Margaret Parx Hays Papers, 1850-2008: MARC Record

MARC Record For Collection: Margaret Parx Hays Papers, 1850-2008

LDR 00000npcaa        a 4500
003    UStxdtuna
005    20201031052738.0
008    010101i19282002xxeng##
099 9  _a01/AR0906
100 3  _aMargaret Parx Hays
245 00 _aMargaret Parx Hays Papers
300    _a19.00
351    _aThe Margaret Parx Hays (MPH) papers are arranged into 5 series: Photos, Biographical, Educational, Historical, and Landscape.
520 2  _aThe MPH Papers contain papers, letters, photographs, extensive notes, and official documents depicting the life of MPH. The collection is organized first by series of which there are 5: Photos, Biographical, Educational, Historical, and Landscape.
For the most part, items within each series are organized second by type (Correspondence, official document, news clippings), and lastly, chronologically.  The Photographic series is organized into 4 boxes: Personal, Historical and Genealogical, and Sides and Postcards, and Postcards (and Conferences). Each of these boxes is organized chronologically.
The second series, Educational, contains materials from schooling and study as both student and teacher for MPH, MPH's mother Ianna Hays, and her sister Estelle. The Education series is organized into 3 boxes: Conferences (and Postcards continued), Educational Materials and Notes, and Formal Educational Publications (and Genealogy).
Third, the series Biographical is divided into 9 boxes: Educational publications (and genealogy as continued), Family Correspondence and BIographical, Personal Correspondence, Personal Publications, Travel Publications (Box 1-4[genealogy]), and Personal News Clippings. Within each of these boxes, the material is organized chronologically.
The fourth series is historical, divided into 4 boxes of Historical Publications, Internal Notes, Official Correspondence, and News Clippings (and internal notes continued). Within each of these boxes, the material is for the most part organized chronologically.
Lastly, the fifth series is Landscape, arranged into one box, Misc. due to the size and shape of these documents. Documents here are arranged as close to their original order as possible in accordance to this finding aid.
The original intention of the collection was maintained as closely as possible, and unusual groupings of items within folders are annotated on each folder respectively.
The collection includes pieces from her mother, Ianna (Jones) Hays through her death, ranging from 1850 to 2008. Items that were collected by MPH but originally belonged to her mother or sister Estelle (Wallace) Hays are annotated as such.
524    _aMargaret Parx Hays Papers, University of North Texas Special Collections
856 42 _3Control Card

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