The Trilobite Press Collection, 1982-2010: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: The Trilobite Press Collection, 1982-2010

LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
005    20210511082210.0
008    010101i19822010xxeng##
099 9  _a02/24/U0716
110 2  _aTrilobite Press
245 00 _aThe Trilobite Press Collection
300    _a60.00
351    _aThe material was kept in the original order.
506    _aThis collection is not restricted.
520 2  _aThe following chapbooks are included in the Trilobite Press Collection:
[u][b]The Contemporary Poets Reading Series, signed and numbered:[/b][/u]
Adams, Cyd[i], Labor That a Man Takes[/i], 1995; Balcarcel, Rebecca, [i]Ferry Crossing[/i], 2002; Behlen, Charles, [i]Texas Weather[/i], 1999; Behlen, Charles, [i]The Voices under the Floor[/i],1989; Berecka, Alan, [i]Each man has one life, [/i]2004; Bond, Bruce[i], National Blood,[/i]1996; Cairns, Scott, [i]Disciplinary Treatises[/i], 1993; Caldwell, Beverly, [i]Life Sentences[/i], 2001; Davidson, Chad, [i]Tourist Guide to the Forgotten City[/i], 2003; Elizabeth, Martha, [i]Basics of the Dance[/i], 1990; Fairchild, B.H, [i]C & W Machine Works,[/i]1983; Goldbarth, Albert, [i]Collection[/i], 1984; Hyland, Peter B., [i]Elegy to the Idea of a Child, [/i]2009; Kaplan, Sara, [i]Moon Talk[/i], 2010; Linebarger, J.M., [i]The Worcester Poems[/i], 1991; Long, Julian, [i]High Wire Man[/i], 1998; McCarthy, William[i], Past Sins[/i], 2006; McDonald, Walter[i],Splitting Wood for the Winter[/i], 1988; McPherson, Sandra, [i]Responsibility for Blue[/i], 1985; Mares, E.A., [i]There are Four Wounds, Miguel[/i], 1994; Marks, Corey, [i]Fire and Tulips: three poems[/i], 2008; Mitchell, Giles, [i]Love among the Mad[/i], 1991; Myers, Jack[i], Coming to the Surface[/i], 1984; Nye, Naomi Shihab[i], Invisible[/i], 1987; Palmer, Leslie, [i]A Red Sox Flag[/i], 1983; Poch, John, [i]In Defense of the Fall[/i], 2000; Raffel, Burton, [i]Grice: Poems of Grousing[/i], 1985; Rattan, Cleatus, [i]Funerals for Sparrows: poems, [/i]2007; Rodgers, Del Marie, [i]To the Earth[/i], 1982; Rogers, Pattiann, [i]The Only Holy Window[/i], 1984; Russ, Lisa, [i]Blind Boy on Skates,[/i]1986; Sale, Richard B., [i]Curing Susto[/i], 1997; Whitehead, James, [i]Actual Size[/i], 1985.
[u][b]The Short Fiction Writer Series, signed and numbered [/b][/u]: Heynen, Jim, [i]Why Would a Woman Pour Boiling Water On Her Head?[/i] 2001; Leath, Helen[i],…before I Wake[/i]. 1999; Martin, Lee[i], Love Field,[/i]1998; Rodman, Barbara[i], Flying Saucer[/i], 1997; Scroggins, Daryl, [i]The Entropy of Hunters[/i], 2005; Scroggins, Daryl, [i]Oracle[/i], 2000.
524    _a[i]The Trilobite Press Collection[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
541    _aUniversity of North Texas Libraries
545 1  _aThe Trilobite Press was founded by Dr. Richard Sale, a professor of English at the University of North Texas, to foster a creative climate in contemporary poetry and fiction. The press was an avenue contemporary poets and authors could take to share their works with a local and national audience. In 1982, the Contemporary Poets Reading series was created by the Friends of the North Texas Libraries, in conjunction with Dr. Sale and the North Texas Department of English.
After each poetry or fiction reading, a chapbook was published  to showcase a collection of the reader’s work. The series began with a reading, and subsequent published chapbook titled [i]To the Earth[/i], from Del Marie Rogers.  This visionary series continued to host prolific, admired, and captivating poets.
A few of the chapbooks included in the collection feature early works by poets who have garnered celebrated success in their careers. These poets include Naomi Shibab Nye, award winner from both the Texas Institute of Letters and the International Poetry Forum; B.H. Fairchild, who won the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award in 1999 for his collection titled [i]The Art of the Lathe[/i]; and Albert Goldbarth, the only poet to receive the National Books Critics Circle Award in 1991 and in 2001, for his works titled [i]Heaven and Earth: A Cosmology (1991) [/i]and [i]Saving Lives (2001)[/i].
In 1997, following close to fifteen years of creative prosperity for the Contemporary Poets Reading Series, the Friends of the Libraries established sponsorship of the Short Fiction Writers series. Similar to the poetry readings, this series also featured publication of the reader’s work.
The publications of the works in both series continues to accomplish Dr. Sale’s goal of fostering a creative environment for poets and fiction writers to present their words in a formal format, advancing their careers. Also, the proceeds from the publication sales support UNT Libraries Special Collections.
650  0 _aFiction.
650  0 _aPoetry--20th century
650  0 _aPoetry--21st century.
650  0 _aUniversity of North Texas. Department of English
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