The Dallas Metroplex Chapter of the NAMES Project Foundation Records, 1988-2003: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: The Dallas Metroplex Chapter of the NAMES Project Foundation Records, 1988-2003

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110 2  _aDallas Metroplex Chapter of the NAMES Project Foundation
245 00 _aThe Dallas Metroplex Chapter of the NAMES Project Foundation Records
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351    _aThis collection is arranged into four series according to material type. Paper resources are organized alphabetically, artifacts are housed in flat storage boxes, and the photographs are stored in their original binder.
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520 2  _aThis collection can be broken down into four segments, each of which contain different materials that illuminate the actions and events of the Dallas Metroplex Chapter of the NAMES Project. The paper materials in the collection include, correspondence, chapter guidelines and information, various HIV/AIDS informational handouts and programs, materials related to the AIDS Memorial Quilt, newsletters, educational documents, national conference binders, and membership records. The Dallas and Fort Worth Chapters of the NAMES Project Foundation were integral in keeping the issue of HIV/AIDS at the forefront of public attention, particularly in the late 1980s-early 2000s; these materials give insight to exactly what the Dallas Metroplex Chapter stands for and how they spread their message.
Artifacts in the collection provide a tangible resource for tactile and visual researchers. Awards, certificates, t-shirts, hats, quilt panels, buttons and pins, coffee mugs, keychains, magnets, NAMES Project banners, stickers, postcards, and stationary all convey a very personal side to the collection. Media and photographs in the collection provide a deeper look into the affect the AIDS Memorial Quilt had on the nation. Photos of quilt panels, Dallas Metroplex chapter members, outreach events, and quilt displays allow researchers to put lives and faces to the names of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. With an epidemic that has continuously reduced people to statistics, this collection provides an outlet for remembrance and compassion as well as a reminder that while HIV/AIDS affects millions worldwide, there are communities fighting back.
524    _a[i]The Dallas Metroplex Chapter of the Names Project Foundation Records[/i], University of North Special Collections
541    _aDouglas Shaffer
545 1  _aThe NAMES Project is national organization for recognizing the lives lost and the families affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic through the creation and display of quilt panels, referred to as the AIDS Memorial Quilt. The organization was founded in 1987 by Cleve Jones who also created the Quilt’s first panel to honor the friends he lost to HIV/AIDS. During the first display of the Quilt, 1,920 panels were shown; panels created by friends and family not only to grieve their loved ones, but to place their loved one’s names that were either painted, stitched, or collaged onto the panels into the nation’s collective memory and into the memory of all who viewed the Quilt.
After the first display in 1987, the Quilt grew to over 8,000 panels in 1988, and then to 10,848 panels in 1989. The quilt continues to grow to this day, underlining the need to remember those who have lost their lives to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The NAMES Project and their mission – providing a constructive and creative outlet to grieve a loss from HIV/AIDS, exemplifying the immensity of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, as well as becoming a fundraising organization by encouraging the support of those afflicted with HIV/AIDS – established the charge for putting the statistics to a name. Soon after the founding of this national organization, regional and area chapters began to identify service areas and provide support to those affected by HIV/AIDS.
The Dallas Metroplex Chapter of the NAMES Project Foundation was chartered in September 1991. It was begun by a committed group of volunteers which later became the chapter’s steering committee. Along with its sister chapter in Fort Worth, the Dallas Metroplex chapter focused on addressing the needs of the service area; fundraising for support of HIV/AIDS educational outreach, holding panel making events, and adhering to the mission of the NAMES Project Foundation. The call for remembrance as well as awareness is stressed in the organization’s rallying cry: NO MORE NAMES!
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