Warren Norwood Collection, 1962-2005Add to your cart.View associated digital content.

By Laurel Alexander, Whitney Willis, Perri Hamilton

Collection Overview

Title: Warren Norwood Collection, 1962-2005Add to your cart.View associated digital content.
Predominant Dates: 1982-1989
ID: 01/ AR0800
Primary Creator: Norwood, Warren (1945 - 2005)
Extent: 67.0 Boxes
Languages: English


Warren Norwood, North Texas alumnus and the author of several popular science fiction and fantasy novels, deposited his collection with the Rare Book Room in the late 1990s. The Rare Book Room merged with the UNT Archives and is now known as Special Collections. His collection includes manuscripts, outlines, correspondence, publications and posters related to his writing career.

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This collection is not restricted.

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Reproduction and publication of materials in this collection are subject to the policies of the UNT Archives and Rare Books department. Copyright restrictions may apply.

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This collection is stored off-site and requires a minimum of 24 hour notice prior to use.

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Administrative Information

Repository: University of North Texas Special Collections
Acquisition Source: Warren Norwood
Acquisition Method: Gift
Processing Information: Entered 6/03/2014 by Laurel Alexander and Whitney Willis.


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Box and Folder Listing

  • Series 19: ArtworkAdd to your cart.

    Artwork by or belonging to Warren Norwood.
    • Box 53: ArtworkAdd to your cart.

      Barcode: 50053
      • Folder 1: "ShRil" clipping, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Contains a centerfold clipping from Hustler in a folder titled "ShRil"
      • Folder 2: MUST'KIT knife photographs, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Three photographs of the MUST'KIT knife designed by Warren Norwood and Jack W. Crain for the character Lucy in Shudderchild. Built and copyrighted by Jack W Crain.
      • Item 1: The Windhover Tapes drawing, 1982Add to your cart.

        A framed drawing by Dell Harris of a character from The Windhover Tapes series.
      • Item 2: The Seren Cenacles photograph, undatedAdd to your cart.

        A photograph by Nina Nolan for The Seren Cenacles.
      • Item 3: Leatherwork, undatedAdd to your cart.

        A piece of leather work by Warren Norwood.
      • Item 4: True Jaguar cover art print, undatedAdd to your cart.

        A framed print of the cover art for True Jaguar by E.T. Steadman.
    • Box 54: PortfolioAdd to your cart.

      Barcode: 50054
      • Item 1: Yoni Puja Jamboree, 1997Add to your cart.

        Contains a handwritten description of Yoni Puja Jamboree- a celebration of the feminine, the goddess, worship, devotion, and meditation. Includes 4 x 6 cards with jagged edges of varying artistic ability and images.
      • Item 2: The Yoni, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Contains the book The Yoni: Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power by Rufus C. Camphausen with a bookmark on page 49.
    • Box 55: Sketchbooks, 1965-2005Add to your cart.

      A box of sketchbooks and date books from 1965-2005. The sketchbooks contain drawings, poems, music, and journal entries by Warren Norwood.
      Barcode: 640066
      • Folder 1: Misc. poems and sketches, 2005Add to your cart.

        Contains core charts in a sheet protector, and multiple loose pages from day planners with poems, prose, small sketches, and business addresses.
      • Folder 2: Heartbreak of Psoriasis, 1977Add to your cart.

        Contains stapled pages of torn pages of a notebook. Includes a record of writing submissions.
      • Item 1: Pocket Calendar, 1995Add to your cart.

        Pocket calendar from the Sierra Club. Cover photo of  Western green tree frog and maples. Received from Warren Norwood for Christmas. Some plans and meetings marked down as well as moon phases.
      • Item 2: Pocket Calendar, 1996Add to your cart.

        Pocket calendar published by Sierra Club. Cover photo of a Northern Cardinal. Notes about moon phases on title page. Some dates and plans marked down.
      • Item 3: Lil' Comp, 2002-19-18 to 2003-07Add to your cart.

        Small lined journal with Warren Norwood's address on cover. Contains Quilter's Guild cards. Used for journaling and future book plans.
      • Item 4: Citadel Notebook, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Small spiral notebook containing sketches of insignia, reminders to Warren, some division and multiplication problems. Mostly empty.
      • Item 5: Strathmore Sketch, 1997-12 to 2001-01Add to your cart.

        3 1/2 x 5 inch sketch book. Contains some sketches from Dharma Way, potential illustration for future publications.
      • Item 6: Six ring pocket binder, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Small six ring pocket expandable binder. Contains small lined notebook paper. Includes sales accounts.
      • Item 7: Pocket Calendar, 2000Add to your cart.

        Pocket calendar published by Sierra Club. Front cover is photo of a two-spotted ladybird beetle. Dates are mostly empty.
      • Item 8: Strathmore Drawing, June 18, 2004Add to your cart.

        Small sketch book. Includes sketches and an appointment card for Texas Cancer Care.
      • Item 9: Blackout Journal, August 28, 2004Add to your cart.

        Contains a small spiral journal with black pages. Writing and sketches are in charcoal, gel pen, and pastels. Used for journaling and sketches.
      • Item 10: Stamp Journal, August 14, 2001Add to your cart.

        Small journal with a number of stamps on its pages. Contains some poems, sketches, and a receipt for Half-Price Books.
      • Item 11: Bateman Cover Series, 2000-09 to 2001-04Add to your cart.

        Small spiral binder with image of a mountain goat on cover. Title page says "Paper Too Absorbent? Pictures + Words Mostly. And Goddess Stuff, Always Goddess Stuff." Used for some tests of a brush pen.
      • Item 12: Canson Sketch, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Medium sized spiral sketchbook, titled "Lines and Tigers and Bares, Ho-Ho!" Title page has some stamps. Many sketches in various pen types and pencil. Includes some post-it notes.
      • Item 13: Pro Art Sketchbook, April 2, 2004Add to your cart.

        Contains a clipping from a cartoon . Title page has some stamps. First page is written "A journal about overcoming illness, coping with odd fluctuations in the life matrix, and writing better stories...some true, some not." Used as a journal and sketchbook.
      • Item 14: Sparco Notebook, 2003-11Add to your cart.

        A reporter's notebook with some early poem drafts.
      • Item 15: Voertman's 8x5 spiral notebook, 1974-02/03Add to your cart.

        A 8"x5" white Voertman's spiral notebook with poems written in it.  The cover of the notebook has a stamped image of a tree.  The poems are dated February and March of 1974.
      • Item 16: Home Notebook #1, June 27, 2002Add to your cart.

        A reporter's notebook, includes outline of a book titled Art of Love.
      • Item 17: Strathmore Drawing: Regular Surface, 1997-06Add to your cart.

        Regular surface drawing sketchbook. Includes notes on summer solstice, quotes about The Goddess, some sketches in paint.
      • Item 18: Red Journal, 2002-08 - 2003-05Add to your cart.

        Red journal contains personal book writing schedule, some political statements, journal entries, bubble lettering scribbles and other sketches.
      • Item 19: Purple Journal, June 2, 2001 - November 2, 2001Add to your cart.

        Contains scribbles, drafts of letters, and other sketches.
      • Item 20: Mead Journal, March 18, 2001Add to your cart.

        Blue spiral journal. Title page contains stamps, handwritten "Dedicated to the Goddess in all Her glory." Includes journal entries, draft of song letters, draft of a letter, and drawings.
      • Item 21: Blue Composition, September 9, 1993Add to your cart.

        Medium blue with green and cream lined notebook paper with a list titled "What We Know/You Can Know Everything." List is 64 items long. Includes some poems.
      • Item 22: Circuit Binder, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Contains a binder using computer circuits as the cover. Small with six rings, includes graphing paper
      • Item 23: Black Journal, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Black bound journal of sketches and some prose.
      • Item 24: Canson Sketch, undatedAdd to your cart.

        5.5 x 8.5 inch sketchbook with some post-it notes. Contains some prose and poetry, some simple marker sketches.
      • Item 25: Musical Materials, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Includes two copies of Music Pocketbook with early drafts of sheet music, and index cards with chord charts.
      • Item 26: Program and Address Labels, April 13, 2003Add to your cart.

        Contains typewritten address letters of Gigi Sherrell, a program for the 7th Annual High School Playwriting Project, and a name tag of Warren Norwood's as Associate Director Development.
      • Item 27: Various, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Includes business card holder, birthday card from Gigi to Warren, and some materials for instructions to put together a lamp.
      • Item 28: Notes, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Personal notes to himself, poem draft, small sketch, and staff reimbursement requests.
      • Item 29: Inside Out, 2004-10Add to your cart.

        A copy of the book Inside Out: A Gathering of Poets, contains poems by Warren Norwood and others. Includes a letter to Warren.
      • Item 30: Robert Bateman, Cover Series, 2000-12Add to your cart.

        A sketchbook of journal entries and sketches.
      • Item 31: Contact Book, undatedAdd to your cart.

        3 ring black binder of dates of resumes and job applications that Warren Norwood sent out, and a list of job finding websites.
      • Item 32: Resources, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Black 3 ring binder of Resources/Reflections, sketches, fedex tracking sheet, mileage log, and written pages about what a writer is.
      • Item 33: Notes on the Internet, StarText and Bulletin Boards BBS, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Contains printouts on internet charges, AOL login and phone number information, internet names of friends, other email address,
      • Item 34: Photo in Plastic Frame, 1991Add to your cart.

        Contains small color photograph. Back says "Warren's Teacher. Sensei Alexa Rog. Miao Kwang Sudharmin."
      • Item 35: Confess Journal, February 22, 2004Add to your cart.

        Spiral journal with image of Mother Mary. Includes journal passages
      • Item 36: Made In China, 2000Add to your cart.

        An engagement calendar with many images depicting China. Some entries in day planner.
      • Item 37: DSA Contract PaymentsAdd to your cart.

        A 3-ring binder used for income planning and book projects.
      • Item 38: From Bobbie, 1999Add to your cart.

        A 4-subject notebook with pockets. Sketches of chord progressions and chord charts.
      • Item 39: Framed Cover, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Framed cover of The Seren Cenacles by Warren Norwood and Ralph Mylius.
      • Item 40: Galactic Persorals, undatedAdd to your cart.

        A sheet of chord charts written on graphing paper.
      • Item 41: Duro Artists' Sketch, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Contains a spiral sketch pad with a little boy on the cover. Includes some sketches of women, a christmas scene, and some word doodles.
      • Item 42: Grumbacher, 1977Add to your cart.

        Contains sketches of anatomy and geometrical shapes.
      • Item 43: Morilla, undatedAdd to your cart.

        Contains a spiral blue book. Includes outline for Final Commad, sketches, and Asian language characters.
      • Item 44: Artcraft, 1970Add to your cart.

        Includes a spiral sketchbook with drawing of a naked figure and some landscapes.
      • Item 45: Seventy: Sketch Diary, 1967Add to your cart.

        Contains a spiral sketchbook with some ink tests, colored pencil drawings, and sketches of figures.
      • Item 46: Voertman's spiral notebook, undatedAdd to your cart.

        A 8.5"x11" white Voertman's spiral notebook containing notes and poetry.
      • Item 47: 8x5 spiral notebook, 1969-06 to 1971-07Add to your cart.

        An 8"x5" 25¢ spiral notebook with strips of black electrical tape on the cover. The notebook contains poetry and journal entries by Warren Norwood.
      • Item 48: Submission Record, 1980-01Add to your cart.

        Contains a beige spiral notebook from Voertman's belonging to Warren Norwood. Contains submission dates, postage amounts, and who he sent the works to.
      • Item 49: Calligraphy Notebook, 1977Add to your cart.

        Contains a spiral notebook with green pages. Warren Norwood used it to practice calligraphy and make notes about the writing market with submission records.
      • Item 50: Childhood Poems, 1956Add to your cart.

        Contains a letter from Warren Norwood to his grandmother when he was 12 and poems written in a brown journal around the same time.
      • Item 51: Teenage Poems, 1960-1961Add to your cart.

        Contains poems in a brown spiral written by Warren Norwood when he was a teenager about Cathy Skaggs and Joyce Jennings.
      • Item 52: Teenage Poems Continued, 1960Add to your cart.

        Contains a brown spiral notebook of poetry written when Warren Norwood was a teenager for Suzanne Lynes, Cathy Skaggs, Darlene Brown, Betty Woodlock, Judy Lennox, Linda Watson, Jean Rohr, Darlene Brown, Rita Evans, Barbara Halpenny, Babbette Knudsen, Susan Rhodes, Jane Nichols, Ann Kuntz, Shirley King, Lynda Keeton, Sylvia Backus, and Rachel Eden.

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