The Dallas Gay Alliance (The Dallas Way), 1968-1988: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: The Dallas Gay Alliance (The Dallas Way), 1968-1988

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008    010101i19681988xxeng##
099 9  _a01/AR0838
110 2  _aThe Dallas Gay Alliance
245 00 _aThe Dallas Gay Alliance (The Dallas Way)
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351    _aThis collection is arranged alphabetically by subject.
506    _aThis collection is not restricted.
520 2  _aThis collection contains early court cases, photographs, negatives, correspondence and clippings related to the Dallas Gay Alliance. Cases defended by Donald Maison include incidents where gay men were being targeted by the Dallas Police Department for lewd behavior at clubs. Later, the [i]Dallas Gay Alliance vs. the City of Dallas (Parkland Hospital) [/i]case, also presented by Maison, was fought, where allegations were brought to the court's attention that AIDS patients were not being provided adequate care by Parkland Hospital. Participants in the case included members of the Dallas Gay Alliance and Ron Woodroof.
In the case of [i]Schwiderski v. The State of Texas[/i], Richard Schwiderski was arrested for public lewdness on October 24[sup]th[/sup], 1979 in the Village Station bar in Dallas by undercover members of the Dallas Police Department Vice Squad for allegedly having illicit contact with another man while dancing. For the next five years, Schwiderski, along with attorney Donald J. Maison, fought a lengthy appeals process for Schwiderski’s conviction. Though there were five other men arrested that night besides Schwiderski, his case received the most media attention because of his decision to appeal and fight the conviction. Throughout the collection we see testimony from Donald J. Maison, the arresting officers of the Dallas Police Department Vice Squad, character witnesses for Richard Schwiderski, as well as colored photographs of Village Station, police records and arrest reports for Schwiderski and the five other men arrested at the same time.
524    _a[i]The Dallas Gay Alliance (The Dallas Way), [/i]University of North Texas Special Collections
541    _d2014
650  0 _aAIDS (Disease)--United States
650  0 _aGay rights--Texas
650  0 _aGay rights--United States
650  0 _aPolitical party organization--United States
710 2  _aDallas Gay Political Caucus
710 2  _aThe Dallas Way
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