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Guide to the Teaching Slide Collection 1910/1940 University of North Texas Special Collections Overview of the Collection Teaching Slide Collection 1910-1940 02/U0425 Historical Collection (University of North Texas) 44.00 English University of North Texas Special Collections
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A collection of latern slides that were used in early classes at the University of North Texas.
Historical Note:

Dr. Joseph Lyman Kingsbury, a member of the History faculty, founded a museum on campus 1925 “In the two and one half years that I have been engaged in this work the Historical Collections have grown from a few hundred items to about seven thousand and we are now occupying three rooms of the third floor of the Library building of the Teacher’s College….It is the ambition of both President Marquis and myself to make the Historical Collections the largest in the United States…We are determined to make a collection that shall be comprehensive.”[ a letter from Dr. Kingsbury to Mr. Dick Chapman, 1928-11-01]

            “In the spring of 1925, the students of the Criddle Society voted to sponsor a museum in memory of E. D. Criddle, the history department head who had just died.  The first few exhibits were quartered in the history offices in the Administration Building [now the Auditorium Building]. A year later the Board of Regents named Dr. J. L. Kingsbury of the history faculty a curator of the Historical Collection, which was given one room on the third floor of the Library Building [now known as Curry Hall].  Two ore rooms had been taken over by 1929.  In March 1930 the legislature designated the college museum as a State Historical Collection.  Dr. Kingsbury by 1931 had developed a collection of manuscripts and documents, arms and weapons from 1840 through the World War, articles representing American economic and industrial development, foreign items, and archives of the college.” [The Story of North Texas, James Rogers, p174]

            Eventually the Historical Collection would be moved down stairs and take over all the rooms on the first floor.  The museum had a large collections of firearms, dolls, blue glass, and ethnographic artifacts.  It was closed in 1986. Part of the collection went to the Layland Museum in Cleburne, Texas.  Artifacts that had been placed on loan to the museum were returned or became the property of the state. Some of the artifacts remain in the collection of Special Collections.

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Corporate Name: Keystone Company Genre/Form of Material: Lantern slides Slides Topical Term: Geography World history and cultures
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Teaching Slide Collection, University of North Texas Special Collections

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Arrangement of Materials:

The slides are arranged into two primary series and ordered by number within each series. Series 1: Keystone contains lantern slides manufactured by the Keystone Company. Series 2: Teaching Slides contains a general collection of lantern slides on a diverse range of subjects.

Scope and Contents

This collection contains lantern slides (glass slides) from the University of North Texas which were used to help educate students on world history, geography, religion, music, art and a variety of other subjects. The estimated dates for this collection are 1910-1940. The slides were given to the Historical Collection, then moved into the University Archives in 1986.

Detailed List of Contents id136107 Keystone id136109 1 Keystone, 1-51, 53-70 642600 id136110 2 Keystone, 71-98, 100-138 642318 id136111 3 Keystone, 140-205, 207, 209-212 642583 id136112 4 Keystone, 213, 215-216, 218-224, 228, 230-290 642585 id136113 5 Keystone, 291-337, 339-361 642586 id136114 6 Keystone, 362-431 642584 id136115 7 Keystone, Travel, Spain, Russia, Egypt, 432-502 642588 id136116 8 Keystone, History, Travel, 503-534, 536-573 642587 id136117 9 Keystone, Geography, Architecture, 946-1021 642590 id136118 10 Keystone, Cattle, 1022-1076, 1078-1097 642589 id136119 11 Keystone, 1098-1165 642592 id136120 12 Keystone, 1166-1235 642591 id136108 Teaching Slides id136121 13 History, 574-645 642594 id136122 14 History, 646-719 642593 id136123 15 History, 720-794 642596 id136124 16 History, Geography, 795-869 642595 id136125 17 History, Agriculture, Geography, 870-894, 906-945 642577 id136126 18 Livestock, Geography, 1236-1305 642597 id136127 19 Geology, Trees, Insects, 1306-1309 642579 id136128 20 Insects, Sea Shells, Fungus, 1380-1453 642578 id136129 21 Fungus, Corn, Insecticide, Sprays, Horses, 1454-1528 641954 id136130 22 Horses, Mules, Geography, Architecture, 1529-1603 641953 id136131 23 Geography, Art, 1604-1678 642598 id136132 24 Furniture, Coins, Silverware, 1679-1749 642599 id136133 25 Silverware, Lighting, Devices, Art, Framing, Irrigation, Bacteria, Music, Greece, 1750-1819 642581 id136134 26 China, Japan, Classrooms, Religion, Universities, Games, 2179-2254 642580 id136135 27 Games, Universities, Schools, 2255-2315 642576 id136136 28 View of Various Workers and Places of Work, Rural and Urban Geography, 2545-2581 642582 id136137 29 Education, Philosophers, Maps, Geography, 2582-2616 641969 Scope and Contents

Contains slides on the following subjects: philosophers, Luther, religion, maps, Milton, leaning to play the cornet, music, Columbus and Hannibal.

id136138 30 Geography, Education, Various Historical Events and People, Music, 2617-2658 641968 id136139 31 Architecture, Geography, Joan of Arc, 2659-2733 641967 Scope and Contents

Contains slides with information on the following subjects: Henry VIII, religion, British history, Elizabeth I, Mary - Queen of Scots, Charles I, Cromwell and William of Orange.

id136140 32 Caesar, Shakespeare, 2734-2804 641966 id136141 33 Denmark, 2942-3013 641965 id136142 34 Artistic Gems, Greek History, Technology, Architecture, Biology, Camping, Timber Industry 641964 Scope and Contents

Contains slides numbered 793.3.3-4, 10, 13, 19 and XX311, 1-41.

id136143 35 Timber Industry 641963 Scope and Contents

Contains slides numbered XX311, 42-50 and XX313, 1-40.

id138442 38 Agriculture, Travel, Pictures, Denmark, 2877-2918, 2920-2941 641960 id138443 39 Games, War, Amusements, Transportation, Houses, Tools, Dress Utensils, Money, Rome, Pompeii, Religion, Ceremonies, China, 2109-2178 641959 id138444 40 Mythology, Theater, Music, Tools, Houses, Painting, Religion, Games, 2036-2059, 2061-2097, 2099-2108 641949 id138445 41 Mythology, Library, Baths, Transportation, Rome, Religion, Houses, Weddings, Dress, Games, School, Utensils, Tools, Music, 1891-1962 641958 id138446 42 Schools, Trophies, Dolls 641957 Scope and Contents

The contents of this box are associated with the following numbers: 79.3.___ and 1, 2, 5-7, 9, 11, 12, 14-18, and 20-66.

id138447 43 Tools, Houses, Rome, Transportation, Theater, Games, Mythology, 1963-2035 641956 id138448 44 Troy, Weapons, Metal Utensils, Mythology, Crete, Theater, 1820-1890 641955 id179275 45 Theater, Philosophy, Spain, Geography, History, United States, Agriculture, 2805-2821, 2823-2876 708168
id136144 Index id136145 36 Information Cards 641962 id136146 Artifacts id136147 37 Blank Slides 641961 Scope and Contents

Contains two boxes of undeveloped lantern slides.