Historical Collection - Museum Records, 1921-1986: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: Historical Collection - Museum Records, 1921-1986

LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
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005    20210225022446.0
008    010101i19211986xxeng##
099 9  _a02/20/U0041
110 2  _aHistorical Collection (University of North Texas)
245 00 _aHistorical Collection - Museum Records
300    _a143.00
351    _aThe materials are divided between the following series: 1) Boxed Records; 2) Framed Items; 3) Ready Reference; 4) Clippings; 5) Artifact Inventory Sheets; and 6) Archivist's Files.
506    _aThis collection is not restricted.
520 2  _aThe papers document the running of the Historical Collection, the museum on campus that ran from the 1920s to 1986.  The items include artifact inventory sheets, artifacts, and operational documents.
524    _aHistorical Collection-Museum Records, University of North Texas Special Collection.
541    _cTransferred to Archives from the Historical Collection in 1986.
545 1  _aDr. Joseph Lyman Kingsbury, a member of the History faculty, founded a museum on campus 1925 “In the two and one half years that I have been engaged in this work the Historical Collections have grown from a few hundred items to about seven thousand and we are now occupying three rooms of the third floor of the Library building of the Teacher’s College….It is the ambition of both President Marquis and myself to make the Historical Collections the largest in the United States…We are determined to make a collection that shall be comprehensive.”[ a letter from Dr. Kingsbury to Mr. Dick Chapman, 1928-11-01]
            “In the spring of 1925, the students of the Criddle Society voted to sponsor a museum in memory of E. D. Criddle, the history department head who had just died.  The first few exhibits were quartered in the history offices in the Administration Building [now the Auditorium Building]. A year later the Board of Regents named Dr. J. L. Kingsbury of the history faculty a curator of the Historical Collection, which was given one room on the third floor of the Library Building [now known as Curry Hall].  Two ore rooms had been taken over by 1929.  In March 1930 the legislature designated the college museum as a State Historical Collection.  Dr. Kingsbury by 1931 had developed a collection of manuscripts and documents, arms and weapons from 1840 through the World War, articles representing American economic and industrial development, foreign items, and archives of the college.” [[i]The Story of North Texas[/i], James Rogers, p174]
            Eventually the Historical Collection would be moved down stairs and take over all the rooms on the first floor.  The museum had a large collections of firearms, dolls, blue glass, and ethnographic artifacts.  It was closed in 1986. Part of the collection went to the Layland Museum in Cleburne, Texas.  Artifacts that had been placed on loan to the museum were returned or became the property of the state. Some of the artifacts remain in the collection of Special Collections.
610  0 _aNorth Texas State University. Historical Collection
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655  0 _aBrochures.
655  0 _aClippings (information artifacts)
655  0 _aCorrespondence.
655  0 _aInventory.
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