Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution (TXSSAR) Records, 1896 - 2019: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution (TXSSAR) Records, 1896 - 2019

LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
003    txdtuna
005    20210614052641.0
008    010101ixxeng##
099 9  _a01/AR0758
110 2  _aTexas Society, Sons of the American Revolution (TXSSAR)
245 00 _aTexas Society, Sons of the American Revolution (TXSSAR) Records
      _f1896 - 2019
      _g1980 - 2019
300    _a105.00
      _fLinear Feet
351    _aThe TXSSAR collection has been divided according to the distinct levels of operation in the Society.  As such, series have been set aside for national, state, and chapter papers as well as for artifacts and other items held within the collection.
Series three demands special mention due to its numbering scheme.  The series itself has been broken down into eleven sub-series that reflect the distriction divisions of TXSSAR.  Chapters are divided in each sub-series based on their district afflicaiton, so a chapter that is in District 1 will be listed under Sub-series 1.
Boxes for each chapter also have their own unique numerical identifier based on their chapter number within the organization.  For example, Chapter 23 is the Denton Chapter of TXSSAR so the first part of the number for each box belonging to the Denton Chapter begins with 023 and the second part of the number indicates the box number in that set.  This means that the first box of records for the Denton Chapter is labeled 023.001, the second box would be 023.002, and so forth.  This creates a unique subset for each chapter and allows for continued growth of the collection.
506    _aThis collection is not restricted.
520 2  _a[b]Published materials[/b]
The collection contains various published books by and about the Sons of the American Revolution, including histories of chapters and societies, rosters, annuals, books on various aspects of the Revolutionary War, and other patriotic subjects.
Additionally, the collection contains many individual issues of chapter, state, and national newsletters, but no complete run of any title. Most, if not all, of these newsletters are not recorded in other collections, and no copies are preserved in other libraries or archives to be available to future researchers. We are actively seeking missing issues, and will gratefully accept donations for the TXSSAR Archives.
The collection holds over 50 scrapbooks assembled by the State Historian and by members from various chapters and groups. Scrapbooks contain original photographs of members and events, letters, artwork, newsletters, clippings, documents, etc. Each is a unique item recording the activities of TXSSAR and its chapters and groups.
Correspondence, e-mails, reports, minutes of meetings, and the files of a number of officers and chapters are preserved in the TXSSAR Archives. Examples of specific holdings include the files of the Hill Country Chapter, the files of Frank A. Gibson, files from the Plano Chapter, and files from the Liberty Chapter.
The Archives holds microfilm copies of the early membership applications, as well as 33 bound volumes of the original and supplemental applications.
Signed proclamations, original charters for closed chapters, research on chapter histories and on TXSSAR founding member Ira Hobart Evans, and materials from the collection of Past President General Clovis Brakebill are also part of the holdings of the TXSSAR Archives.
Albums of photographs, as well as groups of photos of events are included in the collection. The bulk of the photographs date from between 1985 and 2001.
Plaques, trophies, medals, badges, flags, flag streamers, and other objects relating to the history and activities of the Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution and to the Sons of the American Revolution are an important part of the TXSSAR Archives
524    _a[i]Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution (TXSSAR) Records[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
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