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LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
005    20210302020456.0
008    010101ixx##
099 9  _a06/059
100 3  _aPaul, Charles
245 00 _aCharles Paul Collection
300    _a9.00
506    _aAccess to this collection is provided only by special arrangement. Please contact the Music Library for more information.
520 2  _aThe collection consists of four boxes of audio materials, and five boxes of papers, including compositions.
545 0  _aCharles Frederick Paul was born on August 23, 1902 in New York City. He studied at the New York College of Music, and with Arthur Nikisch at the Leipzig Conservatory. He began conducting orchestras in New York City when he was seventeen years old, and conducted at the Gallo Opera Company in New York and the Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia.
Paul is best known for his work as an organist and composer for classic radio programs, and he was a student of Joseph Schillinger's compositional method. He worked for animator Max Fleischer, and for multiple "old-time radio" series including [i]The Adventures of Ellery Queen[/i] and [i]Inner Sanctum[/i], but is remembered most for his innovative work accompanying soap operas including [i]As the World Turns[/i], [i]The Guiding Light[/i], and [i]General Hospital[/i]. Charles Paul died in Milford, Connecticut on September 18, 1990.
650  0 _aSoap operas
856 42 _3Control Card

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