Superconducting Super Collider Proposal Collection, 1987-1987: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: Superconducting Super Collider Proposal Collection, 1987-1987

LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
003    txdtuna
005    20210515032329.0
008    010101i19871987xxeng##
099 9  _a01/AR0329
245 10 _aSuperconducting Super Collider Proposal Collection
300    _a2.00
351    _aThis collection is arranged alphabetically.
506    _aThis collection is not restricted.
520 2  _aContains proposals, and plans for the following areas:  Dallas-Fort Worth, Trans-Pecos, Central Texas, Sam Houston Site, South Texas, Garden City Site, South Houston, Texas South Plains, and Lamar County. Also contained are documents from the Central Texas Accelerator Committee.
524    _a[i]Super Conducting Super Collider Proposal Collection[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
541    _cGift
856 42 _3Control Card

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