John Briggs Scrapbook Collection (The Dallas Way), 1945-1992: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: John Briggs Scrapbook Collection (The Dallas Way), 1945-1992

LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
003    txdtuna
005    20210509044054.0
008    010101i19451992xxeng##
099 9  _a01/AR0853
245 10 _aJohn Briggs Scrapbook Collection (The Dallas Way)
300    _a4.00
351    _aThis collection is arranged by date.
506    _aThis collection is not restricted.
520 2  _aScrapbook photo albums of "The Experience," a project founded by John Briggs, which is associated with the training of gays and lesbians are included as well as scrapbooks which document the life of Briggs and his friends in Dallas. Records of travel, as well as time spent with friends and family members are documented in these scrapbooks. A total of 11 scrapbook photo albums are grouped according to date and subject.
The scrapbooks contains mostly color photography as well as some black and white photos along with notes, postcards and other items. The earliest scrapbook dates back to 1945, although some images in the collection were most likely taken prior to this date.
524    _a[i]John Briggs Scrapbook Collection (The Dallas Way)[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
541    _aVic Marriott
856 42 _3Control Card

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