Gerry Dexter Cassette Collection, 1947-1995: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: Gerry Dexter Cassette Collection, 1947-1995

LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
005    20210513032902.0
008    010101i19471995xx##
099 9  _a06/115
100 3  _aKenton, Stan
245 00 _aGerry Dexter Cassette Collection
300    _a1.00
506    _aAccess to this collection is provided only by special arrangement. Please contact the Music Library for more information.
520 2  _aThe collection consists of one box of cassettes of various live performances by Stan Kenton and his orchestra, along with recordings from a 50th anniversary celebration of Stan Kenton's music held in 1995.
541    _aGerry Dexter
545 0  _aStanley Newcomb Kenton was born on December 15, 1911 in Wichita, Kansas.  His family lived in California and Colorado before permanently settling in Bell, California, in the Los Angeles area. Kenton's musical career began in his teens, and made his first recordings with Gus Arnheim in 1937, joining Vido Musso's band in 1938, and organizing a rehearsal band which evolved into his own orchestra. From the 1940s onward, the Kenton band was the site of intersection between jazz, popular music, and experimental composition and arranging. Kenton engaged a wide variety of composers and arrangers, including Willie Maiden, Bill Russo, Johnny Richards, Pete Rugolo, and Bill Holman. He also took an interest in jazz education, participating in "stage band" camps, and collaborating with Leon Breeden of what is now the University of North Texas. Cooperation between Kenton and Breeden led to high-profile performing opportunities for the One O'Clock Lab Band, and the transfer of Kenton's band library to North Texas, beginning in 1962 and concluding after Kenton's death. Numerous alumni of the jazz studies program at North Texas also went on to play in Kenton's band. Kenton continued touring until August of 1978, and died in Los Angeles the following year, on August 25, 1979.
650  0 _aJazz
700 3  _aDexter, Gerry L.
856 42 _3Control Card

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