Texas County Records Inventory Project Records, 1972-1981: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: Texas County Records Inventory Project Records, 1972-1981

LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
005    20201026111832.0
008    010101i19721981xx##
099 9  _a01/HM.0028
245 10 _aTexas County Records Inventory Project Records
300    _a66.00
351    _aThe records are arranged by type of material, then alphabetically by topic.
506    _aThis collection is not restricted.
520 2  _aA collection of documents of the Texas County Records Inventory Project regarding inventories made of records held by several counties in Texas. Material consists of articles, awards, brochures, budget items, clippings, contracts, committee work, computer run sheets, correspondence, county inventories, court jurisdictions, Executive Board information, files, grants, handbook materials, inventory information, journals, legislative materials, literary productions, mail, maps, organizations, personnel, project status, publicity, references, reports, slides, state and Texas State Library Information, as well as training documentation.  The collection also contains a copy of the county inventory volumes produced by the Texas County Records Inventory Project.
524    _a[i]Texas County Records Inventory Project Records[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
541    _aMary Pearson and Randolph B. Campbell
856 42 _3Control Card

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