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Historical Collection - Collected Materials | University Archives

Collection Overview

Title: Historical Collection - Collected MaterialsAdd to your cart.
ID: 01/U0663
Extent: 29.0 Boxes

The individual collections are divided into the following series: general, subject headings, business and organizations, university materials, photographs, negatives and slides, and artifacts.

The individual collections are arranged based on their unique contents.

Languages: English

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A collection of documents, photographs, and personal papers that were donated to the former museum on the University of North Texas campus that was known as the Historical Collection.  The collections have various donors.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The materials that are held include photographic prints and negatives, artifacts, business and organizational records, papers from university alumni, university and school organizations documents, and items of general historical interest.

Administrative Information

Repository: University Archives
Access Restrictions: This collection is not restricted.
Use Restrictions: Reproduction and publication of materials in this collection are subject to the policies of the UNT Special Collections department. Copyright restrictions may apply.
Physical Access Note: Portions of this collection are stored off-site and require a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to use.  Boxes 80 and 81 are housed in the Research Collections Library.
Acquisition Source: Historical Collection; Art Department
Acquisition Method: Transferred to Archives from the Historical Collection in 1986. The Art Department transferred the Texas County Courthouse slides to the University Archives.
Finding Aid Revision History: Rachel Motes processed to this collection the accretions of Box 61 on August 5, 2016, Box 80 on June 30, 2017, and Box 81 on July 5, 2017.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

Series 3: Businesses and OrganizationsAdd to your cart.
Box 11: Atlantic Deep Waterways Association - WorthamAdd to your cart.
Barcode: 706050
Folder 1: Published President's Letter; Atlantic Deeper Waterwas Association; World War II, 1942-09Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Barrow, A., 1872-12-04Add to your cart.
Numbers: Y1063.2
Folder 3: Butters, 1907-06-24Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Proposal of Latin American Library-Musuem; Letter From Theo Crook, 1906-11-02Add to your cart.
Folder 5: Edwards, Elizabeth; Missionary (Christian) Letters, 1929-05-16Add to your cart.
Folder 6: Ellison, (Docia, Lewis), John Browning, 1886-03-20, 1886-03-22Add to your cart.
Numbers: ST625
Folder 7: Envelopes, 1870, 1871, 1873Add to your cart.
Folder 8: Evans, Lou Alice, 1872Add to your cart.
Numbers: ST161
Folder 9: Letter To Father Flanagan of Boys Town, 1945-11-26Add to your cart.
Numbes: 1631
Folder 10: Fragments of Letters and Envelopes, 1901, 1918-11-08, 1918-12-02Add to your cart.
Folder 11: Two Letters To Cora Garrett, 1893-12-09Add to your cart.
Folder 12: George and Annie To Grandma; Port Richmond, 1888-12-13Add to your cart.
Folder 13: Hunt/Ball, 1879-10-25Add to your cart.
Folder 14: Two Letters On Lee "Family Tree", Georgia, 1934-08-31, 1936-03-29Add to your cart.
Folder 15: Letter To J.W. Morgan, 1892-10-21Add to your cart.
Folder 16: Letter To Professor Parr From L. Learwell, 1899-11-13Add to your cart.
Folder 17: Thirteen Letters of Recommendation; L.I. Smith, 1915Add to your cart.
Folder 18: Loan By William Smith, 1925-08-24Add to your cart.
Folder 19: Unknown, n.d.Add to your cart.
Contains a handwritten poem on choosing career paths.
Folder 20: Unknown (A), n.d.Add to your cart.
Contains a handwritten note.
Folder 21: Mrs. C.D. White/ Miss Bell Linnet, 1916-12-23Add to your cart.
Numbers: Y1085.3
Folder 22: (Missionary) Wierenga, Reverend C.R.; India, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948Add to your cart.
Folder 23: Letter From "Willard" In Alaska, 1938-04-06Add to your cart.
Folder 24: Letter Dealing With Railroad Commission; John D. Wortham, 1912-07-05, 1912-08-26Add to your cart.
Box 12: Bloomfield School and EducationAdd to your cart.
Barcode: 706051
Folder 1: Conferences, n.d.Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Bloomfield School Photos, n.d.Add to your cart.
Folder 3: Composition; Jane Boydston, 1898-03-10Add to your cart.
Numbers: 83.13.1
Folder 4: Three School Teachers; Blackburn, Rader, and Briggs, n.d.Add to your cart.
Folder 5: Photographic Materials, Positive Prints, Proofs; Bloomfield School Project, n.d.Add to your cart.
Folder 6: Scott Hays, Reader (Coloring Book); Learn To Read, 1938Add to your cart.
Box 13: Land and Fiscal DocumentsAdd to your cart.
Barcode: 706052
Folder 1: List Of Tax Receipts, c. 1846-1862Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Advertisement, 1879-10-01Add to your cart.
Numbers: 105
Folder 3: Indenture, Agreement, Envelope, 1848-04-03, 1849-02-09Add to your cart.
Numbers: 315.2, 315.3
Folder 4: Note With Vendor's Lien, Envelope; Hollow, W.S., 1894-05-16Add to your cart.
Numbers: Y1103.2
Folder 5: Promissory Note and Envelope; Cross, W.C., 1886-01-02Add to your cart.
Numbers: Y1104.1
Folder 6: Declaration Of Intention and Envelope, 1874-04-13Add to your cart.
Numbers: 1034.1
Folder 7: Baker Business Tax Receipts and Envelope, 1846-10-25, 1854-03-12, 1862-07-26Add to your cart.
Numbers: 228a.1
Folder 8: Unemployment Census Card (2), Funeral Expenses, 1879-03-07, 1937-11-20Add to your cart.
Folder 9: Ledger Sheet and Envelope; Loan From Jack Christal, c. 1850-1857Add to your cart.
Numbers: 106.1
Folder 10: Ledger Sheet and Envelope, 1878-05-31Add to your cart.
Numbers: ST641
Folder 11: Business Forms and Envelope, 1810-06-20, 1822-06-17Add to your cart.
Numbers: 904.1, 904.2, 904.3
Folder 12: Receipt, Envelope, and Postage Stamp, 1868-09-12Add to your cart.
Numbers: 2072.1, 2072.2
Folder 13: Land Agreements, Envelope For Slave Title, and Envelope For Bill Of Sale, 1842-12-27, 1857, 1869Add to your cart.
Numbers: ST294.1, ST81, 126
Folder 14: Chapman Family, 1856-11-18, 1907-12-17, 1909-04-16, 1911-04-17Add to your cart.
Numbers: ST86, Y988.2, 566.2, 566.3, 566.4, 566.5, 566.6, 566.7, 566.8
Folder 15: Ch. Chapin, Davis, Chisholm, Caruthon/Belsher, 1858-09-29, 1877-04-04, 1867-05-03Add to your cart.
Numbers: 570.2, 21.2, 21.3, ST492.2, Y984.1
Folder 16: Deeds, Land Grants, and Sworn Statements; Smith, Hughes/Maxwell; Mahaffy; Tennison/Shelton, 1845, 1855, 1857, 1858-07-17, 1872, 1874-01-13Add to your cart.
Numbers: ST569, Y984.1, 1110.9, 1110.10, 1110, 604.1
Box 14: Ledgers, 1897-1903, 1911-1918Add to your cart.
Barcode: 706053
Folder 1: Ledger v.4, 1899Add to your cart.
Number: 2501
Folder 2: Ledger v.5, 1897-1903Add to your cart.
Numbers: 2501
Folder 3: Ledger v.6, 1911-1918Add to your cart.
Numbers: 2501
Box 55: Business Ledgers, 1892-1897, 1902-1904Add to your cart.
Barcode: 706081
Folder 1: Ledger, April 1, 1892 to July 23, 1897Add to your cart.
This folder contains one book. This appears to be a business ledger for a  in Denton, Texas. Page one appears to be missing. In the beginning of the book, the following names are hand-written; "Colens. Sr., Cve. J.D. Chambers. M. S., Caruthe. J. C. A., Chinalt. Prince, Cain. H. M., Colens. M., Coe W A, Curnoutte J. F., Chinalt Babe, Chinalt Jack, Coff C. B., Cammel. Frank, Chinalt. Henry., C. C. Coplin, Capeland A, Davis L. R. Dryer Bill, Mr. Erasan the old man on paper in sherore., Ferguason. W. W., Fulks. W. W. Fieldon. Tine., Foster. H. J., Greening. Tom., Giles. W., Groomer. J. G., Hedrick. Dan., Hill L E., Harden. A., Harres. J. B., Hugins Ida., Hunt. R. P., Hestand. A., Holliday. Gus, Harrison. G. M., Hansinger. Jake., Hestand Emry, Harrison. Frank., Hodge. W. R., Haynes. A. T., Hendrick J E on Jonh Barnets land, Hornsby. Charly., Harrason, J. W. Baxter son in glan., Johnson. Dan., Jones. Ben., Jones. Gasford. C., JohnsoN. T. M., Johnson. Zack., W M Johnson and G C Haynes, Jonson J J and Perry,  Johnson. W. H. vannays son-in law, Honson. Tam, Kimberly. E, Laurence. H. H. Junior, Laughhin. Tom., Lewis Hamp, Lawrence. J. J., Lions. C. M., Lockhart JG, McConnal Marison, McDonough. J. M., McAdams. T. J., Murdock J C, Maloney. A. H., Matkins. W. A., Morris. Mrs Jamima, Marrow. J. L., Marrison. John, Miller George, Miers. J. H, Marrow. Ramey, McClure. Henry, Mrrow Ames, Morrison GW, Marain. R. A., Michelson. J. L., Name. A. T., W. H. Petty, Roberson. John., Rinard. C. A., Reliford. M. M., Saogins. J. W., Sprowles. J. T, School furnished to school, Scoggins. W. A., Stone. Baley, Sharp. L. W., Smith. J. N., Savey. L. A., Scoggins. W. H. sooggins. Frank., Story L. R., Saveg. Jes. B., Stillwell Tom, Stinebough Mark, Trumbo. V., Thomas. A. D., Tinker. W. T, Tinker J. O in Farmington., Wishau. L.L." All of these names have either one or a series of numbers beside them. Each name is a title on a later page listing things the person bought from the business.This ledger includes dates from April 1, 1892 to July 23, 1897.
Folder 2: Ledger, August 7, 1890 to April 1, 1892Add to your cart.
This folder contains one book. The book is in bad condition. This appears to be a business ledger for a  in Denton, Texas. In the beginning of the book, the following names are hand-written: "Armspiger. A. E., Coe. J. D., Chambers. M. S., Chilton M. F., Carruth J. F., Cates S A, Cain. E. Y., Coe Brothers, Coe W A, Carter. B. F., Cobb. C. B., Canary E J, Cinalt Trince, Colens. Sr the old man L. M., Davis J. R, Davis John the old man, Duke I J, Dryer. J. R., I Eason John, Eason. W. G., Ferguson. W. W., Ferguson W. W." Ferguson's information is crossed out. "Foster. H. Jr., Findley J W, Frieldan Tine, Fulks W W, Greening. Tom., Groomer J. G. Hill. L. E., Harden J. B, Huggins Ida, Hunt. R. P., Hearring. J B. in school" Hearrings's information is crossed out. "Hastend A, Hestland Emry, Holliday H, Harrison. G. M., Hansinger Jake, Hannes H. T on Brockett Place, Hooter, Harres W Y, Hail T. E., W R Hoge, Johnson T. M." Johnsons T.'s information is crossed out. "Johnson Mark, A D Johnson, Jay D, Johnston S E, Janes O P, Jones. R. H., Johnson. J. M., Gansfor C. Jones, Kimbrey. Ely, Ledbitter H J, Lawrence Broo, Lawrence H H junior, Lawrence J M, Laughhin Tom, Lewis Hamp, Lawrence J J, Morris Jamima Mrs. McDnough J M, Marrisa Mis." Marrisa's information is crossed out. "Miller Bill, Miller George, McCulley G H, McCulley James, Marrow J L, Miers J H and M E, Miller Emry, Liones C. M, J G Nichelson, A. T. Nance, Pelly J S, Pelly. R. E., Petty. W. H, Patison Oley, Petige the old man, Robertson. M. T., Ring Jessie, Rilant.H. J., Rogers R F, Scoggins. W. H., Stone Baby, Sharp L W, Scoggins W A, Scot G W, Saneg Jes, Stone Mr the old man, Smith. W. A., Smith. J. W., Tate. O. C., Vanoyah. James, Trumbo vol, Ushaw.L. G., Wall. T. M., Watson Mrs Nan, Wall J W, Wall.T. M., Wall. J. I., Wheat R S, Watson James, Wib, John. A., Waddle. J. C., Watson Sam the old man, Wells. Thomas. M." All of these names have either one or a series of numbers beside them. Each name is a title on a later page listing things the person bought. This ledger includes dates from August 7, 1890 to April 1, 1892.
Folder 3: LedgerAdd to your cart.
This folder contains one book. The book is in bad condition. This appears to be a business ledger for a in Denton, Texas. In the beginning of the book, the following names are hand-written: "Adams. W. A., Allred John, Autesr G L, Asams. Mr on Miller Land, Autem. Nat, Atterbery. J. W., Asams. G. G. at McMauhoms, Bowen Back, Barnett. John., Baxter. George., Bush Osker, Barrnett John." This Barrnett's information is crossed out. "Brush Anderson, Baxter George." Baxter's information is crossed out. "Bush Mrs. Isac, Biller. C. W., Burnett. W. M., Bush Isac, Brown Mrs, Baxter W. C., Baskett Creed, Biller. Old. Man, Budford. W. J., Barron. W. F. on Millers Land, Brown. G. A., Bush. Mike. G., Baxter. John. H., Collins. W. W., Caruthe. J. A., Chinault Prince, Chinalult Jack, Collins. Sye by Lirrie, Collins WIll, Coffee Mat, Coalman Herman, Coldwell. G. R., Collins. J. M., Cherry L. F. at Colemans, Chambers. Sam, Cole. W. J. with Baxter, Collin. Jodie. S., Carrthe. G. O., Copehand. A., Caruthe J. E. Tolbents by, Cox. D. O., Chimanlt Henry, Crawfor. J. V., Dunham J Monroe, Douglas. John. D., Douglas. W. M.,  Douglas Jake A, Davis. G. O., Denison. Frank, Eaton. W. T., Eliott. Bud, Evans. John. E., Evans. Graver. C., Ferguson. Other, Fulks. W. W., Figers. H. L., Florida. W. T., Giles. Tom, Gurley. S. L., Greggs. on Wheat farm, Harden. A. O. E. ? Tolbert assurity, Hendrick. Jake, Hrrison. G. M., Harrison. Frank., Hugins. Ida, Hedrick Dan, Harrison. John. W. Hammons. John. E., Hensley. L. L." Hensley's information is crossed out. "Hold. R. L., Hestand. A., Hagan. J. H., Hensley, Harrison. Chorley Mitl, Hickox. G. S., Johnson. W. J., Johnson. Tuner., Johnson. Dan, Johnson. T. M., Johnson W. J., James. W. J., Jackson. Miss Jay, Johnson W T, Killgore. L. E., Other Killgore L E, Other Killgore, Kelling. G. W., Laughlin. Tom. G. Mrs., Laughlin Elmer, Laughlin James, Lockhear. J. G., Frank McMahan and W. C. Watson, Miller Miss Jack, Morris Jamima, Morris. W. a., MOrris. Virgel T., McChere. Henry. Mrs, Myers. J. B., McDonough James by Osbeum, Miller George, McMahan. E. Frank, Miles. W. J. on sye Collins Land, Murrphy. J. J., McDonough J F, Miller Bill, McMahan W. Gentry, Mass. J. W., Morrow Arnes, McGaughlin. E. E., McDanorrgh James M., Morre. B. W., Mickolson J L, Nicholson Smith, Nicholson Frank, Neas Noah assrrity Jake Hedrick, Nes. L. D., Nigh L E, Nigh C. E. youngist, Osburn. F. M and James McDonough, Osburn. T. S. on Copelands Land, Pool. T. G., Robertson. John, Rutherford. A. G., Rutherford Walter, Roberson Mrs. W. D., Reacer J. Ben, Trumbo. Vol., Toland. B. W., Tolbert Raney, Tolbert. E. O., Vannoye. Mrs., Vannoye Will V., Watson. W. C., Watson. James M in Farmington, Watson J. Cully L, Watson. Edd. C., Webb. John. A, Watson James, Williamson. A. T., Wallace. R. F., Watson. EDD. J. C. Watson assurity, Williamson. S. T., Wheat Charley, Ward. J. T., Ward. Miss. Claria, Wess. Mrs." All of these names have either one or a series of numbers beside them. Each name is a title on a later page listing things the person bought from the business. This ledger includes dates from May 23, 1902 to January 10, 1905.

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