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Guide to the Friends of the Libraries Collection University Archives Overview of the Collection Friends of the Libraries Collection 1982-02-15 to 2010-04-08 02/24/U0107 6.00 English University Archives Contained within this collection are records of Friends of the Libraries board meetings, information on annual events and activities and copies of the Friends of the Libraries' newsletter, "Books and Friends." Additional materials include lists of members of the organization and paraphenilia such as calendars and certificates belonging to the group. Administrative History:

The Friends of the University of North Texas Libraries was founded in 1981.  The members have contributed funds for the purchase of books, manuscripts, maps, and other materials that the UNT Libraries would not otherwise have been able to afford.  These purchases helped with the development of the Rare Book and Texana Collections (now part of Special Collections). The Friends have also contributed to events in the Denton community, such as the Denton Sesquicentennial program.  They have also supported the Libraries through subscriptions to journals, support for preservtion work, funded exhibitions, and helped to fund the Artist's Book Purchase Award and the Student Assistant of Distinction Award.

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2016-029, 2016-041, 2013-14

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Arrangement of Materials:

This collection is arranged into three series; Executive Board Materials, Friends of the Libraries Events and Activities, and "Books and Friends;" the organization's newsletter publication.

Scope and Contents

This collection includes meeting records that illuminate the inner workings of the Friends of the Libraries Executive Board as well as documentation on a multitude of special events and activities that the organization hosted and associated themselves with.

The Executive Board Materials contain archives of meetings by date including; minutes, member contact lists, meeting agendas, financial and curator reports as well as copies of the Board’s constitutions and correspondence. Additionally, several iterations of the brochures given to prospective members and information regarding the Rare Books department and Music Library are included within this series.

The bulk of the material contained in the Events and Activities series focuses on the annual Spring Banquets hosted as fundraising opportunities for the Friends of the Libraries. These folders contain financial invoices, guest speaker information, correspondence, and occasionally photographs of pertinent people. The remainder of the series is comprised of chapbook photos/information, various event invitations, articles, newspaper clippings, certificates, and poetry broadsheets featured at the 1986 Governor’s Sesquicentennial Conference on the Literary Arts.

The final series is solely focused on the newsletter published by the Friends of the Libraries titled “Books and Friends.” Available in this collection are volumes 1-24, numbers 1 and 2.

Detailed List of Contents id165460 1 642289 id165461 1 Executive Board Materials id165462 1 1 Executive Board Meetings (1 of 2) 1982-02-15-2003-12-01 id165463 1 2 Executive Board Meetings (2 of 2) 2004-01-12-2011-05-09 id165464 1 3 Board Constitutions and By-Laws undated id165465 1 4 Member Contact Lists undated id165478 1 5 Correspondence 1982-06-15-2004-10-11 id165479 1 6 Rare Books and Music Library Information 1991-undated id165481 1 7 Iterations of Friends of the Libraries Brochures undated id166693 1 8 Descriptions of Other Library Boards 2009-undated id165482 1 Friends of the Libraries Events and Activities id165483 1 9 3rd Annual Spring Banquet 1984-03-14 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: Mr. Stanley Marcus

id165484 1 10 10th Annual Spring Banquet 1991-05-02 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: Mr. Warren C. Norwood

id165485 1 11 12th Annual Spring Banquet 1986-05-18-1993-03-09 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: Mr. David Lindsey on "Fact, Imagination, and Fictional Integrity: Or Never Trust a Man Who Makes His Living Telling Lies."

id165486 1 12 13th Annual Spring Banquet 1994-03-01 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: Carolyn Meyer on "Memoirs of a Children's Book Writer: Early Draft."

id165490 1 13 14th Annual Spring Banquet 1994-08-17-1995-03-21 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: Bruce Cheeseman on "Richard King: Pioneering Capitalism on the Frontier."

id165494 1 14 15th Annual Spring Banquet 1995-10-1996-05-09 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: Louis Jacobs on "Dinosaur Hunting in Texas."

id165496 1 15 16th Annual Spring Banquet 1996-11-05-1997-02-28 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: E.R. Milner on "The Lives and Times of Bonnie and Clyde."

id165500 1 16 17th Annual Spring Banquet 1998-02-25 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: James Ward Lee on "Reading Can Ruin You."

id165504 1 17 18th Annual Spring Banquet 1999-03-09-1999-06-22 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: Jack Maguire on "'Thank You Mr. President...' Reminiscences and Humorous Stories from Eight Presidents."

id165509 1 18 19th Annual Spring Banquet 1999-09-17-2000-02-27 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: Stephen Harrison on "Old Friends and New: Decorative Arts at the DMA."

id165514 1 19 20th Annual Spring Banquet 2000-08-2001-03-26 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: Frank D. Welch on "Philip Johnson and Texas."

id165519 1 20 22nd Annual Spring Banquet 1999-2003-03-11 Scope and Contents

Featuring guest speaker: Brent Phelps on "Sites of Discovery: Photographing the Lewis and Clark Trail."

id165521 1 21 25th Annual Spring Banquet 2006-02-23 id165526 1 22 26th Annual Spring Banquet 2007-03-06 id165530 1 23 27th Annual Spring Banquet 2008-02-03-2008-02-26 Scope and Contents

Featuring performers: Joseph Klein with "Three Poems from Felt," Andrew May with "Wandering Through the Same Dream," and Jon Nelson with "They Wash Their Ambassadors in Citrus and Fennel" and " the rain has a slap and a curve."

id165531 1 24 28th Annual Spring Banquet 2008-12-09-2009-03-05 id165532 1 25 29th Annual Spring Banquet 2009-09-23-2010-03-12 Scope and Contents

Featuring: "A Cinderella Story: Fairy Tales in Arts and Letters" with Dr. Janelle Mathis, The Denton Community Theatre's RoadShow Story Theatre, and members of the Denton Community Theatre.

id165533 1 26 UNT Press Chapbooks 1991-2010-04-08 id165534 1 27 Exhibit Openings 1983-05-02-undated id165535 1 28 New Faculty Event Invitations 1988-09-01-2002-09-05 id165536 1 29 Poets Reading Event Invitations 1986-03-06-2008-04-17 id165537 1 30 Miscellaneous Event Invitations 1981-10-22-2004-02-25 id165538 1 31 Articles and Newspaper Clippings 1982-12-29-2008-11-06 id165539 1 32 Calendars 1988-undated id166692 1 33 Genealogical Presentation 2001-09-20-2001-10-27 id165540 1 34 Blank Forms and Certificates undated id166694 1 "The Fragile Inheritance" Carousel Slides 1976
id165542 1 "Books and Friends" id165543 1 35 "Books and Friends" 1982-04-2010
id165544 2 Oversized Materials 702894 Scope and Contents

This is a multiple collection box that contains materials from the Society of Ethnobiology Records and Donald Grose Records.

id165545 2 Friends of the Libraries Events and Activities id165546 2 "Unsent Message to My Brother in His Pain" by Leon Stokesbury 1986-09-24-1986-09-27 id165547 2 "Farm to Market" by Richard Sale 1986-09-24-1986-09-27 id165548 2 "The Traveling Onion" by Naomi Shihab Nye 1986-09-24-1986-09-27 id165549 2 "14 De Julio" by Sandra Cisneros 1986-09-24-1986-09-27 id165550 2 "The Box" by William D. Barney 1986-09-24-1986-09-27 id165551 2 "Poetry and Post, Texas" by Betsy Colquitt 1986-09-24-1986-09-27 id165552 2 "Faith" by Lorenzo Thomas 1986-09-24-1986-09-27 id165553 2 "You Who Walked Through the Fire" by Harryette Mullen 1986-09-24-1986-09-27 id165554 2 "The Objects of Immortality" by Pattiann Rogers 1986-09-24-1986-09-27
id205339 Dr. Kate Lynass Files id205337 3 Dr. Kate Lynass Files 702942 Scope and Contents

The files document the activiies of the Friends of the Libraries and Kate Lynass's work on the committee. It shows her joining in 2011, when she served as the second vice-president. She would become the chair in 2013.

id205338 3 1 Cards undated Scope and Contents

This is a set of greeting cards that show images of A. M. Willis Library.

id205340 3 2 Campaign for UNT Folder 2012 Scope and Contents

The folder has documents that outline the work of the committee.

id205341 3 3 Kate Lynass: Friends of the Libraries 2013-2014 id205342 3 4 Kate Lynass: Friends of the Libraries 2013 id205343 3 5 Kate Lynass: Friends of the Libraries 2012 id205344 3 6 Kate Lynass: Friends of the Libraries 2011
id263651 Friends of the Libraries Photographs id263652 4 Prints, Negatives, Documents 727037 id263653 4 1 Charter Friends of the Library Reception, Color Prints 1981-10-22 Scope and Contents

The reception was held in the Presidnt's house.  Individuals identified in the prints in this folder are: Fred Pole, Margaret Galloway, Edward Mattil, and Bety Marzan.

id263654 4 2 Charter Friends of the Library Reception, Color Prints 1981-10-22 Scope and Contents

The reception was held in the President's house. Individuals identified in this set of prints are: Edward Mattil, Betty Marzan, Joanna Hurley, Margaret Galloway, and Cora Martin.

id263655 4 3 Charter Friends of the Library Reception, Color Prints 1981-10-22 Scope and Contents

The reception was held in the President's house. Individuals identified in this set of prints are: Betty Marzan, Edward Mattil, and Jack Davis.

id263656 4 4 Jean Andrews Smith, "The Pepper Lady," Black and White Print undated Scope and Contents

Dr. Smith was an alumna of the University of North Texas.

id263657 4 5 Rare Book Room Negatives, Black and White 1990-02-12 Scope and Contents

The images show the artist's book, Apple, more formerly known Apple Tree with Strands of Spiderwebs by Jaroslav Seifert with binding by Jan Sobota.

id263658 4 6 Clipping, "Texas Author to Speak at Spring Banquet" 1992-04-24 Scope and Contents

The clipping concerns Evelyn Oppenheimer's presentation to the 11th annual spring banquet. The clipping was publsihed in the Denton Record Chronicle.

id263716 General Files id263727 5 General Files 727040 id263728 5 1 Texana Handout undated Scope and Contents

This handout describes the Texana collection in the Rare Book Room (now part of Special Collections).

id263729 5 2 Friends of the Libraries Constitution 1981 Scope and Contents

This folder also has documents that give information on forming a library friends group.

id263730 5 3 Executive Board Meeting 1983-10-06, 1985-03-01 id263731 5 4 Organizing Committee 1980-1982 id263732 5 5 Rosters 1982-1983 id263738 5 6 Correspondence 1980-1983 id263739 5 7 Correspondence 1983-1987 id263740 5 8 Presentations, Publications 1982 Scope and Contents

There are multiple examples of newsletters from other libraries' "friends" programs in this file.

id263746 5 9 Friends' Banquet 1984 id263747 5 10 Friends' Banquet 1986 id263748 5 11 New Faculty Reception 1987 id263750 5 12 Solicitations 1981-1985 id263751 5 13 Library Memorial Fund Donations 1986-1987 id263752 5 14 Donor Receipts 1981 id263753 5 15 Donations - Legal 1981 id263754 5 16 Historical Collection Donations 1986-1987 id263780 5 17 Deposits (Donor's and Memberships) 1982-1983 id263781 5 18 Membership 1982-1983 id263782 5 19 Membership / Donor Forms 1983 id263783 5 20 Memberships 1983-1984 id263784 5 21 Membership Forms 1984 id263785 5 22 Friends Membership 1985-1986 id263801 5 23 Membership Receipt Book 1986 id263802 5 24 Membership Forms 1986-1987 id263803 5 25 Friends - Donors 1982-1983, 1986-1987 id263804 5 26 Courtesy Card Requests 1987 id263805 5 27 Certificates and Membership Cards undated id263806 5 28 Expenditures 1980-07, 1981-1982 id263807 5 29 Expenditures 1983-1984 id263811 5 30 Expenditures 1985-09-01 - 1985-12-31 id263812 5 31 Expenditures 1984-08 - 1985-01-31 id263813 5 32 Interdepartmental Orders 1986 id263814 5 33 Forms undated id263815 5 34 Order Forms 1985-02-01 - 1985-08-31 id263816 5 35 Order Forms undated id263817 5 36 Friends of the Libraries, U. S. A.: Newsletter 1979-1985 id263818 5 37 Friends of the Libraries, U. S. A.: New Members Kit 1983
id263819 6 Oversize Material 727031 id263820 6 "Openers" Spring 1983 Scope and Contents

This is a newspaper of the Warren-Newport Public Library.