L.D. Sparkman Collection, 1928-2011: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: L.D. Sparkman Collection, 1928-2011

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245 10 _aL.D. Sparkman Collection
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351    _aSeries 1: Slides is arranged first by four to five 35mm carousels to a box, which are also housed alphabetically by trip. Included in this series are stereo format slides in original containers, as well as 35mm slides in sleeves. Series 2: Photo Prints are arranged alphabetically, as well as by date with the Jacob's Pillow notebook treated as a separate unit. Series 3: Papers and Negatives are arranged in alphanumerical order. Series 4: Publications are housed with the book materials in Special Collections. Series 5: Artifacts is arranged by smaller artifacts, followed by those not kept in boxes. Series 6: Additional Slides and Photographs are arranged first by 35mm slides, then carousels, followed by Stereo Realist slides and lastly, photographic materials. Series 7: Recordings is arranged by the name of the opera or name of the recording in alphabetical order.
520 2  _aLeon D. Sparkman, Jr., or L.D. Sparkman (1927-2012), as he was commonly called, was an art teacher who worked with the Fort Worth Independent School District. Prior to, or during his teaching position, Sparkman was also a dancer who performed in [i]The Dreams of Jacob [/i]as part of the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in 1949. Photographs in a scrapbook from this period of time document Mr. Sparkman’s stay at the dance school as well as the other dance and/or theater shows he performed in. At the Jacob's Pillow School, Sparkman was in the company of several well-known dancers, including Ruth St. Denis, Hugh Laing, Ted Shawn, Swen Swenson, Karoun Tootikian, Tom Two Arrows (Thomas J. Dorsey), the choreographer Antony Tudor and Jocelyn Vollmar. He was also a member of the North Texas State College Modern Dance Group during the 1950s and he served in the Korean War with the Army Air Force.
Sparkman traveled to Arizona, California, Canada, Colorado, Germany, Mexico, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Switzerland. Records of his travels, which comprise the bulk of the collection, are in slide format, including glass slides and some stereoscope images. Photographs, which reveal more about the Sparkman family history are also included with images of Sparkman's mother, Lela, his father, Leon Sparkman, Sr., his cousin, Maurine Monk, their friends, Juanita Sanders Owen and E.T. Sanders along with other relatives.
524    _a[i]L.D. Sparkman Collection[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
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610  0 _aJacob's Pillow Dance Festival
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650  0 _aModern dance
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