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Guide to the William Gill World War II War Crimes and POW Collection Manuscripts Overview of the Collection William Gill World War II War Crimes and POW Collection 01/AR0168 William R. Gill 4.00 Manuscripts Collection of war crimes and POW material. Biographical Information:

William R. Gill was born in McDonald, Pennsylvania on July 21, 1920. He graduated from High School in 1938. He was a member of the Reserve Officers Training Corps while attending Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Gill earned a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy, graduating in December 1942. He earned a Master’s Degree from the University of Hawaii in 1949. Following that he would earn his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1955.

During World War II he served with A Company, 389th Infantry Regiment, 98th Infantry Division in the Pacific Theater. He participated in entering Japan at the end of the War. He was involved in taking over prisoner of war camps and the collection and destroying Japanese weapons. Mr. Gill was also involved in gathering evidence of war crimes committed by the Japanese. Among the cases he investigated were those involving medical experimentation on humans.

He was called to duty as an Army Reservist for the Korean War following his completion of his master’s degree. He joined the Investigations Office the first summer. The second summer he joined an engineering outfit in Okinawa. He retired from the Army Reserve as a colonel in 1960.

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Scope and Contents

Clippings and copies of papers that document the prisoner of war camps in Japan.  The papers include correspondence, papers used in the prosecution of war crimes, and clippings

Detailed List of Contents id90467 1 William R. Gill World War II War Crimes and POW Collection 628593 id151507 1 1 Document Group G IV 1 Scope and Contents

Index to the documents in this collection and a xerox copy of a clippings from September 1945.

id151508 1 2 Document Group G IV 2 Scope and Contents

"A Short History of Ofuna POW Camp Documents"

id151509 1 3 Document Group G IV 3 Scope and Contents

Copies of investigative reports on Ofuna POW camp.

id151510 1 4 Document Group G IV 4 Scope and Contents

Copies of photographs of Japanese camp personnel.

id151511 1 5 Document Group G IV 5 Scope and Contents

Copies of camp personnel and identification records.

id151512 1 6 Document Group G IV 6 Scope and Contents

Copies of War Crimes reports from the Judge Advocate Section, War Crimes Defense.

id151513 1 7 Document Group G IV 7 Scope and Contents

"Ofuna: Review of Trial and Sentences"

id151514 1 8 Document Group G IV 8 Scope and Contents

Copy of "Headquarters Eighth Army: Unitest States Army, Office of the Staff Judge Advoacte" This document is dated 4 February, 1949.

id151515 1 9 Document Group G IV 9 Scope and Contents

"Omori: Review of Trials and Senteces: Sanematsu and Itagaki"

id151516 1 10 Document Group G IV 10 Scope and Contents

Reports on trial and sentences for the Ofuna Camp.

id151517 1 11 Document Group G IV 11 - 12 Scope and Contents

Copies of legal documents from 1948.

id90468 2 William R. Gill World War II War Crimes and POW Collection 628592 id151518 2 1 Document Group G V 1-8 Scope and Contents

"The Conduct Ilse Koch War Crimes Trial"

id151519 2 2 Document Group G VI 1-5 Scope and Contents

Copies of documents concerning the 73rd Bombardment Wing.

id151520 2 3 Document Group G VI 5-9 Scope and Contents

Copies of articles or book chapters on bombardment wings in the Pacific in World War II.

id151521 2 4 Document Group VI 10-15 Scope and Contents

A xerox copy of "The Army Air Forces in Worl War II: Combat Chronology" compiled by Kit C. Carter and Robert Mueller concerning the Twentieth Air Force. "Historic Maxwell Air Force Base: Driving Tour Booklet"

id151522 2 5 Document Group G VI 16 Scope and Contents

Copies of "Missing Air Crew Report" and other documents.

id151523 2 6 Document Group G VI 17 Scope and Contents

These pages are copies of listings of Libraris holding military Information.

id151524 2 7 Document Group G VI 18 Scope and Contents

Biographical essay, forms, and documents concerning World War II in the pacific.

id151525 2 8 Document Group G VI 19 1998 - 1999 Scope and Contents

Ed Barhard's letters to William Gill

id151526 2 9 Document Group G VI 19 (b) 1997 Scope and Contents

Letters secured as a result of a general search letter which requested help.  The letters are from: Sheldon F. Edlridge, Ingrant Hermanson, Harris R. Owens, Mr. Mollwitz, George T. Broscoe, Rowan Kelknap, and Katherine D. Naff.

id151527 2 10 Document Group G VI 20 1997 Scope and Contents

Letters between Colonel Rollin C. Reineck and William R. Gill.

id151528 2 11 Document Group G VII 1-12 Scope and Contents

1) "A Compilation of Biographical Source Documents Concerning Major William Heral Walker, U. S. Army Air Force (1919-1945) a Prisoner of War in Japan During World War II by William R. Gill and Davis P. Newton and A Biography of Major William H. Walkers by Elizabeth D. Schafer"; 2) "Waler Biography Distribution List"; 3-5) American Red Cross documents and correspondence; 6)Depatment of the Air Force letter; 7)"USS Benevolence, 1945-1947"; 8) "Warrior Without Weapons"; 9) "The Biology of Human Starvation"; 10-11) Broadside requesting information of William H. Walker and correspondence; 12) "Point of No Return."

id151529 2 12 Document Group G VII 13 Scope and Contents

Jean Balch correspondence that contains documents and a photograph.

id151530 2 13 Document Group G VII 14 1997 Scope and Contents

Correspondence between William R. Eustis and William R. Gill.

id151531 2 14 Document Group G VII 15 1999 Scope and Contents

This folder contains information on the POW Camp Ofuna and correspondence with Davis P. Newton.

id151532 2 15 Document Group G VII 16 1997 Scope and Contents

Correspondence between William R. Gill and Mrs. Jean Walker Voss, Callie Reneker,  and Gregory Young (includes photograph).

id90469 3 William R. Gill World War II War Crimes and POW Collection 642224 id151533 3 1 Document Group G VII 17 Scope and Contents

This folder contain correspondence between William R. Gill and Richard Sandlin and Sharon Storm.

id151534 3 2 Document Group G VII 18 Scope and Contents

Letters requesting information on Major William Harold Walker.

id151535 3 3 Document Group G VII 19 Scope and Contents

Documents and a list of questions by Lisa Schafer.

id151536 3 4 Document Group G VII 20 1997 Scope and Contents

Correspondence with William R. Gill and Scott M. Downing.

id151538 3 5 Document Group G VII 21 1997 - 1999 Scope and Contents

Correspondence between William R. Gill and Robert F. Goldsworthy.

id151550 3 6 Document Group G VII 22 1996 Scope and Contents

A letter from William R. Gill to Governor Harold E. Stassen of Minnesota.

id151551 3 7 Document Group G VII 23 Scope and Contents

Copies of chapters from the books: "Ba Ba Blacksheep" and "Clear the Bridge!".

id151552 3 8 War Crimes Investigations in Japan 1945-1948: A Personal Remembrance 1995 Scope and Contents

The book is by William R. Gill.