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245 10 _aSlavery in the New World: A Guide
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351    _aOne finding aid listing slavery-related materials in the following areas:
Anti-Slavery Publications in the United States
Pro-Slavery Publications in the United States
Travelogues and Other Journals
Miscellaneous: General Discussions, Letters, and Other Writings on Slavery
520 2  _aThe Rare Book Collections at the UNT Libraries include a significant number of resources about slavery, particularly in the New World. The majority of the sources on this list focus on slavery in the United States, but there are also materials on slavery in South America and the Caribbean.
The collection contains both anti- and pro-slavery publications, and includes a number of major items, including first editions/printings of the [i]Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass[/i], the [i]Narrative of Sojourner Truth[/i], and the Supreme Court decision in the Dred Scott case.
In addition to the materials listed in this guide, the collections also include a number of relevant periodicals, including the [i]Gentleman's Magazine, the Illustrated London News, Edinburgh Review, Leslie's Illustrated Weekly Newspaper, Harper's, Niles' Weekly Register[/i], and others.
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