02/19/U0728 Guide to the Student Demonstration Poster Collection Student Demonstration Poster Collection Finding Aid Authors: H. LaRock.

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Guide to the Student Demonstration Poster Collection University of North Texas Special Collections Overview of the Collection Student Demonstration Poster Collection 02/19/U0728 5.00 English Spanish;Castilian University of North Texas Special Collections
University of North Texas, Willis Library 1155 Union Circle # 305190 Denton, TX, URL: https://library.unt.edu/special-collections/
This collection is comprised of large posters created by students of the University of North Texas. A majority of the posters are decorated with handwritten phrases and drawings, though several have been created through stamps.
Administrative History:

First accretion consists of posters created in the course of the "Willis Wall Demonstration" which took place on September 21, 2016. This spontaneous demonstration was started by student Jazmine McGill, who placed six posters on the exterior of Willis Library. The posters expressed frustration and anger at a series of events in the news involving policy brutality and violence against African Americans. The posters also expressed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Throughout the day on September 21, 2016 students added their own posters to the wall, and added additional comments to those posters. Additional posters were added to the collection in 2017 following a similar poster demonstration in a different campus location in 2017.

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2016-082, 2017-019

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Reproduction and publication of materials in this collection are subject to the policies of the UNT Special Collections department. Copyright restricitions may apply.

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This collection is not restricted.

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Student Demonstration Collection Poster Collection, University of North Texas Special Collections

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This collection is stored off-site and requires a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to use.

Arrangement of Materials:

This collection is arranged in five boxes each containing folders of individual posters.

Detailed List of Contents id188332 1 702854 id188372 1 1 White "Stand Against Police Terrorism" poster undated id188373 1 2 Yellow "How Do You Feel? (Grab a Pen and Tell Me)" poster undated id188374 1 3 White "Please Write" poster undated id188375 1 4 White "What Wil Be Your Excuse...?" poster undated id188376 1 5 White "No Life Should Be Reduced to a Hashtag" poster undated id188377 1 6 Yellow "How Do You Feel: I'm Scared to Exist..." poster undated id188378 1 7 White "Complaining Makes for Another Topic..." poster undated id188379 1 8 White "What if the Tables Were Turned?" poster undated id188380 1 9 White "Stop Killing My People" poster undated id188381 1 10 White "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" poster undated id188382 1 11 Yellow "Black Death // White Privilege" poster undated id188383 1 12 Pink "If You Aren't Angry..." poster undated id188384 1 13 Pink "White Silence = Violence" poster undated id188385 1 14 Green "Do You Disagree With Any of This?" poster undated id188386 1 15 Orange "Being Black Should Not Be a Death Sentence" poster undated id188387 1 16 Pink "#TerenceCrutcher" poster undated id188388 1 17 Pink "The New Racism" poster undated id188389 1 18 Pink "Why Don't I Matter to You?" poster undated id188390 1 19 Green "When You Say #AllLivesMatter..." poster undated id188391 1 20 Yellow "My Humanity..." poster undated id188392 1 21 Blue "If the Phrase 'Black Lives Matter' Bothers You..." poster undated id188393 1 22 White "Will My Brother Be the Next Hashtag?" poster undated id188394 1 23 Pink "How Do You Feel?...Tell Us" poster undated id188395 1 24 Pink "Black Queer People Have to Fear..." poster undated id188396 1 25 Green "Long Live #Christian Taylor..." poster undated id188397 1 26 White & Red "When They Protest in the Streets..." poster undated id188398 1 27 Orange "Be Uncomfortable. Ask. Listen. Learn." poster undated id188399 1 28 Green "How Do You Feel..." poster undated id188333 2 702855 id188365 2 1 White "If You Are Any...Race" poster undated id188366 2 2 White "The Founding Fathers Destroyed Property" poster undated id188367 2 3 White "Respect Existance or Expect Resistance" poster undated id188368 2 4 White "One Love, Love All..." poster undated id188369 2 5 White "Injustice Anywhere is Injustice Everywhere" poster undated id188370 2 6 White "#All(Black)LivesMatter" postr undated id188371 2 7 White "Be Aware of Your White Privilege..." poster undated id188334 3 702856 id188335 3 1 White "Know Justice, Know Peace" poster undated id188336 3 2 White "History of Oppression" poster undated id188337 3 3 White "If I Can Feel Safe in My Skin..." poster undated id188338 3 4 White "When Colin Kaepernick Kneels..." poster undated id188339 3 5 White "All Lives Can't Matter Until..." poster undated id188340 3 6 White "We Are People Just Like You" poster undated id188342 3 7 White "Join Us..." poster undated id188343 3 8 Pink "No Justice, No Peace: Black Lives Matter" poster undated id188344 3 9 Green "In the End, We Will Remember..." poster undated id188345 3 10 White "To My People of Color, You Matter" poster undated id188346 3 11 Yellow "Police Have Shot & Killed..." poster undated id188347 3 12 Green "When Will It End?" poster undated id188348 3 13 Pink "Portia Life Matters" poster undated id188349 3 14 White "David Joseph" poster undated id188350 3 15 White "We Must Take Sides" poster undated id188351 3 16 Blue "Criminal Reform, Complete Reform" poster undated id188352 3 17 White "It's Puzzling..." poster undated id188353 3 18 White "This Is Your Chance...How Do You Feel?" poster undated id188354 3 19 Green "Are You 'Woke'?" poster undated id188355 3 20 White "2 Purposes" poster undated id188356 3 21 White "Do I Matter?" poster undated id188357 3 22 Pink "Black Lives Matter is a Reaction..." poster undated id188358 3 23 Green "Police Are Not Under Attack" poster undated id188359 3 24 White "When Will the Videos Stop?" poster undated id188360 3 25 White "Latin(x) Stand With #BlackLivesMatter" poster undated id188361 3 26 White "Spread Love, Hugs, and Drugs" poster undated id188362 3 27 White "Invitation to Stop..." poster undated id188363 3 28 Yellow "If We Stand Together..." poster undated id188364 3 29 White "Stop Putting All Your Trust..." poster undated id189896 4 702857 id189898 4 1 White "White Silence is Violence" poster undated id189900 4 2 White "We Are More Than a Hashtag" poster undated id189902 4 3 White "Being Pro Black Doesn't Mean..." poster undated id189903 4 4 White "As a Veteran..." poster undated id189905 4 5 White "Please Take a Moment..." poster undated id189907 4 6 White "There is Productivity in Rightous Fury" poster undated id189909 4 7 White "Black Lives Matter Demonstration" poster undated id189911 4 8 White "#Michelle Shirley" poster undated id189912 4 9 White "If All Lives Truly Mattered..." poster undated id189913 4 10 White "Love All!" poster undated id189915 4 11 White "Color is Skin Deep, Soul is Not" poster undated id189919 4 12 White "Black Trans Lives Matter" poster undated id189921 4 13 Orange "#Las Vidas..." poster undated id189922 4 14 White "Save a Bullet, Save a Life" poster undated id189924 4 15 White "Liberty & Justice for All, Right!" poster undated id189925 4 16 White "Love #BLM" poster undated id189927 4 17 White "With Everything Goin on Just Pray" poster undated id189928 4 18 White "Supporting Black Lives..." poster undated id189930 4 19 White "Stop Killing Us" poster undated id189931 4 20 White "Stop Telling Us to Go Back..." poster undated id189932 4 21 White "Stand Up (for Your Rights)" poster undated id189934 4 22 Orange "Black Student Responses" poster undated id189935 4 23 White "Business as Usual" poster undated id189936 4 24 White "Hate Should Never Win" poster undated id189937 4 25 White "We Gon' Be Alright..." poster undated id189938 4 26 White "You Are Loved..." poster undated id189939 5 702858 id189940 5 1 White "I Wish I Felt Like..." poster undated id189941 5 2 White "Do Not Stand Still" poster undated id189942 5 3 White "You Are Beautiful, You Are Loved" poster undated id189943 5 4 White "To My LGBTQ+..." poster undated id189944 5 5 Yellow "The Election Exposed..." poster undated id189945 5 6 White "Dear White People..." poster undated id189946 5 7 White "Viva Mexico!" poster undated id189947 5 8 White "Trump Won, Let It Out Here & Now" poster undated id189948 5 9 White "In This Time Of Darkness, We Are the Light" poster undated id189949 5 10 Green "This Election Demonstrated..." poster undated id189950 5 11 White "Trump Dump On the Other Side" poster undated id189951 5 12 White "I Was Made Loud. I Was Made Proud..." poster undated id189952 5 13 White "You Are Loved" poster undated id189953 5 14 White "Compassion & Empathy is Required..." poster undated id189954 5 15 White "Trump is a..." poster undated id189955 5 16 Orange "You Are Not Alone" poster undated id189956 5 17 White "Don't Take Us Back to the Dark Ages" poster undated id189957 5 18 Yellow "We're All the Same at the Core" poster undated id189958 5 19 Yellow "Black Lives Matter Demonstration" poster undated id189959 5 20 Green "My 5-Year Old's Response..." poster undated id189960 5 21 Blue "Support & Care for Each Other" poster undated id189961 5 22 White "What Keeps You Silent?" poster undated id189962 5 23 White "#Black Lives Matter" poster undated id189963 5 24 Green "Got Feels?" poster undated id189964 5 25 Yellow "Emotion'L Dumping Grounds" poster undated id189965 5 26 White "Always Try to Gain..." poster undated