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245 10 _aUniversity of North Texas Historical Museum Periodical Collection
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351    _aThe magazines are arranged by date under their individual names.
506    _aThis collection is not restricted.
520 2  _aThe preriodicals were collected to provide information on the museum collections as well as provided resources for students to study.
[i]American Rifleman[/i] started life in 1885 as [i]The Rifle[/i], an independent publication founded by Arthur Corbin Gould.  The magazine's name would change several times over the years ([i]Shooting & Fising in[/i] 1888 and [i]Arms and the Man [/i]in 1906). In 1916 the magazine was sold to the National Rifle Association by James A. Drain.  In 1923, the magazine changed its name to the[i] American Rifleman[/i].  The Historical Collection did not have a complete collection of the magazine.  The issues run roughly from the end of 1928 until 1983.  This set also contains one issue of [i]Klein's Sporting Goods[/i], a catalog that contains advertisements for clothing, hunting supplies, and firearms. This set also contains pages from [i]Ace-High Magazine[/i], an adventure pulp publication that was published between 1921 and 1933.  The pages in this collection date from 19928-1929. The set lacks covers and contains only two to four pages from any one issue.
[i]Confederate Veteran[/i] was founded by Sumner Archiboald Cunningham in 1893 to raise money for a monument dedicated to Jefferson Davis.  The magazine was published until 1932.  A statement inside each issue stated that the magazine "Officially Represents: United Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Sons of Veterans and other Organizations, Confederated Southern Memorial Association. " It was published in Nashville, Tennessee.  The magazine was brought back in 1984.  The magazines from the Historical Collection start in 1909 and end in 1929.  It does not have every issue of the publication during those years.
524    _a[i]University of North Texas Historical Museum Periodical Collection[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
541    _cTransferred to Archives from the Historical Collection in 1986.
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