Demonstration/Laboratory School Records, 1924-1968: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: Demonstration/Laboratory School Records, 1924-1968

LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
003    txdtuna
005    20210514103941.0
008    010101i19241968xxeng##
099 9  _a02/06/UB5a
245 10 _aDemonstration/Laboratory School Records
300    _a1.00
506    _aSelected items in this collection are restricted.  Please contact the UNT Archives for more information.
520 2  _aYearbooks, scrapbooks, clippings, financial statements, correspondence, photographs, films and documents concerning the business and historical records of the Laboratory School.
524    _a[i]Demonstration/Laboratory School Records[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
541    _aDorothy Adkins; Abel W. Cline III; Dr. Gladys Crawford
856 42 _3Control Card

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