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245 10 _aLouise Evans Papers
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351    _aThe Louise Evans Papers consists of two series:  University of North Texas (then known as North Texas State University) library business and professional activities outside of the University of North Texas. Within library business, the subseries are Library Executive Committee information, library administrative business, library acquisitions information, and information on library buildings.  The professional activities outside UNT include material dealing with the Interuniversity Council of the North Texas Area (IUC), the Texas Library Association (TLA), and the Texas Council of State University Libraries.
506    _aThis collection is not restricted.
520 2  _aThe Louise Evans Papers document the years from 1967 to 1981 during a time of change and growth for the library.  It contains minutes and memos for the Executive Committee setting forth policies for the library.  In addition, it gives insight into the ordering process for library materials and dealing with the State Board of Control for the State of Texas for the purchasing of property, including books and library furniture and supplies.  During the 1960s a great effort was put forth in designing the perfect library to service the growing university into the 1970s and beyond which were implemented in the opening of Willis Library.  This collection documents the extensive research into designing the ideal workspace for the Technical Services area and the purchasing of furniture and equipment.  There is also planning and documents for the planning for the second and third phases of Willis Library (which never happened).  In addition, there are plans for the remodeling of the old library, which became the Sci Tech Library and eventually  Eagle Commons Library.
The second part of the collection deals with Louise Evans' professional activities outside North Texas State University including the Interuniversity Council of the North Texas Area.  This included different institutions throughout the years, but included Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas Baptist, Texas Christian University(TCU), and Texas Woman's University (TWU).  Universities in the North Texas area banded together to share materials, rather than each university trying to purchase the same expensive resource.  Louise Evans also belonged to the Texas Library Association (TLA) and the Texas Council of State University Libraries.
524    _a[i]Louise Evans Papers[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
541    _aMargaret Galloway, Louise Evans
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