UNT Student Health and Wellness Center Records, 1973 - 2015: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: UNT Student Health and Wellness Center Records, 1973 - 2015

LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
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005    20210518015431.0
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099 9  _a02/25/U0667
110 2  _aStudent Health and Wellness Center
245 00 _aUNT Student Health and Wellness Center Records
      _f1973 - 2015
300    _a4.00
351    _aThis collection is in three boxes: two standard cartons containing the survey results, and a legal sized manuscript carton containing the brochures and notices. Both are filed chronologically.
506    _aThis collection is not restricted.
520 2  _aThis collection contains records documented from the Student Health and Wellness Services of UNT, from the years 1973-2015. The collection includes posters, mailed notices, brochures, flyers, notices, emails, and results of student satisfaction surveys.
524    _a[i]UNT Student Health and Wellness Services Records[/i], University of North Texas Special Collections
541    _aUniversity of North Texas Student Health and Wellness Center
      _cThese materials were transferred to Special Collections as part of the University's records retention policy.
545 1  _aThe University of North Texas formally instituted medical services in 1918.  The school, then known as North Texas State Normal College, bought the medical facilities that were part of the U. S. Army’s Student Training Corps at the end of World War I.  Faculty, staff, and students paid a dollar each to purchase the house, medical equipment, and pay the salary of the nurse, who agreed to stay at the College. This first Hospital building was located roughly were today’s Sycamore Hall stands.  The College purchased the house next door in order to expand the space needed for ill students. The structures  were called the College Sanitarium. In 1933, a one-story brick veneer building opened as the College Hospital. It sat on Avenue A and Chestnut Street. An addition, the Hospital Annex, joined the health services in 1935. The building employed a structure from Camp Howze that the Federal Works Agency arranged to have moved to the UNT campus. It was a single story building measuring 25 feet wide and 152 feet long. It housed two wards of eight beds, 2 wards of six beds, and five individual rooms.  It also had an examination room and an x-ray room. In 1958, the Health Center opened.  It was located on Chestnut Street and Avenue C. It was a south facing, two story “T” shaped building that was built to hold 74 beds. The Board of Regents approved the addition of an emergency ramp entrance in 1982. This building was demolished in 2007 with the opening of Chestnut Hall.  This new facility houses the Health and Wellness area, Career Center, Counseling and Testing Services, Student Money Management Center, and the Wellness Resource and Substance Abuse Resource Cen
655  0 _aBrochures
655  0 _aCorrespondence
655  0 _aFlyers (printed matter)
655  0 _aPamphlets
655  0 _aPosters
655  0 _aSurveys.
856 42 _3Control Card

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