Lou Ann Bradley Papers, 1971-2007: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: Lou Ann Bradley Papers, 1971-2007

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099 9  _a02/17/U0032
100 3  _aLou Ann Bradley
245 00 _aLou Ann Bradley Papers
      _g1990 - 2007
300    _a12.00
351    _aThe papers are arranged in four series: Series 1 contains statistical information on the holdings of various departments; Series 2 contains information on the libraries' buidings and numerous renovation projects; Series 3 involves Ms. Bradley's involvement with UNT Athlethics committees; Series 4 contains oversize materials that were removed from the other series and placed in an oversize box or in map case folders.
506    _aSelected items in this collection are restricted.  Please contact the UNT Archives for more information.
520 2  _aThe collection gives information on the statistics for holdings and gifts for a variety of departments in the libraries.  Information on the process of renovations of various library buildings is detailed. Ms. Bradley's involvement on Athletics' committees and her support of UNT Athletics is also documented.
524    _a[i]Lou Ann Bradley Papers[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
541    _aLou Ann Bradley
545 0  _aLou Ann Bradley began her professional career at the University of North Texas in 1974 as Assistant Central Services Librarian.  She retired in 2010 as the Assistant Dean for Facilities and Head of Access and Preservation.    Her professional memberships in national and state organizations included: American Library Association and Texas Library Association.  She was also a member of the UNT League for Professional Women and the Amigos Bibliographic Council.  Ms. Bradley was active in the areas of preservation and disaster preparedness, presenting or participating in workshops and seminars.  Ms. Bradley was also active in the following university organizations: the Athletic Council, Faculty Senate, University Services Building Planning Committee, Access Control Users Group, Faculty Computing Advisory Committee, Faculty Handbook Committee, Enterprise Information System (EIS) Core Project Team, NCAA Certification Steering Committee, IRC Strategic Planning Committee, University Planning Council, Information Resources Council, and Women’s Basketball Advisory Committee, to name a few. Lou Ann Bradley was named an Emeritus Librarian in 2010. (The information for this entry came from the biographical information submitted for the emeritus recommendation.)
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