John Stryker Photography Collection, 1940-1973: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: John Stryker Photography Collection, 1940-1973

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099 9  _a01/AR0770
100 3  _aStryker, John
245 00 _aJohn Stryker Photography Collection
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520 2  _aJohn Addison Stryker (1883-1974) was born in Rockford, Illinois on September 1st. He was a prolific photographer of rodeos, where he also worked as an announcer and a producer. Stryker and his wife moved to Fort Worth in 1940. Stryker was also a handwriting expert, graduating from the Franklin Academy and the Zanerian Art College of Penmanship where he specialized in Spencerian handwriting. He later taught classes on penmanship at the Kearney Normal School beginning in 1909. Publicity work through the school led Stryker to purchase a camera in 1919, which marked the beginning of his photography career.
This collection contains eleven color and black and white photographs by John Stryker, taken at rodeos during his days in Fort Worth. Stryker lived in Fort Worth for the remainder of his life. He specialized in captivating action photography which set the standard for the horse industry for many years. A man of many talents, Stryker was even known to ride horses at these events. In 1977, a book entitled [i]The Rodeo of John Addison Stryker [/i]with an introduction written by Ron Tyler was published by Encino Press in Austin.
524    _aJohn Stryker Photography Collection, University of North Texas Special Collections
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