John Briggs Scrapbook Collection (The Dallas Way), 1945-1992Add to your cart.View associated digital content.

By S. Ivie

Collection Overview

Title: John Briggs Scrapbook Collection (The Dallas Way), 1945-1992Add to your cart.View associated digital content.
Predominant Dates: 1981-1989
ID: 01/ AR0853
Extent: 4.0 Boxes
Arrangement: This collection is arranged by date.
Date Acquired: 09/00/2015
Languages: English


This collection contains the scrapbooks of John Briggs.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Scrapbook photo albums of "The Experience," a project founded by John Briggs, which is associated with the training of gays and lesbians are included as well as scrapbooks which document the life of Briggs and his friends in Dallas. Records of travel, as well as time spent with friends and family members are documented in these scrapbooks. A total of 11 scrapbook photo albums are grouped according to date and subject.

The scrapbooks contains mostly color photography as well as some black and white photos along with notes, postcards and other items. The earliest scrapbook dates back to 1945, although some images in the collection were most likely taken prior to this date.

Collection Historical Note

John Logan Briggs, Jr. (1924-2007) was born on November 8th,1924. He attended Highland Park High School, graduating in January of 1942. Briggs attended Southern Methodist University prior to being drafted into the United States Army (44th Infantry Division serving in France, Germany and Austria) in 1943. He later completed coursework at Columbia University in New York, earning a B.S. and an M.B.A., recieving top honors in 1947. Briggs worked as a Manager in Corporate Social Responsibility at the Met Life Headquarters in New York for over 25 years. He contributed and recieved honors in organizations such as the Postal History Society as president, and other national philatelic organizations. His work part-time in the psychotherapist field led to the development of the "The Experience" in Dallas. In addition to this, he was also active in writing reviews and articles about operas.

(courtesy of the Dallas Morning News, 2007)

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Repository: University of North Texas Special Collections
Acquisition Source: Vic Marriott
Acquisition Method: Gift.
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Preferred Citation: John Briggs Scrapbook Collection (The Dallas Way), University of North Texas Special Collections


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Box and Folder Listing

  • Box 1Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access

    Barcode: 642763
    • Folder 1: Personal, Business, Travel, 1945-61Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs, black and white photographs of the parents of John Briggs, tickets, a registration certificate for Selective Service, "Snake Pit, 1945-1960," photographs of life in the U.S. Army, clippings, "first solo apartment," black and white photographs of 26 inch snowfall in New York in December of 1947, horse races, work with Atlas Supply Company, a New York City Driver's License, membership cards, letters, envelopes, a baseball schedule, "D.A.L." Aldredge, Judy Holliday, David Oppenheim, Harold Lang, Tanaquil le Clercq, John and Muriel Briggs, Mark Malkovich, Jim Massey, Jim Gardner, Rob Scarry, Coe Glade, a charicature drawing of John Briggs, Dallas in 1954, work in the visual aids department at the Met Life home office in New York, stickers, coasters, New Orleans in 1957, drawings, a Lola Albright photograph, trainee photographs, Walt Gallocher, Karl Kreder, Stamp Club, President's Luncheon, Oreste Abstengo, Catherine Carroll, cartoons, Metco Stamp Club, and the Advanced Management Conference Group photograph.
    • Folder 2: Personal, 1961-1965Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs of Port Washington, New Year's Eve, labels, stamps, handwritten notes, clippings, tickets, black and white photographs of John Briggs in a classroom setting, cartoons, Postal History Society photographs, a color photograph of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's grave, "The Metamorphosis of Edward Murphy," Plymouth, Indiana, Chicago, "The Saab Story," Saratoga Racing Centennial, "Jeff's Farewell Party," Life Advertiser's Association 30th Annual Meeting, family photographs and other records of travel with friends, as well as for business.
    • Folder 3: Wien, Paris, Budapest, 1969-1970Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs, tickets, opera programs, menus, business cards, stamps, notes, membership cards, wine labels, reciepts, postcards, coasters, clippings, photographs of the construction of the 1972 Olympic Stadium, images of Richard Wagner's house, a coin, stickers and other records of travel throughout Europe.
  • Box 2Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access

    Barcode: 642762
    • Folder 1: Venezia, Berlin, Dresden, Praha, Brugee, 1977-1978Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs of Venice, Berlin, Dresden, Prague and Bruges with images of monuments, museums, landmarks, with photographs of Bill Schultz, Catherine Randolph and Gerhard Wiegand as well as the inclusion of opera programs, tickets, stickers, coins, maps, and restaurant menus.
    • Folder 2: The Experience, 1981-1984Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs, an invitation to the Dallas Philatelic Society, images of Travis McClinton, David Butler, Jack Dean, Howard Terry, Gary Minnich, Robert Williams, Don Whitehall, Gerry St. Pierre, Wendell Heckathorne, John Heinzerling, Thanksgiving in Austin, stickers, Mead, Alexa, Benjamin, a letter from David Goodstein, a clipping on the Advocate Experience, a brochure for the Experience Weekend in Dallas (May 1st-2nd, 1982), a horoscope, Jim O'Brien, Jim Nichols, Michael Boothman, David Bass, Jack Dean, Jack Caudill, Neil Thomas, Brad Langtry, Bob Cook, Wade Clifton, Tony van Osdol, Chris Teal, Rob Eichberg, photos of David Goodstein, Hugh Lawrence, Tom Garrett, Knoxville, Tennessee, the World's Fair, Fred De Giovanni, Halloween (1982), Ed Snodgrass, Judy Brewster, Peggy Khan, Jim Ponder, Gary Sosbee, Jerry Cooksey, Jaynee Hasson, Buck Massey, Mike Grossman, Billy Biggerstaff, Michael Boothman, Bob Farnsworth, Bill Day, Mike Stone, Jim Williams, Don Dent, Neil Hewitt, J. Franklin, Dallas Opera ticket and logo, Troy Rash, Gary Roberts, Jim Lunsford, Robert Hinchman, John Ellerbrock, Tom Cowan, Louis Scinta, Dennis Mackie, Dwaine Walther in Austin, San Antonio, Mead Platt, Tom Novotny, Roast for John Briggs, Tom Hensley, Bob Cook, David Soileau, Billy Tyler, Larry Morgan, Bernie Figueroa, Mario Ozuna, Susie Guesnard, Jim Young, Larry Furiga, Ted Brown, Andy Smith, Ziggy Hickman, Robin Givens, Pam Hodgson, Nate Wyll, Joey Castillo, Jim Thompson, Larry Pascoe, Ken Christensen, brochure for the third Experience Weekend in Dallas, Tom Smart, Cliff Purcell Mays, Frank Thrower, John Thomas, David Clayton, Mike Reisig, Bryan Moffett, Joe Davisson, Lisa Scheibner, Roger Blythe, Casey Connor, Clayton McBride, John Green, Michael Jarret, Vern Ledenham, David Stump, Bob Shortall, Keith Sargent, Farley Rippetoe, Dan Johnson, Jim Rascoe, Kent Reilly, Pierre Gavdin, Andy Smith, Charley Thompson, Daniel Matthews, Martin Shanley, Jim Boyce, Marty Burns, Darrell Lee, Wendell Heckathorne, Jim Boyce, Wayne Guillory, Richard Armor, John Sheridan, Richard Wetmore, Glen Eichelberger, Hank Pool, Casey Conner, Bill Tattersall, Al McClerran, Howard Eckhard, Ed Flaspoehler, Bob Skaggs, Carol Ann Luten, John Eisenlohr, Quentin Needham, Joe Raymond, Wallace Muenzenberger, Howie Daire, Roger Pickett, Ed Kuebler, Ann Brown, Frank Stotts, Vic Marriott, Greg Olsen, Jan Pairsh, Brian Drummond, Roger Stanley, Ralfka Gonzales, Chuck Milner, Jim Mott, Tim Searson, Javier Garcia, Ray Westbrook, Gary Hayes, Sheila Cain, Ron Lott, Geore Amerson, Andrew Kyle, Buzz Tucker, Bill Miner, Adele Needham, Eddie Bottier, Wendell Heckathorne, Robin Jesseman, Martin Ausmus, Experience Weekend (1984), Jim Bernier, Frank Waters, Jimmy Bell, Jim Steele, Marvin Prevost, Kelton Dillard, Arturo Castillo, David O'Quinn, Chuck Dachis, Catherine Randolph, John Heinzerling, Glenn Ducote, David Moskowitz, Barry Mandell, Cheryl Martin, Scott Kennedy, Sam Luna, Terry Coddington, Royce Williams, Tom Cleary, Mike Kisel, Annetter Randolph, Tom Geis, Ed Eaton, Chuck Johnson, Chris Vohl, Mike Baxley, Kevin Shetley, Jeanne Reyer, Michael McGinnis, Ann Buchanan, Bill Buchanan, Joe Hollowell, Gayla Byerly, John-David Walker, Darrell Nakagawa and Paul Patnode.
    • Folder 3: France, 1983Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs, stickers, photographs of French restaurants and monuments, churches, markets, menus, maps, handwritten notes, tickets, wine labels, Avignon, Pont Du Gard, Nimes, Arles, Perpignan, Carcassonne, Albi, Chenonceau, Moulins, Nevers, Bourges, Fontevrault, Château de Villandry, Château de Langeais, Azay-le-Rideaux, Chartres, Hotel de Crillon, and Hotel Meurice.
  • Box 3Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access

    Barcode: 642761
    • Folder 1: The Experience, California, 1984-1987Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs and black and white photographs of John Ellerbrock, the Experience Weekend, the birthday celebration of John Briggs, Tim Srearson, Ann Brown, Peter Fitzgibbons, Roger Stanley, Mike Grossman, Catherine Randolph, David Bass, a birthday card for John Briggs, Brian Drummond, John Sheridan, Jeanne Reyer, Mary Franklin, Eddie Bottier, Chuck Milner, Farley Rippetoe, Troy Rash, Michael Boothman, Jeff Chernin, Bob Shortall, Houston Christmas Party, Vernon Sanders, Charley Deviney, Perry Martin, Mark Firner, Pam Hodgson, Wayne Geeslin, Don Shelton, "Hidden Agendas" article by John Briggs from Dallas Opera Magazine, Don Whitehall, David Clayton, Jan Pairsh, Neil Thomas, Jackie Mosely, Janna Edwards, Darrell Nakagawa, Black Eyed Pea Party (December 30th, 1984), Larry Pascoe, writing counselor card (John Briggs), The Red Party (February 9th, 1985), Howard Rabinowitz, Kevin Shetley, James Davis, Doug Byrd, Charles Yeager, Judith Anderson, Grant Nichols, Sheila Cain, Scott Kennedy, an invitation to a housewarming party, Steve Wilkins, Vic Marriott, Mike Baxley, Javier Garcia, Patrick Fontana, Roland Collins, Robert Williams, Jane Letzler, Charlotte Schumacher, Ismael Morales, Sally Marcus, Jim Walther, Adele Needham, Craig Walther, Emma Lee McCracken, Gene Brink, David Eisenlohr, Dwaine Walther, Jim Ringgold, Quentin Needham, Frances Wasserman, "The Rossini Revolution" article by John Briggs from Dallas Opera Magazine (1985), Robert Eichberg's birthday party on April 28th, 1985 (Austin), Gary Minnich, Sam Luna, Alice Kuebler Mazur, David Soileau, Frank Waters, Mike Reisig, Ed Kuebler, Chuck Dachis, Susie Guésnard, Sunny Lansdale, Ray Pond, Ed Eaton, Art Castillo, Gerry St. Pierre, Wade Brannan, "Greta," "Fritz," Galveston Bay, Port Arthur, Jeanne Royer, Chuck Johnson, Scott Ferguson, Howard Terry, Neil Hewitt, Anne Buchanan, Hank Pool, Steve Lindsay, Experience Weekend (May 18th-19th, 1985), Clayton McBride, Necia Earwood, Charles Poole, Jeff Strachan, Tom Irvin, Phil Carlile, Glen Boudreau, Greg Veazey, Barry Mandel, Herschel Weisfeld, Ilyas Abser, Bob Skaggs, Eric Snyder, "Tony," "Armando," Guy Jones, Black Tie Dinner (1985), Buck Massey, Jackie Mosley, Sunny Lansdale, the 8th Experience Weekend in Dallas (November 2nd-3rd, 1985), Shirley Eichberg, Fred Green, Joe Williams, Paul Patnode, Richard Bergeron, Jeff Kanters, David Daragona, Scott Roberts, Ken Michols, Roger Pickett, Chris Camp, Marie Cardinal, Troy Tull, Lillian Wintzler, Lynn Ligon, Bill Moeller, Jack Caudill, Experience Weekend (November 2nd-3rd, 1985), "When to Applaud" article by John Briggs from the Dallas Opera Magazine (1985), an invitation for Christmas tree decorating, Chuck Wood, Bill Donaldson, Jimmy Bell, Marrin Prerot, David Clark, Patrick Dore, Jim McBride, Ray Westbrook, the 9th Experience Weekend (April 19th-20th, 1986), Lawrence Selman, Curt Vandenburg, David Stewart, Tom Cleary, Max Anderson, Billy Burton, Darrell Nakagawa, Jerry Stidham, Sergio Montemayor, Ed Hughes, Joey Castillo, Arnie Radman, Mark Pascoe, Jaynee Hasson, Chuck Carlentine, Cliff Ellman, Tim Elhard, James Robertson, Pierre Lallier, Frank and Jo Marriott, Vonda Switzer, Norma Esparza, Mary Klein, Al Weintraub, John Calhoun, Mike McCarty, Alberto Trujillo, Harry Shoemaker, Truman Shelley, Richard Gartner, Debbie Coddington, Tim Searson, Greg Clark, Marcus Loy, Coy James, Rod Billings, Ana Rodriguez, Michael Traaen, Tommy Wilson, Jim Ayres, "The Great American Opera" article by John Briggs, Arkansas (1986), St. Louis (Missouri), Hannibal - La Grange College Flyer, Governor's Mansion, Jefferson City, Lover's Leap (Hannibal), Jennie Kreder, Karl Kreder obituary, Laguna Beach, L.A. County Museum of Art ticket, Kreder family (Peter, Karl, Jr., Nancy and Jim), Jim O'Brien, Rob and Shirley Eichberg, San Diego (October, 1986), Sheldon Huffman, Coit Tower, Cliff House, restaurant menu, Big Sur, Hearst Castle, Solvang, Dallas, Anita and Bob Hanes, the 10th Experience Weekend (September 27th-28th, 1986), David Harmon, Skip Guzi, Tim Tyner, Mickey Hodge, Frank Stegall, Jim Wardlow, David Howard, Carol Rumsey, Paree Roper, "Loving, Being Loved," and "Fafner's Mailbag" articles by John Briggs, Tree Trimming Party invitation, Vicki Morris, Jim Lummus, "Out of Her Mind" and "Bein' Things You Know You Ain't" articles by John Briggs, John Sheridan obituary, Jay Azneer, Galveston, Glen Kertz, Annette Randolph, and "Manners on Both Sides of the Footlights" and "Nobody Knows Who I  Am" articles by John Briggs and "Alberich von Fafner."
    • Folder 2: Personal, Travel, 1987-1991Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs of San Francisco, Sheldon Huffman, "Cinderella," John Briggs, tickets to the San Francisco Opera, clippings, Bob Gladstein, Bart Rawlinson, Marty Devin, Steve Lopez, Eric Koehler, Fred Maroth, Mike Brennan, Ghirardelli Square, Grace Nola Carrothers, Bill Carrothers, Jane Cross, Sausalito, John Ellerbrock, Pismo Beach, Armstrong Redwoods Forest, Guerneville, Russian River, Santa Barbara, Joyce Bradley, Silver Lake (Los Angeles), restaurant menu, Cherie K. Ewing and son, Gene Pollioni, Amon Carter Museum, Dwaine Walther, Hillsboro, Barton Springs, Georgetown, Austin, David Soileau, Sam Luna, Leslie Ruehl, Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, Lockhart, Gonzales, Shiner, Gaston Maurin, David Eisenlohr, John McKee, Lake Charles, Panama City, Disney World, Epcot Center, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, C.J. Luten, Gary Thalheimer, Sarasota, Chez Luten's, Dali Museum, St. Petersburg (Florida), Carol Ann Luten, Fort Myers, Edison Winter home, Larry Pascoe, an Austin opera article by John Briggs, Leroy Cook, David Pzeracki, George Amerson, Mike Grossman, Rich Bogan, Frank Di Pelese, Kyle Kerr, Bobby Utter, Frank and Jo Marriott, Paul Beyerl, Adele Needham, Owen Gibson, Dorthy and Plato Karayanis, Tom Hunter, C.W. Hung, Kevin Fuller, Nedra Cade, Anita Hanes, David Quay, Paul Elzer, Don Whitehall, Charles Yeager, Thomas, Wayne Wilson, Tim Elhard, Bill Hawkinson, Mel Solomon, John Calhoun, Ed Flaspoehler, Mary Edds, Gerry St. Pierre, Feri Csa'thy, Mike Meixner, obituary for John Briggs, Sr. (1991), Wayne and Jon, Vancouver, Andy Karzas, Vic Marriott, Jon Uyterlinde, Alan Carrier, Virginia Lyon, Nancy Herrman, Kimbell Museum, Gerhard Wiegand, Howard Terry, David Glickman, Monte Mitchell, Gary Wilson, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Bob Rybka, Chicago, Jim Deuter, Bill Donaldson, Harbert (Michigan), Bill Schultz, Milwaukee (Wisconsin), St. Louis (Missouri), Frances Lomax Dillard, Bill Crayton, Kansas City, Waxahachie, Denver, Ed Hurley, Bob Graeber, John Lieber, Mike Stone, The People's Fair (Denver, Colorado), Mary Birr, Dr. Jim Wheeler, San Antonio, Los Alamos Bandelier National Monument, Sandy Rhodes, Santa Fe, John Briggs' review of the Santa Fe opera, Frankfurt (Kentucky), Stephen Thayer, Thornton (West Virginia), Mark Twain's house, Hartford (Connecticut), Malanie Luten, Jay Azneer, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Lancaster (Philadelphia), Charlottesville (North Carolina), Serpentine Wall (University of Virginia), home of Thomas Jefferson, Vanderbilt's Biltmore (Asheville, North Carolina), State Capitol (Columbia, South Carolina), Woodrow Wilson's home, Charleston (South Carolina), Shreveport (Louisiana), Steve Currey, Mexico City (Mexico), Diego Rivera mural - "Man at the Crossing of the Ways," Zócalo, Metropolitan Cathedral, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Leon Trotsky Museum, Teotihuacán (pyramids), Guadalupe shrine, Xochimilco, Anthropological Museum, Chapultepec Castle, Anahaucalli (Diego Rivera Museum), Nancy Herman, and "Russian Dinner I."
    • Folder 3: Personal, Travel, 1987-1989Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs of John Briggs, John Lambert, Mike Grossman, Vic Marriott, Jim McBride, David Eisenlohr, Leslie Ruehl, images of Santa Fe, tickets, Dallas, Montgomery (Alabama), Savannah (Georgia), Charleston (South Carolina), an article by John Briggs from Dallas Opera Magazine, John Ellerbrock, Scott Kennedy, Michael Boothman, Ed Bottier, Bobby Utter, Ted Eidson, Mary Franklin, Marie Cardinal, Jeanne Reyer, John Sears, Ray Westbrook, Rod Billings, Farley Rippetoe, Gary Minnich, Don Whitehall, Buck Massey, Guy Jones, Ray Westbrook, John Sears, Jackie Mosley, Teresa Penfield, Thomas Hunter, Tim Elhard, Howard Terry, Venda Switzer, Judith Anderson, Neil Thomas, David Quay, Charles Poole, Chuck Wood, Gary Walker, Bruce Russell, another article by John Briggs, John Calhoun, Jan Pairsh, Bart Rawlinson, Frank and Jo Marriott, Gina, Leslie, Tom Irvin, Steve, Jay Rice, Patrick Doré, Ray Pond, Jeanne Reyer, Jay Young, Kevin Shetley, Janna Edwards, Cliff Ullman, Steve, Chuck Milner, Marie Cardinal, Harvey Huffman, Debbie Rosenbaum, Teresa Strunk, an article by John Briggs from Performing Arts (January, 1988), Shirley Beck, Nellita an Ralph Walker, Mardi Gras in Lafayette (Louisiana), Barry Jean Ancelot, Fred Green, Tim Searson, the Experience Weekend (1988), Anita Hanes, Ted Switzer, Leroy Cook, a print, Steve Lindsay, Bob Brock, Omaha (Nebraska), Joe Betzer, Ruth Betzer, Andrew Karzas, Chicago, Michigan, Albuquerque, Sheldon Huffman, Grace Nola, Grand Canyon, Frank Needham, Quentin and Adele Needham, John Briggs' father at 90, John Briggs article from the Dallas Opera Magazine, Elderhostel, Charles Yeager, Longwood, Natchez, Fayetteville (Arkansas), Troy Rash, Jim Lummus, Steve Hileman, Corky Greene, Bob Gladstein, Betty Robason, David Stewart, Mike Baxley, Bernie Figueroa, Robert Josefiak, Marie Harbaugh, Don Dent, Sam Luna, Travis Johnson, Allen Dudley, Jack Kille, Stan Gardner, Nedra Cade, Carmen, George Budd, "Sparkie," San Antonio, South Padre Island, Brownsville, Matamoros, Wendell Heckathorne, the Platt family (Mead, Evan, Alexa), the Luten family (Karen, Melanie, C.J., Carol), a record of weight loss, Heifer Project International, "Shirley," "Katahdin," Winnie Quarry, "Brangus," "Trixie Lulu," "Sherman," Cal Ditrich, Blaine Cooper, Gary Baum, Gary Treis, Dale Perkins, Hot Springs (Arkansas), the Soileau family (David, Michael, Jeanne, Chris, Joey), Lake Travis, the Pollioni family (Al, Claire, Eugene), Nashville (Tennesee), Cincinnati, Lockhaven University, Zbigniew Mazur, Lech Skoczynski, Thornton (West Virginia), Bill Schultz, Shawna Thayer, Milwaukee, Lexington (Kentucky), Jeff Olsen, Noreen, Al (Sr.), Margaret, Suzy, Al (Jr.), Billy Macheka, Lawrence Selman, Gary Wilson, University of Montevallo, Jerry Goldstein, Carol and C.J. Luten, Stephen Tran, Billy Macheca, John Uyterlinde, Wayne Wilson, Blackeyed Pea Party, Paul Boyerl, Elizabeth Cain, Plato Karajanis, Dorthy Karayanis, David Butler, Nan Herman, Laude Bowman, Victor, Philip Woody, Darley Mades, Ardmore, Easter Dinner, Dwaine Walther, Craig Walther, Kansas City Museum, 50th Tulip Festival (Orange City, Iowa), and Bill and Nella Kennedy.
  • Box 4Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access

    Barcode: 642760
    • Folder 1: Portugal (1988), Poland and France (1989), 1988-1989Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs of Houston and Galveston (February 13th, 1988), Leslie Ruehl, John Briggs, "Wagner for the Moderns: Goodbye to the 19th Century" article by John Briggs from Performing Arts (April, 1988), Portugal, maps, Alfama, Terreiro do Pazo, Rio Tejo, Estação do Rossio, Ingreja do Carmo, Eiffel's Elevador da Santa Justa, Rossio (National Theater), Torre de Belém, Jerónimes Monastery (Belém), Gerhard Wiegand, Cascais, Dragão Restaurant, Folklor Restaurant Bar, Sintra, Cabo da Roca, Palácio Nacional de Quelez, Ingreja de S. Francisco, Évora (Roman Temple of "Diana"), Paço Ducal de Vila Viçosa, Alcobaça, Óbidos, Nazaré, Batalha, Cháos, Tomar, Coimbra, Porto, Barcelos, "The Great Thursday Market," Guimarães, Caminha, V. Castelo, Vigo (Espanha), St. Joseph (Missouri), Jesse James Home, Dr. Jane Nelson, Dr. Ed Gorsky, Jim Gray, "Arthur Bryant's barbecue," Poland (August 29th-September 16th, 1989), Maria Wjocewska, Wroclaw, Rynek Gtówny, Kraków, Józef Olchawa, Florianska, Kraków, Auschwitz, Mazur family (Zbigniew, Ewa, Alaexandra, Katarzyna, Magdalena, Stefania), Lublin, Kazimierz Dolny, Zamosc, Maidanek, Warszawa, Rynek Starego Miasta, Warsawa, Palace of Culture and Science, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Jan Sobieski's Palace, Lodz, Plac Wolnosci, Lodz, Monument toKosciuszko and Washington, Gdansk (St. Mary's Church), Dlugi Targ (Long Market), Gdansk, Arthur House, Mariola Chmieliewska, restaurant reciepts, Motlawa River (Kantor), Lenin Shipyards, Hel, Eindhoven (September 17th-October 2nd, 1989), Vic Marriott, Vincent Van Gogh Museum, France, Amiens, Normandie, Jumieges Abbey, Honfleur, Omaha Beach, Mont St. Michael, Azay-les-Rideaux, Villandry, Fontvreaux, atomic plant, Chinon, Chenonceau, Chambord, Le Tranche aux Bayonettes, Ossuary, Subterranean Command Post, Bretagne, Guimiliau, Pointe de Penhir, Le Transvaal Hotel, La Baule and menhirs at Carnac.
    • Folder 2: The New World, 1992Add to your cart. Request Reading Room Access Request Duplication Services

      Contains color photographs of John Briggs, Adele Needham, Quentin Needham, "the 13th Annual Black Eyed Pea Party" (January 1st, 1992), David Przeracki, Janna Edwards, Darly Mades, Don Whitehall, Wayne Wilson, Kyle Kerr, Eddie Bottier, Javier Garcia, Bobby Utter, Steve Hileman, Larry Pascoe, Gaston Maurin, Neil Thomas, Thom Hunter, Steve Currey, Kevin Fuller, Ed Flaspoehler, John Calhoun, Mike Grossman, Hank Pool, Anita Hanes, Nedra Cade, Jeanne Reyer, Charles Yeager, Frank Needham, Ellen Winspear, Don Winspear, Karen Needham. Charles Poole, Stephen Tran, Nancy Herrman, Plato Karayanis, Dorothy Karayanis, Scott Chang, Leslie Ruehl, Leroy Cook, David Butler, the Dallas Opera Inner Circle Parking Pass, opera articles by John Briggs, Buck Massey, David McLemore, Ed Kuebler, Mary Franklin, Sheldon Huffman, Ed Eaton, Darrell Nakagawa, Houston, Sarasota 9March 13th-16th, 1992), Carol Ann and C.J. Luten, "Stella," opera articles by John Briggs, opera tickets, Bart Rawlinson, Sheldon Huffman, Mike Brennan, North Beach Street Fair, Chez Panisse menus, San Francisco (1992), clippings, San Rafael, Siggy, Fono family, Bill Carrothers, Grace Nola Carrothers, Ann Marie Carrothers, Rhode Island, Brookfield, Connecticut (July 11th-12th, 1992), Newport (Rhode Island), St. George's School, Harbert, Michigan (July 18th-19th, 1992), Minneapolis (Elderhostel), Old Central High School (Duluth),College of St. Scholastica (July 29th-August 8th, 1992), Thunder Bay (Ontario), Roberto, the 14th Experience Weekend in Dallas (November, 1992), John McKee, "Shadow," "Cricket," the 15th Experience Weekend in Dallas (April, 1993), Karen Luten, Melanie Luten, Dr. Furr, Gary Thalheimer, "the 14th Annual Russian Blackeyed Pea Party,"  Karen Needham, David Eisenlohr, Gerry Hollingshead, John Lambert, Stan Graner, Anita Hanes, Nedra Cade, Philip Woodie, Michael Boothman, Jim McBride, Sandy Rhodes, Don Walker, Jere Becker, Eric Shellhorn, Kirk Abercrombie, C.W. Hung, Arnie Radman, Charlie Strack, Rand Carter, Joe Adams, Edie Willman, Marty Dupuis, J.D. Winchell, Dick Peeples, Jere Becker, Jon Uyterlinde, Wy Sing, Laura Grossman, John Barnes, David Mullalley, Jime Walther, Dwaine Walther, Gerhard Wiegand, Vic Marriott, Howard Terry, Hope (Arkansas), Memphis (Graceland,Tennessee), Asheville (North Carolina), Greensboro (North Carolina), Richmond (Virginia, April 30th-May, 1993), Fallingwater (Frank Lloyd Wright house, Pennsylvania), Pittsburgh, Toledo, Bill Schultz, Jeff Nuti, Al Nuti, Harbert (Michigan), Kansas City (Missouri), Steve Joss, "Daniel," Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art ticket, David Arata, New Mexico, Albuquerque, Sandia Peak, Tesuque, Santa Fe, Santa Fe opera article by John Briggs, Honey Ward, Rio Grande, Taos, Baltimore (Maryland), Drue Gawel, Bill Dietz, Vince Kordsmeier, the 16th Experience in Dallas (October, 1993), Steve Brock, Alan Corley, John Navarro, Jeff Montgomery, Marcia Mead, Dave Elliott, Gary and Mae Ann Bush, Liz Hodges, Lyle Williams, Roger Hernandez, Don Dureau, Bill Maina, Hannah Fields, David Mathews, vincent DeLoache, the 15th Annual Siberian Blackeyed Pea Party (1994), Chris Green, Hannah Fields, George Amerson, Roger, George Yee, Gary Combs, Dave Skipton, George Werbizky (Columbus, 1994), Mike Carson, Al Kugel, Sarasota (Florida, March, 1994), Mary Jane Philips-Matz, Vero Beach, Ann Brunetta, St. Augustine, Dallas Opera reviews by John Briggs, Dallas Morning News article by John Briggs, Wagner Society of Dallas, 1994-1995, Virginia Abdo, Julian Patrick, Eric Shellhorn, Jonathan Pell, John Maline, the 16th Annual Blackeyed Pea Party (January 1st, 1995), Richard Cárdenas, Charles Posey, Bruce Jaster, Jim Walther, Martin Reyes, St. Petersburg (March, 1995), Billie Cook, Yvonne Dollard, Warren Lee, Shirley Lee, 50th Wedding Anniversary (C.J. and Carol Ann Luten), Sam Mondry, Marilyn Mondry, Francoise Stravinsky, Bob Tuggle, Elisha Feder, Don Feder, Sally Islan, Joe Penner, John McSorley, David Singer, Jeanie Singer, Louise Gobbco, Arthur Gobbco, Alfred Islan, Yvonne Dollard, American Philatelic Society Stampshow (John Briggs - Exhibitor, 1995), opera article by John Briggs, San Francisco (September 26th-October 1st, 1995), Dan Herno, Hill County Courthouse (re-build), San Francisco de la Espada, Lockhart, San Antonio, Ruth Betzer, Helen Krupka, Connor Needham, the 17h Annual Blackeyed Pea Party (January 1st, 1996), David Post, Gal Lahat, Bill Fouché, Jonathan Chan, Curt Littlejohn, Woodie Wood,  "What I'd Really Like To Tell the Judges in My Synopsis" by Alberich von Fafner, AIDS Quilt with patches for Jon Sheridan, Marshall Brown and Dr. Rob Eichberg, Steve Lopez, "Judges Worst Nightmares - Part II" article, Dallas Opera Inner Circle Parking Pass (1995-1996), Gene Pollioni, Portland (Maine), Quebec (May 26-30, 1996), Ottawa (June 4th-5th, 1996), Niagra Falls (June 12th-13th, 1996), Toronto, Jerre van den Bent, Reflector contents page clipping (John L. Briggs, Jr., Assistant to the Editor), Stanton Hall (Natchez, August 2nd-4th, 1996) and Longwood, Texas.

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